Destiny Rescue Partnership

Some people have been curious as to my recent partnership with Destiny Rescue here in Australia. So I wanted to showcase who they are and what they do.

This page refers to my charitable pursuits. In reference to potential business partnerships, I’m open to established business owners seeking collaboration.

Who is Destiny Rescue?

Destiny Rescue is a beautiful charity based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia that fights to end the harmful effects of the child-sex industry, primarily across the Asia-Pacific region.

Tony Kirwan sold everything in 2001 to start Destiny Rescue. This was at a time when little was known about the sexual exploitation of children through human trafficking.

Today, not only does Tony still actively work to combat these crimes against humanity, he has built the team across multiple countries including Thailand.

To date, more than 4,400 children have been rescued through this internationally-recognized and fully non-profit organization. They remain fully dedicated to rescuing children who are trapped in the global child-sex trade.

Before becoming an Ambassador, I thoroughly researched and reviewed the practices of Destiny Rescue. My only other choice was Operation Underground Railroad based in the United States.

Destiny Rescue Partnership Joshua

Why this industry?

I understand that there are many charities in the world that require funding. From famine to suicidal prevention, to animal rights and civilian treatment during times of armed conflict.

Human trafficking is a global problem, as one of the world’s most profitable industries. In fact, reading through the numbers shows some dark statistics:

  • While only 19% of victims are trafficked for sex, their exploitation earns 66% of global profits
  • The ILO reported $99 billion earned through commercial sexual exploitation in 2014. It’s now 2019…
  • Sexual exploitation yields a higher 600% return on investment than other types of labor exploitation
  • 62% of sexual exploitation occurs in the Asia-pacific region, which as an Australian, is right on my doorstep

Not only that, but the primary perpetrator is a white male, aged 30 to 60, living in western countries. The primary victim is 13 to 16, with some as young as 7 years old.

Destiny Rescue Australia

I feel – if our own countries create these problems through demand, we should also lead the way to save these children, the majority of which have no choice. More than 200,000 children globally are right now victims of the child-sex trade and are being held daily against their will.

What are my goals?

Right now – It’s 1 child rescued per month. That’s just $1,500 AUD monthly.

Thanks to the generosity of my supporters here, this work continues to be made possible.

Now, that’s just the rescue. A coordinated event that ensures children are rescued safely during a recovery mission, with the assistance of local law enforcement.

From here it’s a more costly rehabilitation process of at least 12 months. Destiny Rescue’s mandate is to see these children healed and restored from their past sexual abuses.

My giving for child restoration and rehabilitation is planned for the future. In fact, I am aiming to fully fund a rescue centre before turning 40.

Right now – it’s the rescues. Liberating these children who have spent months or years at the hands of perpetrators and western clients on sex tourism trips.

That to me is the goal. Simply starting that process of freedom.

1 child per month starting in 2019. We did it! πŸ™

Next up is 2 children per month. That’s my goal in 2020.

Not only is it the rescues, but it’s being a voice for the voiceless.

To get in front of as many people as possible. This blog really helps me to open the minds of those who were previously unaware of this sickening industry.

Must watch: CEO Tony Kirwan shares the story of his most memorable rescue

I discuss here on my site often about freedom. To me that comes in two forms:

  1. Freedom from the modern-day rat race through building a sustainable online business from home
  2. Freedom for these children globally who are sold every minute through modern-day sex slavery

My impact on the world is to liberate those who previously didn’t have a way out. Through this blog, with a monthly readership approaching 30,000 people, I’ve made some solid ground already.

Where to from here?

As I continue to build my online businesses via Amazon and my numerous websites, I’ll continue to work more closely with Destiny Rescue.

From that, I’ll strive to:

  • Bring more awareness to this heart-driven charity through my influence
  • Continue to rescue more children through increased monthly donations
  • As a stretch goal, fully fund a Destiny Rescue supported treatment centre

As a parent, this is one industry that no children should ever need to witness. In fact, many western parents still have little to no knowledge of the atrocities that this industry brings.

That is slowly changing. The world really is starting to wake up to reality.

I thank those who continue to support me here on the blog, to shine light in the darkness. Together and with my partnership through Destiny Rescue, we can really make an impact.

Update June 2020: I now have a joint-fundraiser with Raisely for Destiny Rescue.