Boutique Homes Review: Are These Builders Any Good?

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Boutique Homes have built thousands of homes for Australians, but online reviews are both positive and negative. Should you sign that building contract?

Boutique Homes Review

I wanted to write this unbiased review to share my opinion only as an alternative to popular websites. Boutique Homes happens to be a company that I looked at recently.

When it comes to building, it’s an exhaustive process:

  • You head along to the display villages
  • You look over the Boutique Homes price list
  • The pricing and inclusions are very confusing
  • You keep doing online research and read reviews
  • The budget just keeps becoming more stretched
  • In the end, you just want it over and done with

The entire process of building your own home from scratch is also quite emotional. This is why you’ll see people leaving negative reviews about Boutique Homes because things went wrong.

Unfortunately, when you’re building a new home, things never go perfectly as planned. There are always hiccups.

There are options

Boutique Homes isn’t the only builder in the market. You know that as their very own competitors are next door in the display villages.

So my recommendation is that you research the general testimonials online of all builders. And naturally, visit their display homes as well.

But this all starts with a plan:

  1. You need to have a total build budget and stick to it
  2. You need to know how your family will growth (More kids?)
  3. Most importantly – a plan to knock down the mortgage

Now we all have our own standards of living. Boutique Homes doesn’t deal with the bottom end of town so their prices will be a little higher.

The big problem

Now you can read Boutique Homes Reviews all day long. You’ll see the experiences both good and bad that people had during the journey.

But the problem is: No one is talking about the elephant in the room. The big mess you’re left with. And that isn’t the tradies rubbish in the skip bin. It’s much worse than that.

It’s the mortgage. A massive mortgage that you’ll have to sacrifice a big part of your life paying back.

And that to me is a huge problem. So often young people go into huge debt to afford such massive homes across Australia. Homes that are often much bigger than what they need.

A good solution

Years ago Australia went through a property investment craze. The premise was simple: Buy your first house then after 2 to 3 years, buy an investment property.

The idea was that your tenant would pay down your mortgage on the other property. Indeed it was a nifty idea to get ahead in life.

Unfortunately, with the way the economy is right now with house prices crashing, this probably isn’t the smartest idea in my opinion.

Instead, consider digital assets. That is – generating cash flow over the internet.

Most Australians are completely unaware that this is possible. That instead of an expensive investment property, you could build an online asset that knocks down your mortgage for you.

This is an approach that I actively take. It works…as long as you put some effort into it.

Getting started

Boutique Homes is definitely a good builder. Over these last couple of years, they have really lifted their game and improved their building process and complaints handling.

Certainly, they’re not a builder for everyone and aren’t the cheapest in the marketplace. You should really research to make sure they’re the right solution for you and your goals.

On that same token, have a think about how you’re going to approach that massive mortgage. Creating digital assets could be the solution.

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