Should you order stock from PandaHall?

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It can be daunting at first for first-time customers to trust a company like PandaHall and order stock from them, but hopefully this blog post puts some minds to rest.

PandaHall is the world’s most trusted wholesale supplier for jewelry, beads and gifts. You’ll get some of the lowest prices that you’ll get from China, and they’re happy to ship internationally which is a real positive for worldwide customers.

From the numerous PandaHall reviews that I’ve read, most have had a positive experience with this company. Some have stated that their stock didn’t come on time, or that they’re order wasn’t what they were expecting, however these were isolated cases and PandaHall is usually happy to re-send an order that wasn’t delivered as promised.

They have a massive range of crystals which is perfect for anyone who enjoys jewellery making. Their prices are incredibly low and represent great value for money, and you’re bound to create healthy profits in your business. I particularly love their cufflinks which don’t give the illusion that they’re just another ‘made in China’ type of piece that you’d be ashamed to wear. I’ve received compliments on the two that I wear currently, which of course always puts a cheeky smile on my face. 🙂

My extended family has used PandaHall with great success for the last several years for their jewellery making and for creation of dream catchers. They have been on selling theirs for high profits, and sometimes can’t keep up with demand! Hence why I really do recommend their supplier for anyone who loves the handy-crafts niche and wants to get their start, or simply change their current supplier.

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