137 Charming Horse Captions and Quotes for Instagram/Facebook (2023)

Hello equistrian lovers! Here are 137 horse captions for Instagram:

  1. “Hold your horses, the best is yet to come!”
  2. “Chasing sunsets on horseback.”
  3. “Life looks better between horse ears.”
  4. “Horses aren’t my whole life, but they make my life whole.”
  5. “Galloping into the weekend like…”
  6. “Finding peace in the stirrup.”
  7. “For the love of hooves.”
  8. “Wild hearts and horses.”
  9. “Unbridled passion.”
  10. “Saddle up and ride your dreams.”
  11. “Lost in a world of mane and tail.”
  12. “Keep calm and trot on.”
  13. “Wherever I go, my horse leads the way.”
  14. “Head up, heels down.”
  15. “Boots, breeches, and horse beaches.”
  16. “In riding, we trust.”
  17. “Majestic moments on mane street.”
  18. “Cantering away from my problems.”
  19. “Barn hair, don’t care.”
  20. “Blazing trails and setting tails.”
  21. “Equestrian state of mind.”
  22. “Stay wild, horse child.”
  23. “Heart in the city, soul in the stables.”
  24. “The wind of heaven blows between a horse’s ears.”
  25. “Just a girl and her horse.”
  26. “Riding – where freedom truly begins.”
  27. “Equestrian dreams, starlit beams.”
  28. “Gallop more, worry less.”
  29. “Horses: The best kind of therapy.”
  30. “Chasing dreams on horse feet.”
  31. “Mane attractions only.”
  32. “Peace, love, and ponies.”
  33. “Neigh-sayers gonna neigh.”
  34. “Horseplay encouraged here.”
  35. “Into the wild with my trusted steed.”
  36. “Un-tamed and un-reigned.”
  37. “Saddle tales and sunset trails.”
  38. “Born to ride wild.”
  39. “Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl.”
  40. “Leaving hoof prints on my heart.”
  41. “Ride more, regret less.”
  42. “Joyrides and countryside.”
  43. “Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything.”
  44. “Let’s wander where the Wi-Fi is weak.”
  45. “Every path leads me back to the barn.”
  46. “Keep calm and ride on.”
  47. “Horses first, the rest later.”
  48. “Where the pavement ends, my story begins.”
  49. “Saddle stories and moonlit glories.”
  50. “Life’s better in boots and reins.”
  51. “Sun, saddle, and the open road.”
  52. “Just one more ride.”
  53. “With horses, every day is a fairytale.”
  54. “The barn: my happy place.”
  55. “Two hearts, four hooves.”
  56. “Dancing with hooves.”
  57. “Horse love is in my blood.”
  58. “Ride like the wind.”
  59. “Horse kisses are the best kisses.”
  60. “Galloping towards my dreams.”
  61. “Forever in love with this equestrian life.”
  62. “Pony tales and adventures.”
  63. “A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care.”
  64. “Living for these mane moments.”
  65. “Find me where the wild horses roam.”
  66. “Ears forward and just ride.”
  67. “In the stirrups lies the magic.”
  68. “A day without horses is a day wasted.”
  69. “Stable in life, wild at heart.”
  70. “Dressage dreams and jumping beams.”
  71. “Horsepower beats other power.”
  72. “Ride with passion.”
  73. “With every stride, we ride.”
  74. “Hooves, heartbeats, and horsey treats.”
  75. “My favorite kind of therapy session.”
  76. “Stable relationships have four legs.”
  77. “Chasing the horizon, one ride at a time.”
  78. “Tales of tails.”
  79. “Every ride is a journey.”
  80. “Galloping through life with grace.”
  81. “In every horse, there’s a promise.”
  82. “Canter is the answer.”
  83. “Just a little horse crazy.”
  84. “Barn beauty in all its glory.”
  85. “Life’s a ride, enjoy it.”
  86. “There’s no place I’d rather be than in the saddle.”
  87. “Wanderlust and horse dust.”
  88. “Trust the horse beneath you.”
  89. “Living the hoofbeat dream.”
  90. “Dream it. Ride it. Love it.”
  91. “Horse hugs make everything better.”
  92. “Magic is something you make, especially on horseback.”
  93. “Find joy in the journey.”
  94. “Bridled passion.”
  95. “Keep the dream alive: hit the snooze button.”
  96. “Just a bunch of neigh-sayers.”
  97. “Trotting into the sunset.”
  98. “Saddle up your dreams.”
  99. “Riding towards the weekend.”
  100. “Barn days are the best days.”
  101. “These boots were made for riding.”
  102. “Feeling free with every gallop.”
  103. “Horsey hair, don’t care.”
  104. “Dreaming under the mane sky.”
  105. “Life’s too short for bad vibes, bad friends, and bad horses.”
  106. “Giddy up and go.”
  107. “Every day is a fresh start.”
  108. “Whinnying is winning.”
  109. “Equestrian chic.”
  110. “Live. Laugh. Trot.”
  111. “For the love of all things horsey.”
  112. “Mane event of the day.”
  113. “Happiness has four legs and a tail.”
  114. “Ride it out.”
  115. “Bareback, hair back.”
  116. “Stay wild, moon child.”
  117. “Horsing around is my cardio.”
  118. “Stay loyal to the royal within you.”
  119. “The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse.”
  120. “Ride more, worry less.”
  121. “A bit of heaven on earth.”
  122. “Jump for joy and gallop for glory.”
  123. “With horses, the journey is the destination.”
  124. “Stirrup some fun!”
  125. “Horsing around is always allowed.”
  126. “In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I’m blessed.”
  127. “Living on horsepower.”
  128. “Whinny, dine, and unwind.”
  129. “Horses: Making Mondays better since forever.”
  130. “A hoofbeat is a heart’s echo.”
  131. “Find your tribe. Love them hard.”
  132. “Sunsets & pony silhouettes.”
  133. “Life’s a gallop, not a trot.”
  134. “Let your dreams run wild.”
  135. “Unbridled and unbothered.”
  136. “Equestrian life is the best life.”
  137. “Riding into new horizons.”

There you go, 137 horse captions and I’m sure there’s a few that will match your Instagram photo!

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