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Jaryd Krause Review: Is Buying Online Businesses any good?

So you’re looking to buy an online business with guidance from Jaryd Krause instead of starting one from scratch? Often that’s a wise move, while sometimes it’s not.

I’ve been running this blog since 2011 to showcase how people can get started with an online business. My 2 most recommended models are authority sites and Amazon FBA, and even combining the two.

In that time I’ve seen a lot of people come to the market with educational offerings. Most don’t stick around. Others exemplify things too much.

Thoughts on Jaryd Krause

I’ve been watching Jaryd’s journey online for quite some time now.

And given his extensive experience in the art of buying websites for profits, he’s someone who I would trust. So much so I became a monthly member:

In my case, I haven’t bought a website before. I’ve instead started everything in my portfolio from scratch. That includes this site which uses the occasional affiliate link.

In fact, I’m looking to exit on a decent-sized website later this year. Any takers? πŸ˜‰

But anyway, back to Jaryd. After watching 30+ podcast videos, I can clearly see that he walks the talk publicly.

Right now there are around 50 100+ podcast episodes and guest interviews, including his own students. There are more than one hundred students on the inside of his community actually.

Not only that, but he’s got extensive coverage on YouTube. There are some awesome concepts that he shares:

From what I’ve seen in this space, the best educators give away a lot of their content for free. Jaryd is clearly no exception.

And he’s certainly not hyping up things either “Most people fail to make money online” – Absolutely true.

20% of people make 80% of the income because they just work HARDER and SMARTER. You need both. πŸ‘

In other words, I wish others were more honest like this. It gives people expectations upfront.

Because this online business gig is hard work most of the time. It often takes years to find success, unless you buy an existing business.

So I like the approach that Jaryd is taking with his educational offering. Apart from Matt and Liz, there doesn’t seem to be anyone really in this space.

At least, not here in Australia. You’ll notice that he has an international student-base though.

Buying Online Businesses Review

So this is Jaryd’s training platform and community of people that you’re getting access to.

And the training itself…is well…fantastic! It’s clear that he’s been through this experience before.

What you’ll be learning is:

  1. How to spot the best online opportunities worth purchasing.
  2. Conducting analysis and research to validate website viability.
  3. Dealing with marketplaces like Flippa and how to go directly.
  4. Ways to fund your way in (Sometimes without your own cash)
  5. Whether you should choose eCom or a niche/authority site.
  6. How to treat this like a REAL business from Day 1 (you should)

With the training, it’s pretty much giving you the roadmap on how to buy up and scale an existing business. Jaryd does go into some minor elements on starting from scratch, but this isn’t the focus.

The main downside I noticed was the cost. The training isn’t cheap and I don’t want to scare others away by sharing the price here. You only find the price until after you apply too.

Then again, you’d probably already have the capital to buy a business. The cost of training becomes insignificant.

I’d consider all the red flags that he’ll be helping you recognize in the process.

As I’m sure this is your 1st time going through this process of buying a digital asset.

So his training will save a lot of time (and potential heartbreak) if you buy the wrong website or eCom storefront.

Jaryd Krause Buying Online Businesses Australia

Another thing was a little annoying was the distractive background sound.

Even in the intro video, there is a distraction of people talking and then in lesson 2, you can hear water (dishes being done or the kettle boiling?).

This isn’t something I would’ve expected having gone through all the professional YouTube content.

I’m sure this is something Jaryd will attend to real soon and the distractions for the rest of the videos are minimal or non-existent.

What I like the most is the live trainings and community. Being surrounded by go-getters.

This is the best part in my opinion. You’ll be around those committed to success.

As I’m apart of several vibrant communities, this is worth the price of the course alone.

Next steps

If you’ve got the capital and the digital lifestyle is attractive to you, then his offer is excellent.

It’s designed for the person who’s committed and wants to get a better ROI through digital assets.

I like that Jaryd shows you how to scale and how to hire staff to run the business.

So you can focus more on lifestyle and less on the inner workings of your empire building.

Then again, one of the biggest hurdles to his strategy is the capital required to start.

You’re looking at $20k minimum and ideally $50k to $100k to find anything decent.

(Because you’d want something that’s already making a good income today, right?)

Stretch to $300k and you’re into some really good territory with some earn-out deals possible. Some students are beyond this too.

Which is a real testament to the high pedigree of real people inside of Buying Online Businesses. Some of these are Australians, but not always.

Now if you’re lacking the capital or even if you want to start from scratch, I’d recommend two great alternatives:

  1. These guys over at AH have an awesome community of people who start businesses from scratch. Check out their free training webinar.
  2. For those in Australia like myself, the team at RE also has fantastic training. You can jump on a completely free video training series.

Both are excellent options that serve those who lack capital or the ability to finance. Neither are replacements for what Jaryd teaches. They instead teach those like me who prefer the start > scale > exit model as opposed to buy > scale > hold model.

And that’s what is unique about Jaryd’s community. His students aren’t broke.

Commonly they already have been successful in other pursuits during their life.

So they’re not looking to start from scratch. That’s the long road towards success.

They are ready to get started today. They know there are risks, but these are minimized through quality education.

Still, Jaryd doesn’t pitch this gig as easy. I’ve found him to be totally no BS in his approach.

Final Verdict

You’re still going to have to work. Content creation, backlinks and/or hiring staff.

Remember – it’s your capital, so you’ll have to do some research and groundwork.

Buying Online Businesses is perfect if you’re ready to make the jump into the digital lifestyle. That is – by earning an income much sooner than starting from scratch.

Now pair this with the right training and support to win, you’ll have yourself a solid combination. Jaryd Krause has one of the best due diligence processes available.

Catch you on the inside and on the upcoming live summit. πŸ‘

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