The 10 Best MLM Companies in 2020 (My Top Recommendations)

I’ve compiled a list of the best MLM companies to join in 2020. Read this list of my top network marketing schemes available for beginners.

I’ve ranked these not by revenue (as these numbers can be skewed) but by numerous factors. Company age, product line, live events, interest over time and distributor support.

I’ve also shown Google trend data so you can see which companies are being the most talked about. Because you want to make sure you’re on a trend, not on a sinking ship. It’s clear that I’m attempting to steer you in the right direction.

I’m all about catching trends early. I used to be that guy who jumped from opportunity, before finally finding my feet. If you’re committed to succeeding in MLM, use this helpful guide to help you in avoiding a bad one.

Consider that I’ve done the work to research this, so you don’t have to. 😉

Best MLM companies

Remember that I’m ranking these based on numerous factors. It’s not just a case of which company is doing the best revenue. Recruits need to look at different atributes.

Because a company that makes a lot of money might have a bad product for you. Like, men might not be happy selling skincare, and women might not be happy selling health shakes or digital services.

So choosing the right one for you is very important. A bad decision could cost you a lot of time and money.

Here’s the list of the best MLM companies to join in 2020:

Company NameEstimated DistributorsLaunched
1DoTERRA3 million +2008
2Enagic500,000 +1974
3Isagenix1 million +2002
4Herbalife2 million +1980
5Jeunesse1 million +2009
6ByDzyneLess than 50,0002019
7Amway3 million +1959
8World Ventures1 million +2005
9USANA700,000 +1992
10Arbonne500,000 +1980

All of these are good companies worth pursuing if you’re considering a career in network marketing. None of these are easier than the other, despite ranking DoTERRA in the top position. Nor is Arbonne bad either.

I’ve written this list of the best MLM companies as someone based in Australia, though individuals based in the United Kingdom, North American, New Zealand and Canada will also benefit. All these companies have presences on your shores.

While those numbers are good, not everyone will find success in any of these schemes. It’s a personal level of motivation more than anything.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper on these exact companies.


This company is famous for its essential oils that make distributors go crazy.

Doterra MLM Company
Good growth with DoTERRA

Not only that, there are seriously good earning potential too.

I like this company because they feature a range of beneficial products. Like – you can build a business with products that you’re proud of.

Read more here:

2. Enagic/Kangen

This is in 2nd place as its also a great company who sells water machines.

Enagic Kangen MLM Company
Even better growth with Enagic and Kangen

So you can comfortably sell a product that you’re proud of. Because their alkaline water from the Kangen machines positively impacts many lives.

The main downside is that it isn’t cheap with this company. If you’re on a limited budget, then please start elsewhere.

Read more here:

3. Isagenix

You can’t possibly go to a gym anymore without at least one personal trainer being an Isagenix representative. They are literally everywhere now!

Isagenix MLM Company
It’s disappointing that Isagenix is now down 50% over the last 5 years.

Some of their products are really good, whilst some make some exagerrated claims too. One thing that is awesome with this company is their live events.

Affordability is great here, with starter kits costing less than $300 with this MLM scheme.

Read more here:

4. Herbalife

Welcome to the turtle life…I mean Herbalife! 🙂

Herbalife MLM Company
Notice those yearly drops? People aren’t searching over Christmas.

This is a network marketing company that has been around for many years. With thousands of representatives on board, you know they won’t be going anywhere soon.

Their product range continues to improve over the years, mainly focused on health and wellness.

Please refer to the previously mentioned article:

5. Jeunesse

In last than 12 years, Jeunesse has exploded on to the MLM dance floor with their anti-aging products.

Jeunesse MLM Company
We can see only a marginal decline with Jeunesse over the last 5 years

There is some seriously good earning potential here. The margins are quite high with this product, resulting in many distributors earning good dollars.

This is somewhat of a high-class / higher calibre company. They generally target the mid to upper class worker who’s well dressed.

6. ByDzyne

With less than 50,000 distributors worldwide, ByDzyne still does make this list.

ByDzyne MLM Company
ByDzyne just started, hence the lack of interest until early 2019

It’s a good company that has a range of products on offer. From smart watches to hemp products and more. I particularly like their travel discounts.

Why did this make the list? They have had some seriously good growth since their launch in 2019 and this trend looks to continue throughout 2020. One to look out for!

Read more:

7. Amway

Yes, Amway! It does make this list. Because you’ll looking for safety and security, with a company that will be around for many years still.

Amway MLM Company
Amway appears to be on the swing upwards!

As far as income potential goes, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Amway at all. For example, they have 100,000 distributors alone in Australia.

But if you’re looking for a company who has done network marketing very well, at scale, then look no further! Their live events are the biggest in the world.

More information and personal experiences:

8. World Ventures

This is a unique player on this list. World Ventures is competing with the likes of Expedia and SkyScanner.

World Ventures MLM Company
World Ventures went crazy a few years ago, but today isn’t so crash hot.

If you know the little blue sign “YOU SHOULD BE HERE” then this IS the company. Distributors generally love to travel, with the membership being the main product.

Caveat: There are cases where this company has been perceived to be a pyramid. This is because there is no real or tangible product, unlike the rest who have physical products. This is why I’m such a proponent of physical products.

More personal experiences:


Very similar to Isagenix, and in some ways Amway too, USANA is very popular in the United States and South East Asian countries.

Those peaks and valleys are interesting with USANA.

The main product line is health and wellness consumables. Distributors generally stay on for a long time and I know a few people doing well with this MLM scheme.

It’s not one of the best out there, especially as their ‘golden years’ have passed. But still a great company we can all learn from.

More information:

10. Arbonne

This is a uniquely female MLM scheme, given the product range is mostly makeups and accessories.

Arbonne MLM Company
Arbonne remains pretty well stable year on year, with some adjustments.

Arbonne is an evergreen network marketing company who continues to do well across many countries, including Australia and the United States.

Some YouTubers have decided to get on board with this company as distributors. There is less of the look and feel of a traditional ‘icky’ MLM scheme with this company, though unfortunately not really for men like myself.

The truth about MLM schemes

Choosing the best scheme is important, but I need to share the truth about such companies.

You see – 2020 is a unique year. It’s a chance to start fresh, with something new and exciting. I understand the allure of such a ‘business opportunity’ to begin with.

But there are intrinsic challenges that many will face throughout this process.

In 2006, Quixtar published The Quixtar Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, in which the company reported that the average monthly gross income for “Active” IBOs was $115.

Amway’s Wikipedia page

That sucks – just $115 per month. This does take into account the big earners too, so the average person who’s not at the top is earning much less.

The failure rate with distributors is often more than 95%, meaning many hopes and dreams are merely washed away. No wonder this industry has a bad reputation.

Many people get frustrated with MLM companies

But why does this happen?

Well let’s see:

  1. Most people aren’t always passionate about selling someone else’s products. If you create a product range yourself (as I have done via eCommerce) then you’ll be much more passionate
  2. The MLM industry has a bad reputation which has developed from exaggerated earning potential. So friends and family are less likely to join than you think.
  3. You need to be a real outgoing and ‘sales focused’ individual to succeed with MLM schemes. Oh – and you do need to do a lot of continous work, most of unpaid at the beginning as you recruit more people.
  4. Most people don’t know how to advertise their ‘business opportunity’ outside of their friends and family. There are many ways to do this in 2020.
  5. You’ll have to manage an attrition rate. For every 20 people you enrol, only 1 will actually do anything. 15 will be gone by next month, the remaining 5 might stay on for another year. Maybe.

Whilst you might have seen a lot of testimonials and case studies, the vast majority of people make little to no money with MLM schemes. This is why it’s hard to recruit your friends and family, as most of them have seen this sort of stuff before.

What I’m doing today in 2020

The internet has literally changed the world. I used to think that MLM was the best opportunity around. This was years ago (2011 to be exact) as I could use it as a vehicle to quit my job and travel the world.

Looking back, it was a very foolish decision to join, but a very smart one to leave. Seth Godin calls this strategic quitting, when you know it’s time to hang in the towel.

I believe your skills could be best applied in creating a product line that you own. That is: a range of products that are sold online, particularly on Amazon.

That is exactly what I do. Selling on Amazon literally changed my life.

Best MLM Companies List

If you find success with network marketing schemes, then you’re one of the lucky few. Someone who put in a lot of work, for years on end.

There are far more smarter people opening their eyes to the potential of eCommerce. You know – owning the products yourself, with a worldwide customer pool. Better still – the potential of a 7 figure exit.

This is a high-income skill. As they say “Skills pay the bills”

All without the hard-selling, talking to friends or family or attending ‘those’ hypey seminars. Because you’re chasing legitimacy.

And once you learn these skills, no one can take this away from you. A smart business model, I must say!

Summary of the best MLM schemes

There are some great companies and systems around. I recently found one!

MLM companies have been around for decades. People have found success with such schemes.

But there are some even greater individuals that have the potential for so much more. You know, you deserve so much more.

You can build a recurring revenue stream so you can travel the world. Through selling online, this is entirely possible.

Once you ‘get it’, you’ll really grasp why this is an awesome business model. Literally, it’s the #1 opportunity right now.

A way to travel the world. Where you can build a brand with products you love, and dominate your marketplace.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside in just a moment.

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  1. I can’t believe that you didn’t consider Forever Living in your top ten. Established in 1978, extremely successful, annual turnover in excess of USD$2.6 billion, more than 9 million distributors worldwide, their own massive plantations supplying 85% of the world’s aloe vera. The products are exceptionally good and realistically priced, not like 95% of MLM companies whose products are markedly overpriced.
    Just for the record I’m not a Forever Business Owner, just a very satisfied, long standing customer


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