My blog assists my philanthropic pursuits. I may earn revenue on some pages. More on this.


I’m Joshua. I’m a 32-year-old guy from the Gold Coast, Australia who makes a living from the internet, operating numerous ventures.

I don’t believe in luck, nor do I believe success comes fast or easy. I’m simply a product of consistent work ethic.

Just like you, I didn’t win the lottery, my car is by no means fancy and I’m certainly not social media famous.

In fact, I recommend disconnecting (mostly) from the destructive rabbit hole of social media glorification.

I don’t even wear fancy clothes. Go for Lifestyle Minimalism.

My choices, but most importantly, my daily actions, have led me to where I am today. ๐Ÿ‘

My work has helped me move into a better lifestyle that allows me to have greater flexibility in how I live my life.

Nothing, literally nothing, has come easy and I really do resonate with this Australian documentary:

Well worth the watch if you’re serious about taking on a similar journey.

Basic stats

For the analytical people out there, here’s some basic stats

Name: Joshua Smith (Yes…that last name is for real. I should change it…)

Location: Sunny Coast.

Previously: Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide (and Perth as a kid)

Interests: Cycling, motorcycles, catching big waves, yoga, meditation

Investment properties: 3 (and they aren’t doing too well)

Online business: 3 (1 full-time and 2 side hustles, all doing well)

Works: 50 to 55 hours per week online

Books read: 300+ in the personal development and business aisle

Current reading: Principles by Ray Dalio (highly recommended for the serious business builder or corporate leader)

Social media consumption: 5 minutes per week

YouTube consumption: 1 hour per week

Phone use: Less than 20 minutes/day

Parent: Yes

Favourite partnership: Destiny Rescue charity

This is starting to look like a dating application. ๐Ÿ˜… But in all seriousness, I work consistently in the hours I have available, with very little in the way of distractions.

A solid plan + intense focus and consistent action does yield results. Nothing else.

My Personal Story

I used to have a very well paying job, yet one that I sometimes really didn’t enjoy. I was working long and hot days in the mining industry with some not so happy people.

And look, most days were great and I worked hard at the role. Going beyond a $100k annual income with your 1st house at age 21 is no small feat.

That experience gave me the 1st taste of success. I learned that I am bigger than my inner voice.

Maybe that’s you. Inside you feel today a stronger calling or vision of yourself and your life.

In some ways, my early experience in life also helped build a more resilient character. One that has to deal with daily challenges and personal conflicts.

While I’ve done a lot of inner work, I still struggle daily with conflicts.

I guess we’re all on a different journey seeking different outcomes.

While at my job, I had plans to leave but I didn’t have a system or strategy that could allow me to do that. In 2013, I was laid off from a 6-year career along with several others.

Over the years, I focused on learning and absorbing as much as I could online, but more importantly, applying what I had learned. In April 2018, I became self-employed.

Today, in early 2020, I finally feel at peace in my life. ๐Ÿ™

What exactly is the Work With Joshua blog?

With my blog, I want to give you the tools, strategies and opportunity to create your very own online (and somewhat) passive income primarily through Amazon. I’ve found that these skills match to many other marketplaces, such as Shopify and eBay.

In recent months, I’ve pivoted the blog slightly over to include digital assets as I have found good results on this side of the online business spectrum.

I’m certainly not trying to show off my success. For this reason, you’ll find little of me on YouTube or social media, apart from a personal Facebook account.

Instead, I seek to be a guide and a friend to show you what’s involved and how you can get started today. I’m simply Joshua – someone who is still right here on the journey that continues to dig in the trenches, each and every day.

Please read the following carefully:

Whilst I have strong skills in online marketing and eCommerce, I do not consider myself a guru and my techniques are not those “get rich quick” schemes. Those things don’t work, sorry.

Typically I encounter those individuals who are hopeful yet desperate. My advice for you is to find a better job that you enjoy while working consistently on building your own business online, regardless of the strategy you choose.

You should have a 3 to a 5-year window to the future. I personally work in 10-year segments.

Also, I don’t believe in cheap, as cheap often means low quality.

Amazon, in particular, is an expensive business model that requires a significant capital outlay.

I also don’t believe in fast or easy.

You’re smart enough to understand that consistent action = results over the long term.

It takes a lot of hard work and time to find success with any business model.

There is no magic bullet for success and most people WILL quit along the way.

Why do so many people quit?

Because they underestimate what’s actually needed to build a business online.

Also, online businesses aren’t risk-free, as much as those other dudes might proclaim.

You are building a real business and one that comes with risk. You should really consider whether this is right for you.

I do not provide any paid consultations, simply because most of the knowledge I could give you can easily be found either here on my blog or on other websites.

If you’re needing a hand to figure something out, then drop me a line in the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Note: I very rarely take on clients these days.

I enjoy creating great content

What I do have is an inspiring story and one that speaks from experience.

The results I’ve created have not come easy and this journey is still unfolding.

After all, you’re not into hard sells, long sales pages and hyped up information.

My blog posts and recommendations are based upon my own experiences. Sometimes I’ll also share thoughts and opinions as an online marketer, blogger, Amazon FBA seller and preferences towards an online income and location-freedom.

The positive impact towards my audience I have here is my biggest thrill. Where I can help you learn something new every day, no matter how small that impact might be.

In other words, relaxing with “passive income” doesn’t get moving in the morning (despite how Instagram-worthy my recent photoshoot looks… ๐Ÿ˜…).

An Instagramy photo for a dude who hates social media… ๐Ÿ˜‚

Do you know what really gets me inspired to keep going? The dozens of monthly emails with the words “Thank you Joshua” in the body, often in the 1st sentence. ๐Ÿ˜Š

That’s what drives me every day, as well as my charitable partnership with Destiny Rescue.

My measurement of success is the impact I can have on the world, not my bank account. You too can be motivated daily by the inspiration from Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube channel and community.

Now, I may earn commissions on some of the products recommended here, but I’ve got a well-trained bullshit meter. I’m happy to call out things for what they are.

You are welcome you to have a look around and be inspired to chart a new path in your life.

But well-intentioned dreams aside, this journey takes work. A shit-load of work in fact.

I’m still learning but most importantly, IMPLEMENTING each and every day.

If you’re willing, able, prepared and committed, I’d love the chance to work together.

– Joshua Smith