Reliable Education Review

48 Things You Should Know About Adam Hudson’s Amazon FBA Course

Welcome to the ultimate Reliable Education Review for 2021.

I’ve spent thousands of hours auditing and reviewing the content from many online courses, including the popular Reliable Education Academy.

If you’re almost ready to enrol but need to know:

โœ… How RE compares to other popular Amazon courses

โœ… 5 common criticisms of Adam Hudson’s training

โœ… Who actually is Adam what is his experience

โœ… If you really can achieve results with this training

โœ… How to make some progress for just $97.

Then you’re definitely in the right place.

I paid my own cash for RE so I’ll give you the full rundown.

Reliable Education At A Glanceโ€‹

๐Ÿ’กCore Concepts

Reliable Education teaches its students how to sell higher-ticket and brandable products on Amazon. Recently, it has added software and Shopify training to its core product offering.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Current Price

I paid $1,997 USD for the older version of RE in late 2015. In 2021, the vastly improved Amazon course has increased to $2,997 USD though discounts may be offered occasionally.

๐ŸŽ“ Student Volume

More than 11,000 students worldwide have enrolled into Adam Hudson’s Amazon course, with more than 50% being Australians.

๐Ÿ‘ Common Praise

Highly professional video lessons. Holistic in its training approach. Much higher student calibre than other FBA courses. Business partnership opportunities available.

โŒ Common Complaints

Very high course pricing. Several upsells and none of which are necessary for success. Students are also expected to be resourceful to ‘do the work’ themselves. Some individuals do struggle with the personal responsibility and work required to build their own business.

๐Ÿ”ฅ The X-Factor

Higher than average success rate. Strong community. Icons such as John Howard and Ita Buttrose have spoken on RE stages. Seth Godin and Grant Cardone forecasted in early 2021.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Industry Trends

Amazon FBA is growing increadibly fast. In 2020, McKinsey reported 10 years of eCommerce growth in 3 months. Reliable Education’s students are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this exponential growth.

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป My Verdict

Reliable Education is a premium course for a higher calibre consumer which is reflected in the price. It appeals to the personal development fanatic, small business owner or degree-holding individual looking to transition to the world of eCommerce and entrepreneurship with support.

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Course Rating

About Me

Hey there, I’m Joshua. I don’t drive a Ferrari or sip coconuts on the beach.

My focus remains on actual work and consistent progress through:

โœ๏ธ Search Marketing

โœ๏ธ Content Publishing

โœ๏ธ Consulting/Client Work

โœ๏ธ eCommerce (side hustle)

I’ve been blogging since 2011. Today, more than 500,000 people globally have read my blog and in-depth course reviews.

Unlike the other guys with their ‘reviews’, I actually bought Reliable Education. Let’s get this actual review going.


The Early Days of RE

Reliable Education started in late 2015 as Adam returned to the Gold Coast from the United States.

Adam had just achieved his 7-figure exit in business (Firestarter Videoes) and had developed a private label Amazon brand.

From there, he sat down at a Brisbane cafe with his current business partner – Joe Olejnik – to create Reliable Education. Its essence was to appeal to a more evolved student base who expected excellence from the business and self-help industry.

High Enrolment Growth

Adam Hudson has seen exponential growth in the last 3 years.

This is as a result of a strong marketing campaign (millions spent on YouTube and Facebook ads) as well as live events prior to COVID-19. If you’ve ever been annoyed by an Adam Hudson advertisement, this is why. Those ads actually work.

Reliable Education in 2021

Reliable Education has evolved beyond its Amazon FBA roots in 2021

It’s not just an Amazon FBA training platform, but one that offers other similar courses for those who wish to pursue other avenues online.

This includes software training, called Software School (which I’ve bought) and Shopify training, called Shopify School, which I’m yet to purchase. This was created to help students pivot away from the challenges of selling on Amazon.

In the near future, it’s earmarked that Adam will release public speaker training and commercial property training, though neither is yet to be confirmed. If you follow him on his Instagram or Youspired channel then he already shares heaps for free.

Course Modules

Lesson Layout

Reliable Education has 8 modules in its flagship Amazon course.

These are spread out appropiately and covers all facets of bringing a physical product to the marketplace.

Note: The status indicator shows 79% complete when I have actually finished 100% of the course. System error it seems.

Module 1

Welcome to Orientation.

The 1st module is an introduction into the world of Amazon, but more importantly, lessons on success. In fact, Adam spends the bulk of the time focused on setting yourself up for success.

There are 31 video lessons here and it took me a few hours to go through.

Across these lessons, you’ll notice that Adam’s vast business experience really shines through. Yes, you’re not jumping into Amazon training right away but don’t skip these vital lessons. They will get you through the tough times.

Module 2

The Meat and Potatoes, delivered.

Oh, here we go! Module 2 sees us getting started with the Amazon business side of things, right there in Module 2.

Currently, there are 32 videos in this module. That’s a few hours of content.

I mean, we’re still on Module 2 now. There is another 6 modules to go, plus the bonus sections and mindmaps. Attending a Reliable Education Summit is another experience altogether.

Module 3

The Art and Science of Product Research.

Lemme guess….you want to skip straight to Product Research. My suggestion: don’t skip ahead. You really need to prepare yourself with Modules 1 and 2.

With 22 videos, it is shorter but the average video length is longer. Expect to take several hours and lots of notes here. In fact, you’ll probably have to go through some of these videos a 2nd time as it can be quite analytical.

Module 4

Think like a Consumer.

While Adam has been to the Canton Fair (as well as myself 3 times now), it’s Wayne Butcher that takes you along for the journey. This is great as Adam’s overly white teeth are starting to send some of his students blind by this stage.ย 

But really, it’s a good change of pace and the videography from these particular lessons are fantastic.

Wayne has a corporate background that resonates a lot with students given the high calibre of people on the inside.

By now we’re halfway through the course. Even once you’ve finished the course, you have the bonus content.

Still with me? I hope so!

Module 5

Now, reach for the coffee.

Unlike the product ideas and research stage, this is a bit boring of a Module for most people. See – Shipping and logistics terminology put most people to sleep regardless of who presents it. You will need to know this content though and I was totally fine (my background is national logistics which obviously helps).

Wayne is back again! Now Amanda gives away a lot of great content here, but there is a slight upsell. It’s to her more advanced course with documentation.

Look – they don’t push it hard and represents good value (I also bought it) but honestly, I launched my 1st product without it. That documentation really helps my confidence in placing bulk orders nowadays.

Let’s keep pushing through. We’ve still got another few modules left.

Module 6

Create an epic brand, not just sales revenue.

Adam is big on design and branding. With now 30% of sellers on Amazon being Chinese, competition has increased. One thing that China isn’t well known for is innovation or customer experience, let alone their brand names or packaging.

This is a shorter module which is great because some of those prior modules are extensive. It’s fun and there are fantastic elements on building a product from scratch as I have.

There are some great guest speakers such as 99Designs which I have used several times now for logo design. Reliable Education and Adam have a huge focus on branding, especially where their own training exceeds expectations. RE in itself has become a brand.

If you’re curious, Adam Hudson sells homewares on Amazon which explains why he is all about creating packaging and branding. Your aim is to separate yourself from other Amazon sellers by having much more than just a brown cardboard box.

Module 7

Showtime. Sending products to FBA.

Argh! We’re back to boring shipping now and some technical terms. You’ll need to put your logical thinking cap on for this series. This module alone is why people can’t figure out Amazon on their own, because free advice out there is cheap and could send you down the wrong path.

Essentially as this is one part that you can’t afford to mess up with.

Module 8

Sell baby…Sell!

Right! The best part. When you finally get a product on Amazon and it starts selling. In these lessons, Adam, Keith and Greg go into the analytics of a successful product listing.

There are almost 40 videos here. Like, no stone unturned here! Quite clearly Adam’s mission is to get your product SELLING, not just for sale.

Again, a massive upgrade from the past version of the training program. His PPC training in the past was a bit ‘Meh…this is kinda average…’ in my experience but it finally has the deeper elements of setting up a PPC campaign.

We’re finished with the course (“finally” you say…). It’s a pretty in-depth training course after all.

There is a sense of angst once it’s done because now it’s time to actually do the work. This isn’t fairy dust…you need to IMPLEMENT.

But wait! There’s more. We forgot the bonus modules. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Bonus Modules

Because we could all use an extra steak knife, or three.

Now, there are numerous bonus modules. They get a lot of praise actually, especially the Mindmaps. If you’re an analytical person who needs the step-by-step, then this is for you.

Likewise, there is a lot of other bonus video content but I’ve already spilled plenty of beans here.

Most Common Reliable Education Questions

Can I Replace My Full-Time Income with Amazon FBA?


I’ve seen many people start out on the Amazon journey and only a small percentage of people eventually quit their jobs. Often it’s those with capital. With enough capital, time, knowledge and consistent execution…then you may be in with a good chance.

Isn’t It Becoming Too Competitive?

Yes, for those selling cheap Chinese products.

The greatest struggle is selling cheap throwaway products on thin profit margins which is often the case in other courses.

Reliable Education teaches its students to sell higher ticket lifestyle products with strong branding elements.

This element of branding is where Chinese sellers struggle a lot. They’re out to sell bare basic items like phone cases.

I like Adam’s approach which works well. You’ve probably heard this before: “There ain’t much competition at the top!”

Also, established Amazon business are now in high demand. Marketplaces such as Empire Flippers and FE International often sell businesses who have scaled big on Amazon for the 6 and 7-figure range, with Thrasio also being a leading acquirer.

Who Is This for?

Those who can genuinely work, not simply dream.

Reliable Education is designed for those with a can-do attitude with a willingness to work hard and make progress.

I believe this is a core reason for the higher pricing that some have considered expensive. It weeds out those who are looking for something cheap or do the bare minimum of work.

Who Is This NOT For?

Those wanting a quick profit through selling cheap products.

Both RE and becoming an Amazon FBA seller won’t appeal to those looking for instant income or fast results.

It can often take over 12 months to see any reasonable results, even after spending thousands or tens of thousands on inventory. Most students in RE are playing the long game and have the capital to invest into product development.

I wouldn’t expect most everyday people to yield a full-time income within the first 24 months. The only excemption is if they came in with experience in eCommerce and capital to boot. Selling on FBA has a remarkably high quitting rate as sellers realize some of the difficulties. It’s certainly about survival of the fittest here.

Why Do I Keep Getting Adam Hudson Ads?

Reliable Education advertises to potential students who may be interested in starting an Amazon business in 2021.

Adam uses platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to market his training program and community – Reliable Education – to his ideal students. To remove such ads, install an Ad Blocker and purchase a YouTube Premium subscription for $11.99 per month which eliminates all video ads.

With this strategy, I haven’t seen an advertisement for Reliable Education for over 2 years. Likewise, you can click ‘not for me’ on ads if it isn’t for you. You may start seeing advertisements for various other Amazon FBA courses or software packages.

How Much Capital Do I Need?

In the past, I’ve seen Adam recommend $5,000 USD minimum but today, that minimum sits at $10,000 USD.

I say that $10,000 USD is much better than $5,000. Even then, Adam’s best-performing students started with much more around the $40,000 and upwards mark. As with starting any business, it’s going to require some deep pockets and so don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

“One major cause of business failure is undercapitalization. At the end of the day we donโ€™t want you to apply to join our Academy and then realize you lack the capital to build your Amazon business.”

Source: Reliable Education FAQs retrieved January 2021.

How Long Will It Take To Finish The Course?

It takes 3 to 8 weeks to finish the entire Reliable Education academy. This assumes you’re watching several hours per week at least.

There is no necessity to finish the entire Reliable Education Amazon course before moving forward into product research. Module such as Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) are unnecessary in the early stages of the journey.

You have full access anytime with an unlimited time in which to complete the course. Binge watching isn’t recommended.

Can You Mentor Me?

No. I feel a course alone is enough for most people to get a solid start.

My main focus has been on content marketing for websites and eCommerce brands including my own portfolio. I only answer general questions at this stage and it’s typically those which you may be afraid to answer in the Facebook group.

Is It Hard to Find a Product to Sell?


The greatest difficulty is often the capital needed. The second is finding a product that has commercial viability. This is why students in Reliable Education and most other courses typically don’t share their successful products…for fear of copycats.

How Come Adam Sells in USD When He’s in Australia?

Reliable Education was always designed as a global company and US Dollars is the global currency.

While Adam and RE is based in Australia, there are thousands of students from 40+ countries and staff across 5 countries.

With thousands of Australians on the inside, Reliable Education is now taking on the world, particularly in Europe.

Now paying in USD can add an additional 25% (roughly) for an Australian, students who persevere and start on Amazon will earn future revenue in USD for many years. 95% of other courses I’ve purchased in FBA and digital marketing are in USD too.

Does RE Only Teach China Sourcing?

Yes, it’s mostly China.

Reliable Education has traditionally been focused on sourcing products from China, though around 10% of students have veered towards India, Taiwan, Vietnam and even locally in Australia.

With Joe Biden having won the election, one would assume that the tradewar between the United States and China will relax.

I imagine this will lead to reduced or eliminated freight levies. I also forsee that China will continue to make up 80% of the world’s product base so China will continue to be *the* place to source commercially-viable products. At least, for now.

What Does Adam Hudson Sell on Amazon?


Adam has been selling homewares (items you’d find in the living room and kitchen) since 2017. In 2021, his products have established a presence in some retail stores in Australia.

Adam doesn’t reveal his brand name or specific products due to concerns of bad reviews from disgrunted non-students, or potential competition on the marketplace. A wise move in my opinion.

In the past, he has also sold audiobooks and still receives revenue from his past endeavours.

Course Positives and Praise

The Reliable Education Community

I joined RE with 5 people in a Facebook group. Today it has more than 11,000, all of which are paid students.

The community, being quite evolved today, really leans in to answer questions inside the Facebook group. They also get behind those who continue to make progress towards. It’s something that I don’t often see in other Amazon course groups.

The Course Quality is Mint

The entire academy is professionally filmed, much like the 5-part free video training series, but with bite-sized content.

As opposed to 2-hour-long marathons that other courses have, Adam went with bite-sized content catering for busy professionals. Everything is recorded in 4k and cuts straight to the point, without the fluff.

It’s the type of content that can be consumed on weekends, or even on the weekday commute or lunchtime break.

Dozens of Success Stories

Reliable Education students have collectively made over a billion dollars USD on Amazon FBA.

This statistic is drawn from Zonguru’s API. Zonguru is the tool of choice for most Amazon sellers. It also happens to be one of Adam’s businesses which evolved around the same time as Amazon FBA.

Events Are Next Level

As much as the course and community is strong, the events take things to a new level.

Both conferences and virtual summits have been run flawlessly, owing to the diligent planning of the Reliable Education team which numbers more than 20 employees. These events include speeches from its own student community on their journey.

Business Partnerships

Numerous individuals in Reliable Education have formed partnerships.

This is a great opportunity to get involved and find either an investor or someone to invest their time into getting things moving. It’s uncommon to see this with other courses as students are more likely to be undercapitalized in their pursuits.

Not Just Amazon FBA

Reliable Education now offers several more courses, with more earmarked for the future.

While Adam started with the vision of the “World’s best Amazon FBA Course”, the business has shifted towards personal development and other online business strategies. This now appeals more to those who don’t want to pursue the capital-intensive nature of an eCommerce business.

Course Negatives and Complaints

Adam’s Course is Expensive

At $2,997 USD, Reliable Education is one of the most expensive Amazon FBA courses in the world.

I believe this is by-design. With a higher price, you’ll get far less people. With that, however, Adam attracts more the type that can take action. If you’re investing $4k AUD for an Amazon FBA course, then you’re pretty well taking this journey seriously.

This might also explain the higher volume of success stories than most other courses. An individual paying thousands for an FBA course likely has plenty more set aside for product research, branding, inventory, logistics and more for business growth.

Update September 2021: Adam has also started offering complimentary 1-day workshops on the Gold Coast for new students.

Students Need To Be Self-Starters

Reliable Education makes it clear that this isn’t a spoonfeeding exercise.

While Adam can be admired for his excellence in communication and success in business, there comes a time when we need to get in the field ourselves. Unfortunately, this is where most students fall flat and call it quits.

It’s often those who haven’t run a business before or have any technical knowledge that run into issues here. The RE community has *some* patience for those falling behind in the herd, but draws a line when requests become too much.

I believe this is why a welcome call is offered. It’s a chance for the RE team to audit potential students and their appetite for risk and hard work. Hence “The right student, at the right time.”

Adam Can and Does Upsell

Adam enjoys teaching and selling more training which can help students succeed.

This often includes offers for Platinum Partners which is a low 5-figure investment for personal and weekly group coaching with the RE team. I know 7 individuals who have purchased this upsell with mixed results.

In my experience, you need nothing extra of what Adam offers. The base course offers more than enough knowledge and into a community of achievers. Most of all, enough to get you selling online as you learn plenty through the doing in this business.

Adam appears to have a genuine love for teaching and inspiring others to create an online business. This passion comes across, but yes, he does sell courses with enthusiasm. With 20+ staff requiring 6-figures in monthly revenue to break even + tech + equipment + leases, you can imagine that he’ll need to make the occasional offer to recoup some of that expenditure.

Inflated Financial Metrics

Most Amazon course creators like to use revenue metrics, as opposed to profit, to show success.

We all know that revenue and profit are two different elements. Adam has followed what others are also doing in education.

If you did $100k in a month but at a 22% margin, you only made $22,000. Now, as you’re running out of stock, you’ll probably have to return that profit back into inventory, as opposed to living expenses or that new car you spotted at the dealership.

At the same time, we understand that it’s immensely difficult to collect accurate financial data from individual sellers. Just about everyone uses the sales metric, as opposed to the profit, to show success of themselves as the expert, and the success of their community. I would deem this as more of a moot point as it’s industry-standard, but one you should be aware of.

We’re about to see dozens of students sell their business for 6-figures or even 7-figures. It’s only here that we’ll really see those big paydays and students walk away with massive success. This is why Amazon FBA really is a long term play.

No Refunds

Reliable Education no longer provides refunds for their Amazon course, so you’d have to be 100% sure.

In the past, Reliable Education would provide a 30-day refund to any student. As this became abused by those odd folk looking to consume the content and then ask for their money back, the team decided to draw a line in the sand.

These days, the lack of a refund is becoming the norm in the self-education space with other courses going in this direction. Personally, I’ve never looked for or needed a refund clause or requested a refund, and I’ve purchased over 20 courses now.

Like you, I do some research and due diligence with reviews. If it feels right to me, I push forward. Onwards & Upwards. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Capital Requirements

Beyond the course, it’s ideal if you have $10,000 USD to just get started. $50k is even better.

This isn’t a dig at Adam but the business model at a whole. While many have become excited at the notion of starting their own Amazon FBA business, they are venturing into a capital-intensive business model requiring input in the early years.

I’ve raised capital after having some early success and I imagine it’s the same for others. I’ve also taken a different approach to brand-building by using content & SEO to grow both brands. This was a time, energy and knowlege play which has paid off.

Essentially, this business model is hard for those barely scrapping by. It’s better for those with deeper pockets. If you’re struggling with finances, then I’d pass on this opportunity for now until the house is in order.

Final Verdict

You Need Determination

This isn’t for the faint-hearted.

So far, more than 11,000 people have said YES to Reliable Education, including myself.

At the prices that Adam charges, it’s a sure bet that many of these individuals are determined. If you’re just playing around, there are dozens of more affordable courses out there to dip the toes in, and even those which are just downright sketchy.

You Need Capital

A few thousand just isn’t enough.

While other courses proclaim “Get started for $700!”, you can’t even make solid progress with even a few thousand. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Sadly, those down-playing the capital required simply are simply seeking course enrolments, not successful students.

Amazon, like any brick and mortar business, is going to require capital. That’s cold hard cash my friend. Not just to start, but to continually fund in the first year or two. Digital assets is a good alternative but requires a lot of time and energy.

You Need to Play the Long Game

Think in terms of years, not months.

Amazon FBA can yield you get sales results, but actual profits or selling your business is a 3 to 7 year gameplan for most.

This is why Adam advocates that you play the long game. Yes, it’s hard work but the rewards are there for those who stick.

…And You Can’t Mess Around

Because this is a serious business.

All too often I’ve seen sellers cutting corners in other courses. Why? They’re out to make a quick buck. ๐Ÿ™„

The marketplace won’t accept this. Nor does it accept those who mess around while opportunities are abound.

RE also has firm rules about complaining which hinders student progress. The mindset here is very much forward-focused.


Reliable Education means business.

Adam didn’t mess around with RE nor with any of his current or previous businesses.

The entire course and community was built to serve its student base with high-quality training.

Their production studio has a large mural with the words “World’s best Amazon FBA training course…”

And I’d say, after reviewing dozens of other Amazon courses, that they’re just about there. ๐Ÿ™

Fake Reliable Education Reviews

While the Facebook reviews are genuine, there are numerous fake blog reviews of Reliable Education online.

One proclaims that it fairly compares Reliable Education to another less popular and low quality Australian course, but it’s ultimately leaning in one direction for the broke Aussie battler. Who’s footing the bill for the Google AdWords campaign?

Several others state “Reliable Education is great but expensive, so do this instead.” which then slides into a McCheapo course.

After analyzing these sites, none have evidently purchased Adam Hudson’s course otherwise their evaluations would be better.

So if you’re out there hunting for research and due diligence, ensure the review you’re reading is by a real student, as mine is.

Then you have the snarky comments on internet forums. Whirlpool is simply a negative environment given it’s anonymous.

This means it’s hard to validate if the individual on there is a real student, or just Tall-Poppy Syndrome given Adam’s success.

Lastly – I have covered numerous negatives to Reliable Education and have pushed people away if I felt they wouldn’t fit in.

This is despite potentially earning a small affiliate commission. I simply feel better to only recommend the right people.

My Amazon FBA Results

After buying Adam’s course, I’ve sold $120,000 USD on Amazon at a 35% profit.

While my results aren’t crash-hot and I struggled, I still made progress and have connected with dozens of capital partners.

As Reliable Education tends to attract wealthier individuals, it’s not uncommon to cross paths with a millionaire as I have.

Today, my focus is on content marketing to build eCommerce brand assets. A strategy which is working very well for me given it requires far less capital. I’ve been told by several people that I should teach this, especially to those who lack the capital.

A $97 Summit Offer

Experience some of Reliable Education without paying for the full course.

For the first time, Reliable Education is opening their upcoming virtual summit in February 2021 to non-students for just $97.

You don’t need to have purchased the full course to attend. Adam will be live streaming for 3-days beginning on the 19th.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience the culture, community and success stories of RE without full enrolment initially.

A 50% Zonguru Discount Offer

Get started with Zonguru with a 7-day free trial and 1st month discount.

Zonguru is the software of choice for Reliable Education students. I have source a personal 50% off code.

Get 50% Off Zonguru For The 1st Month Here

A Bonus Support Offer

Need something extra? I’ve helped 500+ RE students so far.

By using my link to join Reliable Education, you’ll get the following bonuses sent via email which no one else can offer:

๐ŸŽ A PDF Guide Featuring 1,000+ Products to Sell on Amazon.

๐Ÿ“ง Email support if there is a question you may need answered.

๐ŸŽ—$100 donated to Destiny Rescue. More details on that here.

After you join, I’ll need your receipt number and name to confirm on my end that you came through me.

A Long Discussion and Comments

Join in the discussion below.

The questions/comments have been open below since mid 2017 and I haven’t filtered it.

I’ve done my best to answer the questions and detail some of my own results in Adam’s course.

If there is something that hasn’t been covered above, chances are that you’ll find it below.

Also, catch you inside the course! ๐Ÿ‘


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Summary of Adam Hudson's course

This is a complete summary of this massive review, all broken down into bit-sized chucks. This is based upon many factors, including my direct experiences and success on Amazon. This is how I rate Reliable Education’s course created by Adam Hudson, and I’m sure almost every student who has been through the Academy will agree!

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500 thoughts on “Reliable Education Review: I Bought Adam Hudson’s Course”

    • Hi Ron – Yes there is. In business, we call this a flywheel where you offer additional services that someone may need.

      The primary one is called Platinum Partners as I’ve mentioned above and Adam himself says you don’t need it. If you feel you need more intensity and regular workshops, and potentially build your business faster on Amazon, then it might be a good choice for you.

      The coaching offer only came about since numerous students were asking to work with Adam on a closer basis. For me, it was unnecessary as Reliable Education really gives you everything you need with the course and the optional 3-day seminar to build a successful Amazon FBA business.

      Their software is recommended, as you’ll need a software tool anyway to find a product. ZonGuru is Adam’s but JungleScout is a great alternative. I’ve compared the two here:

      Then there is Amanda’s importing documents and the product photography services, neither of which you need to get started. Adam has these on offer so you know they are vetted for quality.

      Hope that helps!

  1. Hard working Registered Nurse / Midwife who also just became qualified as a Cosmetic Nurse but not competent or experienced yet.
    Wanting to get out of Nursing.. Very well respected in my field and intelligent.. very good at crossing T’s & dotting I’s.. I can always see what others miss.. Im told I should have been a Lawyer lol..
    My partner is a web designer..

    Help please

  2. How come it is nearly impossible to get how much the course costs? Considering it’s no bs logo? Can you tell me please?

    • Hey there – the Reliable Income course cost is $2,700 and someone can correct me if I’m wrong? I signed up over 2 years ago now. There isn’t an upsell from here, apart from Platinum Partners which you don’t need at all, unless you want to work closely with Adam and his team.

      Please note: you can sign up to the course with a partner, such as husband/wife or genuine business partner, and split costs 50/50. The live events are quite affordable just to cover room hire, food and miscellaneous expenses. I’ve already earned thousands of dollars in profit on Amazon and which repaid the course costs several times over, but more importantly, I’ve learned a skill that provides a lot of leverage to create a business and a lifestyle that works in my favour.

    • Yes USD, which is actually about $3,250 AUD now, I’ll get in touch with the Reliable team for a definite answer. Admittedly, the course cost should be much easier to find so I can understand your frustration everyone. ASM (short for Amazing Selling Machine for those reading) is actually slightly better at this time, though with very few Australians compared to RE.

      Adam and ASM do teach very similar concepts. Adam did do an Amazon course back in the day to start his FBA business which was actually an early version of ASM.

      I’m not so biased, so do check out ASM8 which has its doors open right now but it closes next week, and won’t be open again until April next year (which will then be ASM9). The obvious downside is that you’ll have to travel to the USA for the live events, as opposed to Adam’s current twice-yearly seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.

  3. I note on the Reliable Income Facebook page, all the comments cease as of 15 October and are unusually 5*. He’s got some great free content, but I’m keen to find out from anyone that has signed up recently whether (a) the methods you are provided still work and (b) whether because with Amazing Selling Machine and Reliable Ed. competing in the same methods, this is crowding the seller space with the same idea? Have we missed the boat?

    • Hello Michael, the recent twice-annual Reliable Education conference was held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of October. I couldn’t make it this time around and I can imagine Adam might have asked for reviews for his business, most likely on the Saturday? I’m only guessing as this would address the influx of reviews on that one day, and since the team have been super busy these last few weeks, the comments/updates have ceased for that reason.

      With at least 20 million products on Amazon and growing, and with continuous expansion into other countries, I’d say competitor saturation is unlikely. I’d also like to hear from someone who recently signed up for the course and how they’ve found it so far.

      • I signed up 2 months ago and it was well worth the cost. About $2,500 AU. I am getting close to importing some products from China. so I can’t comment yet about selling.
        There is a closed facebook group which is very postive and has strict rules with posting. There are a lot of very positive, successful people in the group.
        I had purchased 2 previous Amazon courses and this is by far the best. I love the Australian slant to it and lots of Australian students.
        It is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take time, dedication and some money to be successful and this is also what they teach in the course.
        Hope that helps.

        • Hi Jenny, Iโ€™m interested to hear how youโ€™re going with your business since you posted. Iโ€™m seriously considering doing the course. Iโ€™d love your feedback.

        • Hi Jenny, would you mind sharing which other 2 courses you’ve done? Were they rubbish or just not as good as the Reliable one?

          • Hi …I’m about to join and I too would like to know how too Jenny. Any feed from back from anyone who has recently started the course who be most appreciated. Thank you Jackie

        • Hi Jenny,
          Iโ€™m thinking of purchasing the course. So the course it cost about AUD 3250/= and will also require about AUD 15000/= in start up capital? Is that correct?

  4. Thanks for the article. I have spent the day watching Adam’s videos. I didn’t plan to sell on Amazon, instead, I have been focused on building niche sites. However, as part of that, I have found a product that I really like that sells well in America but isn’t available in Australia. I have tracked down the original manufacturer and am thinking….is it time to give it a go?

    I got a redundancy about 4 months ago….trust me, I was thrilled. I am so over corporate, so Adam’s talk of burn out etc really resonated with me. I have spent the past few months getting my health back and thinking about my future….what I do know is that I don’t want to go back to Corporate….

    Having a marketing and finance background, so I did appreciate the no BS factor.

    After reading your review, I am off to read the book Primed and contemplate joining the course. Thank you.

    • Thanks Margaret! I really appreciate the feedback and I can imagine Adam’s story of burning out resonates with a lot of people.

  5. Thanks for the insight!

    I currently run an online ecommerce website here in Oz and together with having two young children, I don’t have a lot spare time (although I wish I did!)…what I’m try to gauge is how much of a time commitment having an Amazon business is? From what I hear, one need to spend between 10-20 hours when researching/sourcing a product…and I’ve heard only half an hour a day once its listed and at the Amazon warehouse, to simply manage it…Is this right? If not what would you say is accurate time expectation to put on it?



    • Likewise Rob, finding spare time with young children whilst running an online business is a juggling act in itself! I’d say 10 hours per week is sufficient, and there is minimal housekeeping once live, unless you are managing numerous different SKUs or a high volume of sales (which is a great problem to have!).

      I recently created a JV with another person who has recently sold a business and together we are creating a new private label brand on Amazon separate from my existing FBA business. As she has a significant amount of free time and I have very little until early 2018, she’ll be doing the upfront work and I’ll be doing the back-end work once live. That’s one example of leveraging time / resources if spare time is scarce.

      • Ok 10hrs per week is do able!

        Also Joshua can you clarify wether or not Adams course cover best practices for product selection and how to go about private labeling?

        Thanks again!

        • Hello again Rob, absolutely – the course has a solid amount of content focused on product selection. Of course you won’t be told exactly what to pick, but how to pick and why. And private labeling is also covered in depth.

  6. Hi Joshua, just wondering what the start up costs are for the business? Aside from the course, how much capital would you need to start an FBA business using the Reliable Education model?

    • Hello Ren, Adam states $5,000 to $10,000 and most students have invested that much to begin. It is still a very low cost way to create a business, especially one that provides an extreme amount of flexibility. I have started with a lot less and some others have too, but it isn’t the norm.

  7. Hello, I have been working on starting my Amazon since I first heard about this last May (through Adam!). I have my product and just working out some fine details with the manufacture. Is there a lot more worthwhile content beyond product selection and white label brand creation? What other topics/ information would I be gettig from this course?

    • Hello Melodie, congrats on making a solid start on your Amazon business! There sure is more in the course, you’ll learn about quality control, shipping, product page creation (on Amazon), marketing, PPC advertising, brand protection and review campaigns. There’s of course more, but that’s some topics off the top of my ahead that Adam covers in solid detail.

  8. Hi Joshua – what is the affect with Amazon opening in Australia? Do goods get shipped to Australia? Or does it still go to USA?

    • Hello Christine. The affect of Amazon opening in Australia is HUGE! In 23 years of their existence, they had the biggest launch day in history this week with the Australian launch. Amazon US and Amazon AU are for now remaining separate, so you’ll place orders on Amazon AU where the listings and fulfillment have been created/dispatched by Australian based sellers.

      In the near future I see Amazon shipping goods to Australia themselves for sale in the domestic marketplace utilizing their vast fulfillment center network. For now though, you will have to continue to order on Amazon US and pay the high shipping costs, and approximately one billion dollars is spent by Australians each year on the US marketplace. A good percentage of Australians already know, like and trust Amazon.

  9. Josh, can you clarify for me please.
    To work with you we purchase reliable income package, do that, the seek you out as a mentor.
    You sound like the ideal person as a mentor and believe me, I will need one.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Hello Mary and thank you for your comment. Yes – I am more than happy to provide mentoring and support via email to anyone who chooses to purchase the course through my referral link which is provided above.

      • Hi Joshua
        I am on the verge of signing up with Adam .. I have been wary so have checked out other similar Amazon Entrepreneurs but so far Adam comes up best and no BS pun intended.
        However, I am impressed with your knowledge and straightforward answers so it brings me to the same question as Mary that you would be available for mentoring and guidance as I have never done anything like this before so need that extra boost of confidence!

        • Hey Sheila, I’ll definitely be available as I have been for 20+ people who have signed up through my link provided. The mentoring via email would be keeping you on track and helping you stay accountable, helping you stay confident throughout the journey. For more technical questions, the Reliable team will always be there to help out.

  10. Hi,

    I was originally quoted $1997 USD for the course and now they’ve added another $500 USD onto the price recently. I only just finished getting the original money together for the course. Is there a way of paying just the $1997 still? It’s around $2500 AUD (I’m Aussie) and now with the additional $500 usd it’s around $3300 AUD.. was really hoping to sign up as soon as I had the money together.. let me know if there’s a way around the price increase guys.

    • Hey Jake, great question. You may be able to join the course with a partner (girlfriend/wife) or a business partner to split costs 50/50, but please check with the team at Reliable Education first as to their current rules. The course does require some capital to pay for the first and subsequent shipments, so please keep this in mind. A reasonable first order should cost $5,000 to $10,000 AUD and take between 15 and 90 days to be live on Amazon and begin the sales/marketing process, which is where the lessons learned in the Reliable Education course really shines!

  11. Hello Joshua,

    Thank you for providing some updates on your Amazon business journey. Congratulations on your sales activity!

    It gives me more confidence that I have made the right decision and a journey worth taking action on…

    PS: Do you have some suggestions on how one can source for a JV partner in this business ? also how one declares the income they receive from Amazon ie for taxation?
    Very new to this

    • Just following up on this comment publicly, Ratha contacted me via email right after she posted this comment so I responded to her questions on there. JV Partners can be found through the Reliable Education community and also through your own network. Ratha joined the Reliable Education academy through my affiliate link (thank you!) and I had the pleasure of meeting her recently at a Reliable Education Summit. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I Joshua, It’s Debbie here. I am wondering are you in Sydney? If yes, will it be possible to have a meet up with all the people who have sign up through you.
        So we can learn and grow together ?
        How do i get in touch with you after once i sign up with Reliable Education through you?

        • Hello Debbie, thanks for the message. I’m on the Gold Coast, but do travel to Sydney often. Sure – you’ll be able to drop me a message via the Contact page on my blog.

  12. Hi Joshua

    I’m very new at this. When I’m online, I keep seeing Adam Hudson advertising Amazon, and there are his webinars, so I signed up for 23/1/2018.

    Trouble is, I don’t know where to go on 23/1/2018. I mean, that webinar is on the internet, so what is the link? I need a link to get to that website.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Joshua,
    Thanks information provided on you’ve provided on your site – most helpful, and appreciate the no BS fact as well.

    I’m just about through the 4th video (of the 4 free video series), and am booked for the webinar this Weds 24th Jan – looking forward to it.
    I understand all the concepts put forward by Adam (RE), and have and sounds do-able. I come from a scientific services/consulting background with skills in project management, project admin, logistics, and financial management and I have an excellent eye for detail (being somewhat ‘OCD’; so my skill set could easily be transferred to something like this. Probably, cant do the course yet, as I would need to build up the necessary capital – looking at least $10K plus course cost.

    Just a couple of queries, that I’m not sure if you can answer, but would ask my accountant anyway (down the track). Would Amazon sellers be required to have ABN’s for their Amazon FBA business? Including being registered for GST?

    In regards to joining up for an Amazon Premium account paying $40/month flat fee – would this be best done just prior to launching one’s first product, or are you required to start an account sooner? My concern is that if one joins up for the premium account first and if one isn’t selling any products for 9-12 months – then we could be paying nearly $500 for nothing. Just trying to conserve cash!

    Thank you

    • Hello Garth, thanks for your comment. Sounds like you’re on the right track by setting realistic goals and can feel you’ll go far in this business. Regarding your ABN question, of course I’m no accountant and would recommend you seek professional advice. That said, Amazon US does not require you to have an ABN number which is advantageous since you could look at being structured in a way that minimizes your tax exposure. Some sellers opt to move to tax-free countries, though this does open a can of worms.

      For the Amazon Premium account (known commonly as a Professional Seller account), you do not need to pay the $40/month for this account unless you are paying more than $40/month in fees for it to be viable. For now just choose an Individual (FREE) account until your 1st product is live and producing enough sales in a month, then you can upgrade to the Professional account instantly within minutes.

  14. Thanks Joshua.

    Would I be able to have you as one of my mentors once I get all my ducks lined up and do the course? I had already viewed with great interest the 4 free videos that were provided by RE when I registered for the Webinar for tomorrow (Weds 24Jan).

    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Absolutely! I provide free mentoring for those who sign up to the course with my referral link provided. Numerous students have taken me up on the offer already.

  15. Hi Joshua,
    the affiliate link takes me register for the 4 part free training video series – I’ve already seen the 4 videos. Is there another way without registering again for the free training ?


  16. Hi Joshua,
    Is it a given that if I go ahead, purchase the course, select a product etc that Amazon will absolutely allow me to publish my products on their website???

    • Hello Brooke, yes that’s correct. As long as your products do not break any violations, copyright restrictions or you’re selling in a restricted category without prior approval. I have not heard of anyone’s product being rejected apart from these reasons.

  17. Hi Joshua

    Given the attractive profit margins, why aren’t manufactures (especially in China) cashing in on it by factory outlets, selling directly to consumers via Amazon? Is there a chance that they will take this opportunity and squeeze the middle players out?


    • Hello Peter, excellent question! The truth is that many manufacturers in China are already selling on Amazon FBA direct and started several years ago. For some reason, they all sell in the sub $20 category, the items typically found in department stores and discount variety stores. There’s very few if any that sell in the medium and high price brackets. Other Amazon courses also recommend starting in the sub $20 product range, where competition is fierce and margins are slim, though turn-over rate is significantly higher.

      There’s plenty of Amazon courses are geared towards those with slim bank accounts, where as Adams’s is geared for those who are prepared to make the investment into a solid product for the long term. It’s for this reason that Adam recommends to aim for higher priced products. The manufacturers also haven’t quite understood the Western consumer either, especially in terms of product design, presentation, packaging and after sales support.

  18. Hi Josh, Thank you for your time in replying to the many questions. Iโ€™m keen to sign up using your referral link as I value your offer of email mentoring. Iโ€™d like to partner up with someone on the Gold Coast to split the cost US$2497 (February 2018) to become business partners.
    Do you know of anyone?

    • Hello Linda, I really appreciate that – thank you! โ˜บ๏ธ Currently I don’t know of anyone who is seeking a business partner, though dozens of people do read this Reliable Education review everyday so it’s likely someone will respond to this comment within the next week or two with interest. Please do consider that the upcoming annual Reliable Education Conference in Brisbane is coming up on April 13th to 15th, and tickets are 95% sold out already. There’s 1,000 students flying in from all across Australia and around the world too, and many who have already gone live on Amazon. An event certainly not to be missed!

  19. Hey Joshua, Iโ€™m based in the UK and am wondering if the content and advice provided within the course relates to setting up in the UK/other European markets also?

    I currently run a small services business and am looking to set up a product based business using amazon. Whilst Iโ€™m setting it up I want to be sure I donโ€™t lose focus on revenue generation in my existing cash cow – would you recommend allocating time in chunks or would a consistent daily approach serve me better?

    All the best,

    • Hello Dan – great questions! The course content very much will relate to both UK and European Markets, especially as Adam himself has expanded to sell in both of these markets as well as numerous students too. Of course, the US Marketplace is where the the best opportunities are to be found. Working in focused chunks are probably best when starting out, as myself and probably many others have never worked on Amazon every single day. But I assure you that we would still be obsessively checking our daily sales stats on the App! ๐Ÿ™‚

      There are delays with suppliers responding to emails, Chinese New Year factory closures, factories that have long lead times and if you choose sea freight instead of air freight, expect a 6 week wait to be live on Amazon. A consistent daily approach would naturally be adopted once you reach a full-time income.

  20. Great advice Joshua, really appreciate it!

    Just a couple more questions if I may…. would you suggest signing up through you and receiving your mentorship would position me to be more effective? If so, why? What are the benefits for you (affiliate commission etc) ?

    Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you.

    My Best, Dan

    • Hello again Dan, yes signing up through me does equate to a minimal commission and a chance for me to give back to the community. I’ve got a real obsession with Amazon & eCommerce and I’m always keen to help anyone out, you’ll get unlimited email support should you need it.

    • Hey Alex, I’m not sure on the current cost of the Platinum Partners program and it’s best to get in touch with the team. Briefly, there are more focused workshops that are held much more regularly, working with Adam and other Amazon experts in an intimate setting. The team would be able to advise about what’s precisely involved.

  21. Hi Joshua,

    I am looking to sign-up for the Reliable Education Amazon course by Adam. This will be my first time going into business. I have no experience whatsoever in selling. The reason I want to try amazon is because of the low capital required to start it rolling.

    Is this a good course for people like me?

    Also, what do you think about having your own website and selling on other platforms?



    • Hey Murph! Thanks for your comment and it’s great that you’re seriously considering joining Reliable Education. The course does cater to both those newbies with no experience in eCommerce, and those who have already been in the trenches for a while. Getting your Amazon business off the ground may cost up to $10k, but significantly cheaper than most physical businesses.

      Adam teaches in the course how to branch off to Shopify and other platforms to generate greater sales volume once your FBA business is established, and I highly recommend this path. In fact, I started selling on eBay just 5 months ago and have created a $5k/month revenue stream already!

      • Great! Looks very promising! Thanks for your input Joshua.

        There have talks within my circle of friends that getting a mentor is advisable. Personally, I think the course would be enough as long as the student is driven. What is your say on that?

        • A mentor is definitely a great idea if you feel you need one, yet the course is definitely COMPLETE in that it’ll get you from A to Z without you scratching your head. The course mostly attracts highly driven achievers who stay on track by just networking with fellow Amazon sellers in Adam’s community, both online and offline. And of course, if you need an accountability partner then feel free to signup through my referral link above, of which 20 students have signed up with in the past 7 months.

  22. Good morning Joshua
    I am about to buy the course using your link as I love the idea of a mentor. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I have a very simple question. Can you tell me how much have you invested so far and how much profit have you obtained? I am talking about real profit, not just sales. Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Hello Maria, excellent question that I’d be asking any potential mentor. I was able to start with less than $200 to get my feet wet which did earn me a great profit, and eventually put in around another $3,000 + course costs. I haven’t invested anything else since as I’m simply reinvesting what I earn. I just looked through my profit/loss statement and I’m at $12,856 profit today (not sales) having gone live around June through last year, and will definitely close out my 1st year on Amazon with more than $20k in total profit as I’m starting to gain some real momentum.

    • Hello Maria, an accountant would best answer this question. My simple understanding of the ATO rules is that all income earned is taxable no matter where you reside or where it is earned (i.e. online vs offline). Through Amazon you are creating a legitimate business and solid income stream after all. Different structures I guess could minimize taxation and everyone’s situation is different. I submit a quarterly BAS statement and it’s best to speak to your accountant to find what would work best for you.

  23. Hi Joshua,
    I’ve just watched Adam’s four videos. I was very impressed with him as he seems to have a very honest and personable approach to teaching this business. I am getting my ducks in a row and will join through your link as I appreciate your honest comments as well.
    Is the payment plan available when joining through your affiliate link?
    Also, a question about products. How does Adam obtain the Villeroy & Boch plates that he sells? Surely they are authentic and he does not have them made through any old factory in China? I’m not asking you to give away his insider secrets but the reason I ask is that the product that I am thinking of selling is already available online so would I then be a reseller on Amazon??

    • Hello Anney, thank you and I appreciate your feedback. Yes you are welcome to use the payment plan. Regarding Villeroy & Boch, Adam is simply using this as an example of what can be sold at a strong price point when presented and packaged well, and he does not sell this product personally. He does sell mostly high end homewares, all sourced from China at a very high quality.

      You are indeed welcome to find a product that’s already available online and simply sell it on Amazon if the numbers work. The RE course is focused around private-label and products can be either off-the-shelf, off-the-shelf with some modifications to create uniqueness or complete new from scratch with patents. My preference is the later but Reliable Education students have found success with all 3 options.

  24. Hi Joshua
    Thank you for your in depth reply .
    Itโ€™s highly appreciated and has some what eased my mind on the area of Qualty control.
    Iโ€™d very much like to join the academy ASAP and look forward to having chat about operations with you .

  25. Hi Joshua,

    I was on the fence deciding to go for RE course, but after reading your posts and all of your comments made my mind clear.
    I would really appreciate if you can become my mentor. Not sure if the link you posted above still valid, please send me the current reference link for register RE course.


    • Hello Daniel, thank you for your comment and I appreciate you confirming the affiliate link is valid. I’ve checked them just now and they are still working. I’m looking forward to being on hand to keep you on track with your Amazon journey as a mentor and the Reliable team also provides excellent technical support.

  26. Hi Joshua
    Iโ€™d also
    Like to sighn up using your link.
    Iโ€™d also be grateful and would highly appreciate it if you could be my mentor in this ?

      • Hi Joshua
        How are you ?
        Iโ€™m getting my ducks lined up and about to pull the trigger on this so looking forward to joining and learning all I can .
        Iโ€™d like to ask you what the new rules in Australia will mean for Amazon sellers .
        From what I here the US Site will be blocked .
        Iโ€™m quessing there is a way to get around this ?
        Particularly to monitor sales do resaeach etc
        I only want to sell products from the US site to the US anyway ( bigger market ) OR will customers in Australia be able to purchase my products from the Aussie site if I choose ?
        Slightly confused ..
        Thanks in advance .

        • Hello Brendan, it’s great that you’re ready to head to the start line. Yes I heard the news and my understanding is that the US site will be open for browsing, though orders would be redirected to the Australian site if the exact same product is available. Let’s say a camping axe is available on the Australian site for $82 AUD and in the US it’s selling for $29 AUD + international shipping of $15 + GST, Amazon is trying to prohibit these sales in order to grow the Australian market. There are ways that customers can get around this by using proxy services still, but as a seller I believe the impact will be advantageous to help Amazon properly set up shop here.

          • I just wanted to add that it appears Amazon will be totally closing orders to Australians due to the GST laws, as opposed to simply redirection as I initially thought. I don’t believe it will hinder research, as the site will be open for browsing. There are 3rd party companies that will still assist in getting your items to Australia. This will commence July 1st.

    • Hello Jocelyn, yes any help you need is done via email or Skype/phone as necessary to keep you on track once you’ve finished the course. I’ve had another person already sign up from the UK last month. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hopefully this isn’t a fake blog with made up comments, but I will check back to see if my questions are answered. Adam mentions in his 4th video that you get access to his contact in China who will organise your shipment to Amazon. Is there only one contact you get and how can you even be sure that he will fulfill his end of the bargain, plus what do they charge? There seems to be more than one person you would need in China to help you with everything.

    Also, Adam talks about having great photography and packaging to make your product stand out, but how is the packaging of your product and brand related to the factory in China making your product – are they responsible for creating your packaging as well as making your product?

    • Hello David, I assure you this my real blog that I created 4 years ago and all comments are from real people and mostly Australians. Sorry for the delay in response as I was visiting family interstate and I chose to go without internet access.

      There is one recommended contact for freight forwarding but you are free to choose whoever you feel most comfortable with. Adam would only recommend a service that is rock-solid and many have used the services of this forwarding agent. You may wish to get in contact with them to find out what they charge, I recall last time it was at normal market rate but with a greater safety net knowing that they also look after Adam and the many other RE students.

      When having a factory create your product, it’s normal for them to create packaging for you and this is generally included in the quotation. What Adam is alluding to is that factories are not packaging specialists, and the packaging would be very basic at best. Thus, it’s best to find a specialist packaging manufacturer to work with, who can create outstanding packaging and have them ship the packing to the factory who is creating your product. Neither factories or packaging manufacturers are photographers, so the final step is to find an excellent product photographer as it’s your photos which create the best sales conversions.

      • Thanks for getting back to me and proving the honesty of your blog. So is it only one freight forwarding contact you get from Adam? Are you on your own when it comes to quality control and ensuring your product is packaged well? I watched a really good video on youtube from junglescout which basically summed up everything you pretty much need to do in order to sell your products online. It goes for about 46 mins. I was wondering though, if you have seen this video, what else could Adam offer in terms of knowledge?

        • Hello again David, yes just one freight forwarding contact which is a company with multiple employees and it’s easy to find an independent quality control specialist yourself. I have not seen the JungleScout video but I would imagine it would cover everything briefly from A to Z, especially at 46 minutes it would only be touching the surface. To put that into context, the JungleScout video would be a Ferrari brochure, and Reliable Education would be owning the actual car.

          There is many, many hours of content that Adam has put together which covers every step of the journey in detail plus multiple interviews from real sellers, some of which are successful Reliable Education students. If you don’t feel 100% sure that Adam and Reliable Education is right for you, then I would recommend seeing what the US-based competition has to offer. As you’re probably aware, JungleScout has their own Amazon training and other platforms such as A to Z Formula and Amazing Selling Machine could better serve you.

  28. Hi Joshua,
    Lots of information to consider.
    I wanted to know more without watching Mr Hudsonโ€™s videos first, you have provided that window.
    I have a few things to arrange and sort and then will be in touch.
    Gracias Amigo

    • Hello Tuco, excellent! Adam’s book Primed is an excellent alternative if you want to skip the videos. I look forward to being in touch soon.

  29. Hi Joshua, what do you believe is the benefit of selling on Amazon compared to eBay, considering fees and market capitalisation?

    • Hey Brendan, excellent question and I’m surprised no one has asked this one before. A bit of background: I started selling on eBay just 9 months ago after I had started selling on Amazon FBA, I hadn’t really sold any physical products online prior to this. I am now a Powerseller and enjoy scaling my eBay business but it does have disadvantages. The inventory for my eBay business is all sourced locally in QLD and NSW.

      The fees to sell on Amazon FBA are higher, though being paid in US dollars is great as it makes this fee comparison mostly equal for us Australians given the exchange rate. The fees can be reduced through using a 3rd party logistics company and stepping outside of FBA, though FBA and the Amazon Prime program are very much favoured by US customers for the speed of delivery, customer service and no-fuss return policy. I find eBay is 90% hobby sellers and 10% professional sellers, whilst Amazon is almost 100% professional sellers and has a much higher standard to adhere to. The opportunity to capitalize on markets is huge on Amazon as you can easily compete with the big brands, whilst not having to invest into additional warehouse space, staff and other associated costs that come with scaling a traditional physical products business. Adam’s book Primed shares more on why Amazon is a better choice if your desire is to build a sustainable eCommerce business that doesn’t require a physical location.

  30. Hey Joshua, very interesting read. Thank you so much. I am wanting to sign up for Adams course after watching all his videos and his live webinar last night, but thinking now I may as well go through your link. If you can help mentor me as well that would be great. Will hopefully do this very soon, within the next week. Look forward to hearing from you and starting this journey. Many Thanks, Katie

    • Hey Katie, sorry for delay as I was on holidays without internet access and my FBA business continued to make sales. That is excellent news! Please reach out via email once you do to say hello. Thanks! Joshua

  31. Hi joshua. So once set up, what will be your tasks in running this business besides re-ordering more inventory? ie do you need to handle warranty issues, customer didnt receive their purchase etc.

    • Hello Eric, great question! Amazon generally takes care of your customer service and returns for you. People tend not to contact you on Amazon and go direct to Amazon themselves, as most customers simply believe they are ordering direct from Amazon, unlike eBay. So your daily contact with customers will be minimal, but if you are pushing through higher volumes and customer contact increases, then you can outsource your customer contact to a VA or a service such as ZonSupport.

      Re-ordering inventory, inventory forecasting (i.e. making sure you don’t run out of stock in the future) and listing improvement will be the main tasks though the time commitment for these will be minimal. Most students would continue to build their brand by sourcing more products, as the research, sourcing, packaging and marketing process for each new product gets easier as time goes on.

  32. Hi Joshua,

    I have registered the course and in the stage of finding product and dealing with suppliers. There is one silly question but hopefully I can find the answer here.
    What would be the delivery address to ship to Amazon FBA US? Do I just find the FBA address that I want to ship ?

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. The the shipping company is waiting for my answer to give me a quote.

    Kind regards,

    • Sorry, I just found the answer from Google. Amazon will tell me the shipping address after having a shipping plan.

      • Hello Daniel, thanks again for choosing to use my referral link recently – appreciated! Yes it is true that Amazon will give you a shipping address after creating a shipping plan, but if you’re chasing quotes for now then creating a shipping plan is a little while off. I can’t recall the recommended action in the course for when this issue arises. I personally have just used Chattanooga TN Fulfillment Center for quotes as quite commonly that’s where Amazon eventually tells me to ship, and when Amazon has requested a different Fulfillment Center, the freight price luckily hasn’t gone up.

  33. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

    My husband and I are super keen on joining this community. I was wondering do we both have to individually join or can we join as partners? If we can get a reply to this question quickly it would be appreciated as we would love to attend the summit at the Gold Coast at the end of July.

  34. Hi Joshua,
    Seems like my affiliate link to you did not go through in the purchase when I signed up a month or so ago…was this page that actually convinced me to sign-up so sorry about that stuff up on my side.
    When are you going to Canton Fair? I’m considering Phase 2/Phase 3 cross over.

    • Hello Julian, that’s all good! I’m looking at Phase 1 only as I’m looking at the hardware niche as I have a JV with another Reliable Education student. I’m currently in homewares niche on my own. In April I’ll likely do a two-phase crossover like you are.

  35. Hi Joshua, thanks for your review of the training courses! I watched Adams video last year but wasnt able to make the time investment the, but am able to now! And am impressed by your support and knowledge and would like to work with you as well! I am US based, have opened an amazon store here, found a product and a supplier and got stuck from there. I am relocating by marriage to Aus soon and wondered if I can sell in both markets with a US store? Then my fiancee/soon to be husband, can open an Aus store based there? Your thoughts?

    • Hey Christine, that’s great to hear! Amazon US and Amazon Australia work the same way, especially as Amazon Prime is available for Australians as from today. You do however need to have 2 different seller accounts, and this is no issue as it takes just a few minutes to create a new seller account in Australia. Yes – you will pay two separate seller fees if you opt for a professional seller account for each, but this professional account isn’t necessary until you’re making a minimum 40 says per month and the cost is minimal versus potential earnings. You can sell in both countries no matter where you are. Hope that helps!

  36. Hi Josh,
    I’m considering enrolling in Adams course after watching the initial four videos though am wondering what might set his course apart from a course offered that is a little less expensive such as the one offered to set up an e-commerce business by Steve Chou?
    Thanks Josh

    • Hello Tania, the two courses are in very much different leagues. Steve’s course could be more effective if you’re only looking to keep things basic and complete a course online about selling on Amazon. Adam’s course has local live events, local support, a super supportive Australian FB community, frequent course content updates and already taken by thousands of Australian students with excellent feedback, and you’ll probably find dozens of students in your area. Yes – the course is more expensive but the value for us is significantly higher.

  37. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for your super quick reply. I believe Steve also offers the support of an international FB community and one on one support. There are also student testimonials stating that his course is also excellent value. He clearly lists what one can expect to learn in each module too do it’s hard to compare as Adam doesn’t provide any clear detailed topic information on what we can expect to cover other than what he briefly touches on in his videos.

    I guess I’m saying I’m still unsure. If there are any other comparisons/differences you can tell me about it could help me make this decision.

    Thank you!


    • Hello again Tania, it’s great that Steve offers one on one support. Given there’s 4,000+ students who have taken the Reliable Education course, I think this would be a difficult one for Adam himself to offer. What I can recommend you do is to sign up to both courses at the same time, then claim a refund on what you feel is the lesser of the two courses when compared for value (as opposed to the dollar amount). I’m not sure on Steve’s refund policy, but Adam’s is rock-solid in terms of a 100% money-back guarantee as he’s seeking happy and successful students for the long haul.

  38. Hi Joshua,
    Thanks so much for your insights and helpful advice. We have been looking closely at purchasing the RE course. One question; everywhere we turn we see nothing but super happy customers and newly minted Amazon sellers making money. Surely there must be people who have done the course, but have not been successful. How many people have done their money? Adam himself says that naturally he can’t guarantee success, so what is the percentage of people who are unsuccessful? How many people do the course and get as far as putting their products on Amazon only to find they don’t sell?

    • Hey Glenn! I haven’t really heard of anyone who has done the course, sent products to Amazon and hasn’t sold anything even after thousands of students. If this does happen, you drop your price down to sell through the inventory and get your capital back, and source another product. Your 3 months has then been a free education on the entire process and your future product will be quicker and easier to find, and you’ll learn from that mistake surely.

      The significant amount of super happy customers is exactly what Adam and Reliable Education want, and it’s what inspired me to write this blog post last year. The only percentage that I can provide is that Reliable Education is sitting at around a 93% customer on-board rate, and the 7% are all given refunds. This is due to either a student not being happy or not being a good fit for Reliable Education.

      You’ll receive a phone call upon enrollment and if they aren’t happy that you’d be good for this, then it’s proposed that you don’t continue and the 100% refund is given. I’ve never heard of another company ever taking this approach before, but they are certainly only after action-takers that want to build this. You are creating a real business that requires capital, work, some sacrifice, some frustration and you will experiences some challenges along the way, but there are many fruits ripe for picking!

  39. Hi Joshua,

    Very informative review on the RE course and loads of comments (and your prompt replies and updates). I am wondering, with thousands of RE students on-board, why there isn’t a ‘reliable review’ from any other student (but yourself). Is it some kind of understanding or contract between you and Adam? ๐Ÿ™‚
    (not sure if someone had already asked this question as I didn’t read all comments)

    I have attended a couple of live Master classes (webinars) by Adam (incl the latest one last week). 50% of the Webinar content is the same in each Webinar and he added a bit of new stuff in the latest webinar (which is about some kind of mind mapping of the course). I guess these live webinars are for new people who are interested in the course. At the end of the webinar, he offers free upgrade of some sales tracking software and some other freebies (which I do not remember now). Are these freebies and free software upgrade only for those people who buy the course right after the webinar? Or is it available for people (like me) who may consider to buy the course at a later time (through your affiliate link) ?


    • Hello Suresh, great question! There isn’t any contract or anything of that nature between me and Adam, I don’t work for Reliable Education. In fact, I’m not even a friend of Adam at all.

      I’m just a student who has done the course and has been impressed with both the course content and my success in a relatively short period of time, and Reliable Education has a referral program yet I’d likely have this review up with or without the program there. Anyone can just write a review about the course as well and I’m still surprised that no one else has, apart from the hundreds of genuine 5 star reviews on the Facebook page. It’s just about impossible to create fake 5 star reviews on Facebook.

      I guess there’s very few Australian bloggers in Australia, and to be honest my blog is more of a hobby than an income source. I’m really not sure about the freebies that Adam is offering in the Webinars as I haven’t watched these myself recently, since I am a student who joined the course in the early days but I do use Zonguru which is great software. If you get in touch with the team I’m sure they would be able to help you out with those questions! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hello Joshua,

        I was just pulling your leg. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thanks for the prompt reply. I will contact the RE team to seek advice.

        I have just finished reading Adam’s book … PRIMED. This is an excellent read and gave me more insight into Amazon FBA business and how the RE training course would look like.

        I felt that it is more convincing and promising if one reads this book (PRIMED) first and then goes through the free videos (from Adam) and then attend the sample Master class (webinar) and then (if time and money permits) attend the RE Summit (which is now open to non-students).

        I prefer to do a solid ground work before entering into a serious venture like Amazon FBA business.

        Thanks again and hope to meet you sometime in the near future.


  40. Thanks Joshua. Your reply certainly puts things in perspective and we totally agree with your sentiments about what is required to make a business work.

  41. Hi Joshua
    Recently I caught up with an old friend of mine
    And it turns out he is also interested in joining !
    It got me thinking is it possible for both he and I to to join together as business partners ?
    I ask this respectfully , if the course is payed for as partners and then decide for what ever reason we would like to go it alone as seperate entities would we both have equal access and opportunity or would one of us have to pay for another round ?
    ( just thinking worst case senario so all bases are covered before joining thanks )
    Hoping you
    May be able to clarify

    • Ps
      Iโ€™d also like to point out that we are both legitimately considering going in as partners .
      From experience though , sometimes things donโ€™t always work out the way you
      Want or expect .
      Anything can happen.
      So what are the guide lines in terms of remaining a member if you
      have paid half each ?
      Would we each half to pay another half to continue separately ?
      ( Jesus I sound cheap lol )

      • Hey Brendan, great to see you back on the blog and this is a great question and funny one at that! Sure – you can definitely join as business partners as confirmed by Reliable Education if you have the intention of working together to build an Amazon business, as can husband and wives or long-term couples. I understand that in the future you might part separate ways but this would be very likely after completion of the course.

        And if it did happen to split, you’ve already got the knowledge and I guess Reliable Education wouldn’t know that you’ve decided to go separate ways. That comment in itself shows that I don’t work for them ๐Ÿ™‚ I am just a fellow student too! I believe the course can be accessed for up to 2 devices and they don’t have to be in the same household, as long as the business partnership is genuine. You guys will be just right!

  42. Hi Joshua, very informative review of the training course. I attended the RE webinar held this week and I was close to signing up. After reading your review this has helped my decision to take the course. I’ll be signing up using your affiliate link and looking forward for the support/mentoring you can provide.

  43. Hi Joshua, over the last month I’ve done the research on RE and given it a lot of thought. Your review and the questions you answered have clinched it. I sense it is going to be quite a journey. A little nervous (and excited), I’m ready to sign up via your affiliate link and look forward to the mentoring you have offered.

    • Hello Rhonda, that is great news and I look forward to helping out where possible through your Amazon journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Hi Joshua
    Just to confirm sorry I know you have already answered but $3,200 + course cost was all you needed to start up? Im just wondering how this is possible, looking on the Alibaba site products may cost $3-7 to make with minimum orders of $1000 then there’s shipping cost with all these other shipping fees and Amazon costs etc, Im only asking because obviously you know away around this?
    Also I was wondering if I live in Australia and wanted to sell on Australian Amazon is that possible when doing this course? and if so can products be made in Australia or is the RE course specific to selling on American site with Chinese manufacturers.
    After course cost how much I invest is up to me?
    Realistically speaking how after I complete course would I be able to start selling?
    Can I add something of my own idea to an existing product?
    Lol sorry about all the questions but thank you in advance

    • Hello Helen, sorry for the delay in responding as I have been away in the US. The cost cost + $5,000 to $10,000 is ideal to begin with. Let’s use an example of a cost price of $8 per unit which sells on Amazon for $45. If you order 500 units, you’re at $4,000 and then lets say $1,000 total for shipping to get to Amazon. The Amazon fees will be deducted from your final sales, so you do not need to put money aside for this.

      You can start minimally and instantly using AliExpress and order 1 unit or 20 units, you will pay more per unit but it’s a great way to learn the process. AliExpress are retail products so you wouldn’t be able to use your own packaging, your own design or logo. But certainly with Alibaba you can take an existing product off the shelf and add your own idea to it which will make it unique to the marketplace.

      You can definitely use the course to sell on Amazon Australia, it’s effectively the same now with the recent launch of Australia’s own Fulfillment by Amazon program. You can source locally in Australia or from China, both are fine. The time taken to launch after finishing the course has a big variation, 18 months for me due to personal circumstances but some people are live within 3 weeks if they choose off-the-shelf product + air freight as opposed to private label or a unique product created from scratch and sea-freight.

  45. Hi Joshua again, have you heard of Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant they have a website called EcomCrew they are very good and give out great advice just wondering what your thoughts on them are thanks

  46. Dear Joshua,
    I have seen Adam’s video’s and read this interesting blog from A to Z. It looks like all and everything is coming from China only, but i am wondering what your thoughts are for selling voluminous goods like (mid-high quality) furniture in combination with FBA, not exceeding the maximum sizes and weights for FBA. Personally i am afraid that the storage costs that Amazon will charge me, will become too high. So is FBA actually more suitable for “small” goods?

    • Hello Richard, great question! I am currently looking at outdoor furniture, and certainly there are many sellers making a good profit via FBA with oversized goods based on what I’m tracking. Most courses do focus on smaller sized items to sell on Amazon but in my opinion, if the numbers on the oversize item stack up, the product is simple enough and the supplier is responsive, then it’s one I’ll highly consider.

      I see 3 distinct advantages with oversize. 1) The oversize fees automatically scare most newbie sellers. 2) There’s a higher cost to invest, and most people don’t want to invest $10,000 for their first product. 3) There isn’t as much on the marketplace as compared kitchenwares.

  47. Hello Joshua, Like a number of your other readers, I am from the UK. Do you know if Reliable Education has a significant following over here and whether Adam does any live events in this country? I’d like to form a group with other Private Label entrepreneurs but don’t want to have to travel too far so that we can meet regularly. Thanks, David

    • Hello David, I’m not really sure on the exact numbers of UK-based Reliable Education students, you are welcome to get in touch with them to find out accurate numbers and to help form Masterminds and social groups. I am not sure if Adam is planning a UK conference this year but hopefully he does with the numbers growing monthly.

        • You’ll find quite a few other UK students in the Facebook group, and the Reliable team will be able to help you regarding any planned UK events. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Hi Joshua. I’ve beening educating myself on ways to create passive income through selling services online for quite a while now. Got bitten by the 4 hour work week bug. Pondering over when a product will come to mind that will provide me the incentive to get my arse into gear! Lately I’ve been thinking I just need to take some form of action. And I think this course is that action. A great starting point. Look forward to having you as some form of mentor and will jump on board now via your link. Scott.

  49. Hi Joshua, I’m just wondering how it works with tax in Australia. The videos talks of 30% profit as an example (before tax I think) but how much would a new small business then have to forward to the tax man. Does it make a difference if you reinvest the profits to buy new stock?

    Thanks and apologies if this is a real newbie question ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Nevin, good question for an accountant as each person is different. You will have to pay tax though I’m personally except from paying tax in the USA (and I imagine most other sellers are too) and 2 of the most popular options are Sole Traders and Company structures. There’s numerous accountants out there who specialize in foreign-earned income to give the best advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Shelly, yes there’s numerous other sources mentioned in the course like DHGate, Global Sources and Made in China. In fact some of the best finds are on these other sites. You can throw into Google ‘Alternatives to Alibaba’ which provides plenty of options to source products that haven’t hit mainstream yet.

  50. I see that there is reference to some software called ZonGuru. Are there on going fees that must be paid to use this? More broadly, what on going fees are charged for Reliable Educationโ€™s support and access to the education and support? How long does access to the course material last?

    • Hey Peter, there’s no expiry to the course materials. Buy it once and use it forever. There’s no ongoing fees for education and support, again it’s a one-time cost. Yes there’s ZonGuru which is a great software platform however there’s others out there, costs do vary between each of them. Some people won’t need any software to find winning products whilst others will need it, hence why it’s an additional add-on.

    • Hello Peter, yes the software is called Zonguru, you don’t need to purchase the course to use the software and pricing information is available on their website. There are other software providers out there like AMZTracker and JungleScout that have very similar functionality.

  51. my experience is not pleasant

    I have always working on how transit from my busy business to a lifestyle business, I spot amazon could be a opportunity and quick enroll into program call ” reliable Education”, which are promote aggressively in Australia, I have complete 1/3 of the programs, I still have no clue how to find product, but here what I got

    in the 1/8 of the program I have been upsell to use their product selection software Zonguru, compare to jungle scott it is very expensive

    in the 2/8 of the program I have been lightly sell of using their marketing service “amazing hustl” owned by zonguru

    in the 3/8 of the program I have been upsell by them to buy $ 998 ” import mastery” from one of their affiliate.

    i haven’t finish the program, no sure how much more is waiting for me.

    since I haven’t learn product selection from them , I decline all the offers

    Ecommerce Freedom is much better

    • Hi Jason, I’ve not heard of ECommerce Freedom before, and they have 0 reviews on their Facebook page? Sorry that your experience wasn’t as pleasant, everybody receives the exact same course so I’m surprised by your comment. Certainly you can pass that feedback on to RE.

      I do recommend Jungle Scout and some others here in other comments when compared on pricing alone, though I think Zonguru is excellent software too if you’re not super tight on your budget. The Import Mastery course by Amanda Clarkson is one that is truly optional, and is a key negative in the course that I outline in my review, so I certainly agree with you on this one mate. The section on Product Selection really places the responsibility on the student, and for many this is no problem but for some it can be a challenge. I especially found it hard as I lack inspiration, until I really started digging hard for products.

      I felt some other students may have this struggle too, and I have written a guide covering 101 totally different products that you can sell on Amazon right now which will really help you with product selection and open your eyes to possibilities. It’s free in PDF format for everyone who reads about my experiences, and is down the bottom of my review and your email address isn’t required. Then there’s a massive guide covering 1,000+ products for those who use my referral link afterwards. Hope this helps!

    • Hello Raelene, I’ve never heard of Sophie Howard or her Amazon Seller course and I know just about all the Amazon course providers. I just Google’d her, seems quite genuine and she’s Kiwi, so could be a great option if you wanted some face-to-face contact in New Zealand, mind you there are 100’s of Kiwi’s who have taken the Reliable Education course too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hi Joshua,

    We are also looking into Reliable as future proofing for myself and my wife.
    We would appreciate your view on this topic.
    In the past we have been involved in a few of this type of course / program and it appears great at the start.
    Then they begin with the….you will need to have this program, or you will need to upgrade if you want real wealth (earning potential), and don’t forget the Marketing program !!
    I have noticed that Zonguru is an “add on cost”.
    How many other “add on costs” are there ??
    Is there a Marketing “add on” ??
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Roy and Nicola, thanks for the great question. Yep – I’ve done these courses before and there’s always some up-sell involved. As Adam owns Zonguru, I think it’s natural for him to recommend that software package. It’s an Add-on yes, but I just used the trial period and didn’t continue, it was enough for me to find a product and launch.

      There is a marketing add-on but you don’t need it, and I certainly haven’t used it, but it’s there if you want it. You’re likely to just get a lot of organic traffic from Amazon anyway. The only cost for me to launch and reach a great part-time income has been the course, which is a one-time cost. You can find free software packages such as Keepa, CamelCamelCamel, JungleScout and Unicorn Smasher to do research into products if you don’t want to upgrade to Zonguru. There’s probably other services for marketing your product out there too.

      • Hi Joshua,
        Appreciate your reply.
        Once we make the decision, we will join through your link.
        Having someone to give pointers will surely help.
        Thanks again.

      • Hi Joshua,
        Thank you for the abundant and detail write-ups. I landed here after reading your write-up on Sophie Howard. It was really helpful to decide which course to choose. I plan to sign up using your affiliate link. I just have two questions, I know you answered those question before but it was in 2017 and 2018. Hopefully you can give me some updates.

        1) Can I bring my sister for the course and we split the aud2497 course fee 50/50?

        2) itโ€™s 2019 and considering the rise of costs, is the course fee + aud5000 still enough to get a decent start?


        • Hi Joshua! Finally another Joshua here. Thanks for the great feedback.

          You’re welcome to split costs 50/50 with your sister as many people have done this. Certainly makes the course cheaper, and you can even do this with Platinum Partners, but you’ll unlikely need this extra mentoring program. The course and community is excellent. Yes $5,000 minimum on top of course costs is still recommended, I’m planning to launch a jewellery product soon for $700 just to show what’s possible.

  53. hi josh,
    i’ve been sitting on the fence for this for quite awhile now (like 6 mths?), i’m just wondering what research tool do you use? you’ve mentioned you used zonguru only within it’s trial period, what about after? and what about now, if you’ve changed again?

    • Hey Sean! Great to hear from you, and remember they offer a 100% refund if you’re unhappy. I use CamelCamelCamel, Keepa and Jungle Scout for basic research. I did have a 2nd trial of Zonguru off a friend’s email address, but don’t tell them I did that… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ha!
      The cost of a Zonguru paid membership is quite small really for the data it gives you compared to the competitors I mentioned, I just don’t need it currently and will likely sign up early next year when I’m ready to build another brand on Amazon.

      • Hey Sean, thanks for your comment and I’ve heard of neither of those two names so they may just be starting out as teachers. Upon Googling it seems that Brock’s course geared towards wholesale as he’s got an interview with Larry Lubarsky? Larry (aka WatchMeAmazon) is great and is my favourite Amazon wholesale content producer, and he’s releasing a course soon purely on wholesale (not private-label / private-branding like Adam teaches) so I’ll be keen on reviewing that course.

        Mind you it’s still USA-based and not Australian, and the logistics of wholesale within the US without being physically there might be trickier than dealing with China, India, Indonesia etc. Regarding Brock & Helium 10, on the surface it doesn’t look like I could compare them apples to apples with Reliable Education (6,000+ Aussie students and growing), so far the only other course that comes close is Amazing Selling Machine which again is geared towards those in the US.

  54. Hey Sean, same here! Would you consider sharing Course fees with me? Josh- are we allowed to do this? And would you be willing to mentor the both of us? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello again Raelene, I think their rules are that it needs to be either an established business partnership, an intended future business partnership or a family relationship such as husband/wife. It’s a good idea to check with the team though. And of course, I’m more than help anyone regardless of whether they’re running solo or as a team! ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Hi Joshua, I’m keen on taking the course. Is the Amazon data mining tool ZonGuru included in the course? If not, what tools does RE provide in researching for what products to sell?

    • Hey Andy, thanks for the message and great to hear that you’re keen to start your Amazon journey. Zonguru isn’t included as some students will need it and some students won’t, however there is a free trial available for the software and I found that just using the trial was enough for me to find a few winning horses. The cost is quite reasonable ($15 per week) but Adam often throws out better deals for Reliable Education students.

      If you have a business partner then the cost is very minimal. There are other alternatives like Jungle Scout, Sellics, SellerPrime, Cash Cow Pro (what a name!), Seller Legend and Asinspector that are available too, plus a few others I’ve mentioned in other comments.

  56. HI Joshua,

    it took me almost an hour to read all the comments and your honest reply. ( that’s why i spent an hour!), i didn’t know about ur affiliated link.
    But i was planning to join RE since last 2-3 weeks. and i have been to Adam’s live event with Gary vee in Auckland few weeks ago.

    from then i was searching about RE and watched those 4 videos as well, and registered to webinar in December as well.

    so of course now i will definitely go through ur link. ( max. in 15 days)
    -after paying course fees,+ 3 to 5 grand will be enough to start??-just a basic question.
    and after start selling i can reinvesting that amount. what do u suggest?
    – i m based in New Zealand at the moment, so still i can go for RE right?
    Thanks and see ya in 15 days in in ur affiliated link.

    • Hi Hemang, haha it does take a while to read! โ˜บ๏ธ Dozens of really good comments, and hundreds have read my blog before making the decision to join. I attended Gary’s event too in Brisbane recently which was the day prior to Auckland. Regarding your questions, yes you could get away with 3 to 5 grant to start, and I’d use 100% of your profit to reinvest at least for the first year.

      Some people can take an income from day 1, but their situation is different and they are likely putting in say more capital into launching a few products right away. There’s dozens of Kiwi’s joining RE every week, I’m sure you’ll find quite a few fellow students in Auckland.

  57. Hi Joshua , I have been thinking about getting into an online business for sometime now. Personally I love wheeling and dealing as I get a real buzz off it. Having viewed Adams 4 videos he comes across as a likeable guy especially for a salesman. I keep asking myself should I be sceptical ? Adam does mention hard work is required and last time I checked nothing great is achievable without it. Will I dip my feet into this course ? Yes I will because without any knowledge of online selling I need to invest into this to invest into me. I will certainly be buying this through your link as back up support could be very helpful if I require it in the short term. Thank you for this blog , it has been a long read but most helpful.

    • Hi George, thank you for your comments. I like you’re realistic approach, you’re the ideal student that Reliable Education is catering towards, especially as you can clearly see that it’s hard work that will get you across the line more than just merely taking the course. I look forward to helping you out where I can!

  58. Hi Joshua,

    First of all, Thanks for taking the time out to write a detailed review and answering all the questions in comments. It really gives a much better idea and confidence about the course and the journey ahead.

    I first saw your post and few comments and half made up my mind, then after few days watched the 4 introductory videos of the course and got so carried away and booked immediately that i forgot to use your referral link. I dont know how many times I have kicked myself over once I realised I signed up without your link.

    Anyways, just wanted leave a note and thank you for your time and effort ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Suhas, haha no worries at all. I’m really glad you’ve made the decision to jump on board with the course, affiliate link or not. Hopefully I can catch you (and many other students here) at the next Summit in March.

  59. Hi Joshua,
    Where can I find the details to register for the March summit? I am still waiting for the Facebook community access.

    • Hey Suhas, not sure why that could be, maybe you’re not on their email database yet as a student? You can just call or email the Reliable Education team and ask for the registration email and FB group access. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Hi Joshua ,

    Jimmy here, British living in Spain with wife and 2 kids .

    Great read, read the lot, amazing you take the time to respond to everyone and in such detail, for the most part a very selfless act, I can see it sits well with your audience including myself..!

    I’v been researching for months now with regards to Amazon FBA across all markets, I have come across many different courses and mentors / coaches etc. the likes of –

    Derrick Struggle

    Jay Kaching


    Taner J Fox

    Jungle Scout

    The list goes on and on and on…. you catch my drift…

    I have a few questions as I’m pretty much sold on Adam and the RE team, as far as I can tell he seems to be the most well known with a real background and online presence . ( I will also use the link you provide hopefully not for mentorship but to simply support the cause, as I feel you have definitely earned it ) . Here goes with the babble –

    1. Why does everyone always specifically turn to China for manufacturing and product.? I know there are opportunities in Turkey, Malta, India ….. to name but a few. Which logistically for Europeans can be much more simple and stress free, if the deal is right.? I know with such long haul shipping you really have to be up on your Trade Terms / INCOTERMS. I see you mentioned Sea and Air freight, what about the new Silk Railroad direct from China to Europe .?

    2. Amazon rules for sellers. I’v heard of so many horror stories with regards to Amazons ever changing rule book and what can and can’t be done, restrictions being put in place etc… weather it be for wholesale or private labelling. In your opinion do you feel this will impede the sellers as time goes by ? Have any of the changes effected you directly in your endeavours .?

    3. Who you advice to list the products in as many places as possible and not just FBA .?
    i.e your own website, eBay, Wish, Shopify etc…

    4. With regards to the course and product launch factoring in a contingency you would need around $10,000 – $ 15,000 which is probably around my actual net worth is this something you would still suggest to run with .?

    5. If I could commit to around 30 – 40 hours a week on the course and launch etc what do you think would be the time frame from to start seeing some real profits. ?

    Sorry for grammar and spelling I’m sure it all makes sense and would like to thank you in advance if you do find there time to reply to my loooong post..!!

    Best Wishes ,

    • Hi Jimmy! Wow – congratulations on writing the biggest comment my blog has seen to date. I’ll share your enthusiasm with my biggest reply!
      There’s one or two coaches / mentors on that list that I hadn’t heard of yet, but the rest have been in the marketplace for a while. It’s great that you’ve really done your research into each of them before choosing the one you feel is right for your journey, as not everyone’s journey is the same and Reliable Education (or simply selling on Amazon) isn’t right for everybody. I’ve found that over time only ASM can be compared fairly to RE, but the higher price-point and overseas events is a real disadvantage if you’re an Aussie which most students reading my blog are. I wonder if there’s any alternative FBA course providers in Spain? RE now has students from 60+ countries, I’m sure Spain would already be on that list too. I know there’s dozens from the UK.

      I really appreciate your comments regarding my blog and follow-up comments too, and I’ll do my best to answer your questions in order. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. China produces 60% to 80% of the worlds consumer goods and a significant amount of what’s readily available to purchase on Amazon. Almost everything from brick-and-mortar department stores is from China, plus most of what you’ll find at your local hardware store, automotive store, office supplies store and low to mid range clothing stores. Dozens of ships arrive at US ports every week direct from China, and I imagine most return empty. China is not only cheap, but in the last 20 years has very much improved upon quality almost to a European-standard. So end consumers are now purchasing goods that have a higher perceived value without the price tag, and China has the widest range of goods that can be manufactured than compared to other markets hence why the Canton Fair is the world’s largest trade fair. There’s nothing wrong with looking at other countries, and Adam does recommend looking at countries such as India, Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines and Thailand where you might find niche products that no one else is looking at. Even South America (i.e. Mexico) could have potential and massively reduced freight costs. Additionally, Australia could stack up well, after all we already export fruits, vegetables, wine and other commodities around the world via air and sea freight. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether the whole deal stacks up. Does the factory check-out as reputable? Is the quality up to the required standard? Can they produce this product of yours for the next 5 to 10 years? Can they produce similar products so you can build out your brand? Most importantly, will you get your minimum 30% margin based taking into consideration all costs? China often can easily meet all these requirements. It’s a numbers game, a relationship game and a long-term game. Amazon Europe is a much smaller marketplace, and though it has potential, it’s best to start in the US for the sheer volume of click-buy happy customers.

      2. It’s true that Amazon continues to amend their rules to protect sellers, and I can understand this as a concern for new sellers though I’ve never been affected apart from stranded inventory one time which was easy to fix. If you’re abiding by the Amazon rule book and not breaking anyone’s trademark or patent, then any issues I imagine can be resolved quite easily. Adam’s Facebook group has numerous in-depth posts by fellow students on this exact topic actually, once you’ve joined the group then have a search through. It’s my belief that private label which is what Adam teaches is the safest route as opposed to wholesale, again provided you’re selling original designs. I believe Amazon continues to tighten the grip as there have been some bad apples in the past and is a marketplace designed to help both buyers feel totally satisfied, and sellers feel totally protected. I wish eBay was more proactive about protecting sellers.

      3. The course does have some information on how to sell on other platforms and especially towards transitioning to your own Shopify store in the future to reduce fees and have greater control over the customer experience. eBay when paired with a 3PL company can emulate the Amazon FBA platform experience as a seller, albeit the eBay platform has much less in the way of buyer traffic. The course also features content on social media. At the end of the day, RE is a course on how to sell on Amazon, and Amazon does more sales than the next top 20 other marketplaces combined. So best to learn the 800 pound gorilla first and take your experience to other smaller marketplaces if you feel you ever need to, and the learning curve will be minimal. I began selling on eBay just a few months after launching on Amazon and I found it very easy, and it was a completely different product category.

      4. I wouldn’t suggest using every single dollar left in your bank account for your first product, or at any stage during your Amazon journey. Psychologically, it won’t make you sleep well at night. Do what you can to start with just $5,000 if possible and save some cash for contingency. I’ll throw you a simple example of a product, let’s say Pink Dinner Plates 4-Pack. You could potentially land these at Amazon’s front door with 500 units with that budget, maybe even 1,000. Again, pure example of what’s possible with your budget having recently and personally looked at dinner plates which have a low manufacture price as a future product idea and not taking into consideration any margins, competition and other factors.

      5. 30 to 40 hours per week is HUGE! I think my best week was 12 hours. You’d be in a 1% club of students who have that much time available haha. In fact many successful students had such little time available to get started, it seems the less time you have the more you’re willing to put in the work with the time you have, though not always of course. Time frame for profits? That can be a real piece of string. You could go live on Amazon as a seller next week by air-freighting some products fresh off the shelf, or take 2 years to create a remarkable product range that would be hard for others to emulate, and you’ll potentially dominate your particular selling category. If you need profits tomorrow to live off, then you’ll suck away any chance of scaling your Amazon business to a 6 figure salary and beyond. Do your best to reinvest every single dollar of profit for the first 2 to 3 years, then let those big pay-days flow through. Keep your job or existing business for now, and keep that cashflow coming in every week. Remember mate, it’s a long-term game.

      Sorry as well regarding my grammar, occasionally I miss words or double-up without ever realizing. But this has been fun Jimmy, I love conversing about Amazon and eCommerce! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Hi Jason.
    Thanks for your page and for answering everyoneโ€™s questions. My question has to do with the technology side of things. Can you comment on whether thereโ€™s a minimum system requirement to run the reliable education course and also the analytics programs that are recommended? If everything we use is largely online my laptop would likely cope but if thereโ€™s a large bit of software to download or a lot of working memory needed I think the old girl may struggle and Iโ€™d have to upgrade. Just want to have my ducks in a row before I start but also want to save my capital for getting started not waste is needlessly in trinkets ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hello Ush, thanks for your question – I haven’t had that one before! The course is simply online and if you can watch YouTube without issues on your computer, then you’ll have no issues with the course. There’s no software to download as Zonguru is also online and runs through Google Chrome, my basic Mac from 2015 runs it no worries even with several other Applications open. I’d say it’s likely you can even watch the whole course and use Zonguru on a Tablet, both aren’t too resource-heavy. Very wise thinking to save your capital for inventory! Any other questions then let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Hello Joshua
    Can you please tell me how much the tickets are to attend the summit in 2019?
    also if there is anyway to purchase prior to buying the course with Adam?

    • Hello Tracy, I’m really sorry for the delay over this Christmas period. Busy busy! The cost is around $600 from memory which is significantly cheaper than RetailGlobal and the ProsperShow, both of which aren’t catered events and the former only has elements of Amazon and the later requiring a trip to Vegas. The RE summit is only for students of Reliable Education.

  63. Hi Joshua

    Someone mentioned the RE course is getting a major upgrade in early 2019, do you know about this? I’m about to join up, should I wait or just go ahead anyway? And maybe get the updates because I’ll become a member?

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Paul, great question! Yes Adam said on a recent student webinar that there is an major upgrade coming, there’s lots of new filming to be done through January and February, and I’m guessing the updates will arrive in March / April.

      I’m 99% sure being how good RE is as a company, that those course updates would just be passed on to all the existing students, so the old videos would be simply be replaced by new videos. So signing up now gets you a head-start as the current content is still good, I know technology changes but I don’t there’s much to update as the core skill-set of selling online hasn’t changed much over the last 5 years.

      You’ll also be able to attend the March 2019 Summit, and if you want you can do the course again with the new videos for some contrast. Might be a good idea just to make a quick call or email RE prior to signing up just to be sure though.

      • Hi Joshua

        Just to let you know RE have replied to me and confirmed that, quote ”you get access to all Academy content for lifetime” so great news. Thanks again, ill be signing up very soon

        • Excellent news Paul! Thanks for confirming free lifetime course updates and letting other students here know as well. Email me once you’ve used my link so I can send you my guide with 1,000+ product ideas.

  64. Great thanks a lot for the info. I might email them before signing up, but I’ll sign up via your link also as an extra mentor would be a bonus and you seem to be helping people a lot so you deserve it. Thanks a lot Joshua

  65. Hi Joshua,
    Thanks for review, I am in NZ, originally from SA, waiting for residency at the moment… so a lot of investment went into all that. It will take a while for me to get the funds for course, do you see the price going up in 2019. I donโ€™t want to borrow and donโ€™t have credit cards so I do everything cash, which is very hard but happy I am doing it.

    • Hello Shane, thanks for your comment and there’s numerous students from SA including a few members of the RE team. I’m not sure if the price will go up but lots of new course content will be added to the course, it will be worthwhile to check with the RE team on that pricing front.

  66. Hello Joshua, is there an end date to subscribe for this year? I can’t find this information on the site.
    Thank you for your very thorough responses to all our questions, I found your review and
    all your answers very helpful.
    Is there anything that would make things harder for me if I live in UK?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Ramona, thanks for your comment and there’s dozens of other students in the UK. I think Adam is overdue for a trip over!! And some live events as well, nudge nudge Adam if you’re reading this one mate. Since I joined the course over 3 years ago there hasn’t ever been an end date with the course always open, so there’s no pressure to join in 3 minutes from now and a fear of missing out.

      If you email Reliable Education then they can confirm that this will be the case going forward, as I imagine it will be. I’ve mentioned it to a few other UK students, the live events are excellent and definitely worth attending, the travel expenses and time to come to Australia is just the hard part. You should be able to find a local mastermind, and the course has everything you need to start selling on Amazon US and UK. It’s just the live events take it to another level.

      • That is really good news, thank you! I will double check with RE. Don’t know why I had the idea that you can only join once or twice a year.
        I am thinking of joining soon and I will do it through your link, I know you said the academy and the course provide all the information one needs, some extra support from you can’t hurt. I will more than need it as I have no clue about this business. Thanks again, Joshua!

        • Hey Ramona, it’s Amazing Selling Machine that is only open to join twice per year and lots of people rush in and join for fear of missing out, and I really don’t like that. Often people are here just reading my blog and 2 to 3 months later decide it’s time to join the RE community, and the doors are well and truly open anytime. Thanks for using my link, and be sure to reach out afterwards so I can email you the bonus guide!

  67. Joshua,

    Amazing content and insight. Thanks for taking the time to put most fears to bed. Iโ€™ve gone down the path of trying to import and sell some years ago and got burnt and scammed from alibaba, dhgate etc. I am hesitant to use/trust them but know that worldwide people are making $$$$ by sourcing from them. Does the RE course assist in finding reputable suppliers and how to engage them without having to go to China? Iโ€™ll be definitely going through your referral link when Iโ€™m ready to start.


    • Hey Wade, thanks for the great feedback! Yes, all businesses come with some degree of risk so I’m glad that you shared your experiences with us. And yes, the course content does cover finding the right suppliers, and using inspection services. The highly recommended inspection service is V-Trust, not just by RE but a great deal of other importers around the world. Less and less people are going to China and/or the Canton Fair now days given the reliability of these services and the increasing trustfulness of Chinese suppliers. Hope that helps!

      • Hey Wade, Joshua, since the day we contacted V-Trust we haven’t had any headache. These guys take care of everything when it comes to QC. Thanks for the recommendation. I read your comments!

        • Hey Mike! Thanks for your comment. Yeah, in the course Adam recommends KRT Inspection, but I went with V-Trust. I think it’s the only thing in the RE course that I didn’t follow to a Tee. No issues at all with V-Trust, and the factory reports on my products have been extremely detailed. Very reasonably priced too!

  68. Hey Joshua,

    Great read even though my eyes feel like they are falling out of my head. I’ve been looking at doing this for awhile now have done MLM’s and other selling online with a little success however this seems to be a big opportunity. What effect does the opening of the Australian website have on US Amazon ? Would it make more sense being from here to sell on the Australian site first? or is US site just so big it wont but a dent in it.

    I have been doing quite a bit of research on this and sourcing products and it’s quite scary hearing about all the people who have been scammed by some unreliable (being nice)Chinese suppliers. Have you worked out a way to make sure that the company you use is legit ?

    Anyway mate if i do take the plunge i will definitely use your link and i would be great to use ur knowledge.



    • Hello Gerard, thanks for your comment – this little review I wrote a while ago has turned into quite a novel! I’ve done MLM’s too years ago, and it was tough back then and I imagine even harder now. Some RE students were previously in those network marketing companies too.

      The Australian Amazon platform has made very little impact in Australia, and from what I see from the Facebook group, the Reliable Education students who are selling on both platforms are selling so little on the Australian site that it’s hardly worth it and so I haven’t yet touched Amazon Australia as yet. Give it 2 to 3 years and I imagine things will pick up massively, eBay Australia has really got the marketshare for now. So everyone starts on Amazon US for now, whether they are from Australia, NZ, the UK or the rest of the world.

      Yes people do get scammed by the Chinese, it’s the world we live in unfortunately. Though I imagine these not to happen as often as we think, it’s just that we’re biologically attracted to bad news and danger. At least 80% of what we buy is made in China (electronics, hardware, clothing, kitchenware, most furniture plus many more) and almost all of it with no issues, so there’s a western middleman profiting between us and the reliable China factory that made those items in our homes.

      The best protection comes from strong purchase order contracts, using an A grade inspection service like V-Trust and also taking the responsibility yourself to ensure even the little things are specified. Make a purchase order contract 35 pages long if you have to. Often defects are also due to poor communication between parties, as opposed to a factory outright attempting to scam people.

      When it’s in clear writing and both parties sign it, the factories stand up and take notice. Visiting factories in person is also an excellent way to build a lasting relationship and respect, as they know you’re real since very few of their existing clients ever bother to visit. Further to these points, add in the 30/70 payment schedule which is normal practice with most reputable factories. Place a 30% deposit to get your first product manufactured, and the remaining 70% once a full inspection is done by an independent agency, and the items are loaded ready to send to Amazon.

      Of course these points here are all specified within the RE course in even greater detail than what I can elaborate on here, plus there’s many posts on the Facebook RE student community group that expand on reducing risk. And rightly so, being scammed by the Chinese probably the biggest concern for people getting into starting their Amazon journey but there are ways to minimize or even eliminate this. And based on my constant learning from the FB group across the last 3+ years, almost every student (including myself) has been fine dealing with the Chinese when following the above advice.

        • Yep! I can imagine using V-Trust for the next 10 years, rock-solid service. They’re the premier factory inspection service present at the Canton Fair, and even have native English speakers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Vijay, you can go to Reliable Education directly, or score some bonuses if you use my referral link provided here, plus I’ll make a charity donation. It’s really up to you mate. โœŒ๏ธ

  69. Hey Joshua,

    Thanks for the good review and the resources provided some really quality things you’ve noted and answered based off all the comments noted (yes i read all of them).

    Pretty keen to get started and will look to join through your link when i am ready for the course.
    One thing i would like to ask you is What was the hardest process and easiest part of the process when you went through with it?
    (e.g. was it sourcing, marketing)



    • Hey Anthony, thanks so much for your comment and taking the (long) time to read all these other comments here. Hardest was deciding what product to choose to launch with, as I had a few to pick from and decided to go for simplicity. I had spent money with Upwork and samples on more complicated products that I have not yet as launched, due to some complexities that beginners should avoid.

      One product in particular, a unique coffee cup, would’ve required some decent capital (upwards of $25k) to launch as it would’ve been a home run. Think of the famous photographers lens coffee cup, it’s similar in a way to that. Joe Olejnik (Reliable Education sidekick) was really helpful in helping me drill down on what to choose, especially as a beginner.

      The rest was easy, especially the setting up on Amazon part with the course being quite detailed in that regard. I started making sales organically early on, and now hundreds of sales monthly. Finding a product tends to be one of the biggest hurdles that I’ve seen, but with the FREE guide already here plus the bonus guide you’ll be getting, it should help get just about everyone over that hurdle. See you on the other side soon, and hopefully catch you at the March 2019 Summit too?

  70. First of all a big thank you for the attention you give to this subject for completely free, you are spending a lot of time and well thought out effort.
    I think I am going to have a go and will use your affiliate link if so.
    I am in the UK and know that a lot of good products are sourced in the UK and in Europe and sold on ebay and similar sites. I have been scammed in a small way from China and wonder if RE teach how to exploit other product sources than from China. Will things get tougher because of the objections that D Trump has made to so much import of Chinese goods to the USA? Does one have to be registered with Amazon in different regions to sell in USA or Europe or Aussie?NZ because fulfilment by Amazon is localised? Maybe these questions just show that I am fearful and should get on and bite the bullet. When I had no money I wanted in to something like RE, now I can afford to have a go Im afraid to risk my nestegg. I worked on sales, commission only, most of my career but want to be active and make some extra money. It should be fun.

    • Hello Laurie, thanks for your comments. Adam really needs to get over to the UK and start doing some live events I think with so many new students joining from the UK. I don’t believe Donald Trump’s strategy is going to have much of an impact on Amazon or us sellers, we may just raise prices and the market adjusts. The buyers won’t go anywhere, the price increase will affect offline stores and other eCommerce platforms such as eBay too. Perhaps more goods are just manufactured / sourced in the US, and if it’s profitable for all parties, then that’s a good thing. Especially as you elaborated towards products being sourced in the UK / Europe and being sold on eBay, surely they would be profitable.

      In regards to avoiding China, you’ll learn how to source in other countries – India, Indonesia and Taiwan just to name a few. But more importantly than looking at other countries is protecting yourself as a seller, and this is covered in length within the course, plus the Facebook group has extensive discussions on this. Very few students, if any, are running into troubles due to these two massive resources. I’ve mentioned this one in a few other comments here.

      You’ll have to have a different seller account for USA, UK / Europe combined, and Australia. 3 accounts, all take 5 minutes to setup initially. I know it’s the same platform, but they are localized in a way as you sort of mention. Start with the USA marketplace though, that’s where everyone starts for good reason – massive sales volume. Reliable Education is certainly not something to join if you have no money, it simply takes capital to start this business and well any business actually. It’s just significantly less capital than say a traditional offline business.

      Of course all businesses come with risk and if you’re fearful about this not working and it’s keeping you awake at night, it might be wise to hold off for 6 to 12 months or just indefinitely and look at something else that you’re more comfortable with.

      Just being realistic here mate, selling on Amazon isn’t the only way to make money in eCommerce. I’ve just personally found it the easiest way after doing so many different things offline and on the internet.

  71. Hi Joshua,
    Thanks for putting a great insight and info on the RE course. I was initially apprehensive about signing up but reading through your blog and comments us helping me to take the next step. I hope to signup in the next few weeks using your link and would love to have you as a mentor when i start this journey to start selling on amazon.

    • Hi Kunal, thanks for your comment and you’re most welcome! Flick me an email once you join and I can send that bonus guide to you.

      • Hi Joshua, what is your email address so i can send you a message when i enrol and also if i have any questions regarding the course. Thanks.

        • Hi Kunal, thanks so much! Appreciate it โ˜บ๏ธ and look forward to helping you in the journey where I can. My email’s in the PDF guide listed above, I just don’t want to write it here just in case spam bots find me online and flood my inbox (thereby missing important emails from RE students like you!).

  72. Hi Joshua,

    I totally forgot I used your affiliate link. This article was the one that gave me the confidence to pull the trigger on the Reliable Education course. I missed out on the Zonguru discount as I’ve already signed up too, haha. Interested in The Ultimate Amazon Product Discovery Guide though. Thanks again for the insight. Have got my brand name sorted, domain, logo, and too many ideas surrounding prodcuct lines.


    • Hi Darius, thanks for your comment and using my affiliate link. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who sign up to the course via my link and don’t actually reach out to me haha. I’ve just emailed you the guide with the email address you posted this comment with. Hopefully I’ll catch you at the next Summit!

  73. Hi Joshua,

    I would like to very much thank you for such a great blog. I will most definitely be using your affiliate link soon. Like others I have a variety of questions but I feel I can hold back on these details as I assume many of them will be covered in the course and via your fabulous offer as a mentor. What I would like to do is tell you and your readers why I have decided to take the plunge and sign up for the course.

    I am at that age where I am 5 to 10 years away from retirement. The reality is that when that day comes my income will be very low, especially compared to what I earn now. At present I can afford to set up this business without any major impact to my day to day living. So if I do proceed and the business fails and I lose every dollar, I will still have a roof over my head and the sun will rise in the morning. I see the risk the other way around, the risk is my not making the effort to make a post retirement income stream. That to me is scary.

    Risk A: Spend $10k and lose it (recoup some of the loss as a tax-deductible business loss)
    Risk B: Do not spend $10k and do not have a potentially profitable business in my retirement (scary)

    So why FBA? It suites my situation. I can set a limited amount of time aside (on the train when I commute!) and I have the funds to invest and build an FBA business. I also do not need an income stream now, so I have the time to allow the business to grow.

    So Why RE? I am based in Sydney and it seems by far the best training for people located in Australia.

    Joshua, I would like to make one recommendation that I think would improve your excellent blog. There are many comments from people like me who are about to embark on this adventure but they lack follow up. Perhaps you could ask the people who have signed up through your affiliate link or commented here to give perhaps a six-monthly update on their progress. Although I am interested in the quality of the training, the training is only a stepping stone to a successful business. The goal is a successful business. That is why I believe that your readers would be very interested in the successes and failures of other people who have already embarked on this journey.

    I would also be interested in participating in a monthly face-to-face meet-up of others that are going on this FBA journey โ€“ either via RE or otherwise. Adam Hudson did this and it seems like a great idea. If there are other people who would like to meet face to face in Sydney please reach out or it there is already something like this โ€“ please let me know.



    • Hello Phil, thanks for your comments regarding my blog and being so humble as to share your sharp decision making process with everyone here. You’ve very much thought this one through! I’m meeting dozens of people who have signed up through my link at the next Summit in March, and will ask each one to drop in with an update if they’re up to it. A know a few students are live and selling on Amazon already. Personally I look forward towards seeing your progress updates over the next 5 to 10 years. Looking forward to crossing paths on the journey soon!

      • Thanks Joshua, I am very much looking forward to sharing this journey with you and others – thank you very much for putting together such an inspirational blog!

  74. Hi Joshua
    Thanks for all the info. Like others passing through i am at a crucial stage of making the decision whether or not to do the course. In Adam’s video he says that one can start with $1000 if they like but when searching google and reading further information direct from Reliable Income, they state “Partnering with Amazon to build a side-business over time is worth considering in our view. Obviously, like any business, there are significant risks and no guarantees. Nor do we know if you will take action or if you have what it takes to go on to become a successful Amazon sellerโ€ฆonly you can determine that. Further, if over the first 6 months you can’t afford to invest (and potentially lose) at least $5K and 7-10 hours/week and then another $5K over the following 6 months then an Amazon business might not be right for you.”

    So although everyone says there is no BS from this company, this contradiction concerns me. Also i would like to know what the $10000 for the year covers? Zonguru, just purchasing product, freight costs? there seems to be a grey area which is not covered and will only be answered once the course is paid for, which again is another concern. I really want to go ahead with this course but i have some reluctance.

    I appreciate your response, and hope others who read this on your blog will respond too.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Jacs, thanks for your excellent question! It’s good to see that you’re doing some real due diligence as to whether the course is right for you. I can see where it may appear contradictory in some ways.
      You can get started for $1,000 as a learning experience. This strategy is where you order off AliExpress just to learn the process. This website is the retail side of Alibaba and let’s you place 1 order of a certain product, but in this case you would order say 50 units of the same product. You’ll look for a product that isn’t being sold on Amazon right now, and something that based on your research will sell well. You’ll make a very minimal profit via this strategy, but again it’s one to learn the process and start making sales. In fact you don’t even need to do the course to do this, you can go ahead and start looking at AliExpress right now. Find products where there’s good margin to sell on Amazon FBA. That $1,000 can also include a few different samples of potential products you’re looking at, factories typically will send these to you for free but will charge postage costs which are anywhere from $70 to $150 per product depending on size and weight.

      Realistically though after a few months you’ll want to start building your own business. You will need some decent cash to get started, hence why RE give the disclaimer that I certainly agree with. Using AliExpress as a platform doesn’t allow you to print your own logo, design your own boxes and certainly you’re not able to create a new product from scratch. It’s simply a sales channel like eBay, you aren’t dealing with factories directly. So I’d definitely say you need $5,000 to $10,000 to get started. As an example: put aside $5,000 for the first order, and when your stock starts to run low, place the next order with the other $5,000. That’s product and the freight together in one. You don’t need Zonguru, but it certainly helps. It’s great software, but there’s cheaper alternatives out there. Further, add in another $1,000 if you want to come to the Canton Fair divided into $700 in flights and $300 in hotels for 3 nights. Not necessary but highly recommended!

      These costs will get you started, and comparatively small compared to starting almost any offline business. A good percentage of students are starting with more than $10,000.

      This is my personal opinion and experience only as a fellow student, and knowing dozens of Amazon sellers who all needed some capital to get started. Do you mind contacting Reliable Education ( and asking their opinion? You can share their response here for the other people curious too.
      Hope that helps!

    • Hey Mike! Thanks so much, saw that one come through just now. My email is in the PDF guide above, but I’ll use this email address that you’ve used here and send you those bonuses right now. Your email address can only be seen by myself here, no one else. Thanks again, and look forward to helping out throughout your journey where I can!

  75. Gidday Joshua. Well I made it this far so my interest is well and truly sparked. Iโ€™m in a well paid job right now but looking to step away from full time work in the next 5-8 years. Reading through everything above, now seems the right time to look for a business opportunity that will suit my semi retirement lifestyle that I crave. Iโ€™ve just turned 50. My question to you is, is this a young persons game? I consider myself reasonably tech savvy but when it comes to business, I have not had one bit of experience. The whole idea of running this type of ecommerce business would be ideal heading into the future but my only trepidation is, am I too old?
    I feel I could dedicate 10-15hrs a week to getting started. I have some decent capital right now to do the course and get started, but for some reason Iโ€™m holding back. Any advice would be welcome.
    Regards Wayne

    • G’day Wayne, thanks for your comment and question! When I think of a young person’s game, I’m thinking of hard labour – builders, furniture removalists and scaffolders. Certainly age isn’t really a barrier when it comes to building any type of online business from home. If anything it suits those that are a little older.

      I believe the course best suits those 30 to 55 years old, as young people get distracted quite easily and expect immediate results. Likewise, I did in my 20’s having spent $40,000 now on lots of these courses, seminars and conferences and trying so many different strategies. I really didn’t make much money until I drilled down and focused on Amazon. There’s certainly dozens of students above the 50 year mark, some of these earning good money already.

      We’d all agree that young people are more ambitious, but older people will be more focused on taking the time to select the right product for the right target market, and understand that this will take some time to get off the ground. So it’s really for those committed to build an Amazon business, some capital, time and patience as opposed to age of the individual. I’ve put the question to the Reliable Education team via email just now to find out what the average age of the 7,000+ students are. My guess: 39. Let’s see how close I am….

      • Here’s the follow-up from RE “Regarding age…as you mentioned, age is no indicator of success but I can tell you that we have teenage students all the way up to 80 years plus.
        The majority of our students are experienced in life & recognize that nothing worthwhile in life comes easily…you need to put the work in.
        We have no way of telling, but a guesstimate on average age would probably be 45+.

        • Thanks Joshua. Iโ€™ve started watching Adams first four videos again, but this time my wife is watching them as well. We have recently been looking at a small gift shop business in our local area, and just couldnโ€™t come up with the 118K just to get started, not to mention that the business could probably only generate 65K income for our my wife with all of the downsides of leases, wages for employees etc. After seeing the videos, we canโ€™t believe we were actually contemplating putting ourselves through all that just to get an average business with little potential for growth. Amazon is making more and more sense and weโ€™re excited about to explore this type of business in more depth.

          • Hi again Wayne, yes there’s some real downsides of traditional businesses. Have a good look at what that gift shop sells. Can you look them up on Alibaba? Can you look up the same exact products on Amazon? Food for thought, you could still have a gift shop, just with the flexibility of having it on Amazon… ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Hi Joshua,
    Thank you for your insight. I’m keen to learn and would love to have you as a mentor. I’ll sign up shortly and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hi Mel, thanks so much for using the link! I’ve just seen that one come through. I’ll email you on the email address you left here with the bonuses. Looking forward to helping you on the journey where I can.

  77. Hi again Joshua. Iโ€™ve been researching sales tax for online sellers through FBA. Does the course cover, โ€˜Set up of your channels to collect the correct amount of sales tax from buyersโ€™ in the sellers central part of the platform? There is very little info relating to how the course prepares students for making sure their sales tax obligations are met on the FBA platform. With the changes in the tax laws in the US last year, sales tax is very complex depending on how much stock you sell or transactions you make annually. Does the course prepare you by educating you how to meet your sales tax obligations and to make sure your profit margins are such that sales tax is considered. Regards Wayne.

    • Hi Wayne, everyone coming into Reliable Education has a different personal circumstance. Some students are in the US, some are in Australia, some in NZ, some are in the UK, then there’s the rest of the world. Some will sell a little bit, whilst others will sell a lot. There’s also a wide range of different products that students are selling, and so tax rates can differ even more so. So specific advice, especially regarding taxation for each student, is outside the scope of the course. It’s best to speak to your own legal advisors and professionals, who can give you a clearer understanding to ensure you meet your obligations.

  78. Sorry and one last question. In the first 4 videos that Adam does, when he quotes profits that people have made in his examples, is that before or after tax profits? Considering the course has limited guidance on dealing with tax, surely its before tax profits. Donโ€™t get me wrong, the course looks like something Iโ€™m going to do, I am just trying to wrap my head around the fact that all the enticing numbers are before the taxman gets to you.


    • Hi again Wayne. As a fellow student, I’m not sure if the numbers are before tax or after tax. But to be on the conservative side, I would before tax. I do appreciate that it’s gross profit, as opposed to simply sales revenue. Everyone’s in a unique situation regarding taxation. Some students pay little tax, others pay more. Again, it’s best to see an accountant for professional advice, so that you can receive personal guidance regarding tax matters. On a personal front, I enjoy paying more tax each year, as that shows I’m heading in the right direction.

  79. Hi josh, i dont have all the funds yet but i am gaging to jump in.Gaging.Taken up a second job to get in sooner rather then later. Until then just wondering if you have any links/material/ray of light i can go over/ that would help me continue on the path, help me become more prepared/also to soften the edge of having to sit on the side lines.Thanl you for your time.

    • Hey Joshua (from another!), thanks for your comment. Certainly the course is only really geared for those with funds, say minimum $5,000 + course costs. $10,000 is even better. It appears you’re very optimistic and committed towards bringing it all together, so congratulations!

      Firstly, I would read Adam’s book. It’s excellent, and will even teach you how to get started without the course, though the course is really where the magic happens. And the live events.

      Secondly, jump on Alibaba and look at items, comparing them to Amazon prices. Start writing down a potential list of products, that’ll give you a head-start for sure. Then you can put it all together when you’re ready to do the course.

      Thirdly, many have found the PDF guide attached here extremely helpful, plus the much bigger guide (1,000+ items) for those who use my link. I see you’ve also sent me an email, just replying to it now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Hi Joshua,
    I first reached out to you before I realised the sheer depth of knowledge you and your blog provides. You clearly know your stuff in Amazon (and beyond) and I’d be thrilled to have you as a mentor, so I will absolutely be using your affiliation link. I’m likely to have friends coming on board after me and when that time comes I am happy to recommend they use your affiliation link (rather than mine) to support what you are doing here. Highly impressed with your non-biased efforts to share so much time and knowledge with us. This is just what I needed when I needed it. The Amazon stars are aligning!

    For anyone else reading this who is in the Newcastle NSW area, I’m looking at joining RE in June or July. I would be thrilled to network with anyone in the same boat.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Andrew! There’s actually dozens of current students in Newcastle (I’ve met a couple already), so definitely no shortage of networking opportunities or forming Masterminds. Looking forward to helping you through the journey where I can.

  81. Hi Joshua, great review and site! I personally got a lot of benefit from it and definitely increased my understanding of Amazon FBA. Will be joining up to RE later this month and will use your link. I am Melbourne based and would be happy to connect with others who are starting this journey
    thanks again!

    • Hi Anil, thanks so much for your feedback. Last weekend I was at the RE Summit with 2,000+ students, and most of the people I met were from Melbourne and Sydney. Melbourne is teaming with Reliable Education students already, might be something you guys have in the water?

      All the Melbourne people were joking that everyone’s from the Gold Coast. I think you’ll have no problems finding a Mastermind, and I look forward to being of assistance in the long term through this Amazon journey for you.

      • Hi Joshua

        I wish i had a chance to meet you at recent Summit! What was the key learning for you, considering you are already on the journey.


        • Likewise, I wish I had a chance to meet you too! The room was truly full of action-takers. There were many ‘Aha!’ moments actually. I just came to realize how grateful I am that I chose to take the Amazon journey with Reliable Education, and I’m on exactly the right path. I’ve set my business goals for the next 5, 7 and 9 years including the incorporation of giving / donating as a core element into every Amazon business that I build.

      • Hey mate, I just signed up using your link. Had some unexpected travel that slightly delayed me.
        thanks again

        • Hey Anil, thanks so much. Appreciate it mate. Also, welcome to the community! I’ve just checked the system and sent you the bonuses with the email address you used to leave your comment here.

  82. Hi Joshua

    I sign up using your link just before Summit. Did you attend it? It was a great event! You have mentioned some bonuses. What are they?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


    • Hi Oksana, thanks so much for the support! Yes – I did attend, front row for the entire 3 days. Met plenty of people, including some of my students who have left comments below. How awesome was John Howard’s speech?! I’m still coming off the high, what a life changing weekend it was, as echo’d through the entire Facebook community. P.s. I’ll send you the bonuses now to your email address.

    • Hi Nen, thanks for your content and you’ve got some super cool products on your online store. Right up my alley!

      I’ve been a student within most of these, and my accountant has banned me from taking any more Amazon courses. ๐Ÿ™‚ This hasn’t been a cheap nor easy process, so I only recommend taking 1 course to launch yourself on Amazon. For the few I haven’t finished, I know students who have finished them that I’ve interviewed extensively to get a grasp on the content, teachers, the communities and live events. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for checking out my online store and yes itโ€™s hasnโ€™t been easy for sure. I just struggling to decide which one is for me and would love your suggestion, how long would you reckon the first launch ?

        • Hey Nen, thanks again for your comments. I’m not sure which course would be best for you, it’s really for you to decide. Hundreds of people have chosen Adam Hudson after reading my review, but the choice is completely yours. You may wish to read through my list of all Amazon courses as provided at the top of this review.

          The 2nd question I’m not entirely sure what you mean “how long you would reckon the first launch?”. If this is time to market, you can go live on Amazon within a few weeks. Take the course, find a good product, airfreight it from China to the US, and start making sales on Amazon. But the slower approach is a more sustainable business model for the long term. It could take many months depending on your time commitment, capital available and willingness to bring some excellent products to the marketplace. Seems like you might have already done most of the groundwork already!

    • Hi Lianne, there’s dozens of students in the UK already, and certainly a solid course for your market. It is Adam’s biggest market after Australia and NZ. In fact – Europe is his next expansion, with 300 million English speaking people and Amazon UK / Europe really taking off. We’ll have to put the pressure on Adam to start running UK-based events.

    • Hi Danielle, thanks for your comment. I have not yet signed up for Platinum Partners as I believe you can reach a full-time income without it (as I have). I do know several people in Platinum Partners, including close friends and family members. All have had a great experience, but they also had deeper pockets than I did. Later this year or early next year I will sign up to Platinum Partners, primarily just to hang out with the big dogs.

  83. Hello. I am a Kiwi living in the America and my partner and I very interested in Adam’s program. We already have been working on deals with China but it has been a rather
    a clumsy experience so far which is why we are interested in this program. We visit the South Pacific regularly and so going to one of the seminars are workable for us. Here is my question 1. Can my partner and I share the enrollment fee since the workshops are online and we can share the classes? Or do we have to apply individually. Question 2. Do we have to be a enrolled student to attend the seminars in Australia. (if we were to enroll for just one person (myself), can my partner go/pay to go to the seminar as well?)

    Thank you in advance. We appreciate your insight


    Alicia and Robert

    • Hello Alicia and Robert, and thanks for your comment and question. Yes – your partner and you only have to pay for 1 course. Only enrolled students can attend the seminars, and both your partner and you will be allowed to attend, though you will have to purchase 2 tickets. There’s plenty of couples who join RE together with just 1 single purchase, and even some families with teenagers. The course can’t be shared outside of this however, such as cousins, friends and the like. I hope this makes sense.

  84. Thank you for such an honest review that pushes me to go with RE after much consideration and factoring in different choices.

    • Hello Hien – that’s great! Thanks so much for the feedback on this Reliable Education review, and the other options in the market which I’ve compared it to.

      • You are more than welcome Joshua. In order to thank to a lot of effort and honesty of this review. I’ll use your affiliate link when I join RE.
        Please keep up this good work to help people out there who want to get in to learning Amazon training courses.
        Thanks again
        And all the best.

  85. Hi Joshua, thanks for a great review! I’m considering joining RE via your affiliate link. Just a question – you’ve mentioned that ideally $5K – $10K would be a beneficial investment starting point, but what would be, in your opinion, the lowest investment amount that you would consider? Thanks.

    • Hi Lidia, thanks so much for your great feedback. Yes – $5,000 at a minimum, however, you don’t need to place your order for products for a few months yet. You’re learning first. You could get started with $1,000 through testing products on lower MOQs. I’m looking at some great quality jewellery pieces currently for men that will be delivered at Amazon for under $1,000. My manufacturer is pricing them higher ($3 per unit instead of $2.2) due to the smaller order, but it’s a test run and I’ll just be ordering 200. This will be the 2nd time another Amazon seller has given me a factory contact that they personally use.

      Actually, just last week an RE student went into Kmart, found a dozen generic products and sent them into Amazon USA as a test. Add $100 through Australia Post. What a simple and low-cost learning strategy!

  86. This is such a useful review, Joshua. Thank you. I’ve worked my way slowly through Adam’s four introductory videos making notes along the way and I was 90% convinced this is for me, but your review has confirmed that it’s the right way to go. I work in education 3 days a week, and my little boy is at school so I have 2 days per week to work on this project. It’s to hear that Adam is going to be pushing into the UK as I’m in London, and it would be good to connect with other Brits! Many thanks again – I’ll look into using your affiliate when I sign up.

    • Hey Hilary, thanks so much for your feedback! Yes Adam’s pushing hard into the UK and Europe over the next couple of years. Exciting times ahead! โœŒ๏ธ Looking forward to helping you out.

    • Hi Hilary, I’m also in London. Not started yet but will do soon. Would love to keep in touch with you so we can swap learnings and experiences.

      • Hi Kath, thatโ€™s would be great! Maybe leave a message here when you get started and we can connect here in London. Iโ€™m working my way through the course and Iโ€™m learning a ton. Iโ€™m going quite slowly as Iโ€™m a bit of a plodder and like to take my time (also fitting it in around family life and work) but Iโ€™m feeling really inspired and challenged by the material. Hope to see you back here soon!

  87. Hi Joshua!

    I have a few questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    I live in Sweden. Do you know if itโ€™s possible to sell on Amazon in the US from Sweden or is it complicated? Is it possible to start with a smaller amount than 5000-10000 USD? You mention in a comment that you started with 200 USD! And is it worth purchasing Adamโ€™s course if I want to start with a smaller amount?

    If I use your link will you provide email support? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best regards,

    • Hi Lilli, thanks so much for your questions! Adam’s expanding the course into Europe over the next few years, so you’ll be one of his first students. There’s already around a hundred. ๐Ÿ™‚ Selling from Sweden on Amazon USA is exactly the same as selling from Australia, selling from Germany, selling from Thailand or selling from India. We all source from China, and the training is provided in the course.

      While it’s possible to start with less than $5,000, it’s just MUCH easier with more capital available. I’m about to launch a product before Christmas for $700 delivered with 100 units. It’s a jewellery product with a good margin.

      Yes, not only do I provide email support for anyone who uses my link from around the world, but also some cool bonuses as outlined in this review. Looking forward to helping you through this journey. I really can’t wait for Adam’s 1st European conference. ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Hi Joshia, thanks for all the advice posted on here. I am seriously looking into starting an Amazon business and doing the RE course.

    I am based in New Zealand so would this course be appropriate for New Zealand? Also, with Trump hammering some massive taxes on importing products manufactured outside the USA, how would this effect an Amazon business if my stock is being warehoused and distributed from the USA but manufactured in China? Is this having any effects on margins and is there a risk that this may have any serious risk to trading this way going forward?


    • Hi Mark, thanks for the comment. There’s hundreds of New Zealanders in the Reliable Education course. I’ve met several, and there were dozens at the recent conference. A few have left comments here too, and I’ve helping mostly Kiwis via email just this week alone. It seems my Australian-based peeps are super quiet right now….

      Sure – Trump’s increased the tariffs. There was already tariffs in place, this was just an increase. This has impacts on everyone – Walmart, Staples, Amazon sellers and every single retail store you can think of in the US. The will be retail price increases on our customers to maintain margins, but also this will help expand local manufacturing in the US which I think is a great thing personally.

      Sourcing products in the USA directly will be so much easier in the very near future, at the moment the margins are mostly too tight. Hence we all source from China. Certainly Amazon and eCommerce is only going to continue upwards growth, I couldn’t imagine any other alternative. At any time these changes come into the market, every seller kicks up a fuss and then just resettles after 6 months or so.

      Hope that helps!

    • Go for our Mark. I am a kiwi joined back in January, and am im the process of manufacturing my first product. I am traveling between NZ and Europe a few times a year and this Amazon thing is easy to do no matter where you are. RE is like nothing you have ever experienced, the community is something special and almost impossible to find in the ‘normal business world’ I can’t recommend it enough. All the best, Paul.

      • Hey Paul, great to see you back on my blog again, and awesome to hear about your progress in just a few months after joining!

        • Hi Joshua. Thanks a lot. I was going to hunt you out at the summit but just wasn’t enough time. I haven’t had to bother you much which is testament to how thorough the course is.

  89. For those that have read Joshua’s review and worked your way through these comments, I would also like to add to the common sentiment that RE is the read deal. HOWEVER… it can not be emphasised enough that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme and YOU have to do the work and work HARD. Look at it like going to university. You have lectures to attend, but it’s up to you if you write down notes. You have work to do, but it’s up to you if you do it. If you are not self motivating, then you may struggle. I’m not talking about dropping everything in your busy lives and throwing yourself into the course, rather just a few things each day. Yes, at first for someone like you and me who have no prior knowledge of importing or Amazon, it IS daunting. But make lists and check off your to do’s one and a time. Your lists will get smaller and the more you do, the more you’ll understand. The course is content rich and my favourite part is there are no tests to study for and no assignments. It all comes down to YOU to implement what you have learnt and reap the rewards. I haven’t yet gone live, but I HAVE been rewarded with a bunch of new skills and the Facebook community is a wealth of knowledge and positive support. (Coming from someone who is not really a fan of FB!)
    I applied for RE through Joshua’s affiliate link and since then, Joshua has been an amazing support in areas that I find myself a little undone. Bear in mind, we are encouraged to do the research on questions we don’t know the answers to (the FB search function in the RE private community is awesome for this), so you can actually find your way around by yourself if you’re motivated to learn.
    Joshua has proven to be a great individual and I very much look forward to meeting him at a future event.

    • Hey Steve, thanks so much! Appreciate the feedback. You pretty well summed up this entire review. Looking forward to catching up with you soon as well!

  90. Hi Steve, thanks for this contribution. Great reinforcement for those of us sitting on the sidelines waiting for our entry point. I myself have posted here before and have absolute intention to join RE via Joshua’s affiliate link, though I had some misfortune with a loss of job contract recently – I’ve now replaced that with a substantially higher paying contract which comes with pros n cons (but basically all pros)

    1) Due to a crazy work schedule I won’t be starting RE in 2019
    2) As a reward for that crazy schedule I will easily have $20k spare to start my Amazon journey in early 2020.

    This is a long game not a short one, so I’d rather delay my start for the best conditions. I aim to drop back my workload in 2020 which will lend itself nicely to learning Amazon, backed by funds earned in the 2nd half of 2019.

    I’m turning 40 this year, I actually think maturity will help my success where my mindset 5 or more years ago may have hurt it. So I feel 2020 will be the perfect time to get in for me personally.

    I love seeing feedback like this, please keep us posted on your progress. I and many others value it. And see you on the other side in 2020!

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for your comment and get to see you here again. Was going to drop you another email to see how things were, as you mentioned you were going through some personal challenges. Fantastic that you’re coming in with realistic expectations, and have decided to join when the time is right for you.

      It’s interesting you mention that change in maturity. I joined RE at 27. When I turned 30, I really found that ‘maturity’ developed, and I’ve massively accelerated my results. I’m actually looking forward to age 40 for another jump, just 9 years to go. I’ll still be here.

      I saw on Instagram that Adam’s looking for a venue for the next RE conference in early 2020, Brisbane apparently isn’t big enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Hi Joshua – thanks so much for your feedback and detailed review! Like many others here I’d love to have some extra email support from yourself after using the affiliate link ๐Ÿ™‚
    Has it been almost 12 months since you’ve started your Amazon journey? Is there any chance you could give a profit update from your sales to date now? I’d love some insight into what 12 months looks like (sorry if this has already been covered above!)

    • Hi Lauren, thanks so much for your great feedback! I started my Amazon journey 3.5 years ago actually, and have been live and selling for 2 years. My last update here was March I believe. I’ve chosen to do income updates every 6 months or so, as I’m not really one to show off my success, and simply prefer to be a helping hand towards others. Hence all the great resources available here. My profit from the business within the last 12 months has mostly been put towards more inventory and the launch of another brand, which cost me approximately $28,000.

  92. Hi Joshua, after doing my research and re-reading everything you and others have had to say about selling on line and Reliable Income I’ve taken the plunge and just signed up through your affiliate link. Many thanks for your detailed reviews of this and other products – I found them very helpful in deciding whether this is the right business for me and which one to choose. Hope to connect with you at some point but in the meantime I’m very much looking forward to challenging myself in this new venture.

    • Excellent! Thanks Hilary. I’ve checked my records and saw you come through late last night. I’m just sending through the bonus email now. I appreciate the support and hope to catch you at the next Summit!

    • Hi Sarah, this certainly is a great course for those in the United Kingdom with hundreds of students there already. There’s a large expansion into Europe currently, with potential of some future events being held over there.

    • Hi Sarah

      Being in the UK myself I have been wondering the same thing so have done a bit of internet research, read a few articles & watched webinars, all things considered, although in comparison to the US, the UK & EU market is smaller, it has a huge amount of potential & scope & will continue to grow.. I have only just joined the RE course a couple of days ago. However, I am keen to find out where Brexit will have a part to play in it.

  93. Hi Joshua, so happy I came across your blog.

    I haven not read many reviews on Amazon course sellers, yours came first and I stick to it because I find it trustworthy).

    My journey started recently, just last week after I came across Sophie Howard’s Facebook ad, signed up for a 60 minute webinar, and had a telephone consultation with one of her advisers from Australia or US.

    I must confess that I am so excited about this opportunity and don’t understand how I have not considered trading online through Amazon earlier.

    After reading your reviews my number one preference has become Reliable Education because of high rankings from you, and because this course is $1000 cheaper than that of Sophie. The only advantage that i thought Sophie has is her 1-2-1 six 1-hour coaching sessions with her coaches (previous clients I believe, who are now trading successfully). However, in your review I noticed that those “chit chat” phone conversations must have been over evaluated in their effectiveness.

    Would you support me in my choice of Reliable Education over Sophie? ๐Ÿ™‚ I know its quite a unfair question to ask, but in general? Do RE have an option of 1-2-1 consultation, e-mail support, etc? I think i would need at least 1 or 2 sessions to discuss the product choice. How can this be achieved in their package?

    I am ready to commit the required amount of time for training, product research etc. I am very serious about building my part-time income while studying full time on a PhD course in the UK University. I can do both, no doubts. I am mature enough and value time as an invaluable asset.


    • Hi Balaussa, thanks so much for your excellent questions and feedback. Sure! I’m happy to help out with email support, numerous UK students have used my referral link. I don’t generally do assistance over the phone as emails provide you a written reference point to go back and read again later on.

      RE does have the option of 1-2-1 consultation over the phone, with emails and webinars. This is available through the Platinum Partners program but many people have found success without needing to upgrade to this. This is due to the immense amount of content in the course and the super helpful and supportive Facebook community for students.

  94. Hi Joshua, thanks for providing this information and answering all these questions, you are evidently very passionate about selling on Amazon.

    I have just stumbled upon this possibility and I must say it is very alluring. Opening a regular business is out of my financial league, but an Amazon business is clearly a possibility. My intuition is saying ยซย Wow!ย ยป but my reason is sayingย ยซ this is too good to be trueย ยป, Iโ€™m still absorbing and analysing this info to decide if I will take the course. Iโ€™m 49 and tired of cheaply selling my precious time to an employer and I want to start working for myself.

    Iโ€™m in Canada, I know this course is based in Autralia and although it is stated that there are students from around the world, I havenโ€™t seen any mention of Canadian students anywhere, is there any reason for this apart from lack of publicity? Are there any drawbacks from pursueing this course from Canada other than not being able to attend seminars?

    In your opinion, is there a better time of year to start the course (special promotions, etc.) or start selling on Amazon? Do you know if there are any major updates or upcoming changes to the course that would be worth waiting for before joining?

    Thank you in advance and have a great day!

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks so much for the feedback. There’s certainly quite a few Canadians, and I don’t know if you’ve seen William’s comments here around the blog? He’s Canadian and has on board with Reliable Education through my blog here. I do mention also that Amazing Selling Machine may be a slightly better course for those in Canada, though at a much higher cost. Reliable Education doesn’t publicize in Canada as much as Australia, New Zealand and Europe. No real drawbacks other than as you said the cost of traveling for seminars.

      There’s some real potential here to build a sustainable business and a full time income without most of the challenges of traditional business. You are partnering with the world’s #1 company who even releases data showing the sheer volume of individual sellers like us doing 6 figures yearly. So the hype of these Amazon courses are quite justifiable in my opinion. But again, building a business of any type isn’t easy. You’ll have to work here.

      There’s no perfect time of year to start the course. The perfect time is when you’re ready. Adam from the start hasn’t been about hard sells, more so about having the right student at the right time. Major updates are happening right now, though the course is still excellent.

      Hope that helps and let me know if you have any more questions. You’re right – super passionate about helping new Amazon sellers, as an existing Amazon seller myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi, I am based in Ontario, Canada and interested in learning about Amazon Business. Do you have anyone from Ontario doing this course and any meetup groups/communities to help each other?

        • Hi Latha, good question! There are quite a few Canadians in Reliable Education. I counted 30 students a few months ago when someone reached out to me with a similar question. As far as Ontario specifically, I’ve just searched in the group and found 4 students with an introduction-post that they live in Ontario.

          Most people don’t create an intro post (there are 10,000 students after all!) so I assume there are quite a few more lurking in there and following conversions. I’m thinking that Sophie Howard (NZ/AU/UK) has more Canadians in her course than Adam has with a view to run events there in the future, but nothing confirmed at this stage.

          • Hi Joshua,
            Many Thanks for your reply.
            After reading your blog I gathered Adam’s course is the best one but don’t think I will be able to attend the events run in Australia. Do you think attending the events is very useful at the beginning stages? I think attending the events(living in Canada) might only be possible after you stabilize in the business and make some money to travel around.

          • Attending the events is definitely useful at any stage of your Amazon journey, whether as a total beginner or when you’ve got a few products on the platform. Obviously the logistics of travelling to Australia is challenging so some people certainly hold off until they’re already live and selling while networking inside the Facebook group.

        • Hi Joshua,
          How much is the course through your referral link? Recently some face book page sent me a link saying the price as close to 2500 USB if I chose to buy within 24 hours?

          • Hi Latha, the price is always the same with my referral link. Go directly if you prefer. Some people just find the extra bonuses would be helpful in their journey. ๐Ÿ‘

  95. Hi Joshua

    Thank you for your informative posts and comments.

    Do you know if being a Malaysian will hinder any of the process of getting to your stage – say to start any contract with China manufacturer, or to buy anything off them/Alibaba as an example, to striking contracts with Amazon US and AU and then to sell the products there? FYI I am a Malaysian living in Australia with renewable visa every five years.

    The root of my concern stems from a few perspectives, say travelling. It’s generally easier to visit or apply for a visa to other major countries on other passports, say British’s or Australian’s, compared to mine (matching my personal circumstances). Another example is, it’s generally easier for a NZ citizen to apply to live and work in Australia, compared to a Malaysian who wants to live and work in Australia without any Australian relationship, Uni degree, and work experience etc. Are these the same in business aspects? Do you need some sort of valid visa or permission to have business deals with companies in China/USA/UK?

    I want to sign up to this programme but i worry down the track later, I can’t execute anything I learned due to citizenship restriction.

    Hope you can shed some light on me.


    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for your excellent question here. I see no reason why being a Malaysian would hinder you. A lot of household products in Malaysia do come from China.

      For your reference, here’s a link to Amazon’s permitted countries list:

      Reliable Education has students from many countries including Malaysia.

      You don’t have to travel to China or the United States. There are dozens of students who haven’t left Australia yet. Inspection services such as V-Trust can inspect factories and your products on your behalf before you make payment, freight forwarders handle shipping, and Amazon handles everything in the United States.

      I am unsure regarding your residency situation and potential to hold an ABN or setup an Australian company structure for business purposes. It appears on the Australian Business Register website that it’s very likely that you can. May be worth getting in touch with them regarding your unique situation.

      • Hi Joshua

        Thank you for your kind and informative reply.

        Great point about setting up an ABN or Australian company situation. I am on temporary visa 461. I shall google on that. Been thinking about venturing into this but wary of all types of courses advertised so glad to find your article!

        Thanks again

        • Hi again Joshua,

          Am going to check with the authority about ABN but can I just check with you about something please?
          Am I right to ask about setting an Australian based company but the business will be based overseas, i.e. in USA via Amazon?
          On a separate note, can the business be carried out in Amazon Australia (at same time with USA) too?


          • Hi Jen, whilst I can’t provide legal, tax or financial advice, I can share my 2 cents towards how I’m structured. I believe my situation is probably alike most other Amazon sellers. I sell only on the US platform and get paid in US dollars through my Australian company structure. Has been no problem at all. In fact, I have 2 separate selling accounts with 2 separate Australian companies, each selling distinctively different products.

            Eventually I’ll branch into Amazon Europe and Amazon Australia, again all within the same company. My business is located in Australia, not USA. I simply choose to sell my products solely within the US marketplace based on customer demand.

  96. Hi Joshua, just spent several hours reading your review and all the questions here. So thank you for the time it’s taken you to write all this. I will be joining, but not until I have some more capital behind me. In previous comments you’ve mentioned four videos and a book called Primed. I’d like to start doing some homework before I start the course. Would you be able to put links here? Of course when I start the course I will be using your affiliate link. In the meantime, do you have a newsletter or something that I can subscribe to? Thanks again.

    • Hi Kath, thanks so much for your feedback here and I appreciate you using my affiliate link. Sure – you can go through the 4 videos instantly here and Primed can be ordered online. I don’t have a newsletter but lots of people here have subscribed to the comments below, and I think email notifications then come through.

  97. You’re a good man Josh! Loved reading your review and the posts that follow. This has been on my mind, too, and something I am keen to explore. I see value in committing to the course and in having, like you say, at least around $10k at the ready to invest in your business for Amazon FBA. Thanks, again! I look forward to connecting to you over email and at an event.

    • Hey Robert, thanks so much mate. Appreciate the feedback immensely and your realistic expectations of starting capital. Looking forward to connecting!

  98. Hi Joshua, I originally found your website as I was after an independent review of Sophie Howard Blue Sky training course. I then read all of your other course reviews and was drawn to your ‘Rolls Royce’ analogy of Adam Hudsons’ Reliable Education course. Anyway after mulling it over for the past few weeks I just signed up to RE using your affiliate link so just want to say hi and thanks for all the effort you put into your blog, it’s certainly helped me make my mind up so looking forward to connecting with you! Cheers Darren, UK

    • Hi Darren, thanks so much! Appreciate that you’ve used my affiliate link and I’ve just sent you an email too. Dozens of UK students have come through my referral link now and we’ll have to put pressure on RE to run UK events in the future. Make it happen, Adam!

  99. Yes, being in the UK the live shows/seminars are the one area of the RE course that sadly weโ€™re missing out on. Iโ€™ll be having my onboarding call soon so will ask if this is in the pipeline. Thanks again! Darren, UK

  100. Hello…
    I dont see anyone on here from canada…is this viable from here, not really an option to fly to Australia to do the summits …if so, what is a reasonable time frame to go from start to selling…I know everyone is different, but an estimate??

    • Hello Joellen, I’ve had a couple of Canadians here on the blog. There’s a few in the community already. Certainly FBA is viable from most countries. I do recommend this one more for those in the United States and Canada.

      Start to selling can be 3 months to 24 months. Just depends. I’ve seen most people do it in 7 months. Hope that helps!

  101. Hi Josh

    First congratulations for this blog and great content !

    I recently decided to give a try to Amazon FBA but Iโ€™m only at the beginning of my journey. I also recently bought Andrew Minaltoโ€™s AmazonSharks course which I think falls a bit short as far as the product selection goes. This phase is a bit overwhelming at the moment to be honnest. I done mind having to work hard but I feel a bit lost at the moment and was wondering how far REโ€™s course goes. I know it might not be easy to answer to this question but I had to ask??

    I might have been a bit too fast in buying The course I mentioned but at ยฃ1k it wasnโ€™t cheap and I want to be sure before going with REโ€™s course that this part of the process is more to the point.

    Iโ€™m based in the UKby the way.

    • Hey Gilles, great question! I think you’re my 3rd Gilles and 20th from the UK.

      I haven’t yet done the Sharks course (sounds a bit dangerous lol) and so can’t fairly compare the product selection modules. Often with Amazon courses they teach you how to find a product to sell, as opposed to showing you precisely what you can sell on Amazon. This is why I created my guide of 1,000 products which has received a lot of praise, as it makes this stage a whole lot easier.

      The product selection module in RE is quite lengthy and had to drop in a full screenshot here to show the modules. The course is also going into a large update currently with more content being added. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Joshua, thanks for your reply !

        Another question: what do you think is best to launch a first product ? Is it better to start small (like ยฃ3k) or go directly with a more expensive product (ยฃ10k) to really start building a LT decent brand. From what I understood, the latter is closer to REโ€™s philosophy.

        I do have in fact a second question ๐Ÿ™‚ : I initially intended to target Amazon UK before going to other markets. Would you still advise to go to the US or this market is too competitive now ? Also for a UK-based guy, is the lack of events /meetups in the UK the only thing I would be missing in the RE course.

        Thanks again !


        • You’re welcome Gilles! ยฃ10k is certainly higher than what you need to launch, and this works out to $17k AUD. Consider saving your capital and starting small as you proposed to learn the ropes, then scale up as you feel more comfortable. This is a marathon and not a sprint to the finish line.

          Amazon US isn’t really competitive. At least, for people with some imagination and those who genuinely care about customers. Most products on there are pretty average, yet are somehow selling like hotcakes. I’ve just launched a product in one of the most competitive niches for this reason. Just about everyone else is being average, and I know that my product stands out big time. โ˜บ๏ธ

          I’d still start selling in the US no matter where you live as the buyer volume is immense. The most common problem (and a good problem too) that people have in the US marketplace is selling out of stock way too quickly. Even if you sold in the UK marketplace, you won’t physically see your goods anyway as they’ll be stocked in Amazon’s FBA warehouses.

          Pretty much yep – the only thing is the lack of events / meetups for those in the United Kingdom. You might actually find RE students in your local area. As RE is expanding heavily into Europe right now, I hope to see conferences potentially hitting the UK shores within the next few years. I can’t wait to make it over personally. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ahah ! Come over ! Iโ€™ll be happy to show you around. London is really a nice city to live in especially at this time of the year.

            Thanks for your time and valuable information. I might use your affiliate link very soon ๐Ÿ˜

            Gilles The 3rd

          • Super keen! ๐Ÿ˜€ Especially as London has better weather than the unusually wintery Gold Coast right now. Looking forward to helping you out when you’re ready!

  102. Hey Josh

    I pulled the trigger tonight (my time) through your affiliate link !
    That was a quick decision and youโ€™ve clearly been instrumental to this mate.


  103. Thanks for your informative review and website here. i have decided to use your referral link and look forward to corresponding with you on this journey.

  104. Hey Joshua,
    Thanks for in depth review and answering some important questions.
    I have worked hard in Sydney (construction) for a year now to save enough money. I am a little nervous of parting with $3200 for the course but your review has convinced me (I’ll be using your link)
    I have previous experience of dropshipping on eBay and enjoyed however ran into complications and didn’t have any capital to deal with problems, I was still at school.
    Just out of interest, roughly how long per day would it require to start selling with 6 months?
    Looking forward to future communications.

    • Hey Rowan, thanks so much for the comment and questions. Doing the hard yards in construction shows some good dedication and work ethic. Especially during these cold winter mornings.

      I would say 1 hour per day average is a good starting point when you’re a beginner and learning the ropes. Some days I don’t do any work at all, and others I might do a couple of hours to make up for it. You can put in more hours once you go full-time as an Amazon seller.

  105. Hi Joshua, amazing blog post – so many comments, its taken a couple of sessions to wade through it all. I only recently stumbled onto the whole amazon selling concept (late to the party) but after immersing myself in all sorts of research, I’m hoping to start the RE course in the near future. I definitely plan on using your affiliate link when the day comes and also hopefully find some other folks here in NZ to meet up with learn from.
    one question I haven’t spotted an answer to yet is about product breakages. Lets say I’m bringing in dinner sets and there’s some issue in the manufacture of them. On arrival at amazons warehouse, some are broken and others break after sale to customers..
    How does amazon handle the broken-on-arrival product, how do they handle the customer refunds (and what input can i have into that process) and what sort of recourse do I have with the manufacturer?

    • Hi Mal, thanks for the feedback and excellent question! And no, you’re not late to the party. It’s just warming up! Very few guests here yet.

      Amazon will discard the broken-on-arrival products so they won’t reach your inventory. That is, as long as they detect them which isn’t always easy in a sealed box. Remember there’s a lot of packing foam holding a dinner set together and that might give the impression to the warehouse staff that the product is totally okay to be sent out.

      Amazon also handles the customer refunds automatically. If a customer wants to return a product, then can (for free in most cases) and get a full refund. The product (if unopened) is returned back to your inventory, or if unsellable, will just be written off as a loss. I’m at a less than 1% return rate. As you’re selling via FBA, there’s little input you have in that process, and why picking a great quality product from a great factory is fundamental. The benefits of FBA (for the seller and buyer) far outweigh the cost of returns.

      Recourse with the manufacturer isn’t too common, as they generally don’t give warranties. That said, if you work with one for several years who has looked after you, then likely they’ll come to the table if product defects arise. Guanxi is now common practice in China, with many factories seeking long term working business relationships based on trust and reliability. Just like us, they play the long game.

      When starting out with a new factory, you’ll want to have your products tested prior to being sent off to the United States. One example for the dinner set is the 3 foot drop test. Factory auditing companies can provide an immense amount of checking and testing to ensure your product meets the standard at which you set. Even if it’s just a small initial order, I’d highly recommend 3rd party inspectors such as V-Trust (who I use regularly) to help you sleep better at night.

      • Thanks for the reply. One quick extra question – so once the customer gets the broken product and wants to return it (or swap it). Does Amazon pull the money back from my seller account?

        • Nope, Amazon doesn’t pull money back from you. Once Amazon has received your product at their warehouse, then the safe care and transport of your products is their responsibility. If it’s broken on arrival to the customer, then it’s Amazon’s fault. You’ll still get paid and the customer still gets a refund. Amazon foots the bill.

          • Hi Joshua, thanks for the info. I’ve signed up tonight (via your link) and started the journey.
            Let the learning begin ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Thanks Joshua, Your blog is great and Iโ€™ve purchased RE through your link. I might have a couple of questions if that is ok, already working through it as we speak. Just out of interest, how long did it take until you had launched your product after starting the course and have you been able to make a decent income stream off it?

    • Hi Roxanne, thanks for the feedback and using my link. It took me approximately 18 months to go live and 2.5 years for a full-time income. I had a limited budget. Results vary massively and I know dozens who have done it faster and dozens slower.

  107. So first off you make your money from selling this course to others, so roughly from the comments here you’ve already made in excess of half a million with the white text on a hard to read background that states there is no guarantee anyone who pays for this will actually make the same profit. Also the course you’re offering is the same course offered by reliable education but you’re charging a different amount which is more than they’re charging, why is this, what are you offering that is different to the same course that you’ve already learnt through RE? I would advise people to be skeptical of this course and bare in mind the refund policy as well, with RE stating “meaning we reserve the right to refund you with or without providing our reasons why if we decide you are not suitable for any product or course. ” Reserving the right, meaning you’ll either get your refund or you wont. Consider contacting the ACCC in Australia about this course. What are your terms on a refund?

    • Hello there! Certainly an interesting comment. I’m probably being trolled here, but anyway…

      I haven’t made in excess of half a million dollars through recommending people to RE. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I wish! You’ll have to give me another 20+ years there!

      However, through selling on Amazon FBA, I believe I can hit the half a million-dollar mark (in profit) with my physical products within the next 3 years.

      My earnings disclaimer has always had a traditional black text on a white background and pretty straight forward:

      I’m charging the same amount. In fact, it’s not me charging it – it’s Reliable Education. Same course, same cost, no difference. It’s just a course referral link and if you don’t want to use it, then go directly. Many people choose to use my affiliate link because I give some helpful bonuses to students who use my link, including a charity donation. I think you’ve missed the mark here. It’s the same course I learned from. Actually, it’s had much more content added since I first took it, with now 8,000+ students inside.

      Please read up on the RE Terms and Conditions. They’ll gladly refund you without an issue. They’re simply stating that they don’t have to give you a reason on their end if they refund you, in the event they don’t think you’re suitable for the course and community. No one else in the world offers a refund in the welcome call. You won’t even get a phone call with most other courses. Also, refund policies in most other courses are hard to uphold as many others are based overseas.

      It’s a very high calibre of people on the inside (no dick-heads allowed) and RE seeks to uphold that standard. I would recommend against joining the course and community if you’re skeptical. That goes for anyone who’s skeptical. It’s just not right for you.

      If you have any further questions then I would recommend contacting RE directly:

      There’s also plenty of helpful information here for prospective students:

      • Hey Vi Ral

        From what I read, you should get that refund pretty easily. I really hope youโ€™ll get what you want !

  108. Nice blog really detailed and helpful, I have used your referral link to buy the course, just to have extra support in the journey ๐Ÿ™‚ (Hopefully) .

  109. Hey this is a great review. Thanks a lot! I’ve been burned by Amazon gurus in the past and have had to ask for my money back.
    1. Will Reliable Income respond to general questions such as ‘How do I market my product without getting suspended due to Amazon’s new TOS preventing heavily discounted coupons?’
    2. Do they respond to questions quickly?
    3. What is your opinion of the teachers at reliable income other than Adam?
    4. I’m looking to join the course through your link at the end of the year (around December). Do you know if they plan to increase the price/do you think they will increase the price?

    • Hey buddy! Great questions.

      1. Yes, certainly their team is often answering questions in the Facebook group, paired with responses from other Amazon sellers.
      2. Responses are within hours. Sometimes minutes. The group is SUPER active. Even Adam is often answering questions there.
      3. Adam’s teachers are hand-picked and are at the top of their game. No messing around in these parts. I know many of them.
      4. Yes, there’s a price increase coming this year but don’t know when. You can reach out to them for a definite answer.

      Hope that helps!

      • You’re really fast at responding as well! I appreciate that, thank you!
        Do you know when the 2019 revamp of the course will be released?
        In the past, I had a ‘guru’ not supply the service that they advertised (their course became outdated and they hadn’t updated it to suit Amazon’s new TOS, they weren’t responding to questions for weeks). Luckily I paid through paypal so I’m now in the process of getting my money back. Have you had any problems with reliable education/have you heard of any problems with reliable education? (there is no paypal coverage with reliable education so you can see why I’m cautious)

        • You’re welcome mate!

          The revamp is just about to be released actually. Many are choosing to jump on board now so they can get both the current version and the new version too. Not sure when it will be released but hopefully in the next few weeks. Can’t wait personally as I’m super keen to get stuck into the new content.

          I’ve never heard of genuine problems with Reliable Education. You can always get your money back from your credit card provider if a program didn’t live up to customer expectations. I know Reliable Education is always happy to fully refund students who decide it isn’t for them.

          They’re the only company doing a welcome call as well to check if prospective students are a right fit for the community. Essentially, there are solid expectations placed on both sides.

          • Alright, you’ve convinced me! I’ll sign up with your link as soon as I get the money back from the other Amazon course (PayPal says it will be resolved by the 30th August)

            See you on the inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for your review of RE, it helped me decide to go ahead with giving it a go. I’d love to go through your link, the conversion of NZ to USD is stressing out my credit card though and I may have to go for Adam’s 4 payment system since his deal ends tonight. Unless you have any helpful insights?

    • Hi Helen, thanks so much! Appreciate the feedback and dozens of Kiwis have used my link too.

      I’ve noticed that quite a few people choose to do the 4 part payment system instead of paying all upfront, in order to get the extra bonuses that Adam offers on webinars.

  111. Hi Joshua,
    Wanted to add my thanks for the excellent resource you provide for those of us just starting out on this journey and trying to find our way. I’m sure there are many like me who would not have signed up with RE – or at least not as quickly – without your guidance and input. I signed up via your link last night so look forward to receiving any resources that you can help me out with.

    • Hi Simon, I really appreciate your kind words. It’s a great feeling to know that people are starting earlier on this journey and getting a head-start, as opposed to later. Thank you for using my link and I’m just going to flick you an email now.

  112. US and China trade WAR its going to get really bad for business everywhere how will Adam
    and Amazon work this one out ? The US reserve cutting rates back retail spending does not look bright for 2020.

    • Hi there Lapua, I actually love this trade war. Makes things much easier with less competition.

      How will Amazon work it out? They’ll just keep charging forward no doubt. Very little impact.

      How will Adam work it out? We’re taught the high margin and higher product price model, so very few people are affected in any big way.

      Most importantly, what should we individual sellers and beginners do? Look at sourcing from outside China. There are literally dozens of countries such as India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Brazil, Germany and Japan with no trade wars. I even know sellers sourcing in Australia and USA and are profitable. Trump is simply trying to encourage manufacturing in the United States to protect his economy, and I believe this is a great thing.

      I love when the sky is falling. It separates the real business builders from the dabblers on Amazon. Bring on another tariff increase!

  113. Hi Joshua,

    Great blog! Really enjoyed all the valuable information you provided on here.

    If someone is interested in partnering up with me.. lโ€™d be interested. Iโ€™m based in Brisbane so just reach out I guess. Thanks again and good luck to all of those that have already commenced their training via Joshuaโ€™s link.

    • Hi Hellen, thank you! I’m glad you found value here.

      Sure, so if anyone wants to get in touch with Hellen, simply leave your comment here as well. Then I’ll see your email on my backend and connect the two of you. Avoid the spambots….

      So many of us Queenslanders in RE so I’m you’ll find someone very quickly!

    • Hi Helen
      I’m interested in doing the course as well and was thinking of partnering with someone too…..If you are still looking for a partnership, I’m available ๐Ÿ˜Š
      The only thing is I live in the ACT so not sure if that would be an issue?


  114. Hi Joshua.
    Thanks for the very informative info on RE, I thought it was a great course and your review helped confirm my research. I will definitely sign up through your link when I sort my capital out. Thanks for the free pdf.
    Cheers Brian Mac

  115. Hey Joshua,
    I’ve just been through the 5 RE intro videos, loved the first 4. Very clear and provided some great information. I felt the 5th one went on way too long about the actual cost being close to $11000 but the deal today is $2497 US. Seriously, $2950 to join a facebook group!! Anyway, it has not deterred me just yet.

    For 2 or so years I’ve been looking for something to enable me to retire early (like right now would be great). I’ve looked into many things MLM’s, the many internet lead generator systems etc. I found some interesting comparisons between the videos and many things I have heard from MLM’s. I guess the beauty of an MLM is I do not have to worry about product or delivery, just getting the customers/business builders is the issue. With an Amazon business the risk is the product, product outlay and delivery to a degree (China to Amazon), but you have the customers ready to go (in theory, as long as they like your product). I guess you also have to worry about keeping stock up to the Amazon centre to support your sales (sounds like a big juggling act).

    Anyway, just sharing my current thoughts and would be interested in yours or others.

    • Hi Rodney, thanks for your comment.

      Like you, Iโ€™m also surprised that Adam values his Reliable Education Facebook group at just $2,950. It should be $5,000+ minimum. The amount of high-quality content there is a seriously massive asset. This is a strong representative of the high calibre of students in this community.

      RE has a lot of ex-MLM representatives who have left the industry for various reasons. Certainly, these network marketing schemes did very well until recently. And yes, youโ€™ll find MLM, Amazon and Adam share some similarities.

      For those with limited funds, then MLM is a good option, provided you can find others to recruit. For those with some decent starting capital as I’ve outlined here, then Amazon could be a better choice. Both options require some decent work and a time commitment. Personally, I think extroverts do better with MLM (talking to real people) and introverts do better with Amazon (selling to customers online) but then there are some very big extroverts in RE too.

      As youโ€™ve outlined, there are challenges with every business model. Worrying about keeping stock up with Amazon? Thatโ€™s a quality business problem that I have.

  116. Hi Joshua, It’s been fantastic reading about your eCommerce journey and results with Amazon FBA. Thank you for sharing. I’ve signed up using the affiliate link, looking forward to going through the full course and seeing what I can achieve (with some added support!).

    • Hi Chris, thanks so much! Great to hear your feedback. I’ve just sent you an email. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again, and looking forward to helping you through this journey whereever possible.

  117. Hi Joshua,

    My name is Deepak and planning to get into Amazon FBA selling with one of my friend. Just want to know can both of us use the course at the same time officially to share the cost.
    Also, I came across a few quick course within $100 on Jungle Scout to learn FBA, what could be the possible difference in RE and those courses except the length of the course.
    Also, how long does it takes to go online with the product if we spend sincere efforts of 2 hours per day after joining the course.


    • Hi Deepak, not sure if officially you can access the course at exactly the same time, though will be fine accessing individually as you have a business partnership. Might be a good idea to contact Reliable Education directly to find out.

      I use JungleScout but haven’t done any of their short course upsells, so it’s hard to compare the two. If you’re just looking for a basic cheap course, then Reliable Education isn’t the one. Many students understand the high value of what’s offered with Adam’s program – the training, lifetime updates, webinars, mindmaps, interviews, FB community, live events, masterminds and meetups. It’s much much more than just a course.

      If you spend 2 hours per day after joining the course, it could take a few months to a few years to go online with a product. So many variables – your starting capital, supplier responsiveness, the type of product, the packaging, country of manufacture, air freight vs sea freight etc. It’s really a piece of string.

  118. Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for the review. It is certainly very detailed and there has been a lot of useful information. I have been thinking of doing Amazon FBA and have been doing self-training on YOUTUBE etc but there are so many steps to this whole process it is quite daunting.
    I have started contacting suppliers and I have a few questions,….. (I’m not sure if this questions has already been asked above because I haven’t had the chance to read through all the comments yet so apologies if it’s repeated):

    1. Would you recommend shipping via DDP?
    I have asked the suppliers a quote via DDP and some of them have suggested shipping some via AIR and the rest by sea due to the expensive cost. Have you done this before? The product I’ve picked is light but bulky. The size in the box is around 94cmx40cmx11cm and weighs 1.6kg per box.

    2. If I am selling on US, which address do I use to give to Supplier for a quote. They have asked for an address but I have no idea which address to use!

    3. If I am selling on AUSTRALIA, which address do I use to give to Supplier for a quote. They have asked for an address but I have no idea which address to use!

    4. What do you think is the best way to calculate profitability of a product once the supplier gives you some prices…?

    4. I read that if we purchase the training through you, ….you provide mentoring?
    Does this include specific questions about shipping, listing the product, product selection, calculating if a product is profitable or not…..or do I contact the academy for these type of questions?

    Thank you


    • Hi Hayley, some great questions you have. You’re right! Many steps involved here and it can be overwhelming to figure out everything yourself.

      1. I’ve only shipped FOB and EXW. Both air and sea, depending on the product size and weight. One of my products is very similar to what you’re looking at in size and weight (it’s a fitness product) and I make no profit on these if I go via air, so it’s 6 weeks on the boat.

      2. I generally give the Chattanooga TN warehouse address (7200 Discovery Drive) since it’s geographically one of the furthest away from the Port of Los Angeles. I then change the address later (once Amazon tells me the right address for my product type) and my fees are generally lower.

      3. Start with selling in the United States first. Generate some sales velocity to build your capital base, before selling into Australia which is super small. Australia will be approximately 1% of your sales and you’ll incur long storage fees if you can’t sell through your stock. There are only 2 warehouses here – Sydney and Melbourne. Since Sydney is larger and newer, your inventory is more likely to go there: 7/21 Centenary Ave, Moorebank NSW 2170

      4. Best way is via Amazon’s profit calculator as I find this the most accurate. These numbers don’t take into account ad spend. Depending on your product, you may or may not need to spend on PPC.

      5. I provide email support for those who wish to ask questions along the way. The academy has a lot of content and so does the Facebook group, so students find it easier to go in these directions first. Most people choose to use my referral link based on all the questions I’ve already and gladly asked here, the Amazon discovery guide and the charity donation. Of course, knowing someone on the inside with years of experience is super handy, so I decided to offer email support too for those students that need that little extra help.

      Hope that helps!


      • Hi Josh,
        Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I really appreciate your help.
        The way you answer everyone’s questions is very clear and easy to understand, which is great.

        I just had a few more questions if that’s ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

        When you ship FOB, is it generally cheaper than DDP?
        I find all the shipping stuff really confusing at the moment, for bigger bulkier items I understand that shipping by air would be more expensive so I also thought of splitting it so I ship 50 units by air and then the rest by sea…have you done that before?

        I also had a question about bundling…
        I really like the idea of bundling because it would give the customers “good value”.
        If for example, you buy an item such as a baby toy from one supplier and then I want to bundle it with a little face wash as well, how does it get bundled if you order it from 2 different suppliers? Who will pack it altogether?
        Or would it be much better to buy the 2 products from the one supplier so they can package it all together?

        I’m keen to take the RE course but I’m a bit tight on finance at the moment so I’m looking for a partnership….I live in the ACT so if anyone is interested, then please feel free to reach out ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank you


        • Hi Hayley, thanks for the feedback. I try to keep things as easy as possible, while now around 4 years into the journey with a lot of technical knowledge too.

          FOB is generally cheaper than DDP yes. FOB is also much more popular and factories are more familiar with it.

          The only reason why you would ship bulky items by air is to catch the Q4 sales spike. At any other time of year you’d want to just ship everything by sea. I’ve not done a split air/sea shipment before but I know several students who have and have done well with that approach. If in doubt, go sea freight for big and bulky items. You’ll want to maximize your profit potential starting out and air freight will cut a lot into your margins unless it’s small items that you’re sending to Amazon.

          My personal rule is that I wouldn’t ship anything larger than a passport wallet via air freight. My other rule is that your first product should be no bigger than a shoe box. Whilst big and bulky has less competition, you also need a lot more starting capital set aside to launch successfully.

          Bundling is a great idea as you don’t need to innovate anything from scratch or make modifications. Who will pack it all together? Simply delegate this to either factory. You could ask them: “Can you bundle this face wash that I’ll source from this supplier?” and you’ll find that most can without an issue. They will likely need to make changes to the original packaging of the baby toy to accommodate. Some suppliers might be able to purchase it in bulk on your behalf once you make your 30% deposit and get you a better local price. You’ll generally find the Chinese helpful when asking for basic changes like this, provided you use simple English and show examples.

          Hope that helps!

          • Thanks again for your prompt reply Joshua!
            I just have one last question, well three, if i may….? ๐Ÿ™‚
            If you choose to ship by FOB, can this be done both by air and sea?
            And do you then need a freight forwarder to do the rest of the work ie. ship from port to Amazon warehouse…
            Finally is there a freight forwarder that you recommend?

            Thank you so much!

          • Hi Hayley, FOB is more of a sea freight term. With air freight, your freight carrier picks up directly from your factory but it can sometimes go EXW. It’s also much less complex – my personal best is 3 business days from pick up to selling that same inventory on Amazon.

            Yes, you’ll need a freight forwarder for sea freight. It’s too hard to do it otherwise, as there’s many steps involved. I use LuckyLucky as my sea freight forwarder as do many of the Reliable Education students.

  119. Hi Joshua!

    Thank you for your great review! This helped me make my decision about whether it was a good choice to build an income stream through selling on Amazon. Iโ€˜m working my way through the course now and still refer back to your website from time to time.
    I was all set to purchase through your link, but while attending the Young Achievers Congress, Adam offered a great opportunity to work with him in a small group setting later this month if I signed up at the conference! Can not wait!
    Thank you for all the advice you have provided so far and keep up the awesomeness. Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll meet you around the place at some stage ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Hi Domenica! Thanks for your feedback. I was also at the National Achievers Congress and Adam did offer the course but it was, as you know, around $500 more expensive. But glad you’ve made a start on the journey.

      Yes, definitely I’ll be around at the next Reliable Education Summit. It’s an amazing experience that no one should miss. ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. Hi Josh

    Thanks for the amazing blog! Been a long time follower and now a first time poster!. It’s definitely been a source of motivation to say the least.

    A couple of questions if I may:
    – while you are quite a strong advocate for Adams RE course what are your thoughts on the best community out there? I’m assuming most courses that you have done give access to their community so I imagine you would have some insight as to maybe the quality and caliber of people and topics within these communities.
    – second is what do you think of people taking out a loan to do the course and start Amazon FBA, while it does come with its risk and cost reckon it’s worth it? I know a few people who have taken out loans for this but not sure on their progress yet so we’ll see.
    Mind you personally I’ve spent the most part of the last 14 months working and saving my butt off for this course + start up costs etc so definitely ready to get going! Yayy finally… cant wait to get this show on the road! On that note would you mind confirming the latest affiliate link in case it’s changed?

    Again thanks for the great work you’ve done on this Blog, looking forward catch up some day!

    Much appreciated

    • Hi Chris, thanks for your kind words and feedback! Plenty of other lurkers here reading the comments too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      ASM has a slightly better Facebook community than RE, since it has been running 7 years with 30,000 students though has a significantly smaller pool of Australians. That group actually feels a bit too big at times actually. RE certainly has the highest calibre of Amazon sellers in Australia. After all, people who are spending several thousand for an Amazon course are taking this journey pretty seriously. Very rarely will you find tyre kickers or people with just $300 in their back pocket. Plenty of those in the other groups though.

      I advise against anyone taking out any financing to start the course or purchase their initial inventory. After paying for the course and launching with $7k, I have taken out two separate business loans ($11k last year and $24k this year) to purchase inventory. I guess the fact that I personally need to take out financing to grow my Amazon businesses shows that I make minimal commissions here on the blog.

      Now, these two loans were only after almost a year of established sales data. I was pretty confident I’d be able to make a profit above the loan interest. I’ve already paid back the original loan from FBA earnings and halfway through knocking out the 2nd, because debt really scares me. These were PayPal Working Capital loans with lower than normal interest that I was able to qualify for, as opposed to traditional bank loans.

      Again, do NOT take out a loan or do financing if you’re new, because it’s not worth it when you’re still learning. And even if you’re live and making consistent sales, try not to take out loans of any type.

      Great to hear about your work ethic to make this happen for you. Some people have unrealistic expectations of the capital needed to launch an online business properly.

      Pretty sure my affiliate link is still the same. Thanks for asking though! Looking forward to catching you Chris at the next Summit coming up in March.

    • Hi there HonsZi, affiliate marketing can be good but also super-competitive from my experience. You’ll need more tech skills too. Even after 8 years of trying, I still find Amazon FBA to be easier, much less lonely and is ideally suited to those who have starting capital.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. Iโ€™d been reading your comments past few days and thank you for everhting. I just need some time to gather funds before joining. ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. Thank you Joshua for all the valuable information.
    I was told you need a trading co to register with amazon USA and Australia, is that correct ?
    Can I use a family trust that does not have abn number ?

    • Hi Tee, thanks for the feedback. I have a trading company (well 2 actually, 1 for each business) but you don’t need a trading company with Amazon USA to start out. Sole trader with ABN is fine, but it also seems that you don’t need an ABN at all but will incur the 10% GST on Amazon commissions for every unit you sell.

      Given that most of Adam’s students have prior or current experience in business, almost everyone just uses their current ABN. You also don’t need yet need an ABN to sell on Amazon Australia as yet.

      Regarding family trust, I’m not so sure. Be good to contact Amazon seller support about this one. But it also takes just 10 minutes online to get an ABN for a sole trader if you don’t have one yet, so a pretty small hurdle.

  122. Hi Joshua,
    Thank you for the valuable content you have! You take the time to answer everyone’s questions, which is fantastic! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve decided to take the leap and buy the course today!
    Are you still offering the email support?

    Also would you know if I can make the payment to a bank account without using a credit card?
    Or is this something I should contact them directly?

    Thank you

    • Hi Hong, thanks so much for the feedback! Also fantastic that you’ve decided to jump on board with the Reliable Education academy.

      Yes, still offering email support + bonuses listed here. Also have met numerous students who have commented here at RE events too.

      Yeah, it’s best to contact Reliable Education about making a bank transfer instead of credit card payment. I hope they can accommodate. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Joshua,
        just ignore my last email, I scrolled through again and found the direct link.
        I’ve just made the payments so I’m super excited! Looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Joshua
      When I tried to click on the link to buy the course, it takes me to the RE training page. Do you mind resending me the link and I’ll join up! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey Hong! Thanks for choosing to use my link! Actually, the only one I have available is the webinar/training page that my link takes you to.

        They couldn’t provide me one that takes you straight to the Checkout page. But even if you were to join now, it should go through to me.

        Thanks for your support here and on behalf of Destiny Rescue. โœŒ๏ธ

    • Hi Ko Ko, thanks for letting me know. I tried all the links here and they don’t seem to ask for a referral email? They do ask for a preferred email, which is your email address for you to have the course access details sent through, and further communication from the Reliable Education support team. Thank you for choosing to use my link too! Let me know once you’re on the inside and I can send through the bonuses. ๐Ÿ‘

  123. Hi Joshua
    Great blog, thanks for keeping it updated!

    Just a random question, curious as to other than the 2.5k to sign up, does RE then make ongoing commissions as we sign up below them with Amazon or other partners etc?

    Or is it just the sign up where they make their money?

    Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Dave, thanks for the feedback! Great question too mate. ๐Ÿ‘

      There are no ongoing commissions with them or other partners. Amazon doesn’t pay anyone to recruit new sellers. It’s just the sign up where RE makes their money.

      In the course there might be recommendations to other products or services, but you can skip any links and go direct to the service page. 99 Designs is one such example. You can just sign up directly through 99 Designs instead of through RE, if you don’t want to use the quite obvious referral link in the course, which costs you literally nothing extra. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Same with Fiverr.

      There are a couple of partner services that are owned by Adam. ZonGuru is one such obvious example. You may wish to use JungleScout or Helium10 if you don’t want RE to ‘make their money’ but ZonGuru is still great software and is the cheapest currently available of the 3. Page1 is another such service which does very high-quality photography and PPC management, but some students find creative ways to get cheaper photos done and management for their product listings, including me. ๐Ÿ˜œ

      Hope that helps!

      • That was super helpful.
        Thanks Joshua!

        Oh, I’m happy to sign up and give Adam (like mortgage brokers) trailing commissions ๐Ÿ™‚
        Was just wondering as 2.5k didn’t seem like much but it definitely makes more sense seeing he can get monthly residual incomes possibly from some other sources too..

        Thanks again for taking the time..

  124. Hi Joshua

    Does the course teach you to sell in Amazon Australia specifically ?

    Does the course also teach you the rules to sell on Amazon all around the world?

    Do they cover insurance, GST, Tax, etc in the course ?



    • Hi Jas, great questions!

      The course teaches you how to sell on Amazon in North American specifically. It’s where 99% of people begin, based on customer volume and faster ROI.

      I don’t know anyone who’s making a full-time income selling on Amazon Australia. Or let alone a reliable part-time income.

      The course does help you launch on other marketplaces such as Amazon UK and Australia. Other marketplaces are very very similar.

      The course does cover insurance. It also provides a basic framework on taxation and GST, in a general nature, since everyone has a unique situation.

  125. Hi Joshua!
    I’m just about ready to join the course through your link but it sends me to a free training page rather than a page where I can pay for the course. Can you please update the affiliate link? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey buddy! Thanks for coming back to the blog. I recall we were engaging last month. Also, thanks for the question too!

      Actually, on Friday evening RE has moved to a new online platform called InfusionSoft. It seems to be more ‘reliable’๐Ÿ˜… than the previous ClickFunnels system.

      Apparently, the only affiliate link that’s available to me takes you to the webinar. But if you then use the link from the emails, or watch the webinar to the end, and then join the course, I should receive that tiny commission. So you’re good to join the course at any time after using my link here actually. Let me know once you’re in, and what email you used, so I can send you the bonuses.

      Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing. They just couldn’t get me a direct “Sign up to the course today” link, you only get to the checkout page after watching the new webinar (which you can do on mute). It’s hopefully better through InfusionSoft going forward, especially with all the new course content just released.

      Thanks as well! Appreciate the support and you asking questions and leaving feedback here.

      • Awesome! See you on the inside!
        1. Also, has the 2019 revamp of the course content been released?
        2. Coupon marketing strategies are not allowed according to Amazon’s Terms of Service. What type of marketing strategies do they teach in the course?

      • Good stuff! The 2019 revamp is almost all filmed. Modules 1 and 2 have been updated already and I hear the team are readily replacing the rest of the videos right now. As you’ll see by the webinar, the course looks a lot different (and better!) than what I’ve initially outlined here from when I joined the course.

        The course teaches a lot of marketing strategies. PPC, Early Reviewer Program, Influencer Engagement, right down to normal SEO and keywords etc. I do use coupon marketing as do most sellers. Amazon does allow it, but within certain rules that the course covers, such as avoiding massive discounts.

        • Awesome, thanks. I understand that Adam recommends reinvesting all of your profits back into the business for at least the first 3 years. Say after 3 years, you’ve built your business. Do you know what the average net income is that you can take out of the business to use on a daily basis? (After reinvesting in stock and other expenses that you will need to spend regularly to keep the business up and running)

        • Too many variables to make any type of estimation. Are you putting in just $5,000 to $10,000? Will you put in more money each month to grow it? Will you drop in your tax return from your job to help fund the growth? What type of product will you choose? What is your profit margins? Are you aiming to sell high profit, low volume, or high volume and low profit?

          Your working capital plays a big role in determining how much you could take out each month.

          I know people who have put in $500,000. They’re obviously going to have a different result to me who initially started with $7,000 and has now invested almost $40,000 into his FBA business(es) over the last 3 years.

          You also need to factor in your turnover rate, as some products can turn 4 times per year, whilst others might only turn 2.5.

          My best recommendation, if you need to have an idea of what you might be taking home, would be to do a back of envelope approach. How many products do you want to sell? How many times per day will they sell? What is the price at which you will sell? What is the profit for each product? Best to do this after completion of the course, as you’ll have a clearer picture.

          There is a good percentage who aren’t living on their cash flow, but instead sticking with their job whilst scaling their FBA business for the 7 figure exit, so they can cash out to wipe out their mortgage early.

          It’s good that you’ve got a grasp of the 3 year rule though. So many people with limited capital think they’ll be making a full time income in 6 months or less through selling on Amazon. This is especially true in other courses.

  126. Hi Joshua – Ive read most of the site. and many of the comments.Thanks for all the info, and for doing good. (donation to a good cause) Can you tell me what the price is now? Also – are there many students from Canada?

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for the feedback. Yes, Destiny Rescue is a cause very dear to me and I love to support them every month.

      I share more about my involvement with them here:

      The price appears to be $2,497 USD. I’ve had a couple of people from Canada join RE through me. Also, I just searched “Canada” inside the Facebook group and counted about 20 people all up.

      Hope that helps!

  127. Hi Joshua!
    Your post is so useful to me. .I bought Sophie`s book (Sorry but i regret because it is not from your affiliate link) but I am still confusing to decide between Sophie`s course and Adam Hudson then I read your blog .Now i think i should go with Adam .Actually i did attend his webinar after register from You Tube link .But i have not decided yet .Now i have just use your link to reserve the seat again .Hopefully will get your assistant in my new journey from now on.

  128. Hi Joshua, after weeks of reading your blog Iโ€™m now ready to sign up RE. But your affiliate link leads me to some seat reserve page. Is that the right one ?

    • Hi there Zen! Yes, my affiliate link takes you to the webinar registration as unfortunately I haven’t been given a link to the Checkout page. โœŒ๏ธ

        • Yes or even look out for Adam’s emails. If after using my link, you then use one of those links from the emails, you won’t need to sit through another webinar presentation. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ok thanks just want to Make sure you wonโ€™t miss out. I might create another email acc. I have a feeling I might use this email for their registration already

  129. Hey Joshua,

    Awesome reviews. I was originally looking at Sophieโ€™s course but Adamโ€™s looks to be the better option. Iโ€™m still researching and getting $ together. If I sign up Iโ€™ll for it through your link.
    Just wondering if you have had a look at this? This guy charges $1 a month… He says he worked hard for 6 years and didnโ€™t get very far, then made $6mIllion in 6 months.

    Cheers, Ben.

    • Hey Ben! Thanks for the feedback.

      Yeah, I think Brock is really awesome actually and recommend that people do that course too. It’s just that his average student is a much younger person with such minimal capital (hence the low course price) while most people looking at Adam’s course have $15k plus in starting capital and are lions who just want to get shit done with the right community.

      So both are great courses but are catered towards a different type of student. Brock generally has the broke college student whilst Adam generally has the 30+ existing business person or employee already on a 6 figure high income. I’d personally (as in me, based on my business journey) lean towards Adam as that’s my ideal tribe of go-getters, but not everyone is a right fit for his community.

      If in doubt and you have minimal capital, then start with Brock in the meantime. His offer (and reputation) is too good to pass on. ๐Ÿ‘ Can’t go wrong here!

      But then if you want to save even more money, I’m showcasing an offer to get Kevin’s Freedom Ticket for free (with a software subscription) as I talk about here:

  130. Hi Joshua just wondering the conference RE runs yearly whats the cost and can u bring a partner…when is it usually held in the year please.

    Thanks for your blog lots of info

    • Thanks Troy! The RE conference runs once or twice per year. The last one back in March with John Howard was a massive logistical undertaking and so they couldn’t fit another one in this year.

      Sure, you can bring a partner such as a spouse or business partner. Cost is well under $700 if I last recall and well worth it. Next one is coming up in March on the Gold Coast. Cheers

  131. Hi Joshua

    I had a sales call for Sophieโ€™s course today after watching her webinar this week. I didnโ€™t like the hard sell and something didnโ€™t sit well with me so put them off till tomorrow to pay. Iโ€™m so glad I found your blog as now Iโ€™m swinging to RE. How many hours does the RE course take?

    • Hi Gail, thanks for sharing your experience. Yeah, that seems to be common I hear with Sophie’s sales team. I’m glad Adam doesn’t have a phone sales team so people aren’t under any pressure to get started.

      The RE course is about 45 hours of content at last count, but it’s going to take a few weeks minimum to digest all of it properly. You really need to pace yourself with any Amazon course, especially if you’re a total beginner. It’s just a lot to take in at once.

      Sophie’s course is around the same length, though Adam’s is produced professionally in a studio setting with high-quality sound, as opposed to being filmed at home. I recommend Sophie a bit more for total beginners in business due to the complimentary mentoring calls.

  132. Hi Joshua,

    I would like to commend and thank you for the amazing and incredibly helpful information you provide. I’m ready to sign up with RE through your link so thank you for assisting me with making my decision.

  133. Hi Josh, thanks for the in depth review its just what Ive been looking for. I am ready to sign up but want to make the most of your offer by using your referral link. Ive watched the video in the above posts and its taken me to the RE sign up. Is there a section where we put you as a referral cause it just looks like the generic sign up page?

    • Hey there Coree, thanks for the feedback!

      Yeah so that seems to be a common problem recently as they (RE) can’t seem to generate a link that takes you straight to the Checkout page, only the webinar. This is due to their recent transition away from ClickFunnels and on to InfusionSoft which coincided with the release of the new course (it’s seriously epic now btw).

      Now even if you have merely clicked on that link I have then it will still show me as a referral when you do get started. Let me know once you’re inside mate so I can send through the bonuses.

      • Hi Josh, thanks for replying. I went the full way and made a commitment to diving into the course through your sign up. Iโ€™ve made the purchase and completed module 1 and just kicked off module 2. This beast of a business is exciting and I canโ€™t wait to see myself grow in it. Is there anything else you need for me to take advantage of your bonus offer?


        • Excellent Coree! Glad to see you on board. I’ll just send you an email with the bonuses now. They will be best helpful after completing the program but also will help you think of product ideas in the interim.

  134. Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts through this blog as it does help us to decide which Amazon course to take.

    Can you let me know how long will it take roughly once I finish the RE course to start the Amazon business? Average lead time from start to finish (product research, sourcing, product listing, product go live) based on your experience.

    I am aiming to join RE anytime soon. Hopefully everyting goes well. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Marie, thanks for your comment and question.

      So some students can do it in 3 months. Others take 12 months. I often see it as 12 months. I think the best I’ve seen is 3.5 weeks since joining (impressive!).

      In my case, it was 18 months but I had some personal challenges in my life. There are people who still 4 years on haven’t done anything. Not the fault of the program, as the individual may just not have the drive, motivation or the capital to begin. Some people actually just want to be plugged into a great community with no desire to build an Amazon business, as they might already be well established elsewhere.

      I hope that helps!

      • Hi Joshua
        This week I attended both Sophie and Alex webinair, of which I found both inspired me to look at being an Amazon trader. However after reading your top 3 course review which I really appreciate I registered via your affiliate link for Adams webinair 22nd Nov 11am NZ time as I am keen to sign up with RE.

        • Hi Ruhia, thanks for your comment. It’s great to see that you’ve jumped on the webinars of Alex and Sophie, and soon Adam’s. Jumping on the webinars is a great way to see their unique style of communication and delivery format. You will be just fine with any of these and if you decide to jump in with RE, then just drop me an email once you’re in. Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Hi Joshua,

    At first I wasn’t sure which course to take until I chanced upon your blog when I was searching for info about AMZ. After reading through this extensive write up and watching the webinar I made a decision and signed up for Adam’s course through your referral link. I have just received my RE login details and now am excited to start the course. I hope I could also keep in touch with you if ever I have questions regarding the course.

    Thanks heaps for the valuable info.


    • Thanks Alan! Appreciate the responseand for using my referral. Sure! I’ve got some people still in touch 8 months since they started. I’ve just sent you an email actually with the bonuses.

  136. Thank you for your excellent post!

    Can I check is it viable to source products and manufacturers from other countries like Vietnam or other SE countries considering the ongoing trade war and tariffs?

    • Thanks for the feedback Kings! Yes, that is covered lightly in the course and numerous students are sourcing from other countries now. Lots of chatter regarding this in the Facebook group.

      • Hi Joshua again. Very close to signing up using your link. However just wondering what is the difference between RE and Freedom ticket?

        • Sure! I am working on a comparison post for this one but essentially RE is designed for Australians and Kiwis. Local events, constant updates, massive local community and RE is more professional in its content delivery (pretty much they’ve invested into a national TV studio in-house which aint cheap). Both focus on brand building.

          Freedom Ticket is great but local students are likely to feel a bit alone with very few Australians, especially as the Facebook group for that course is really just the Helium 10 Facebook group with a whole bunch of randoms. But if you can handle the isolation, then Freedom Ticket’s offer is a good one.

          • What do you think of the strategy to learn thru Freedom ticket, learn the ropes at a significantly lower cost (maybe 1 year period), see if the biz its right for us, sign up for RE for the massive supportive community?

          • Would be a lonely journey with limited support. Then again, if you’re on a budget and/or you’re cautious about Amazon as a business model, then it’s obviously the most affordable way to get started on the journey today. โœŒ๏ธBoth are great options especially as I’ve done both.

  137. Hi Josh, I want to sign up via you as your blog has very good information plus all the goodies ๐Ÿ™‚ but how would you know if I have signed up using your affiliate link? Sorry – I don’t know much about affiliate link, can you please advise? Do I need to then write to you separately? Thanks.