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MerchantWords Review: Merely a Cheap JungleScout Alternative?

Let’s unpack MerchantWords and compare it to JungleScout in this review. Plus, I’ll share a free alternative keyword tool (with coupon) for beginners.

When you’re planning your Amazon keywords, you need insights based on actual shopping trends, not what you believe is correct. This is where a keyword data tool comes into play.

I use keyword data tools dozens of times per week, as I want to save more time and make more sales. I run two FBA accounts that need constant organic search optimization, especially as PPC costs are increasing monthly.

There is a few keyword tools in the market, but today I’ll be reviewing MerchantWords so you can get some insights. At this time of writing, I have been selling on Amazon for 2.5 years.

MerchantWords review

Currently now hosting 200 million keywords in their database, using Merchant Words appears to be a solid choice for Amazon sellers. Across the selling communities that I’m involved in, it does have a high reputation.

Merchant Words Review
Using MerchantWords

What I like about this is that you don’t need to be a keyword nerd like myself. Beginners and intermediate Amazon sellers are still able to use it, especially as training is provided through their instructional videos.

This is one tool that you can certainly use to gain access to keywords that you previously wouldn’t have thought of, which can drastically improve your sales velocity on Amazon.

Another cool feature of their software is the seasonality graph. You can see how well your product keywords might do month to month.

Data analysis with Merchant Words
Seasonal insights using this keyword tool

I love the related keywords function. It really helps me collect more keywords that I can pop into my listings.

How does it work?

Just like Google has built its vast database, MerchantWords has been collecting the most commonly used keywords found on Amazon. They also use the assistance of other search engines and native English shopping portals.

From this, they can use the estimated averages for individual keywords on Amazon. Is it accurate? Not perfectly, but reasonably close. Certainly no human could guess closer, unless you had access to Amazon’s own API.

The process of a sales funnel. Understanding this will help your keyword planning immensely.

Note: Amazon doesn’t provide their own data towards services like this. It’s a closely guarded secret. Luckily, MerchantWords does have their proprietary ways to give sellers the competitive edge.

As a daily user of Ahrefs for website construction and traffic generation, I’m able to fairly able to evaluate this software. Already it seems quite in-depth unlike the others out there, including Helium10 and JungleScout.

If I were a beginner, I would find it quite easy to simply get started and fill my listings with some basic keywords. The pricing is also quite affordable, at just $30 per month for a basic listing subscription with Merchant Words. It is, from all accounts, the most in-depth piece of software available.

Merchant Words vs Jungle Scout

So while it’s great software, how well does it compare against Jungle Scout? Is it just the poor man’s alternative?

Well, it’s actually difficult to place them side by side. This is because they are inheritly different.

JungleScout is an all-in-one suite. Not only does it help you generate keywords, but it provides a lot more functionality, including helping you to analyze potential products and find a winner.

Merchant Words full focus is on organic rankings for Amazon sellers. Using this tool is all about finding those profitable keywords, so your listing is fully optimized. There isn’t really anything for the beginner who is looking for their 1st product.

Verdict: JungleScout is better if you’re a beginner without a product, while Merchant Words is better if you’re an established Amazon seller who needs a reliable database of keywords.

MerchantWords vs JungleScout
Neither are better, since MerchantWords and JungleScout serve different purposes

PPC is becoming expensive on Amazon, so this is one piece of software I can highly recommend. That said, if you already have JungleScout and your budget is tight, then I would hold off for now from Merchant Words.

A free alternative

Now, if all you’re seeking is to rank a listing or two quickly but you’re on a tight budget (since you’ve spent everything on that inventory order) then I can understand the allure behind finding a free alternative.

As far as exclusive keyword tools go, there isn’t a free alternative that matches the dataset, either deep or wide, which is offered through MerchantWords. However, I can provide a significant discount, once they provide an exclusive coupon code.

I am waiting for the MerchantWords team to offer one here. Then I’ll be able to recommend this keyword tool, as it will become much more affordable.

One suggestion is to use my affiliate link and register for a FREE trial of ZonGuru. It’s 7 days providing you exactly 1 week to use their keyword data which is almost identical to what is offered through JungleScout.

I’ve actually compared the two platforms previously:

In addition, you’ll also be able to use their tools to find further profitable products to sell on Amazon. The best part is that, at just $35 per month on the annual plan, it provides the best value for money around, as far as complete software suites go.

Final thoughts on MerchantWords

Every Amazon seller like myself is familiar with Merchant Words. It’s just as famous as JungleScout, with its entire focus on finding those keywords that other sellers are completely missing.

A fully optimized Amazon listing is necessary for longterm success. PPC is becoming expensive, and this is the only skillset that I struggle with. I can rank keywords all day long. ๐Ÿ˜…

The key downside is that Merchant Words doesn’t provide a free trial at all, nor is there a refund policy evident. This means that many look for alternatives, including my free recommendation mentioned above.

That said, if rock-solid keyword data is what you’re seeking, then Merchant Words has your back. With 6 years of data and more than 70,000 sellers already on board, it’s clear that they’re keeping their position as king of the jungle.

Currently I am waiting to get an exclusive MerchantWords discount/coupon code for my loyal readers. In the meantime, ZonGuru does provide an excellent alternative with its free trial offer.

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