Dymphna Boholt and iLoveRealEstate Review (Including Alternatives)

This review is going to cover Dymphna Boholt and her real estate training company called I Love Real Estate. I live in Australia, I own a few real estate investment properties and so this one comes based on experience.

My business and investment background

I’ve been running this blog since 2011. In that time, it’s really grown. I share my thoughts and experiences with different programs, tools, apps and software. I also provide some excellent FREE resources that you can use.

Today I own a range of investment properties. These aren’t performing so well, since real estate isn’t really a strong performer. I also own a few online businesses, of which the returns are phenomenal! I have been able to achieve the 4 Hour Work Week, though admittedly, I was very bored. πŸ™‚

Dymphna Boholt Review

So let’s get into Dymphna. Is she worth your time? What’s her experience? Is her iLoveRealEstate company any good? Good questions my friend, and I’m glad you’re doing your research here.

The iLoveRealEstate seminar in action
Dymphna’s seminars feature guest investment property speakers

Dymphna’s had some excellent success with property investing. Through the booming years, just about everyone had success with property investing too. She’s decided to capitalize on her success, and run her property mentoring business to help others walk in her shoes, and hopefully, enjoy the same results.

Unfortunately, she’s also had her reputation tarnished a little. This is through her bad recommendations on mining towns, and exaggerated claims on income potential. There are a few unhappy students across Australia.

Dymphna Boholt Fined

Following on from her exaggerated claims, Dymphna did get fined $15,000 for not-so-accurate claims. That was direct from the Queensland Fair Trading Commission. I’m glad that the government took that step forward!

Dymphna Boholt Fined
Dymphna has made dubious claims regarding property investment

Her claims can be found on a range of websites if you’re after further information. The most accurate information can be found here, directly on the Queensland Government website.

It appears that Dymphna has been running these mentoring gigs since 2005 as well! Naturally, lots of people made money in property during the booming years. And there’s lots of other people with knowledge on the Australian property market as well.

With that said, however, Dymphna Boholt has produced an excellent video addressing this, with a full apology. I love this – she’s really owned up to her mistakes, and it’s made her more solid as a property mentor and stage presenter. I wish others would take this same approach, instead of brushing things under the carpet.

Alternatives to iLoveRealEstate

There’s a range of property mentors in the marketplace. They will teach you such things as:

  • How to find the right property with growth and cash flow potential
  • Obtaining substantial discounts on properties across Australia
  • Sourcing investment properties without going through agents
  • Building your property portfolio over the next 20+ years for retirement

My personal favourite is the young Nathan Birch. He’s someone who I’ve seen grow from just a few properties, to a MASSIVE portfolio and his now substantial net-worth.

That said, Nathan does have somewhat of a bad reputation too. This is primarily due to his mis-management, which is typical when you have a portfolio of approximately 100 properties.

Building a Real Cashflow Machine

In this market, I’d be looking at an alternative cashflow machine. That isn’t property, as we’re in Australia’s biggest ever property price crash. You really need something that can weather this storm, where there’s going to be blood on the streets.

I’m a personal fan of online income. In fact, today, I make 100% of my income on the internet. Thousands of Australians are doing the same! There’s room for plenty more. I help people start their own eCommerce businesses, especially through the resources available here.

You can use this page as a starting point: https://www.workwithjoshua.com/resources

Many people have found that one useful!

Summary of Dymphna Boholt

Her introductory seminar is reasonably good, however you’ll be hit with some sales pitches, and purchasing is optional. Once you join her basic course, you’ll be hit another sales pitch for mentoring once again. Most of her information can be learned from a book, or a few books. There’s quite a few on the market.

Yet, I would still recommend you go along. After all, Dymphna boholt runs free events across Australia. From this, you can draw your own perspective. Certainly be prepared to take lots of notes, because Dymphna can and does deliver big time!

An alternative to Dymphna Boholt
I’ve chosen the eCommerce route, where my income is significantly high!

If you’re looking to live the ‘Rich Dad’ dream, then it’s possible. I have the laptop lifestyle, and the income equivalent of 5 properties paid off. There’s a little bit of work to do everyday, but I certainly don’t mind at all! Certainly easier and quicker than property investing, but it does take some upfront work.

I hope to be of assistance to you in this journey. I’ll be here for the long-haul. I hope you’ll join me.

Onwards and upwards!

Dymphna Boholt overview
  • Teacher Knowledge
  • Student Success
  • Price of Courses
  • Course Content
  • Company Compliance

Summary of iLoveRealEstate review

This review is extensive, and I decided to make this easier. These ratings were based on you being a property investor in Australia.

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  1. you rate the student success as 4 and a bit, how did you come to this score?
    have you had a lot of contact with other students? (not one’s possibly introduced by Dymphna)

  2. Hi Joshua, thank you for your thoughts. “…income equivalent of 5 properties paid off” 150k properties or $2m (each) properties? There is a difference. Dymphna with her ambiguity and false claims did get to you πŸ˜‰ All the best!

    • Hi Michael, at the $500k mark actually. I consider that to be the mark where traditional property investors are…but yeah totally I get your point. 😜 The “Ballarat flippers”, right?!

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