My blog assists my philanthropic pursuits. I may earn revenue on some pages. More on this.

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Helping individuals get started online with the right plan and consistent execution.

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Codey built a $6k/month business with limited capital through my recommendations. 😃

Amy runs a great community and is an expert in sourcing, product design and branding. 🔥

Steven runs an awesome Amazon FBA training communities. I’m a student and partner. 👨‍💻

I’m Joshua, a 32-year-old an Australian dude who makes 100% of his income on the internet. I started this blog in 2011, and I like to share resources that I’ve used throughout my journey. So if you desire to create an online business of your own but you are unsure of where to start, this page is for you.

For me and my blog followers, the focus is on building opportunities that take advantage of automated systems allowing transactions, cash flow and growth to happen without needing a real-time presence.

My motto since 2011. I’m 9 years into a 40-year journey.

My belief in helping you learn is quite straight forward.

I work hard, share the truth and simply lead by example.

That’s what I love to do and my blog is an extension of that.

I seek to impact, empower and liberate those towards a life of freedom.

That freedom comes in two formats:

  1. Helping those committed to building a sustainable online business
  2. Liberating children who are sold through modern-day sex slavery.

You can learn more about #1 with Free Training and #2 with my Destiny Rescue Partnership.

My value-metric or measurement of success is the appreciation I receive and nothing else.

Starting online businesses is EASY

True. Anyone can start a business. Buy a course, register a domain name and get a feel-good feeling on the inside that you ‘done something’.

And yet:

Building them is the CHALLENGE.

Before you start your engines and jump straight into your online business creation, it’s wise to step back. Really consider whether this is right for you.

For some, it is. For most, however, it actually isn’t. Yes, online businesses aren’t right for most people.

A traditional job or offline business still leads to an excellent outcome for many people. I actually wrote a guide showcasing 52 jobs you can do from home.

My experience has shown that it’s harder than expected to build an online business, often taking years of consistent work and energy to see results.

I created this blog years ago because I believe it is important to start out your journey with a focused and nurturing experience. One that rewards those who are committed.

This is the long game, and only the most committed will thrive.

Personally, I play in 10-year segments, not quick wins in 2 months.

My Appreciation!

While I get a lot of appreciation, I always share it too. 😃 Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me. There is more available on the About page.

I’m here for you both as a friend and as a guide to the sometimes complex digital world.

I’m just a normal guy who enjoys working smart. I’d love to know how else I can help you and through this we can both learn and grow together.