I’m Joshua

I Help Everyday People Start and Scale Profitable Content Websites in 2023

Why Should You Care?

This blog had 170,000+ readers in the past 30 days.

So that’s…

Real Results

Not Fluff

I blog about wealthy individuals, provide helpful reviews, round up inspiring quotes while calling out MLM schemes.

Talk Is Cheap. I Only Share What I Have Achieved Through The Grind.


2 Million+

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11.5 Years

Blogging Right Here, Playing The Long Game



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1.2 Million+

People Who Have Visited This Blog Alone Since Day 1

Is This You?

These are the types of people I usually help…


Are you confused and overwhelmed by the amount of advertising and business models you see on social media?


Are you serious about building a reliable income stream and a REAL online business, but need genuine support and guidance along the way?


Do you want to skip learning by trial and error? Do you value a strong work ethic and patience while aiming to achieve your location-independent goals faster?


Are you able to work towards 5 to 10-year time horizons as opposed to overnight get-rich-quick schemes?


Would you be willing to build a real online business you’ll 100% own and can be sold for a 6-figure or 7-figure payday?

Then I’d love to work together!

What I do isn’t normal. My unique strategy has helped me to create a portfolio of sustainable digital assets since 2011

This is how I’m different from other experts…

Work With Me

Helps you create a long-term and sustainable portfolio of profitable content websites

Helps you fully understand the content-site business model before you spend your first dollar

Teaches you “how to fish” to become self-sufficient

Invites you into a private Slack group for near-instant responses to questions

Helps you develop a personalized long-term strategy blueprint and “game plan” for website investing success

Works with clients to take responsibility and action every single week

Other Experts

Teach expensive-to-start and more complex business models such as eCommerce

Uses disguises such as ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘be your own boss’ to a free trial…only to discover it’s yet another MLM 😩

Spoon-feeds information in preparation for an upsell

Creates a Facebook group for communication where you’re guaranteed to get distracted

Immediately starts getting complicated, rather than building the foundations

Doesn’t circle back with clients on a routine basis, thereby leaving clients out on their own


These are real people that have worked with me along the journey…

Codey built a $6k/month blog with limited capital through my guidance. πŸ˜ƒ

Amy runs a great community and is an expert in sourcing, product design and branding. πŸ”₯

Stephen runs a great course and community that has helped thousands of students globally. 🌎

Ready To Work Together?

As I’m deep in several projects, I currently have a limited intake for 2023

Please reach out with a brief introduction of your ambitions for the roaring 20s