Zurvita Exposed: Here’s 7 Things You Weren’t Told!

Wow, why didn’t I know this?! Through this Zurvita review I’ll be exposing everything, including the 7 things that most people aren’t told. Be warned – I get raw and real here.

I’m Joshua, with more about me here. I started this blog to help people get insights towards companies, products, courses, systems and help avoid potential scams. Zurvita had to be investigated thoroughly so I could provide you with proper insights.

Zurvita Review

Straight up – Zurvita is a network marketing company or MLM scheme. They 100% make their money through the sales of products and the recruitment of new members a.k.a. distributors.

Are they legit? Absolutely! And people can and do make great money with this company. The products are also life-changing for some.

Amway made this industry famous, and left a lot of people heart-broken too due to tarnished relationships with bad reviews online.

Zurvita as an MLM company has presences in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with potential expansion to the United Kingdom, South Africa and Europe.

They all work the same in each country. Many people are quite surprised a few months down the track and some eventually quit.

Zurvita Exposed Review Scam
Most people don’t realize that the numbers don’t add up with Zurvita

Here are the 7 things you weren’t told with Zurvita:

  1. You’re encouraged to sign up friends and family, as everything else is hard
  2. Most people will laugh at you and this ‘business opportunity’ that you have
  3. Even if you get someone to join, there’s a 95% chance they won’t stay onboard
  4. Some of the big seminars on weekends is where this company makes money
  5. Similar ‘wellness’ drinks can be found on supermarket shelves for half the price
  6. It’s volunteer work for the most part and takes a long time to make real money
  7. The worst part – It’s NOT your business. It’s theirs, you’re just a representative

I wish more people would be this open and honest. I’ve really let the cat out of the bag here. Just straight facts regarding this Zurvita ‘opportunity’ that you perhaps have been or are currently pressured to join.

Building a REAL business

With the issues of Zurvita out of the way, let’s get into the meat and potatoes towards building your own business. In my opinion, as someone who owns more than 1 income stream, these factors are critical:

  • You should be able to live, travel and work anywhere in the world
  • A true freedom business equals just a laptop and internet connection
  • There should be a strong business element of mostly passive income
  • Staff members and teams should not be required to get your dream
  • Starting out should take less than $10,000 and 7 to 10 hours weekly

That’s the type of business I look for. Phone calls are my enemy and really get in the way of my freedom.

That’s my #1 value – FREEDOM. Most people value that too, but very few have it.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! 🙂

I’ve worked hard to get to where I am. Thousands of hours, numerous failed enterprises and frustrating times. Today I look back at the challenges and laugh…simply character building.

So, therefore, I don’t sugar coat anything. Unlike the hype and sensationalism in network marketing schemes, I just deliver the facts. It’s HARD to build an online business. 😟

Sure – they’re easy to start, but the real challenge comes in the months and years of work to get your dream. If it were this easy, we’d all be living the laptop lifestyle.

Here’s a genuine opportunity

If you’re prepared to actually work hard and be committed, and I really do mean be committed, then there’s a better opportunity out there. Much better than any MLM scheme such as Zurvita. No scams. No BS. And certainly far detached from a pyramid scheme.

I currently work ONLY with the following people:

  • Those genuinely committed to success for the long term (10 years+)
  • People who are such of the frustration of things not working out
  • Individuals that can stay focused on 1 thing, and not be distracted
  • Families looking to spend more quality time with their children
  • Achievers with realistic expectations of what it takes to succeed

If that’s you, and a proper business opportunity that ISN’T selling to friends and family is your thing, then please get in touch. This a real project. It will take time and capital. You’ll own it 100% – It’s yours.

Building an online income isn’t an easy process, but absolutely worth it

I don’t say this lightly. No tyre kickers, please. I have zero interest in working with those that won’t work hard.

Please don’t contact me unless you’re fully committed. I’m serious. This probably isn’t for you. Most of you should go and check social media now instead.

Closing with Zurvita

These network marketing schemes were booming through the 80’s and 90’s for those who wanted freedom. Yet today they’re very challenging to succeed with.

This is because the internet has opened up so many good opportunities. There is some serious leverage online. I’ve been in several MLM schemes back 7 years ago and today I simply run my own ventures.

I’d estimate that there are just a few years left before these schemes won’t be around for any longer. Zurvita might close just like the rest. They could be unsustainable. These are not pyramid schemes, but some do claim that they are close.

Zurvita will be hard. Actually, everything is hard, even the project I propose. Avoid quick wins.

Now, selling health drinks to friends and family will be an uphill battle in my opinion. We’re all sick of being sold to.

If you’re genuinely motivated to build a real business, then let’s work together.

Again – don’t waste my time. This isn’t for 99% of people reading this. I only work with people who want to finally make a start.


Summary of Zurvita

I’ve rated this company for the person who is doing their research on Zurvita, their products and this business opportunity.

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