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The Selling Family & Amazon Course Review (Is It Worth It?)

Here’s my thoughts and opinions in this review of the Amazon program created by The Selling Family. Their Amazon course isn’t a scam, but I’ll elaborate more on the details, and whether you should invest.

At this stage, I have been selling as an Australian on Amazon USA for over 2 years. Today I earn a full time income. I see BS a mile away, so these facts are based on real honesty and transparency.

I created this blog years ago, and I cover a shit ton of Amazon courses here. It’s so that you, as the buyer, can make an informed decision. Here’s the TOP Amazon courses in the world. Many people really do appreciate the unique perspective I give, in a world of social media fakeness, hype and rah-rah.

Fundamentally, you want to be successful on Amazon and build yourself to a full time income. My blog cuts through the noise and has helped thousands of people. There’s no affiliate link here for the Amazon Bootcamp course here, so I hope you’ll really appreciate this upfront transparency.

But if you did want my affiliate at the end of this review, I’m happy to approach The Selling Family and ask for one.

Ok, let’s begin…

Background on The Selling Family

I’ll start this off with a short introduction about this power couple. The Selling Family comprises of Jessica (wife), Cliff (husband) and their son Aiden. It’s quite apprent that Jessica really drives the teaching side of things, whilst Cliff still manages the existing business.

Like many, they lost their job(s) in the GFC and struggled paycheck to paycheck trying to figure out what to do next. It seemed that Amazon was the answer…and it worked! The rest is history, and today they both sell on Amazon, and teach others how to get started.

What they have created is not just an Amazon blog, but an experience. Especially for beginners. They genuinely love helping people.

Honestly – I believe that The Selling Family is absolutely legit. Their Amazon course isn’t a scam or silly non-sense. It’s simply a program that teaches you how to build to a full-time income on Amazon. As a full-time Amazon seller myself, I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible! It just takes work, and the investment into an Amazon course with established students.

Thoughts on the Amazon Bootcamp

The core program that The Selling Family sells is the Amazon Bootcamp which is currently in V3…soon to be V4! This review is based upon my thoughts and opinions, as opposed to direct experiences, as my accountant doesn’t want me buying any more Amazon courses… 🙂

I do recommend people to take this course

They’ve created the course as a blueprint for the person who’s looking to build a business to a full time income. They’ve done the process already, as is quite evident from the free content they provide.

Course modules include:

  • How to properly setup your Amazon business today
  • The money you’ll need to set aside (really important)
  • Ranking your products through SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Managing your inventory so you don’t run out ever
  • Where to source products outside of China (inc. USA!)
  • How to properly list and photograph your products
  • Performing your quality control and inspections
  • Getting un-gated in certain categories the right way
  • Dealing with Amazon account suspensions properly
  • Finding the right long term suppliers to work with
  • Managing customer feedback and product reviews
  • Becoming an consultant for other Amazon sellers

That’s quite solid, and the bulk of what Amazon sellers really need is in there. Though most other Amazon courses cover these too.

You’ll be getting:

  • Lifetime access to their Amazon Bootcamp course
  • Everything delivered in high quality video modules
  • Access to FB group (all courses already have this)
  • A lot of bonuses also thrown in to keep you happy
  • Printable checklist files (unique to The Selling Family!)

There’s a huge advantage that deserved its own section. That is – there’s a 60 day money-back guarantee! That is industry leading, and no other course (to my knowledge) provides such certainty. Some courses provide as little as 7 days…and they wonder why students won’t join!

But there’s also some negatives:

  • There are very few (if any…) millionaires in their program
  • No personal support (But very few courses provide this)
  • Course isn’t so much in detail on private-label strategies
  • Best catered for those inside the United States (but has plenty of outsiders too)

Really, there isn’t much else wrong with this course. Especially at the super attractive price-point!

Alternatives to their Amazon Bootcamp V3

In the title of this post, I did say there are better alternatives out there. However, The Selling Family really provides one of the best value courses out there for North Americans at the price point offered. Especially those looking at retail arbitrage strategies.

I believe that private-label is the best Amazon strategy around. You won’t be kicked off listings, or have to compete with price-wars so much. You control the product and the supply chain. I’ve hit a full-time income with private label.

It’s also wise to note that retail arbitrage (as taught by The Selling Family) is becoming extinct. Brands and department stores are sick of resellers buying products for cheap. It’s for this reason, again, that I would recommend private-label. The wholesale strategy also yields minimal profits.

There are alternatives to The Selling Family’s Amazon Bootcamp

I’m going to provide just 2 examples of the dozens of Amazon courses available. I’m catering this review for those in the US looking at The Selling Family, but there’s a minority of you, including fellow Australians, Kiwis and those from the UK, also looking at their Amazon bootcamp.

Best alternative to The Selling Family

The #1 alternative is Amazing Selling Machine. It’s the #1 Amazon course (in terms of student numbers) in the world. Perhaps you’ve heard of it like many have. This is a better alternative to The Selling Family. But let me remind you, it’s certainly NOT cheaper.

ASM has got a reputation for being the world’s most expensive course, yet hundreds of new students sign up every month. Why? Results. Their students are some of the TOP Amazon sellers in the world. If you want the BIG money, then take this course.

Many of the world’s Amazon courses are modeled directly from Amazing Selling Machine, but sell for cheaper. Why not? There’s plenty of cheap people out there. I’m always an advocate of getting what you pay for, and this program attracts the really serious crowd of tomorrow’s Amazon sellers.

The Amazing Selling Machine course has, in my opinion, created more Amazon millionaires than any other courses. Have a look at these testimonials! They’ve been in the market for 7 years, and the results are outstanding. Their masterminds and live events are a catalyst for growth.

Comparable alternative to The Selling Family

Now, it’s hard to compare The Selling Family to Amazing Selling Machine. They’re marketing towards 2 very different types of people. The average Amazing Selling Machine student has $15,000+ in the bank account, and those who don’t go looking elsewhere.

The most aligned training and comparison to The Selling Family is Jim Cockrum. He has a course called the Proven Amazon Course. (Another trademark violation??). It’s only a slightly better alternative to The Selling Family.

Jim’s course is around the same price point, with much of the same benefits. In fact – it’s hard to tell each course apart at times. Jim’s been in the market for 10+ years! TSF has been around for much less. You can even join Jim’s Silent Team Facebook group right here without being a student, and join in the 50,000+ student pool of committed individuals.

Jim’s also a family man of great values, and always posts with his personal Facebook profile in the group. You really do get a sense that he’s sick of the hype and rah-rah, much like myself. But like TSF, there’s very few millionaires created from his course. Personally, I’m building 7 figure Amazon businesses, and Amazing Selling Machine is the ideal program for that.

Why MINDSET is the real key

The truth about Amazon courses, is that they don’t work. That is – they don’t work. Yes, I said that twice.

Amazon courses don’t do the work for you. It’s you, the individual, who has to do the work. They’ll train and help you, but ultimately, it’s up to you. You’ve got the responsibility to make it happen. You’ll put in the capital, and take the risk. It’s all on you buddy!

I highly agree with this one, especially as it relates to making money online

You need to stay committed. Fundamentally, your compelling reason why you’re doing this will power you through the hard times. There will be challenges, it won’t always be easy, but the rewards are absolutely worth it.

So before deciding on an Amazon course, ensure your mindset is in the right place. That winning mentality is fundamental. It’s going to get you through the dark times, unlike the many who give up and quit.

Mentors that have helped me include:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Tony Robbins (most famous)
  • Tom Bilyeu
  • Grant Cardone
  • Tim Ferriss

All these 5 guys have influenced my life massively. I’ve spent $40,000 on personal development in the last 10 years. The truth is: Investing in my knowledge has returned the best yields. Selling on Amazon has come in at #2.

I don’t know of any women in this space that resonate with me. If you have a female mentor that you think I’d benefit from, then feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Moving towards a full time income

If you’ve read this far, I congratulate you! It’s not easy, especially in a world of constant distractions. This is probably the most exciting part of this review on The Selling Family.

Moving towards that job quitting income is the goal of many aspiring Amazon sellers. There’s plenty of people that would give an arm and a leg to finally break free from the rat-race.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! 🙂

I honestly believe that the vast majority of people can attain the full time income that they seek. That is, if they choose the right product, have the necessary capital, stay committed, and most importantly, invest in any GOOD Amazon course.

I’ve also highlighted the best Amazon courses in the world right here. Though, the 2 recommended alternatives to The Selling Family provided here are also very good and hand-picked for prospective students of Amazon Bootcamp V3. At least, if you did invest, you’ve made an informed decision considering all available choices in the market.

Closing thoughts on The Selling Family

At the price-point offered, many beginners will benefit from their course. It’s designed for someone that wants the basic information. The course isn’t at the same level at Amazing Selling Machine, and most prospective students don’t have the money to run with the big dogs either.

The Selling Family doesn’t really cater as well for those in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, England, Scottland, Europe and indeed Canadians may not benefit so well. This is because there is a decent emphasis on retail arbitrage, as opposed to the most reliable streams such as Private-Label and Wholesale.

If you’re looking for a basic course, at a fantastic price-point, then this is it. After all, there is a 60 day money-back guarantee. Jim’s course is also highly recommended, in fact you could do both!

I hope this has cleared up confusions for you. I’ve provided the most accurate review on The Selling Family’s Amazon Bootcamp available, with no affiliate here. Yes – there’s others on Google using ‘scam’ keywords to hook your attention, but I didn’t need to do that. I just wanted to share the honest truth.

…and what is the real truth?

Selling on Amazon isn’t easy. You will hit some road blocks, you will need some starting capital and it won’t be smooth sailing. Work through the challenges, and it’s absolutely worth it! The Selling Family has one of the best courses around with regular content updates.

There’s plenty of room here, and I hope you’ll join me soon… 🙂

The Selling Family Ratings
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  • Course Pricing
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  • Course Updates

Summary of Amazon Bootcamp

I’ve rated their course for the person who wants to purchase their Amazon Bootcamp

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3 thoughts on “The Selling Family & Amazon Course Review (Is It Worth It?)”

  1. Great review. I have to ask, if you had the choice between Reliable Education’s program with Adam Hudson, or the Amazon Selling Machine, which would you choose? I reside in Canada and I really do like the way Adam presents some of the videos I’ve seen online. He also seems to take a qualitative approach which I like.

    That said, I’m hoping for a comprehensive program that will go from A through Z. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi Marco, thanks for your feedback. Given the choice of the two courses, and since that I reside in Australia, it’s Reliable Education all the way. It’s half the price for content that’s just as good quality as what ASM offers. ASM is recommended by me for those in the US and Canada due to easier (and cheaper) access to live events and easier networking opportunities, though around 5% of Reliable Education students are from the US and Canada. Several Canadians have come on board to RE via my referral link too. I seem to be having the Reliable Education vs Amazing Selling Machine question often, so I’ll be releasing a comprehensive breakdown comparison next month after my first ASM conference.

      Both courses are comprehensive, with a full A to Z coverage. In fact – a little overwhelming sometimes, like drinking from a fire hose. Though better than the majority of courses out there with minimal content by people that don’t really have much Amazon experience. A real case of getting what you pay for.

  2. An amazing women mentor that I love is Brooke Castillo. I’m not sure if she would resonate with you or not but she definitely changed my life for the better. 🙂


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