My blog assists my philanthropic pursuits. I may earn revenue on some pages. > More on this.

Hi! I'm Joshua! 😃

Seed With Content

People are searching. They need answers. Be the individual or brand that solves their problem.

Scale Organically

Through long-form and engaging content, leads & potential customers are taken through your sales funnel

Lift Conversion

Retargetting campaigns, Split-testing and heat-map tracking becomes significantly easier and cheaper.

Over the Long Term....

SEO Content > Paid Traffic

Real Results Not Fluff


Page Views Across Assets


 Own Brands Scaled with SEO Content


Spent on FB and IG Ads in 10 Years


Additional eCom Brands in Development


Blog Posts Personally Written in 10 Years


Digital Assets Owned (Content-Only Sites)

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Testimonials ✅

Codey built a $6k/month business with limited capital through my recommendations. 😃

Amy runs a great community and is an expert in sourcing, product design and branding. 🔥

Steven runs an awesome Amazon FBA training community.

I’m a student and partner. 👨‍💻

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I Can Help…

👉 eCommerce Brands With Less than 5 Employees

👉 Coaches and Consultants

👉 Individuals Looking To Build Digital Assets

…to generate 100,000 or more page views per month.

All without a single dollar on Ad Spend.

While there is no need for paid ads with my content strategy, it’s a long-term play. If you need instant results and a revenue tomorrow, then I’m not the guy for you. I only work with those playing the long game who see the value in organic content.

I’m also not against paid ads. I use Google and Pinterest organic traffic initially to create consumer awareness and scale up.

NB: Minimum spend is $5,000 AUD per month (skilled content writers cost real money) with minimum 6 months to see results. This is called playing the long game.