Why Are You Building an Amazon Business?

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I believe it’s critically important to understand why you are building an Amazon business, or considering one in the 1st place.

Since it’s all too easy to believe the hype and sensationalism from these ‘gurus’ and their courses. What’s going to make you stick around for the long haul is your belief that it’s possible.

That starts with your reason: Why are you getting started in this business model.

Start with why

This phrase was popularized by Simon Sinek, though catered for those in corporate and leadership roles. Fantastic book if you haven’t read it.

In this case, I’m referring to starting with why. I’m involved with numerous Amazon selling communities with a contrast of people.

Why Are You Building an Amazon Business

A couple of groups have fantastic people who have a high caliber. Their introductions will share concepts such as providing for their children, becoming free and traveling the world, giving to charities and leaving the boss behind.

Sometimes it’s a little ‘loose’ on the exact dream, but these people have a reasonably clear idea of why they’re starting the Amazon journey. Props to them!

Then you’ve got another group with no idea. It’s a real case of “Let’s make lots of money $$$ because that guru told us that we’ll be rich in 3 months!”

Yeah. Rightio. That won’t happen from that mindset.

Whilst we all need to make money, it shouldn’t be the priority. Especially as Amazon businesses typically take years to spin off with excess cashflow to pay the rent and bills. I personally keep pouring money in each month.

Write down your goals

You really need to get more clear on why you’re doing this:

  • Are you just jumping on the Amazon bangwagon for fear of missing out?
  • Is becoming an Amazon seller and dealing with 200 things your idea of fun?
  • Do you have the technical know-how to really get through the hoops?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 3, 5 and 10 years time?

Because Amazon is a longterm beast. It’s a goldmine, but only for those who can dig strategically and for the longest period of time. I’m only 4 years into a 10 year journey. I’m still waiting for my million-dollar payday. 😇

There are going to be challenges along the way. Many challenges. From suppliers causing you havoc, to customers returning perfectly good products, to Amazon support frustrating you.

Let’s not forget even finding a product in the first place. That can be a confusing nightmare. Then samples, freight, inspections, logistics, photography, legals and accounting.

I laugh at those who try to figure out this by themselves. This journey is a lonely one, so it’s best to enrol into a course.

There are many who enrol into courses but don’t take the moment to think “Is this really right for me?” and even if it is, you should still write down your reasonings.

Mine are clearly defined. Not only on paper, but also upstairs. It’s what drives me on the bad days, and trust me, I have bad days on Amazon.

Build a rock-solid Amazon business

Building an Amazon business does start with you. Be clear and concise as to why you got into this business model in the first place, and no, it shouldn’t just be the money.

I’m an advocate of aiming for 7-figure success. So many people just want to do the bare minimum. These people will get bare minimum results. $500/month profit isn’t much to write home about, let alone quit your job with.

This is hard work, but through writing down your goals and why you’re building an Amazon business will get you more easily through the challenges.

My main drivers are the freedom for my family and the freedom for those less fortunate than us. Selling on Amazon is the perfect business model for me, and I’ve become even more rock-solid with a firmly cemented reason for constantly output.

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