Dominique Grubisa Review (DG Institute) Distressed Property & Business

Today I’ll reveal my thoughts on Dominique Grubisa in this review of her DG Institute. She teaches distress property and business acquisition for Australians.

I started this blog in 2011 to expose these people. I simply wanted to give you the fundamental insights. This way you can make an informed decision. I’ve been in the wealth creation space for 10 years and certainly there’s scams out there.

Now I’ve also spent $40,000 on many of these boot camps, which has resulted in $200,000+ in profits. I certainly believe that investing in your knowledge provides the best return on investment.

So around here, I simply share the truth. No sugar coating. No BS. Just straight honest facts. Upon finishing this evaluation, what you choose to do is up to you. Thousands of Australians have decided to jump on this as they’re looking for a new strategy.

DG Institute Evaluation

This is probably what you’re here for. The review on this education company for property investors. You want to know what they teach and what they’re like. So, let’s start with that.

The DG Institute helps people grow and protect their wealth. It’s run by Dominique who has been involved in law for many years. I recall reading about her in Australian Property Investor magazine way back in 2009. That gives you an indication as to how long I’ve been around.

An ex-fiancee of mine then attended Stuart’s seminar in 2012, and reported that Dominique was not able to sell a single course. Luckily, times have changed. Dominique’s gone 100x bigger. Thousands of students have been through her doors, with surely an increase in their net worth.

The yields on property investing is typically small, with retirement a long way away!

Primarily, her educational company has been focused on helping investors increase their yields so they’re not like this bloke pictured. In addition, you’ll learn how to find undervalued property, some that you can obtain for below market rates.

There’s apparently plenty of motivated vendors in the market. This is true as we’re going for the biggest collapse in housing prices that the country has ever seen. I do believe this is a legit strategy for Australians.

Recently, Dominique has been marketing a course on finding distressed businesses. This way you can go in, purchase them for below market, make them more profitable, then flip them. Cool strategy! That is, however, assuming you do more due diligence. Businesses do come with more risk.

Primarily, however, the DG Insitute is focused towards protecting your wealth. There is also a strong focus on expanding your wealth too, primarily through investing in Australia’s property market. It’s great that her training goes hand in hand.

Thoughts on Dominique Grubisa

I do believe that Dominique is one of the best presenters in Australia. No fly-by-night operation here. It’s very hard to find a negative review of her DG Institute. This is a testament to the quality that’s on offer when you join one of her real estate seminars, workshops or conferences.

Dominique Grubisa and the DG Institute Review
Dominique Grubisa is one of Australia’s best property mentors and presenters

It’s clear that Dominique Grubisa has brought a service and product to the marketplace for Australian investors that is both rigid, and continues to improve over time. She’s been teaching for close to a decade in the wealth creation space.

You’ll find her selling numerous programs:

  • Master Wealth Control (Asset protection strategies)
  • Real Estate Rescue (Underpriced properties)
  • Property Uplift Program (Property development course)
  • Elite Mentoring Program (Private support from Dominique)

In addition, she has a strong team of elite mentoring coaches. Most of these are former students who have a solid background in property investing. These are handpicked, reviewed and evaluated simply as Dominque is looking for the best coaches to work with her students.

Positives and negatives

Let’s face it – real reviews should always have the pros and cons. This way people can make an informed decision when choosing a company such as the DG Institute and Dominique Grubisa.

Here’s what I liked about Dominique:

  • Lots of FREE online training directly on her website
  • Pitched as a long term system, instead of fast riches
  • Strong media appearances even since API in 2009
  • Frequent live events and seminars around Australia
  • No BS approach to investing in our property market
  • Plenty of case studies from her student community
  • Legal background so she tells things as they are
  • A frequently updated blog with very helpful content
  • Focus on both commercial and residential property

Then I didn’t like these:

  • Her courses are a bit expensive, so not affordable for some people
  • The training is mostly geared towards wealth creation in property
  • Has quite a bit on offer, and it can be hard to decide the right path
  • Seminars are often held in city centers, so parking can be a pain
  • The business acquisition strategy is new and without success stories

Honestly, these are really minimal. It was hard for me to think of negatives. She’s really hit the market big time. I’ve been watching her progress with the DG Institute over the last few years, and it’s great to see the impact she’s made in Australia.

Building a mostly passive income

Yes – I really do believe that most people can build a passive income through Dominique’s methods. She even has multiple case studies providing so.

Unfortunately, it does often take a long time for retirement to actually happen. Unless you’re sitting on a large capital base. I discovered that with minimal capital, I was able to get yields in the 30% to 40% range. When I realized this was working, I simply had to share it. This is how I’ve scored an early semi-retirement.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! πŸ™‚

I’ve hit the 100% laptop lifestyle in my early 30’s and it would take 2 million dollars of investment properties fully paid off to replicate these results. I did it through a unique strategy that thousands of Australians have learned right now.

Closing thoughts

I have immense respect and gratitude for Dominique Grubisa. She doesn’t set off my BS meter which has become highly tuned. Sure – some of her methods won’t work for some people (mainly through laziness, but also capital requirements) but you’ll find value in attending one of her live events around Australia. Like anything, these courses won’t do the work for you. It’s simply knowledge to be applied with ongoing effort, paired with some patience.

If the long term game-plan and retirement through property investing is your plan, then she’s the one to follow. Dominique has coached and mentored thousands of people both on the stage and in person. She gets my tick of approval. Personally, I did discover a faster strategy.

I’m looking for the following people:

  • Those committed to working 7 to 10 hours per week on a side project
  • Australian investors who are looking for a better cash flow return
  • Families that want to help their own children get a head start in life
  • Those that found the above photo funny. Go on…it made you laugh. πŸ™‚

At the end of the day, nothing worth having comes so easy. Otherwise we’d all be on the beach. I look around and I see so few people out here on the weekday. Yet, this opportunity is 100% open and available.

You still have to put in the hard yards. I have numerous successful ventures that allow me to live this lifestyle, but I’ve been on this journey since 2011. I’ve gone through my fair share of challenges too. But if you’re committed and are willing to take a risk, then an early retirement is absolutely possible.

So if you’re ready, jump on board with Dominique’s training. Likewise, the laptop lifestyle has plenty of space here on the beach.

DG Institute Rated
  • Teacher Experience
  • Program Pricing
  • Media Presence
  • Event Locations
  • Teacher Reputation
  • Range of Strategies

Summary of Dominique Grubisa's education

I’ve rated Dominique Grubisa for the beginner or intermediate property investor who’s looking to expand their knowledge through legitimate education.

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