Vipon Review: Is It Good For Both Amazon Sellers and Customers?

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There appear to be quite a few of these Amazon deal sites rising up over these last few months, and with Vipon now operating, it’s worth reviewing.

I’ve now been an Amazon customer for the last 8 years, and a seller for approximately for the last 3 years. Not only that, but my blog has helped thousands of people in their journey online.

Many Amazon customers are on the lookout for the best deals and bargains so they can reduce their expenditure. As I said, there is a range of websites that offer such savings, plus much more. is one such example that I recently came across. They promote some pretty big discounts, even above 90% which is unheard of. Surely it’s not true?

Well, let’s find out…

Vipon review

To get started, you need to join this website as a free member. You’ll be merely a customer where you’ll discover the range of products available.

Vipon Review

You can choose from the range of deals available each day. It rotates often so if you find something that you like, don’t wait around for too long as other shoppers might snap up those bargains.

Previously Vipon was called the AMZ Review Trader. Due to policy changes for Amazon sellers, they had to rebrand. This is because you’re no longer allowed to incentivize reviews as an FBA seller. In English….you can’t say “Leave a 5 star review for this big product discount” as it was unfair to other sellers who were trading honestly.

But they still operate, just with a different trading name and strategy. They can still offer product discounts to you as a shopper, or if you’re a seller, provides a great opportunity to establish yourself within the algorithms.

The biggest downsides as a consumer is that not all the products you might be shopping for on the day will be found. This is because the coupons and products available quickly differ.

Some sellers only want to provide discounts on say 50 units of their 500 sitting in Amazon’s distribution centres across the United States. So as I say, if you want something, be quick about it!

How it works

This website really benefits people in two ways. It connects buyers and sellers, without any firm rules.

  1. Amazon sellers like myself get a chance to showcase their products for reviews
  2. Customers who want cheap or highly discounted products can find such deals online

The best part is that you don’t need to leave a customer review on Viper. It’s not expected of you, but I would highly recommend it. After all, a seller is offering a significant discount on their product.

Using Amazon FBA with Vipon

If you’re an Amazon seller like myself, you should be offering at least 50% off your product. I know the minimum is 20% but please aim to go much higher than this. Remember that you’ll be competing with others who are also offering significant discounts on products.

It’s a really great service for those who wish to do their shopping without paying the higher premium directly on Amazon. People routinely come back to Vipon to make another product purchase, given what’s available.

The members using Vipon are able to (currently) request 100 deal vouchers per month, equating to approximately 3 per day. The only prerequisite is that members do need to provide feedback on Vipon, but no requirement to leave an endorecement for any product on Amazon.

Free or discounted items on Vipon

Some of the other FBA sellers I’ve talked to say that this has really helped improve their organic rankings on Amazon, without the expense of PPC marketing. The discount code you offer can only be used for your product, reducing the likelihood of customers looking at your competitors, as they would be paying retail prices. 🙂

Upsides and downsides

Now, as an honest blogger and real Amazon seller, allow me to expand further.

I’ve had some mild use of Vipon particularly as an Amazon seller. It allows me to massively discount my products to get traction within marketplaces.

On the plus side:

  1. Fantastic bargains and discounts for customers that are actually real.
  2. No need to leave product feedback on Amazon (but it’s good practice to do so)
  3. Completely free to join for shoppers ($100/month USD MINIMUM for sellers)
  4. Customers can register using Facebook or Google Plus, so their data is safer
  5. Some people report 100% product discounts, with only shipping costs required

On the negative side:

  1. All the heavily discounted items are gone quickly (like within just hours)
  2. Some shoppers get frustrated with the limit of shopping vouchers on Vipon
  3. High cost for Amazon sellers to get started, though PPC also costs a lot too
  4. You generally have to purchase one product at a time, and not in multiples

Overall, it is still a good platform for both types of people. Vipon is certainly a legitimate marketplace that connects thousands of shoppers daily with products from across the United States which are found on Amazon.

Coupons with Vipon

There are numerous sites like vipon that offer instant deals. These other websites are questionable and sometimes not safe, with some turning out to be a complete scam. Buyer beware! Vipon is certainly trustworthy.

Final verdict on Vipon

I would recommend both people who love to do shopping with discount vouchers, and those who sell on Amazon, to use Vipon. It’s certainly worthwhile and I’m sure hundreds of people use Vipon exclusively, instead of looking up products on Amazon first.

You won’t be able to purchase products in bulk, as this service is geared for Amazon sellers seeking to get traction in the marketplace. The benefits really do outweight those disadvantages.

iPhone and Android App

Selling on Amazon requires some product exposure for sellers, so they can become profitable quickly. After all, it is one of the best business models around. There are now tens of thousands of people across the USA making an income from home selling on Amazon, with many starting with Vipon.

If you haven’t yet done so, get started with the 100% FREE training available. It teaches complete beginners how they can build the home-based business of their dreams.

It’s not easy. Nothing is. I started this journey several years ago. It took me capital, time, work (a lot of work actually), frustrating, setback and commitment.

Today I can say that it’s absolutely been worth it. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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