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My Review of Foundr’s entrepreneurship training platform

This Foundr course review (Gretta Van Kiel & Nathan Chan) is written by me, an Australian with 3 different eCommerce businesses, 2 of which sell across multiple platforms. I’m no stranger to making money online, so this review comes with a degree of solid experience.

I’ve been on my journey for 10 years now, having attended many workshops and seminars on eCommerce in that time, across Australia and the US. And during that journey, I’ve reviewed products and services that I feel are very beneficial to my readers.

Further, I’ve reviewed some that are absolutely trash and I’ll tell things as they are. One company I reviewed even closed its doors due to my condemnation, and rightly so! I’m the genuine guy in the world of social media in-authenticity.

Foundr has been operational for several years now, given how deep I went through their website and social media profiles. I appreciate the sheer effort and passion they have towards helping would-be entrepreneurs start their journey online. In fact, I’d feel that experienced entrepreneurs would find their content, both free and paid, to be beneficial in their growth. Names such as Richard Branson and Gary Vee are no small feats, so I applaud them on this front. Some people would be quick to call Foundr magazine a scam, and I believe it’s far from it.

I personally got a bit jaded seeing Gretta appear on my Instagram and Facebook feeds 10x everyday. It almost appeared too easy to start a business online, until Nathan shared a video of how Gretta lost over a million dollars on very poor quality tea where the contents had every disease imaginable. I swallowed my pride with that one, and decided NOT to unsubscribe. Instead, I’ve started following their content more closely.

If you feel that the Foundr community is for you, don’t be afraid to check out the competition too! Companies such as The Entourage and Dale Beaumont are highly beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to start or move up to the next level, although both appeal to slightly different audiences.

If you have another training conference or seminar worth attending, then please drop it in the comments below. Either way, we all need a helping hand and can benefit from having a community of action-takers around us. 80% of the reason I attend marketing conferences is simply to meet others who do what I do, as this journey can be lonely at times.

In summary, I believe that the Foundr Community would be highly beneficial for most people. If it’s too overwhelming for you now, simply stop and come back in a couple of months when the time feels right. This team of helpful entrepreneurs is likely to be around for a long time!

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  1. If you dont want to listen to 244 eps and want a quick overview of the foundr podcast jump to ep’s 190, 191 and 192 for the best of.


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