My 5 Core Mentors For The Next 10 Years (Total Financial Freedom)

My friends, I have been asked quite often recently exactly who inspires me. Truth be told, I’ve had many mentors over the last 10 years. Some are greater than others, and many have been influential upon my success today. I’ll examine today who’s taking me all the way, and I’m choosing not to be distracted by anything else.

This journey started in 2009 upon purchasing my first real estate investing book. Since then I’ve made plenty of money and lost tens of thousands too through bad investments and costly mistakes. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on my knowledge, and now that’s returned a 7 times return on investment.

Since then, I’ve decided to refine exactly who will serve me for the next 10 years. Sure – today I have the total laptop lifestyle and time freedom. However, I’m also looking for a massive impact and results for those who follow me too.

“Here’s how I’m going to beat you. I’m going to outwork you. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.”

Pat Summitt (Female)

I believe there are no secrets to success either. That quote sums up my learnings over the last 10 years. Entrepreneurship is full of quitters, so competition is really minimal.

Note: There are no affiliate links here. These mentors aren’t in any particular order, for each serves me in different ways in business.

Let’s jump in…

My mentor list

These are my 5, and most of these I’ve known for years. They inspire me every single day. They are all multi-millionaires, mostly earned from the internet.

Tom Bilyeu

Tom’s the co-founder of Quest Nutrition. Since then he’s been running Impact Theory for the last few years. Tom’s interviews have been highly influential in my life.

Adam Hudson

Yep – you’ve probably been on the blog prior and have seen my experiences with Reliable Education. Adam Hudson has been a large influence over the last few years, and someone that I fully support. What I learned from his FBA training allowed me to quit my job in April 2018.

Stefan James

I’ve been following Stefan religiously since 2012. In fact, I recently helped him out on the Knowledge Business Blueprint launch. He won 3rd position out of 600 affiliates, and how has won a Mastermind with Tony Robbins coming up in Fiji.

Sam Ovens

Sam’s younger than me, yet motivates me massively. Sam has created the Consulting Accelerator and owns There are 10,000+ students in his community of go-getters. Sam really does go against the grain in both the social media space, the marketing space and most importantly the business space.

Alex Becker

Alex Becker has founded several companies and takes a hardline approach towards beginners on his popular YouTube channel. He unpacks not just wealth creation but minimalism and how to get stuff done with a clear path to market.

The rest of the crew

These list above are core influencers, those that really drive and motivate me. There are several other mentors that, from time to time, I will seek knowledge from.

These include:

  • Mel Robbins of the 5 second rule (Get shit done…)
  • Dan PΓͺna aka The 50 Billion Dollar Man
  • Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley (7+ year customer!)
  • Michael Lane – Director of Success Resources Australia
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – I couldn’t leave Gary off this list
  • Grant Cardone – Fantastic for in-person sales training
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Created a massive shift in my thinking
  • Tai Lopez – The famous ‘Here in my garage’ money guru
  • Sarah Crisp – Wholesale TED. Affiliate marketing genius
  • Peng Joon – The man who can really sell from the stage
  • Garrett White of Wake Up Warrior (Turns boys into men)
  • Clark Kedgley of Refusing to Settle (YouTube influencer)

Tony Robbins doesn’t make this list currently. I’ve loved Tony in the past, and still love his wisdom today. Heck, 6x Tony Robbins events under my belt now. That said, he’s mostly theory and motivation, as opposed to practical business tools and strategies. This list is about getting shit done.

The truth about mentors

Whilst these influences on my life have had an immense impact… emotionally, spiritually and financially, there’s still worked involved. I’ve had to hustle, I’ve had to make things happen. Nothing changes unless I take action personally.

My 5 Core Mentors For The Next 10 Years
I highly agree with this one, especially as it relates to making money online

Go ahead and use these mentors. They’ve helped me immensely, and they’ll help you too. They won’t walk you down the side walk, and you’re older than that now. But they’ll challenge you to step beyond your limitations.

Closing off

You need to have your goals in front of you, every single day. I know mine – full retirement by age 40. I can continue to work if I choose too. Even today I have a pretty epic lifestyle, which has only come about through continuous work, sacrifice and financial commitment.

You’ll need the reason that drives you. I know mine internally and externally. It’s private but revolves around my impact on the planet, and those that come into my life. I want to inspire thousands of people globally.

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