Ben Cousins: Net Worth and Current Salary (2024)

Fun Facts About Him

Published: December 4, 2022

Last updated: January 11, 2024

By Joshua Smith πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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Welcome to the ultimate analysis of Ben Cousins for 2024.

The success of many sporting legends provides insights that we can all learn from.

The goal of these profiles is to show you the different ways people have built 6 and 7-figure businesses. I hope to inspire you to create your own success online, starting today.

Ben Cousins Facts

πŸ’‘Full Name and Age

Ben Cousins is 45 years old.

He was born on the 30th of June, 1978.

πŸ€‘ Net Worth

AFL players are typically wealthier than they admit, although this isn’t the case here. This is what I estimate…

As of 2024, Ben Cousins has a net worth of $920,000 Australian dollars.

This is based on the value of his home and business.

🀩 Income Streams

Life is definitely different for him today.

Today in 2023, Ben Cousins works a full-time job making $75,000 per year and sometimes plays casual footy in Perth, typically during charity matches.

So yeah, he’s just a normal person like us now.

🌍 Location

He lives in Perth but is originally from Melbourne.

✌️Common Praise

He’s one of the most iconic AFL players in Australia.

❌ Notable Complaints

He went on a downward spiral after retiring.

πŸš€ The X-Factor

His work ethic has absolutely taken him to the top.

πŸ“ˆ Creator Trends

The mainstream media hardly talk about him these days.

πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Private Life

Ben Cousins has a son and a girlfriend, however, not much is known about them. He also has children from a previous marriage.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» My Verdict

I hope Ben can turn his life around. I used to watch him a ton back in the day.

About Me

I’m Joshua Smith from Australia. I have been building profitable content sites since 2011.

Today, in addition to managing my own portfolio, I actively help others on their journey.

His Praise

Many people loved him because:

➜ He always showed up right when you needed him

➜ He was focused on the team rather than himself

➜ He played like his life absolutely depended on it

➜ He was one of the finest AFL players of his generation

And he worked incredibly hard to get to the top.

His Red Flags

Ben Cousins definitely had a fall from grace. He was near the top, and in just a couple of years, found himself near the bottom.

My Verdict

I’m so inspired by his victories and journey in AFL. From watching so many of his games, there are key lessons that can propel our lives forward, both on a business and personal level.

My key takeaways include:

➜ You must grind it out every single day

➜ Be willing to push past your opponents

➜ Deal with the adversities as they come

➜ There is help out there if you need it

Ben took an opportunity by the balls and achieved a level of success that 0.01% ever will.

And while he took a substantial fall, I do hope he gets back on his feet soon.

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