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About Joshua

Hey! I’m Joshua. 🙂

I created my blog in 2011. Today it’s been read by 647,000 people globally, and growing month on month.

Of course, it never started out this way. It’s always a super slow game in the foundation stage of any project I’ve worked on.

For most people, they jump from one thing to the next every month. I came to a realization early on that organic traffic is my thing. That – and eCommerce.

I’ve very much figured out my lane in the journey. Now I’m doubling down on what works for me.

I’m not social media famous which is why my only links are to Pinterest and Linked in, neither of which I really use.

I also don’t get quick and instant results in my projects, because the things I work on typically have a large payoff several years into the future.

Essentially, I tend to choose the harder paths in the online space as the competition is far, far less. I play the long game with daily execution.

While I use this cheesy-as-heck photo on this about page, I’ve transitioned right away from the laptop lifestyle. I much prefer consistent progress.

I should probably update that one at some stage…

Now, if there is one documentary which resonates with me the most:

So if you’re searching for the “expert” to get you instant results in 3 months with minimal work, then we aren’t going to be a match.

You should at least have a 3 to a 5-year window to the future. I personally work in 10-year segments and I’m just transitioning into my 2nd 10-year block.

I have the pleasure of working 60+ hours per week with a genuine smile.

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone but this is how I like it.

And this is despite living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia.

I get to work with some of the best people in the world.

In my own portfolio I’ve launched:

  • 2 eCommerce Brands purely from content
  • 7 Digital Assets
  • 3 eCommerce Brands in development
  • 1 Personal Blog (this one)
  • 950,000 organic page views total

I’d love to jump into the SaaS space in the future with a strong content-first approach, but for now at least, I’m quite happy building out eCom brands with content.

Despite some good success here, I’m still warming up.

But it’s less about me and more about you.

I want to show you what’s possible with sacrifice and commitment, not the bare-minimum work ethic that has encapsulated the western world.

If you want the big results, then you’re going to have to work. That’s why this is called Work With Joshua, not ‘Go Fulltime in 3 Weeks’ or something unrealistic.

Scrolling hourly on social media doesn’t count as work. I gave that up in 2019.

If you’re serious, choose your growth strategy and enrol into a quality course.

Then you’ll need to block out the world and get into deep, deep work.

Start implementing what you learn. One step forward each and every day.

Once the world settles down, I’d love to cross paths.

For now at least, I’ll be executing on my plan.