As both a business owner and philanthropist, my work here supports charities. I may earn revenue on some pages. More on this.

An Overview of Digital Assets

Hey guys, as you know I keep things simple on the blog.

“What are digital assets?” You ask.

Digital assets are very similar to physical assets.

Real estate is the most well-known physical asset class.

By having digital assets, we can avoid the massive cost and time involved with acquiring physical real estate and retiring early.

Because often, it’s a 20-year game plan to invest in the real estate market. And for many of us…that is just too long. We want freedom a little bit sooner, right?

My digital assets story

I started many years ago as a property investor. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out. Interest rates went up but the promised capital growth didn’t happen.

For years I wondered what to do. That is until I discovered digital assets.

Today my focus is on online income with a mixture of physical and digital products. As of April 2018, I make my entire income online with the choice to live anywhere in the world. And yes, I may earn commissions from programs recommend on this page.

Now, I have both active and passive income. There is quite a difference.

Digital assets provide passive income. Consulting and active referral marketing is active income.

Examples of digital assets

The two best examples of digital assets are:

  • Selling a physical or digital product online. Amazon is the ideal distribution channel which is open for everyday people, not just big companies.
  • Building a content-based website that drives traffic and refers people to associated offers. I have a good portfolio of these.

Given the extent of damage that COVID-19 is having right now, I’m more inclined to recommend the content-based website process.

Getting started

I love digital assets and have seen people go from a standing start to full-time online income in 2 to 3 years. This is freedom.

Yet most people won’t do the work. You know – they want the reward without the effort.

Unfortunately in this generation, work ethic has been lost as we’ve enjoyed the “good times” for far too long.

And so, if you’re committed, I’ve partnered with Gael and Mark to show some great case studies from people who have built digital assets that aren’t Amazon FBA businesses.

For a solid example: Nick from Australia built a digital asset

Compared to selling on Amazon, you can get started with significantly less capital outlay. If that’s something that sounds interesting, then check out Nick’s story.