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A full review of Larry Lubarsky’s Wholesale Academy (I’m impressed!)

This really is the most comprehensive Amazon Wholesale Academy training program review, with the course pioneered by @WatchMeAmazon aka Larry Lubarsky and his years of experiences in the trenches.

I also sell on Amazon FBA, and have done so for quite some time, in addition to eBay plus 7+ years experience in eCommerce. This one comes with experience guys and girls, as someone who sees BS a mile away. Read on.

I’ve written a bunch of guides relating to my experiences. You can find them here. They’ve been well received by the thousands of people who read my blog weekly.

Getting started with Amazon

There is a wave of new training companies coming on board attempting to sell people the Amazon dream deal. And rightly so, it’s an absolute eCommerce beast! So much so, that I recommend that anyone looking to jump into eCommerce, to start with Amazon. The more reliable strategies are found in either wholesale or private label.

Amazon really is the best opportunity out there, and I’ve done just about everything. That said, not all companies are the same, with the Amazon Wholesale Academy being far from a scam. But some courses should be given a wide berth.

Thoughts on Larry Lubarsky

Larry Lubarsky is a unique character, one that I admire greatly. What blows me away is the amount of free content he shares on YouTube. Like, you probably don’t even need the course as he gives away 80% away. But you’d feel compelled to buy for that last 20%. This could very well make you a millionaire, if you actually stand up and apply it.

He reminds me of Frank Kern back in the day. He’s someone who would give away so much, that his reviews were always glowing. His fans felt like they owed him a ton, and he was rewarded extremely well financially. He has the best conversion rates in the industry, especially when compared to his competition who wanted to hold back information.

Wholesale vs Private Label

I believe Larry is quite against private-label, and while I sell primarily private-label, I actually agree with him. You have the opportunity to order some products to sell on Amazon. Then in 3 days time with wholesale you’re already making sales, unlike private-label which takes 3 months…minimum! And fingers crossed that China gets your product right the first time. Plus you can often get credit terms on wholesale, can get returns if units are defective and shipping can be quick, easy and low cost.

The downsides with private-label are the lower profit margins around 10-15% which can discourage some. Please consider that most multi-national product companies turning over millions monthly are only achieving 8-10% margins. You often also need higher capital. Now, this can be a real advantage as the average Amazon seller is starting with minimal funds, so there’s much less competition for those with $30k to $50k to begin.

Wholesale Academy Review

The course itself really does cover everything from A to Z on how to become a retailer on Amazon, by purchasing directly from wholesalers. Some courses are built on funnel systems, teasing you with information but leaving the best information for those prepared to invest the big bucks. Not with Larry! You really have everything you need to get yourself started on the wholesale journey. You’ll be learning directly from an industry veteran.

The Wholesale Academy logo

What I’ve noticed too is that he uses the term ‘Amazon Wholesale Academy’, and I’m sure the word ‘Amazon’ is a trade-mark violation. Then again, Amazon is probably praising him for the value he is offering to his students. Very few people in the world would be able to get away with this, a real testament to Larry’s high quality education.

In the course there will be:

  • Deciding upon the right products to sell and be profitable
  • Using systems, process and automation to speed things up
  • Phone scripts and how to best talk with key wholesalers
  • How to even become the sole product distributor on Amazon
  • Scaling up from just a few SKUs up to hundreds easily
  • Dealing with price wars and competitors with better pricing
  • Knowing when to pass on deals, and when to proceed further

Plus, a whole lot more when the course is actually launched to the public. Hopefully this happens in 2019, as there’s thousands of people waiting right now to get inside.

Downsides to the course

The course cost is a little higher than others, because he’s not looking for the typical student who’s tight on funds. He wants massively successful students, and trust me, he’s still going to make way more money through his own Amazon business than the course. And so he knows that these students are holding on to higher capital, and are prepared to spend up for a higher quality course.

I guess he would prefer fewer students than other courses, but a significantly higher ratio of success students. I really do love Larry’s no BS approach, if Gary Vee were an Amazon seller, his name would be Larry Lubarsky. Yep – I just went there.

If you feel that this is a get-rich-quick scheme, then please don’t buy the course. If you feel that you’ll buy it, watch some training videos for a motivational boost and then do nothing, then please don’t buy the course. A lottery ticket would be most suitable for you. This course is for winners who understand that some hard work is required upfront, stepping out of the comfort zone with patience and long-term goals. This review of the Amazon Wholesale Academy was written for those winners.

Closing thoughts on the Wholesale Academy

I really do feel that you’ve found the best training program. It’s for those who wish to start selling on Amazon via wholesale instead of the typical private-label approach. Yes – it’s still all possible in 2019, and opportunities are plentiful. I’ve found one particular niche I’m doing well from. Now thanks to Larry Lubarsky, will continue to expand on it.

Wholesale on Amazon in my experience is much easier to start than private-label which is riskier. When paired with Larry’s wisdom, I can see myself joining his 8-figure club in the future. And I hope this review has inspired you to take the next step on the journey.

Note: At this time, the course is not available to the public. This review will be updated upon the launch of the Wholesale Academy. Stay tuned!

Onwards and upwards!

My Review of Foundr’s entrepreneurship training platform

This Foundr course review (Gretta Van Kiel & Nathan Chan) is written by me, an Australian with 3 different eCommerce businesses, 2 of which sell across multiple platforms. I’m no stranger to making money online, so this review comes with a degree of solid experience.

I’ve been on my journey for 10 years now, having attended many workshops and seminars on eCommerce in that time, across Australia and the US. And during that journey, I’ve reviewed products and services that I feel are very beneficial to my readers.

Further, I’ve reviewed some that are absolutely trash and I’ll tell things as they are. One company I reviewed even closed its doors due to my condemnation, and rightly so! I’m the genuine guy in the world of social media in-authenticity.

Foundr has been operational for several years now, given how deep I went through their website and social media profiles. I appreciate the sheer effort and passion they have towards helping would-be entrepreneurs start their journey online. In fact, I’d feel that experienced entrepreneurs would find their content, both free and paid, to be beneficial in their growth. Names such as Richard Branson and Gary Vee are no small feats, so I applaud them on this front. Some people would be quick to call Foundr magazine a scam, and I believe it’s far from it.

I personally got a bit jaded seeing Gretta appear on my Instagram and Facebook feeds 10x everyday. It almost appeared too easy to start a business online, until Nathan shared a video of how Gretta lost over a million dollars on very poor quality tea where the contents had every disease imaginable. I swallowed my pride with that one, and decided NOT to unsubscribe. Instead, I’ve started following their content more closely.

If you feel that the Foundr community is for you, don’t be afraid to check out the competition too! Companies such as The Entourage and Dale Beaumont are highly beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to start or move up to the next level, although both appeal to slightly different audiences.

If you have another training conference or seminar worth attending, then please drop it in the comments below. Either way, we all need a helping hand and can benefit from having a community of action-takers around us. 80% of the reason I attend marketing conferences is simply to meet others who do what I do, as this journey can be lonely at times.

In summary, I believe that the Foundr Community would be highly beneficial for most people. If it’s too overwhelming for you now, simply stop and come back in a couple of months when the time feels right. This team of helpful entrepreneurs is likely to be around for a long time!

Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Training Course Review: I Got The Course!

A Full Blue Sky Amazon Review

57 Things You Should Know About Sophie Howard's Amazon Course



Founder. Blogger. Enjoys work.

Welcome to the Ultimate Blue Sky Amazon Course Review for 2021.

I’ve spent thousands of hours auditing and reviewing the content from many online courses, including the popular Sophie Howard course.

If you’re ready to enrol but need to know:

βœ… How Sophie compares to other popular Amazon FBA courses

βœ… What are the common criticisms of Blue Sky Amazon

βœ… Who is Sophie Howard and what is her actual experience

βœ… If you really can achieve results with her course training

βœ… What the Blue Sky Amazon course actually costs right now

Then you’re in the right place as I’ve done the entire thing.

Blue Sky Amazon Overview

πŸ’‘Core Concepts

Sophie Howard’s course teaches students how to create a part or full-time income selling physical products on Amazon FBA. Her model focuses around low competition and high profit goods with unique strategies.

πŸ’° Current Price

Sophie Howard’s course retails between $2,500 USD and $3,500 USD depending on location. Some payment plans may be available.

πŸŽ“ Student Volume

More than 10,000 students have enrolled into Sophie’s training in 3 years.

πŸ‘ Common Praise

Very analytical approach to product research. Unique strategy. Weekly webinars. Active community involvement. Sophie really knows her stuff, hence selling an Amazon business for $1,000,000 recently.

❌ Common Complaints

The “Amazon Income Experts” have upset some people over the phone. Course consists of homemade videos. Long and drawn out tutorials. Higher than average pricing.

πŸ”₯ The X-Factor

Live conference events and phone support (coaching calls) are included in the purchase price meaning you aren’t being subjected to upsells like in other courses.

πŸ“ˆ Industry Trends

Amazon FBA is growing increadibly fast. In 2020, McKinsey reported 10 years of eCommerce growth in 3 months. Sophie Howard’s students are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this exponential growth.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» My Verdict

Blue Sky Amazon suits the older generation or stay at home parent who is seeking a new income stream but needs support along the way. It appeals less to motivated individuals.

Course Rating

About Me

Hey there, I’m Joshua. I don’t drive a Ferrari or sip coconuts on the beach.

My focus remains on actual work and consistent progress through:

✏️ Search Marketing

✏️ Content Publishing

✏️ Consulting/Client Work

✏️ eCommerce (side hustle)

I’ve been blogging since 2011. Today, more than 500,000 people globally have read my blog and in-depth course reviews.

I’ve had quite a bit of involvement in Blue Sky Amazon as a student. Let’s get this going.


Amazon Takes Work

This isn’t for the faint-hearted.

This is serious work that you’ll need to do. Sure – the massive rise of eCommerce is something that you can tap into, but it’s certainly not easy in the early days. It might seem easy but that’s only when you’ve been doing it for a while.

Sophie Has Legitimacy

Sophie started on Amazon approximately 7 years ago while working in a full-time job.

Building her business wasn’t easy. She had to work diligently with the resources available and eventually scaled things up.

Since then, she’s been featured on podcasts, spoken at conferences and continues to sell products while running a family.

10,000 Students and Growing

Between Blue Sky Amazon and Aspiring Entrepreneurs, that’s social proof that she’s genuine.

There are more than 10,000 people who have enrolled into her training. Clearly they value and trust her expertise on Amazon.

Her Facebook group (as pictured above) is a treasure grove of Q&A sessions, so you’re very well supported on the journey.

Amazon Navigator 2021

Module 1

Making a Start

This is really an orientation module designed to warm you up. Sophie touches on some personal development content.

Module 2

Account Setup

With Amazon sometimes banning new seller accounts, it’s important that you get this process right. The course is worth it for Unit 1 alone.

Module 3

Selecting the Right Products

In this module, Sophie and her team go deep on product research and selection. I appreciate that we as students get the perspective of 8 different successful sellers. I found it quite eye-opening and it’s clear that everyone is process-driven.

Module 4

How to avoid being another copycat seller.

To be successful on Amazon FBA, you MUST stand out. Copycats aren’t really profitable so you’ll need to learn branding.

Module 5

Suppliers and success.

Finding a factory in China, Nepal and India isn’t too difficult. Especially as Sophie gives a complete list of ideas and handouts.

Module 6

It’s all about the numbers here.

On Amazon FBA, the financial metrics are essential. This module I really praise because it’s clear that Sophie is into the details.

Module 7

The boring freight and logistics training.

I think that most people would find this module to be quite boring though also quite technical. Sophie takes what is a complex process into easy, bite-sized steps for even the most novice of individuals.

Module 8

Listing optimisation

What seperates average sellers from successful sellers is their listings. Sophie really drills down on both design and keywords.

Module 9

Launch and playing the long game.

In every Amazon course that I’ve done, the PPC modules have gone over my head. I’m a content and traffic guy.

Here in Blue Sky Amazon, things were a little different. Fiona seemed to explained things more ‘human’ than others.

Module 10

Wrapping up.

This is the last lesson in the Amazon Navigator 2020 course. Sophie then leads on to additional resources which I’ll cover later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Sophie Sell on Amazon?

Sophie previously sold tea and hippie goods. Today in 2021, she sells home lifestyle items.

She has sold 2 Amazon businesses. One sold for 6-figures and another sold for 7-figures. Today, she continues to sell goods on the platform for the lifestyle it brings.

Does She Make Money With Courses?

Yes. Sophie makes some money with her course.

Given her analytical approach to product research, many people asked her to create a course. One that makes her a few dollars a month I’m sure. I estimate that with selling 2 businesses and 7+ years of selling, she’s made $2,000,000+ from Amazon FBA. I remain doubtful that she’s made more from her course sales, than from FBA, unlike most other experts in this space.

Why Is The Price So High?

Blue Sky Amazon charges a high price as this includes coaching and conferences.

We also need to factor in the remarkably high costs of advertising on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it costs $2,000 in online advertising to have 1 student enrol. That leaves $1,500 to cover the costs of the conference (hotels usually charge a fortune) and 6 coaching calls. That would only leave a little bit on the top for Sophie.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the highest price around town. I’ve seen a popular FBA course with 30,000 students charging $4,997. Guess what? Students enrol despite then having to pay extra for coaching calls and attending their annual conference.

Can I Get A Discount?

Blue Sky Amazon occasionally offers discounts to prospective students.

I believe these discounts are country-dependent. You might also get a discount if you don’t wish to have mentoring calls.

Why Is Amazon The Best Opportunity?

Amazon and eCommerce continues to surge due to COVID-19 and shoppers not attending physical stores.

Given this rise, it’s far better to rise with the tide if you have enough capital to take action.

How Come I Keep Seeing Sophie Howard Ads?

Sophie Howard’s marketing company, Knowledge Source, believes that you may be likely to enrol.

You may have watched her ads or engaged with Sophie Howard’s content. If the opportunity doesn’t appeal to you, then you can block these ads entirely by using an ad-blocker and purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription.

Do They Offer Refunds?

Yes. A 7-day refund often applies.

It’s wise to check with the “Amazon Income Expert” prior to enrolling as Terms and Conditions could change at anytime.

So The Blue Sky Amazon Course Is Legit?

Yes. Sophie Howard’s course has real students across North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

10,000 students and counting paired with coaches and Sophie becoming a millionaire as an Amazon FBA seller.

Where Does Sophie Howard Live Today?

Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

Sophie moved to New Zealand from the United Kingdom more than 10 years ago. She lives with her husband and 2 kids.

Who Has Bought Her Course?

Stay at home parents, the older demographic looking to create a new revenue stream and some ambitious individuals.

It’s less likely that you’ll find those who have built businesses before. It’s mostly a beginner demographic who needs help.

Most people are over the age of 30, with 40 to 65 being the core demographic. They often have capital and time to learn.

What Does Her Course Actually Cost?

It depends.

Sophie Howard’s course costs between $2,500 and $3,500 US dollars. Taking a payment plan often costs more than upfront.

How Much Capital Do I Need for Amazon FBA?

Realistically, $10,000 USD.

To have a better chance of success, you’ll need to have at least $10,000 available to you. This is far more than what Sophie quotes in her webinars. The students who I see become successful are those who really have a solid backing.

Many people with bigger success stories start at $40,000 in starting capital, while the big dogs start with $100,000.

Can I Still Do It If I Don't Have The Capital?


There are various ways that students have made good money with Amazon without the upfront capital.

This includes:

πŸ‘‰ Becoming a consulting for brands on Amazon FBA

πŸ‘‰ Going down the Kindle route with publishing eBooks

πŸ‘‰ Partnering up with other students who have capital but lack the time or motivation

Can I Really Replace My Income With Amazon FBA?

Some have. It depends.

Most people who I see become successful aren’t the type to ponder around. They’re deadly serious about success and dedicate time towards product research, raising capital, consistent execution and investing into themselves.

You could make $20,000/month or nothing at all. The results you see out there are individually dependent and based primarily on resourcefulness. I’ve personally seen some staggering FBA results from people with very average backgrounds.

This is a controversial statement, but most people in the western world are quite lazy. Entrepreneurship rewards those who can work consistently instead of doing the bare minimum. If you want to replace your income, then this won’t be an easy walk.

Additional Resources

Sophie includes additional resources in her course. This includes:

Drop Flipping

If Amazon FBA isn’t for you, there’s drop shipping.

This course is quite short than the typical drop shipping course in the market, but a great way to get a feel for the model.

Buy Cashflow

Purchase an existing profitable business and scale it further.

In the fortunate position of being able to buy an Amazon business? Sophie bought one and takes us through the process.

She covers some of the due diligence and sticking points to look out for. It’s similar to Jaryd Krause’s due diligence framework.

Kindle Publishing Income

Lacking capital? Go with Kindle.

Sophie has been able to generate quite an impressive revenue from her portfolio of Kindle books alone. Perfect for beginners.

Extensive Checklists, Worksheets and SOPs

The Blue Sky Amazon Course comes with extensive resources

We’re talking almost 30 templates, SOPs, NDA Agreements and worksheets. Given Sophie’s background having worked for the NZ Government, it’s clear that she’s process-driven.

Weekly Webinars for Students Only

Paid students receive lifetime access to weekly webinars.

Every Friday students receive a live webinar. These are in-depth and zero fluff with Q&A sessions held afterwards.

Common Praise

There is many good things to say about Blue Sky Amazon. This includes:

Sophie's Knowledge

Sophie is more switched on than most other educators.

While some people may romanticize the business model, Sophie has been more suttle. This is because she’s spent 10,000 hours learning, launching and perfecting the process of selling physical products online.

With 500+ products launched, it’s clear that she has genuine knowledge worth investing into. 10,000 people agree.

Paying $3,500 to learn from someone who’s made over a million dollars on Amazon FBA. She should be charging 10x this.

Total Support

No student left behind.

When you invest into the course, you’ll be receiving phone support from various verified and existing Amazon FBA sellers.

It’s these individuals that can help you make better decisions on finding the right product with less competition.

Not only this, but they’re very active in the Facebook group everyday to help you on the journey. You won’t fall behind here.

Unique Strategy

Sophie teaches a low competition strategy.

Given Sophie’s experience, she’s been able to draw upon some unique ways to find products that others aren’t teaching.

I can’t really spill the beans here but I was quite impressed by just how much she drills down to avoid the competition.

Not only that, but she focuses on products that are above the $20 price point (to avoid Chinese sellers) but below $50.

Further more, Sophie isn’t a fan of betting the farm. This means that students can dip their feet in first for some good trial runs.

Common Complaints

While we’ve seen some great elements, there are also some negatives that have left people less than impressed. This includes:

High Course Price

Yeah…Blue Sky Amazon is a little expensive.

There are dozens of affordable Amazon FBA courses out there often costing between $500 and $2,000.

This makes Blue Sky Amazon an expensive offer. At the same time, we do need to understand the hard costs associated with marketing a course, the coaching calls plus constant updates. This leaves less money on the table than we might think.

I don’t particularly think her course is all that pricey. Sure – someone who’s been living paycheck to paycheck for years will struggle to grasp the price, but those who have had prior online success or are excellent at budgeting will see the value.

Homemade Videos

My pet-hate is the home-style video setup.

You’ll find that the videos aren’t as professional as say YouTube. Most of the tutorials are simply screen-recorded.

Now – don’t get me wrong. I’m not against home-style videos and my favourite website investing course takes this approach. In many of these home courses I’ve bought (20+), everything is recorded in 4k with excellent sound quality.

But with Sophie’s course, things have been overlooked somewhat. In one video, I heard her neighbors chainsaw… πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Now – this isn’t a representation of the entire course. It’s just a small part but it lowers the quality of the course overall.

I know that Sophie has a big focus in 2021 to improve the quality of her videos. Once that happens, I’ll update this review.

Ultimately, she’s more of an Amazon seller rather than a course creator. In other words, her talent is doing rather than teaching.

Phone Sales Team

Blue Sky Amazon uses “Amazon Income Experts” which is a fancy word for sales calls to drive student enrolments.

This practice is unlike most other Amazon FBA courses today. So much so that not everyone is happy with these calls.

They have had a mixed response. Some say that the callers have been rude or abrupt while not allowing questions to be asked.

Others have said that they’re pushy for a sale when they expected this to be merely a “discovery call” first and foremost.

Because of my blog, I was able to raise this to the attention of their team. It seems that these calls have relaxed somewhat.

Now it seemed this was happening in North America with just 1 rogue caller. Still – it didn’t leave a great impression.

Wrong Students Joining

An issue I personally have is targetting the wrong individuals.

Sometimes there are individuals with unrealistic expectations who come in and expected to do *just* a little bit of work.

I’d say this is the worst approach to have. As I’ve said, Amazon requires skill, perseverance, capital, patience and execution.

Some of these wrong students do come on the inside with the strangest of questions. Certainly some gaps in personal growth.

I also see that this whole concept of money makes people a bit…weird. They may be targetting some of the wrong people.

My gripe relates to taking any average Joe off the street and expecting them to get results. πŸ™„ A low chance of success.

The sales team with Sophie Howard should do more vetting. This way they’ll get more of the right students who can succeed.

Final Verdict

Sophie's Course Could Be Better

As I’ve eluded here, she’s made great leeway into this space.

I believe that Sophie is simply better at selling on Amazon than teaching courses. That’s probably a good thing actually.

You'll Need To Work

Yes, another “those” reminders.

This is a potential get-rich-slow-scheme for the person playing the long game. It’s not ideal for those who are messing around.

I think some people come in with unrealistic expectations. Sophie and her most successful students HAD to carve out time.

Dozens Enrolling Every Week

If you’re not enrolling, others are.

In the midst of a Pandemic, dozens of people are still enrolling in 2021. They’re catching on to the trend that others can’t see.

I’ve been seeing the Facebook explore with introductions all the time. Those who decided to commit to a new pathway.

It's Designed for Mass-Market Appeal

Sophie’s course is designed for a broader appeal.

Die-hard business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t likely to purchase this course. Instead, it’s built for the average employee.

If you’re working in a full-time job or business, then this could is better suited for you. This is especially so if you need support.

Unsurprisingly too, there does seem to be a very high proportion of females inside. Stay at home moms and those 45+


Sophie has been successful on Amazon and her certainly course covers all bases, but could be better.

I’ve noticed progressive updates and content changes in recent months. All of those updates have come free for existing students. If this trend continues, I’m sure we’re seeing Sophie’s course pushing up there into world-class territory. πŸ”₯

Join In The Discussion Below

We’re talking 2 years and 400+ comments below.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, I’d love to help. Likewise, I’ll catch you in the Facebook group! πŸ˜ƒ