Earnings Disclaimer πŸ€“

Hello – Joshua here.

I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible throughout my blog while assuming that you are a reasonable person who uses common sense. I assume you understand that if you launch your own online business tomorrow, you will not be making six figures the first year or even four figures. In fact, it took me 4 years to start making any decent money online. I wish I had found Amazon earlier.

It is my hope, through the resources available here, that you’ll be faster. That said, I simply do not promote get quick rich schemes. Ever. A lot of hard work, time and patience is required to build any online business, whether the goal is active income or passive income. I’ve put in the time and effort, and have been very fortunate to now make 100% of my income online, as of April 2018. Now I’m sure that this makes perfect sense to you. Unfortunately, however, common sense is apparently becoming less evident in our world and my solicitor has been firm that the following language be published on my site. So let’s get into it…

There is NO GUARANTEE at all that utilizing the same techniques, ideas, strategies, products or services I discuss on here will produce the same results for you. You might make some money, you might make a lot of money, you might make none at all. Examples and strategies provided in reviews, blog posts, articles, videos and other content I produce are based on my personal experience or my outside opinion having used a similar product or service. They may or may not work for your specific business or personal goals. They are not to be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of earnings or success.

The materials kindly provided here on www.WorkWithJoshua.com must not be interpreted as a β€œget rich quick” scheme or otherwise. Launching an online business does take a significant amount of hard work and some financial capital, as businesses always do. Your potential towards creating your own income online is entirely dependent upon you as an individual as well as market dynamics. There are inherit factors that influences your chances of success in the world of eCommerce. This includes, but isn’t limited to, your financial resources, the time you devote, the business model you choose, your current skill-set, the current economic climate and your current marketing knowledge. Based on these factors and more, I simply cannot guarantee any level of earnings for any individual on this website, at any stage of their journey. Utilizing the complimentary email mentoring that is occasionally offered for certain courses, as opposed to simply undertaking a course I recommend, does not promise to increase the likelihood that you’ll be successful.

I am in no way sponsored, endorsed, approved, affiliated, administered by, or associated with Amazon.com or its associated websites or brands in any capacity. I am merely a private individual that provides training and support to those wishing to learn to sell products on Amazon’s platform. I do not have any special or general information about Amazon that cannot be accessed either directly through Amazon or through the public domain. My aim is to teach you what’s worked for me as an individual Amazon FBA seller. If you’re chasing shiny objects, quick riches, shortcuts or ‘guarantee of success’ then I am NOT the person for you.

Apologies for the technical legal wording my friends, but there are always seems to be a tiny percentage of individuals holding unrealistic expectations. I always stand by my open, honest and realistic standpoint, and I know that you all appreciate that.

Joshua Smith