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Beginner Amazon Guides

I’ve created a range of Amazon guides. These are designed for new people and are beginner friendly. I’ve been dealing with Amazon and eCommerce for years, so these come with experience.

The 3 Amazon guides

I’ve chosen to break this guide into 3 parts.

They are:

Finding Your 1st Amazon Product

Sourcing Your 1st Amazon Samples

Placing Your 1st Order For Amazon

This is a step by step guide for each section. Please read them in order. Of course, there are many more steps to become an Amazon seller. But this gives you a taste.

From this you’ll see:

  • I’ve got industry experience (selling for 2.5 years now)
  • I’ve done all these steps before, often multiple times over
  • I genuinely care about your success as much as my own
  • You’ll get a real sense that I really know my stuff on FBA
  • I’m here for the long haul, simply because I have a long term vision

I hope these guides are of value to you, as they have been for many others.

Please use these guides to your advantage!

It’s significantly easier to learn from video content, as opposed to online guides, which is why I recommend a course. They’ll go much deeper into content, and really help you succeed in your new business journey.

It’ll be wonderful to help you through the process, where ever I can. Amazon has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I hope you’ll join me.