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Please stop reading my blog (And work on your Amazon business instead)

Guys, time for something different. Yes – I’m serious with this title. It’s best that you stop reading my blog, and I’ll explain why.

Firstly I applaud everyone for following the journey. It’s been a whirlwind 8 years here, and I’ll be here for another 10 years and beyond. Certainly I’ll be continuing to create world class content.

I’ve inspired tens of thousands of people now around the world. Primarily, I’m focused on helping people to start their own digital business, primarily using the Amazon FBA platform where economies of scale and market reach is immense.

Yet at the same time, I am slightly frustrated. Yep. There’s plenty of you who continue to sit on the side lines day in and day out. Even some of you have purchased a course that I’ve referred you to, including this one, and yet haven’t even contacted suppliers yet. You keep coming back to the blog and are seeking yet another Amazon course. This defies logic.

I’ve always kept it real

Here’s the truth: Most Amazon courses teach roughly the same thing. They teach you how to sell on Amazon. Purchasing yet another Amazon course isn’t going to reveal any whizzbang guru secrets. No sir. There’s no secret sauce to selling on Amazon guys, it’s work. Hard work at times. I never said it would be easy. Courses are at varying degrees of content, value, support and community.

One of my favorite quotes, and very relevant to making money online.

It’s going to take work to build an Amazon business, like any online business. Note that the first word in my blog title is ‘work’. That is, I didn’t call this ‘LazyMillionaire dot com’ or ‘It’s Super Easy Dot Com‘. Nope – it’s straight up WORK (with Joshua), titled accurately back when I started this blog in 2011. Even more evident today in a sea of internet BS. There’s no new-age law of attraction hype here.

Now I’m usually a pretty gentle guy. You could say I’m the choir boy (who isn’t religious at all) mixed in with a motivated Gary Vee of sorts. I’m just sick of those watching my success, whilst procrastinating on the work ahead in their Amazon business. It’s for that reason that I would recommend that you stop reading my blog if you’re checking this every week.

Indecision isn’t progressive

If you’re still on the sidelines about starting the Amazon journey, then now is the time to pull the trigger and get off the fence. Make a decision today that your future-self will thank you for. And, by the way, it’s totally cool to wipe Amazon off your list. Don’t let FOMO allow you to make an irrational decision, but at the same time, don’t get stuck either way. Indecision gets you no where.

Should any of this offend you, then I make no apologies. I never built this as a place where you can get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. No – I built this to inspire you to create your own success, through working and applying what you’ve learned. So if you need to leave my blog today and never return, then that’s a wise move my friend.

It’s time to implement

Likewise, those still here should work on their Amazon business instead of subscribing to my blog and its updates. I’m simply distracting you from the work that you need to do. I’ve had some excellent success from selling on FBA, and you can too, but reading my blog every week doesn’t do the work for you.

This is what you should be focusing on:

  • Defining your ideal customer, their needs, wants and pain-points with existing products
  • The type of brand you’re looking to build over the next 5 to 10 years (long term game plan)
  • Your logo, branding and packaging for your products and how they align with competitors
  • Intellectual property protection including trademarks, patents and copyright lodgements
  • Working with suppliers for samples and placing orders, and creating your first SKU / ASIN
  • The future products to launch over the next 2 to 3 years, with a monthly schedule in place

And what you shouldn’t be is:

  • Reading my blog updates everyday trying to guess how to sell on Amazon
  • Imagining becoming a million dollar Amazon seller, just without the effort
  • Considering your 4th Amazon FBA course because you think you’ll need it
  • Asking for spoon-feeding. I only work with committed individuals now days

Harsh perhaps but also fair. I’m committed to seeing you succeed online.

A dose of realism

Again, if you need to leave the blog, then I’ll applaud you. This is the point I’m trying to get across. If you’re using my blog to guess how to sell on Amazon because you’re too cheap to invest in a course, then it’s not really going to work.

I’ve shared 10% here and you’ll find 90% on the inside. I’ve done that for a particular reason. If I shared 100% here for free, then you’d not take it seriously and never build an Amazon business. Winners invest in their success.

stop reading my blog
I hope this blog post has given you food for thought.

I invested in my own education because I wanted results. You’ll get better results through investing into education and implementing, than by evaluating every single conceivable piece of content here, so please stop reading my blog. That goes for you guys who are already on the inside having done an Amazon course.

Getting started (if you haven’t already)

I have covered here a list of Amazon courses available in 2019. It should be noted that this is also inclusive of the best Amazon courses available. I don’t need emails or messages asking ‘Can you review this no-name gurus course with 2 students’ because quite simply, I only advise people to invest within established Amazon communities. This list presented has the best Amazon FBA courses available in the world. I’ll continue to add to that list at my own pace, and I do actively seek out upcoming Amazon courses myself.

You’ll always get what you pay for. Price is generally reflective of quality. I’m currently at the most expensive Amazon conference I’ve ever been to. Quality? 9.5/10 my friends. There’s cheap courses and seminars for cheap people, and courses for those who want actual results and a real 7 figure Amazon business. Most people reading this know the results they want.

Play the long game

Finally, this journey shouldn’t be seen in months, but rather years. If this is the last blog post of mine you’ll ever read, then please remember this. Amazon empires aren’t built overnight. It’s work + capital + time + challenges + persistence + protection + education. That’s 7 factors for success. Now stop reading my blog and start hustling.

I’m not going anywhere. I look forward to continuing to help those who genuinely want to build a successful Amazon business without the BS. A lot of these words here I’ve repeated prior, but I hope with this post, you’ll jump off my blog and actually start working. There’s no greater gift that you can give to me, than to use the advice here, and build a successful Amazon business yourself.

Thank you my friends, for the words of encouragement and support over the years. It does mean a lot to me. Mentally, emotionally and financially, I am having the best success I’ve ever had.

I do hope that this blog post today has helped you. If it has, then I welcome comments below. Likewise, let’s continue to build our own businesses knowing the impact it can have on our lives, our customers, our families and the world as a whole.

Onwards and upwards!

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After 10 years of blogging, I’ve learned that online success doesn’t come cheaply, easily or fast. It’s merely consistent work, day in and day out, yet the rewards are certainly worth the constant grind.