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Best Amazon FBA Course in Canada | My #1 Choice for 2019

I’ll be covering my best recommendation for an Amazon FBA course for those who live in Canada. It’s a course with many existing students & success stories.

Canadians are generally left out of the entire education scene. Strange really, being right on the doorstep of the United States.

But luckily, I found one that serves Canada well, while created in the US. One that is geared for selling on the United States platform, where its own students have become 7 and 8 figure sellers.

So let’s begin.

Why I love this course

This course is one of the best out there. If you’re looking for a cheap Amazon course for Canada, then this isn’t it.

But as for quality, then this one has your back.

What I love is:

  • Seriously impressive content. 40+ hours of professionally produced training
  • Created by entrepreneurs and designed for the big FBA business builder
  • Thousands of success stories, because students here really put in the work
  • Live events that help you meet fellow students and REAL Amazon sellers
  • A very good money back guarantee, with an offer to help you buy inventory

I wish more Amazon courses provided so much value. Many of the cheap courses really fall short. If you’re an existing business owner looking to start selling on Amazon, and learn the right way, then this is for you.

Amazon FBA Course Canada

Students on the inside

There are many people on the inside. In fact, thousands of Canadians and many North Americans.

Further still, there are tens of thousands of real students from around the world. I should know – I’m one of them! And I’ve met dozens of fellow students too.

  • They are generally aged 30 to 55
  • Have a hunger and willingness to win
  • Are starting with some serious capital
  • Believe in the power of Amazon FBA
  • Posses the mindset to make it happen

If that’s you, then you can get started in the free training series. This is where you can start to learn from these teachers and see how their paid program is structured.

In summary

This is my #1 recommendation for Canada. Because of the vast amount of success stories. People just like you who got started just recently.

Real people discovering how they can build a profitable business on Amazon. Without the fluff of cheap training courses. This training program gets straight to the point.

They offer a flexible payment plan or a discount on the full tuition fee. I’d recommend that you get started with the free training series first, to see if you’re the right fit.

Naturally, it does take some time to build towards a profitable position on Amazon. It isn’t easy. It takes capital, time, effort and energy. But if you’re committed, like I am, the rewards are right there on the table.

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