Low Hanging System Review: Is Rachel Rofe’s Course Worth It?

I recently went through the Low Hanging System course by Rachel Rofe and here is my review. Is it as easy as she proclaims? Let’s find out.

The sales numbers look extravagant and the work looks very simple and this makes you question if such results are actually legitimate.

As with any course review on my blog, we’ll go for a deep-dive here.

Low Hanging System Review

Print on Demand isn’t a new concept. In fact, I started doing this back in 2015 which means that I’m able to fairly evaluate this course and strategy effectively.

In addition, this industry is now more than 10 years old.

This means two things:

  1. It’s an established industry that’s growing year-on-year
  2. There is more competition in the marketplace than ever before

The 2nd point is most important. How do you deal with competition?

The truth is – everything in the online world has competition. Selling on Amazon, building out niche sites, selling on eBay and yes – Print on Demand.

Where there is very little competition is hard work. This is one of “those” business models where you’ll need to go the extra mile and deliver a more compelling design.

From my experience, it isn’t as easy as Rachel points out…but it’s certainly effective. Because your job is to fill the holes which others have missed.

Strategy Session

To get access to the course, you’ll need to book in a strategy session. Fortunately, these are FREE. These are helpful to help you better discover if this a good strategy for you going forward.

The good news is that the coaching calls are typically by someone also in your own country. Rachel has students and coaches across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Because there’s nothing more awkward than talking to someone 10,000 miles away with a 3-second audio delay. And these calls can help you working out if this business model is for you.

If you haven’t booked in one of these – I would right away. After all – they’re free.

The Course Outline

The course is quite in-depth and way behind what Rachel Rofe’s webinar teaches. The Low Hanging System course is made up of numerous models.

Without going into the deeper details, she teaches you:

  • The best types of micro-niches to get into
  • The platforms where to get free resources (Logos, Fonts etc)
  • Where to sell your products where sellers aren’t looking
  • How to scale your business through automation and outsourcing

In addition, there are several bonuses worth having including automation platforms to help you speed up the process. These are worth it for the course alone.

Where does it fall short? The audio sometimes isn’t the best (some distinct background sound) and the course structure could be better placed, but overall the course is still very rock-solid.

Rachel Rofe’s Community Element

The best part about the course is the community. Where does Rachel get all her testimonials and success stories from? Her community insice the Low Hanging eCom course.

This is an evolved Facebook group where everyone pitches in and helps each other. I swear some people spend more time here chatting than building their own business. 😅

If you’re on the fence about the course, then consider the power of being surrounded by those doing the work. You’ll find them here, and hence why there are so many good reviews about Rachel Rofe.

You’ll find students from all across the world. Plus – Rachel is likely to start events once COVID is finished where you can meet others in person.

The Downsides

When reading any reviews, the most common reason is to find out where certain programs might fall short. You may have even scrolled down to here already.

In addition to the audio issues I mentioned earlier, the biggest problem is the asset itself.

When starting any business, I look at the potential of selling my asset through a marketplace down the track for 2 to 3 times the yearly revenue. Being able to net 6-figures in one shot is one big payday.

For example – an eCommerce brand which yields a NET $200k may fetch between $400k and $600k in the market. That’s a house paid off in some places in one shot.

With Print-On-Demand, this is much less likely to eventuate. It’s more rare to see such businesses available for sale on such marketplaces such as Empire Flippers or FE International – 2 brokers I follow closely.

Now – this isn’t an issue for most people. Many are just looking for a spare few thousand per month, and Rachel’s course will work just fine.

The course itself + the community is super strong to harness results. This is a legitimate business model, though million-dollar success stories are seldom found.

Going forward

Would I book in a FREE coaching call? Absolutely. You’ll be speaking to a real local who already does this business model.

As for joining the course and community, this is reserved for the serious action-taker.

If that sounds like you, I’d be jumping in right away.