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A full review of Larry Lubarsky’s Wholesale Academy (I’m impressed!)

This really is the most comprehensive Amazon Wholesale Academy training program review, with the course pioneered by @WatchMeAmazon aka Larry Lubarsky and his years of experiences in the trenches.

I also sell on Amazon FBA, and have done so for quite some time, in addition to eBay plus 7+ years experience in eCommerce. This one comes with experience guys and girls, as someone who sees BS a mile away. Read on.

I’ve written a bunch of guides relating to my experiences. You can find them here. They’ve been well received by the thousands of people who read my blog weekly.

Getting started with Amazon

There is a wave of new training companies coming on board attempting to sell people the Amazon dream deal. And rightly so, it’s an absolute eCommerce beast! So much so, that I recommend that anyone looking to jump into eCommerce, to start with Amazon. The more reliable strategies are found in either wholesale or private label.

Amazon really is the best opportunity out there, and I’ve done just about everything. That said, not all companies are the same, with the Amazon Wholesale Academy being far from a scam. But some courses should be given a wide berth.

Thoughts on Larry Lubarsky

Larry Lubarsky is a unique character, one that I admire greatly. What blows me away is the amount of free content he shares on YouTube. Like, you probably don’t even need the course as he gives away 80% away. But you’d feel compelled to buy for that last 20%. This could very well make you a millionaire, if you actually stand up and apply it.

He reminds me of Frank Kern back in the day. He’s someone who would give away so much, that his reviews were always glowing. His fans felt like they owed him a ton, and he was rewarded extremely well financially. He has the best conversion rates in the industry, especially when compared to his competition who wanted to hold back information.

Wholesale vs Private Label

I believe Larry is quite against private-label, and while I sell primarily private-label, I actually agree with him. You have the opportunity to order some products to sell on Amazon. Then in 3 days time with wholesale you’re already making sales, unlike private-label which takes 3 months…minimum! And fingers crossed that China gets your product right the first time. Plus you can often get credit terms on wholesale, can get returns if units are defective and shipping can be quick, easy and low cost.

The downsides with private-label are the lower profit margins around 10-15% which can discourage some. Please consider that most multi-national product companies turning over millions monthly are only achieving 8-10% margins. You often also need higher capital. Now, this can be a real advantage as the average Amazon seller is starting with minimal funds, so there’s much less competition for those with $30k to $50k to begin.

Wholesale Academy Review

The course itself really does cover everything from A to Z on how to become a retailer on Amazon, by purchasing directly from wholesalers. Some courses are built on funnel systems, teasing you with information but leaving the best information for those prepared to invest the big bucks. Not with Larry! You really have everything you need to get yourself started on the wholesale journey. You’ll be learning directly from an industry veteran.

The Wholesale Academy logo

What I’ve noticed too is that he uses the term ‘Amazon Wholesale Academy’, and I’m sure the word ‘Amazon’ is a trade-mark violation. Then again, Amazon is probably praising him for the value he is offering to his students. Very few people in the world would be able to get away with this, a real testament to Larry’s high quality education.

In the course there will be:

  • Deciding upon the right products to sell and be profitable
  • Using systems, process and automation to speed things up
  • Phone scripts and how to best talk with key wholesalers
  • How to even become the sole product distributor on Amazon
  • Scaling up from just a few SKUs up to hundreds easily
  • Dealing with price wars and competitors with better pricing
  • Knowing when to pass on deals, and when to proceed further

Plus, a whole lot more when the course is actually launched to the public. Hopefully this happens in 2019, as there’s thousands of people waiting right now to get inside.

Downsides to the course

The course cost is a little higher than others, because he’s not looking for the typical student who’s tight on funds. He wants massively successful students, and trust me, he’s still going to make way more money through his own Amazon business than the course. And so he knows that these students are holding on to higher capital, and are prepared to spend up for a higher quality course.

I guess he would prefer fewer students than other courses, but a significantly higher ratio of success students. I really do love Larry’s no BS approach, if Gary Vee were an Amazon seller, his name would be Larry Lubarsky. Yep – I just went there.

If you feel that this is a get-rich-quick scheme, then please don’t buy the course. If you feel that you’ll buy it, watch some training videos for a motivational boost and then do nothing, then please don’t buy the course. A lottery ticket would be most suitable for you. This course is for winners who understand that some hard work is required upfront, stepping out of the comfort zone with patience and long-term goals. This review of the Amazon Wholesale Academy was written for those winners.

Closing thoughts on the Wholesale Academy

I really do feel that you’ve found the best training program. It’s for those who wish to start selling on Amazon via wholesale instead of the typical private-label approach. Yes – it’s still all possible in 2019, and opportunities are plentiful. I’ve found one particular niche I’m doing well from. Now thanks to Larry Lubarsky, will continue to expand on it.

Wholesale on Amazon in my experience is much easier to start than private-label which is riskier. When paired with Larry’s wisdom, I can see myself joining his 8-figure club in the future. And I hope this review has inspired you to take the next step on the journey.

Note: At this time, the course is not available to the public. This review will be updated upon the launch of the Wholesale Academy. Stay tuned!

Onwards and upwards!

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Summary of Wholesale Academy

I’ve rated Larry’s course for the person who is a beginner or intermediate Amazon seller, and has decided that wholesale is the better strategy to build a business.

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