Accredited Online Training: The One Thing They Didn’t Teach Me

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Today I’ll be sharing my opinions on Accredited Online Training for people in Australia, with a potential coupon. They’re one of the cheapest RTO’s.

I’ve done a range of courses over the years. Most have been great. I’ve even found the best course for Australians. There are some great organizations out there, that’s for sure!

Then again, I have been burned. Years ago I found what is probably the cheapest RTO around at the time for a Cert IV, and after paying, realized how crap their educational materials are. Through the power of my blog, we collectively shut them down! Hurrah!

Accredited Online Training Review

Alright – this is what we’re here for. Is Accredited Online Training any good? Do they give refunds? What is their course pricing like?

All great questions to have. I’m glad you’re here doing your research! I would too, especially as the investment into education is somewhat substantial, and potentially life changing (for the better) too!

Accredited Online Training Australia Review
It’s good that you’re doing research towards Accredited Online Training

So, Accredited Online Training is an Australian registered RTO. They offer short courses, certificates and even diplomas.

There’s some things that I like upfront:

  • They’ve been in business for approximately 15 years
  • Australian teaching staff to help you through training
  • No requirement to travel or take time off work for study
  • Live chat and one-on-one mentoring offered to students
  • Centralized user-friendly learning management system

From what I’ve seen from the reviews, Accredited Online Training is a solid company. Sure, there’s a few people who haven’t left 5 star feedback, which is a downside, but the majority are quite happy here.

The One Thing

How cool was that title? I bet it got your attention. I’ve evaluated this RTO, but quite simply, there’s one thing that they didn’t teach me. It’s a shame really.

They didn’t let me know about this 100% FREE online video training course. It’s what I’ve done, and what thousands of Australians have done. It’s for those who are dead-set serious about building their own online business and achieving the laptop lifestyle.

Why didn’t they tell me? These guys are for those who want jobs and career progression. If that’s you – that’s cool. Personally, I used this opportunity to quit my job in April 2018. That same course has led to many Australians discovered how to do exactly this.

If you want the laptop lifestyle and real freedom, with your own online business, then this is the opportunity that many have been waiting for. It’s a rock-solid course + community of like-minded people. Built for Australians who really are ready for a change.

My advice for beginners

If you’re considered Accredited Online Training, then I would say they’re reasonably good. It’s clear they’ve been in business for a while and genuinely care about student success.

What’s better than a paid course, is a free course! That’s exactly what is on offer here, and is the one thing that they didn’t teach me. The course “How do I build my own online business” isn’t something that they offer, and in fact, very few RTO’s offer.

Luckily, I found an educational company that does offer this! Thousands of Australians are now on board, and I’m eager to see many more join.

If you have genuine work ethic, then open your mind to this opportunity. It’s what I’ve chosen to do, and what thousands of people are jumping on board with right now.

Next steps

Ready to go? I hope so!

I currently work only with the following people:

  • Those who are willing and prepared to build their own digital business
  • People committed to the goal of leaving their job and working solo
  • Individuals with work ethic who understand the challenges in business
  • Persons with a spare 7 to 10 hours per week to dedicate to this side hustle

If that’s you, then do yourself a favour and either drop in your email address right here (to get the course modules) or simply get in touch. Either way – I’d love to help you out!

On the other hand, I certainly would recommend Accredited Online Training. They have certainly impressed me, paired with lots of reviews from past students.

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