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Unprofessional Jack Delosa Book Review and Summary

I recently bought a copy of Unprofessional by Jack Delosa, a book that I’ve wanted to read and review for a long time. Here’s my summary.

Unprofessional Jack Delosa Summary

In 20 words: Unprofessional teaches us to be unconventional yet real, to have a vision while working in the present. Readers are invited to challenge tightly held notions and working relentlessly on improvement.

Unprofessional Jack Delosa Summary
I bought Jack Delosa’s book “Unprofessional” recently
Unprofessional Jack Delosa Summary

This book goes against the grain of a traditional business book. It’s designed for business owners, not CEOs. If you want practical advice, then this is for you.

The book is controversial at times. It’s designed for the young entrepreneur who’s starting out. For those well-experienced in startups, you might find more value elsewhere.

There is some controversy surrounding The Entourage training academy which Jack Delosa runs. The negative reviews are quite high compared to their positive student experiences.

My article speaks directly about the book itself, not the training company.

The 3 pillars

With any book summary, I like to draw upon 3 key ideas or takeaways. These are what I personally drew from the book and your results might be different.

1. Create a compelling vision

Nothing extraordinary here. You know – we’ve all heard this before. Jack starts out with the end in mind. In your mind, you should have a fair idea of what you want to create, then put that plan into pen and paper.

For me personally, it’s a blueprint on my wall. Something that I see every day multiple times. I have the vision of what I wish to create paired with a timeline to make it happen.

2. Dominate your marketplace

This is the controversial part. Jack is all about becoming #1 and that requires for many people, getting over their fear of selling. Too often we’re afraid to pitch for fear of ridicule.

The thing is – people buy from you when you have a solution to their problem. The best way to bring those solutions is through content and dominating multiple channels. As you build content, people will begin to know, like and trust you.

3. Scale through systems

Big companies know systems well. Small companies just aren’t using systems effectively. Solopreneurs, coaches and consultants don’t have systems at all.

The only way to build a million-dollar brand is through systems. With a well-built system and processes surrounding it, you can then build a team either in-house or remotely.

Inside Jack Delosa's book

This is the hardest nut to crack for most business owners attempting to scale. However, for those looking to exit at the 7 or 8 figure range, it’s only possible with well-built hiring, onboarding, training, and client delivery systems in place that are robust enough to change with the market.

The ideal reader

Look – this book isn’t for everyone. If you’re a seasoned business owner, then you won’t find so much value here. Consider any book by Seth Godin or the popular Principles by Ray Dalio which I’m currently reading.

This isn’t my first rodeo so I didn’t come away thinking “this is brilliant” – but that’s me. I’ve read hundreds of books over the years.

However, these people will benefit immensely:

  • First-time business owners who need assistance
  • Young entrepreneurs who need a game plan
  • Motivational individuals who will do the work

I can’t emphasize the last point any more. It’s work that is going to deliver results, and that isn’t cute photos shown on social media or binge-watching the next Grant Cardone video.

In summary

Jack isn’t my first choice as a business mentor, but he’s done very well over the years. It’s proof that a university dropout can still achieve remarkable results over the long term.

If you want a good alternative to an MBA program, then consider his Encourage workshops which are free. These are held routinely across Australia which I enjoyed.

Unprofessional is a good book for an afternoon read for the new-comer to the world of business and entrepreneurship. If you’re fresh, then pick up a copy today.

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