7 Best Property Investing YouTube Channels Australia

Just like you, I digest quite a bit of investing content in Australia. Years ago it was books and seminars, yet today, it’s mostly YouTube.

Through consuming so much content, I’ve come to enjoy content from numerous property investing channels and these are my best picks in 2024:

1. Australian Property Mastery with PK Gupta

With more than 3.5m views and 1,000+ videos since 2020, PK Gupta has become Australia’s leading young property educator on YouTube and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon!

He uses data-driven systems to help beginners get started on their journey, both safely and confidently. PK himself became financially free some years ago, but as we can see from his YouTube channel, he’s busier than ever, discussing property, the economy and financial happiness.

See also: My review of PK Gupta’s course, PK’s creator profile by Roc Guiducci and PK Gupta’s net worth which is…simply mind-blowing!

2. Personal Finance with Ravi Sharma

Ravi comes in at a very close 2nd for me, although unlike PK, Ravi does talk a little about cryptocurrency.

Ravi also runs his own ethical buyer’s agency but with the knowledge you’ll amass from his hundreds of videos, I’m doubtful you’ll need their services!

3. Luke Wiles

Luke and his wife, Emily, built a property portfolio worth over $5 million before the age of 27. On his channel, he discusses savvy buying, sweat equity and risk management when building a property portfolio that gives life choices.

What I like about his channel is that he discusses some mistakes that him and his wife have made along the way too. He’s been quite open and transparent about his renovation journey too!

4. B.Invested

Ah…Nathan Birch! No way can this legend be left off this list. We crossed paths at a conference back in 2011 (back when I was active on the Somersoft forums) and I’ve been watching his incredible journey ever since.

Today in 2024, Nathan not only has an incredible property portfolio but has built a remarkable property buyer’s agency – B.Invested from grassroots. He’s been consistent over the past 15 years and was one of the first property creators on YouTube.

5. Mortgage Broker Australia – Hunter Galloway

Unlike many channels on this list, Hunter Galloway is focused on first-home buyers, however, their content is still extremely helpful for first-time property investors.

Through their channel, you’ll discover how to navigate the buying process, avoid common mistakes and buy your first few properties with ease. I do find their thumbnails to be a little click-baitey, yet Jayden is quite passionate and helpful as a creator for their mortgage broking agency.

6. Walk The World (Martin North)

If you want a deep dive into analytics and Australian property economics, then Martin is your man. Unlike Hunter Galloway, he avoids the surface level fluff and some beginners do find his channel a little overwhelming.

He discusses the latest news from the RBA, the building industry and the property market. Admittedly, I don’t watch too much of his content these days (especially as he’s producing a new video pretty much daily!) but I recommend his channel for more advanced investors.

7. Pumped on Property

If you’re keen on simply investing in Brisbane, Pumped on Property is the channel I’d be following.

I really enjoy their down to earth nature and good vibes. Just like Luke above, Ben and Simon are mostly focused on the Brisbane area and are definitely beginner-friendly.

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