Sarah and Keelan Travels: Net Worth and Earnings (2024)

Fun Facts About This Aussie Caravan Couple

Published: December 3, 2022

Last updated: March 7, 2024

By Joshua Smith πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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Welcome to the ultimate analysis of Sarah and Keelan Travels for 2024.

The success of many YouTube creators provides insights that we can all learn from.

The goal of these profiles is to show you the different ways people have built 6 and 7-figure businesses. I hope to inspire you to create your own success online, starting today.

Sarah and Keelan Travels Facts

πŸ’‘Full Name and Age

Sarah is 29 years old who was previously a teacher.

Keelan is 28 years old who was previously a sparky.

Both have been working for around 10 years, so they were able to save to buy their caravan and car for cash.

πŸ€‘ Net Worth

YouTubers are typically wealthier than they admit.

Today in 2024, I’m estimating that Sarah and Keelan Travels has a net worth of $290,000 AUD.

This is based on the value of their Landcruiser, caravan and highly profitable online business.

🀩 Income Streams

Affiliate marketing, YouTube ads and brand sponsorships. I’ll detail more below.

🌍 Location

They are currently in Queensland.

✌️Common Praise

They are unscripted, down to earth and extremely knowledgeable. They also have the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

❌ Notable Complaints

None that I could find.

πŸš€ The X-Factor

They are the perfect young couple who is inspiring thousands of Australians towards a life of self-sustainability and independence.

πŸ“ˆ Creator Trends

Their content is blowing up on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Private Life

Sarah and Keelan have been together for several years.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» My Verdict

One of my favorite couples on YouTube who have inspired me as much as the next person!

About Me

I’m Joshua Smith from Australia. I have been building profitable content sites since 2011.

Today, in addition to managing my own portfolio, I actively help others on their journey.

How much does Sarah and Keelan Travels make and how?

YouTube can definitely sustain your travels around this great country.

Sarah and Keelan Travels have confirmed that they’re making $7,000 to $10,000 per month on YouTube.

They did a full analysis in this video:

Other online business models can pay more with a lot less work. However, these two are simply leveraging the skills, connections and audience they have.

Sarah and Keelan make their sustainable online income on YouTube through:

➜ Affiliate marketing by linking to popular 4×4 stores and brands

➜ Sponsored content such as Coles Express (corporates pay well)

➜ YouTube ads, although these ads do pay ridicously low

This couple is 100% treating their content like a business. However, their filming takes around 40 to 60 hours per week (between the two of them) so it’s a grind as much as it is freedom. But hey, nothing like editing on a white sandy beach while everyone else is stuck in traffic or at work.

One fun fact here: As Sarah and Keelan say they do affiliate marketing, they actually do the real thing.

Some people say they do affiliate marketing, but when you dig further, you realize they’re actually in an MLM or pyramid scheme. For real.

Some of these people are selling expensive water machines from a network marketing company called Enagic. If you see these, be careful. These are being floated across social media, namely Facebook groups.

Don’t say I haven’t warned you… πŸ™‚

Creator Praise

Many love Sarah and Keelan because:

➜ They’re relatable to many of us

➜ They are realistic and don’t spread the BS

➜ They’ll call out BS when they see it

They also paid cash for their caravan (rather then getting it for free, unlike some other channels), so they can say what they want without pissing off some brand sponsor.

Creator Red Flags

I haven’t seen them create any controversy. Their channel is small (but growing) but even if they become as large as Trip In A Van, I doubt you’ll see their adventures draw out any criticism.

Other Australian 4×4 Influencers

In addition to Sarah and Keelan, I’ve written many articles about other offroading influencers here in Australia:

➜ All 4 Adventure

➜ Trip In A Van

➜ The Explore Life (How epic are their videos? Their editor is mint!)

➜ John Rooth (The original influencer, before it became popular)

➜ Sarah and Keelan Travels

➜ Tyler Thompson

➜ The Feel Good Family

➜ Red Dirt Diary (Bridget)

➜ Shaun Whale (4WD 24/7)

➜ Graham Cahill (4WD 24/7)

➜ Danie Simpson

➜ Patriot Campers (Justin’s work ethic is incredible)

➜ Ronny Dahl (I’ve learned a ton from his channel!)

➜ Molly Dixon (Every dude’s favourite right now)

➜ Built Not Bought

➜ Sam Young 4×4

➜ The Cartwrights

πŸ‘† Definitely check those out today! πŸ˜ƒ

The X Factor

So why is their channel outperforming others who have been in the game for years?

Well, it’s pretty simple:

➜ They spend the time to get those epic DLSR and drone shots

➜ They put a ton of effort into their editing, including backing tracks and narration

➜ They went caravaning in NZ which hardly any other channels have done

➜ They’re brutally honest about their mistakes and lessons learned

They have also been bogged several times, serving as a right of passage.

My Verdict

I’m so inspired by their travels and success on YouTube. From watching so many videos, there are key lessons that can propel our lives forward, both on a business and personal level.

My key takeaways include:

➜ Living the dream is closer than you think

➜ Start building the freedom you deserve

➜ You CAN work online with the right skills

➜ Keep an open mind to new opportunities

These two have captivated me with their knowledge about destinations, 4×4 gear and accessories for caravans.

As someone who aspires to buy his next caravan in 2023, I’ve learned a ton and owe a debt of gratitude for their help.

So from one fan of their YouTube channel to another, I’d love to help you build an online business too.

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