Rated: Importing Mastery by Amanda Clarkson (Live Now Education)

I’ve been asked for feedback on Amanda Clarkson’s Importing Mastery program, so this review will examine the Live Now Education program in detail. At this stage, this program is only available to RE students, and you may wish to read my review (and experiences) within the community right here.

As some of you know, having been on the blog previously, that I outline as much as I possibly can. This is to give readers as much information as possible to make a decision for or against a product.

Thoughts on Amanda Clarkson

It’s true that in the past, Matt and Amanda Clarkson had several negative reviews online. I believe their eBay Magic / Bidding Buzz programs may have set some unrealistic expectations, though at the same time, there were many positive reviews also left.

Quite commonly, those who leave such feedback generally haven’t worked hard enough. I spend 40 to 50 hours per week online. I can tell from the nature and context of a comment or question exactly where someone is within their mindset. You can make progress, or you can make excuses and blame someone else. You just can’t do both.

I do feel that Amanda is one of the most genuine and heartwarming people out there. Like many, she’s been through some challenges in business, and outlays everything. During the Brisbane floods, her entire business was literally washed away overnight.

In addition to her own Amazon business, she’s recently started G’day Gorgeous Select, a coaching program for women’s self esteem. She does also still run Live Now Education to provide coaching for students, whilst Matt Clarkson is mostly retired but also helps property investors from time to time.

Examining Importing Mastery

When I first saw this program from Live Now Education available, I decided not to buy. This was because I initially felt it was unnecessary. That said, I now regret not buying it earlier. This is a really rock-solid program if you want to learn importing, which is an important characteristic during the Amazon FBA journey.

Importing Mastery my receipt
My purchase of Importing Mastery

I purchased this almost 2 years after selling it available at the first ever Summit. In fact, I went live on Amazon without it, but I didn’t realize it until now just how at-risk I was left without the paperwork that Amanda provides.

The program teaches you the fundamentals of importing, as the RE course is really an Amazon course, not an importing course. That said, you don’t need to purchase this to go live on Amazon, but I would definitely recommend that you do. Especially at the price that Amanda is offering, it’s worth it simply for the paperwork alone.

Outlaying the modules

Upon logging in, you’re presented with the following screen. This allows you to have a good overview as to what is what. As the Importing Mastery program is catered just for Reliable Education students, there is a video directly from Adam.

Importing Mastery Amanda Clarkson
Here’s the welcome screen, with a message from Adam and Amanda

So the modules are separated into the following categories:

  • Importing mind map (This is seriously good, and similar to Samples to Success by RE)
  • Research and Tender Process stage (Where most of you are right now)
  • Sampling and Negotiation stage (I liked this module the best)
  • Purchase Production stage (Here’s where your contracts are worth every dollar)
  • Packaging Freight stage (The fun part where it’s off to Amazon!)

In addition to the 4 Stages of Importing, there’s also some cool bonuses. In fact, I’m going to outlay everything in this gallery. This way you can see exactly what you’re receiving.

So for $997 (at least that’s what I paid) you’re getting all of this. Further more, there’s been students that have requested additional information. Amanda Clarkson is always happy to update content.

Students of Importing Mastery
If you want more content in the course, then you can certainly request it!

It’s great to see that Amanda has outlined everything so clearly. Some students are only after specific modules or information, and can skip ahead. The titles of the videos are very obvious.

Upsides to Importing Mastery

I particularly liked these factors:

  • The course is geared specifically for Amazon FBA sellers (US platform)
  • Amanda has really thought of every single conceivable element
  • There’s a vast amount of paperwork, literally everything you need
  • You’ll get a 1x coaching call I think for 30 minutes (I haven’t used it)
  • Amanda is quite approachable and comes in with 15 years experience
  • She imports by the container load and relies on the same paperwork
  • There is NO UPSELL within this program. Nothing is hidden at all.

Some might bark at the frustration of having to purchase this after purchasing the RE course. Remember that RE is an Amazon course, and not an importing course. You don’t have to buy this, but many choose to, and I do recommend it. Some people already have some importing experience or contacts, so not everyone purchases Importing Mastery or has to. I do believe that you can go live without this course, but it makes it significantly easier, and you’ll sleep better at night time.

Downsides to Importing Mastery

Whilst I’m an optimistic person, I’m also a fair person. I want to provide every single conceivable negative, so that course provides can improve for the sake of their students. My reviews have helped many course providers as well as students too. I also everyone the best success possible, and that can only happen where by I can share these points for improvement.

  • The course is only available for Adam’s RE students at this stage
  • Amanda sometimes repeats the same concepts in more than 1 lesson
  • I’ve sometimes been locked out due to my dynamic IP address
  • It took a few days for her to send me the tax invoice after joining
  • I was mistakenly added to her women’s empowerment email list

That’s really all I can think of after completing the entire Importing Mastery program. These negatives are minimal after all. I’ve also used some of the paperwork available, but not all of it. In my opinion, she’s over-delivered. There’s more than what you’ll need.

Edit 2021: I’ve come to realize that one of the legal ‘documents’ that Amanda has provided is simply an online form which I don’t believe shows any legal basis for seller protection. However, they are marketed as being created by a professional lawyer. πŸ˜”

Regarding the ‘Dynamic IP address lockout‘ – they have a system to prevent fraudulent use of their course. That is – Person A purchasing it and sharing the login details with 10 different people. For the guys who do this, it’s not cool.

The course is only available on one IP address, and you’ll have to have your account reset each time you login, if your internet provider doesn’t have you on a static IP address. I’ve found that I basically had to do the course all in one session (binge watching), and access the paperwork too. Otherwise I’d have to request an account reset that wouldn’t happen immediately but within 24 hours generally. This is because I usually watched it in the evening.

This is not Amanda’s fault all, it’s just there’s a small percentage out there that do the wrong thing. Amanda wants to protect the vast majority of honest students (including me) who keep her intellectual property to themselves. Massive kudos!

Closing thoughts

I hope this Importing Mastery review has helped give you an idea towards what you’re actually getting. You can’t simply compare this to eBay Magic / Bidding Buzz experiences that others have had almost a decade in the past. Amanda Clarkson has brought some serious value to the table here, and this course is catered for those that are prepared to work.

There’s no affiliate program for the Live Now Education importing course at this stage, so for this who wish to reward me, I am sorry. πŸ™‚ You’re welcome to use my Zonguru referral link here.

Again, I don’t do reviews for affiliate commissions, but always welcome those who use mine. I’ve been in the RE community (at this time of writing) for 3.5 years, and will still be here 10 years on.

I look forward to continuing to help as many people as I can. Should you have a friend or family member, then they will receive some cool bonuses if they join Reliable Education through my unique link here. Also, for those with questions on Importing Mastery, then feel free to them below, or simply get in touch with Live Now Education who will be happy to help you out.

Importing Mastery Rated
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  • Student Support
  • Refund Policy
  • Program Pricing

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8 thoughts on “Rated: Importing Mastery by Amanda Clarkson (Live Now Education)”

  1. Hey Joshua, thanks for the detailed review. How long does the course take to complete in hours? Just trying to factor it into my timeline. Cheers, Joe.

    • Hey Joe, it’s a lot shorter than Reliable Education’s course. 4 hours from memory? It’s been almost a year since I was on the inside and just had a look for an estimate for you. To be honest, I mostly got it for the importing documentation. Cheers

  2. Thanks so much for your review, Josh. Your review on the RE course helped us make a decision to commit, and this has done the same. Thanks for your time.

  3. This course was very marketed by Adam Hudson in the RE course, however while some content is relevant most of the content is disappointing and outdated.
    The legal documents they offer as samples really aren’t worth the paper they are written on in China. To be fully protected in China the documents need to be written in Chinese and custom made to your needs by a legal professional.
    I found that for the fraction of the price that you pay for this course you should get Steven Selikoff’s book “The complete Book of Manufacturing, Development, Manufacturing & Sales”. You will find more in-depth information there.

    • Hi Harvey, I really appreciate your input. Yes, the course really isn’t as detailed as I would have hoped and my thoughts have changed somewhat over the years.

      I didn’t get through the documents when writing this review but later I found that it was merely an online form that later spits out the inputs. I did use them for a few small orders without a problem yet not really something I would entail using for any big orders.

      I met Steven at the Canton Fair in 2019 and recently bought his book. It’s HUGEEEE but loaded with wisdom too which is what one would expect if they knew Steven. It covers everything end-to-end and I’d highly recommend it too. I think he has a course out now as well.


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