Hey there! Joshua Lee here.

Please read this page entirely before contacting me. It will save us both time, effort and energy.

How can I work with you?

I help beginners build profitable websites. I’m always open to working with people prepared to do the work while they use me as a guide.

If you’d like to work together to build a profitable blog and/or passion website, just as I’ve done here, please reach out below.

Do you accept guest posts or sponsored content on your blog?

No. These will be marked as spam and deleted.

Will you review my course?

Unlikely. I’m very selective about the courses I review here on my blog. If you believe your course/community is of high value, please reach out to me.

Can I pitch you my MLM scheme?

If you’ve read my blog properly, you’ll know that I’m against these schemes, just like the vast majority of people.

How can I contact you?

I have several email addresses, depending on what you’re seeking.

For all media enquiries, please reach out to

To reach me personally, please reach out to

For existing clients, please email

You can also call me on +61 7 5660 6457, although email is way easier.

To book in a complimentary discovery call on Zoom, please follow the links on my homepage. Thanks! πŸ™‚