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Hello there! Joshua here.

I last updated this page on the 29th of March, 2021.

Thanks for choosing to reach out to me. I hope you’ve found value in website and blog. I strive to help others create an online business without the guru-ey hype and rah-rah. I simply share my realistic viewpoints and experience.

If you haven’t spotted me saying this before: Building an online business is hard.

Sometimes people have general questions and that’s what I’m here for.

People often get in touch with me for the following requests:

  1. Phone coaching/mentoring. I don’t provide this as I’m already stretched working 55 hours per week but occasionally do offer email support. If you live in South-East Queensland, then while I’d love to do a coffee catch-up, I’m just really busy and do have to pass on these requests often. ✌️
  2. Social media. I don’t really do social media and if you’re committed to making real progress, then you should avoid it too. Social media is very distracting and chit-chatting online with random people on Messenger yields very little return for people building genuine businesses. The word ‘social’ is your clue. As I’m here to work, you’ll find me on some Slack channels as well as my LinkedIn here but I hardly check that either.
  3. Digital Assets vs Selling on Amazon. I’m unique in the marketplace as I do both but you should start with one and stick to it over the next 2 to 3 years. Which one do you choose? For those with limited time but have the capital, you’ll generally get better returns with Amazon. For those with time on their hands but limited capital, then digital assets will be much better. Both are hard work and only the most committed and focused will thrive. I’m not saying that lightly either.

In the online business world, simply focus on playing the long game and there are no secrets to success.

To avoid the spambots, I’ve taken the contact form away from my site as of December 2020. However, my email is simply my first name @ my domain. This dropped my daily random emails by 90% and now I only get the most serious folks gettting in touch. 😃

Also – I’m building a Slack community group for those committed to get some work done. Details to come.

***Please note: 2021 is a busy year for me as I’m sure it is for you. Please be patient as it sometimes takes me 2 to 3 days to reply. Thanks! 🙂