V-Trust Inspection Service: The Ultimate Review by an eBay and Amazon seller.

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If you’re dealing with the Chinese, then you MUST read this full VTrust China inspection service review, specifically written by an FBA and eBay seller. It covers my thoughts and opinions, and will help you make an informed decision. This one is real, raw and straight to the point.

I’m Joshua. I sell on Amazon, eBay and I import from China. Quality control is a fundamental part of my products, due primarily to the high cost of each unit. Yes, I’ve been to China several times. I’ve been to the Canton Fair, amongst others. Yet, I still choose to get every order inspected.

Thousands of individuals like you reach my blog every month. They’re curious to know if V-Trust is any good. Can you trust them? What are the reviews like? Are there better inspection services out there? How do you get started? Some great questions here, and I hope to be of value.

So let’s get into it. There’s some inherit dangers when dealing with Chinese suppliers, factories and agents. These include…

  • Financial scams
  • Import restrictions
  • Product or packaging defects
  • Missing or malfunctioning parts
  • Damaged or missing products in shipment
  • Communication issues due to the language barrier
  • Low quality materials used in the manufacturing process

So when I was looking for an inspection service, I needed…

  • Reliability
  • Easy booking process
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent inspection reports with photos
  • A company that really helped me sleep at night

When I found V-Trust, what I liked most was…

  • Rock-solid trading history
  • Well priced and affordable for beginners
  • A seriously good amount of industry certifications
  • Only employ full-time, qualified inspectors & no contractors
  • Lengthy, multi-page inspection reports paired with great photos
  • 24/7 office hours and support, with an easy booking process online

There are of course other upsides towards using them, that you’ll find on their website. Now, their main downside is the cost. They’re not the cheapest. But when it comes to dealing with the Chinese, we don’t want cheap. We want quality. Not good, not great, just excellent. Top-notch quality that you can depend on. Their extra costs are due to the extensive team, including the 70+ office staff they employ, plus their high reputation demands a higher market price.

So would I use them again? Absolutely? Should you use them? I’d highly recommend it. Can you use them outside China? Sure, there’s numerous other countries they cater for, including Taiwan.

In addition towards using an inspection service, I would recommend taking a course on how to import, how to sell online and from someone who has been in the trenches. The mentor I learned from is Adam Hudson, who has a FREE course that I’d like to invite you to consider right now. You’ll jump straight into content, so it’s wise to have a pen and paper ready. You can get immediate access within this page.

When it comes to dealing with the Chinese, I firstly would recommend going to the Canton Fair or any other trade fair in China or Hong Kong. Secondly, an inspection to their factory will be an excellent chance for you to create a long-lasting relationship. Thirdly, you do need an inspection service, despite how simple your product is. Mine is super simple, it’s 1-piece. Yet, I still chose to use an inspection service for peace of mind.

So I hope this complete review of V-Trust inspection service has helped you make an informed decision. They’re the most trusted in China right now, backed by thousands of existing happy customers. For those with questions, you’re most welcome to contact their team or drop them into the field below. Of course, don’t forget to get FREE access to the Amazon course mentioned here. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “V-Trust Inspection Service: The Ultimate Review by an eBay and Amazon seller.”

  1. I am just curious since I’ve read in your other post about how to filter the Trade Assurance and Verified Supplier in Alibaba to no get scammed/conned.

    During your experiences with ordering and having it inspected by V-Trust.

    Was there any occurrence or instance that there was a defect or something that your manufacturer needed to fix and you would have been deeply having a head ache if it were not for V-Trust?

    • Hey Jason, yes definitely. I had one that failed completely. The product was completely dirty on the backside! Sure the customer wouldn’t initially see it, but I expect cleanliness all around. It could’ve resulted in multiple 2 and 3 star reviews. V-Trust is a cheap insurance policy for your Amazon business.

      • i have to disagree on one thing… v-trust is not cheap… they are actually very expensive.. they charge usd268 but they are indeed very professional when it comes to customer service and reports… if you are looking for cheap ones you should go for those that charge AUD100 per inspection, but expect to receive a very simple report with 5 pages containing only photos and no technical remarks what so ever.

  2. we used to spend AUD100 per inspection for a company that only provides inspections for amazon sellers (fba inspection)… they charged us per unit and that was only for visual checks. vtrust quoted five times the price we used to pay but we still decided to give them a try based on your review and we couldn’t be more satisfied… we sell on Amazon and import from China for several years, used many agents in the past but we’d never heard about vtrust until we read your review… from the time we contacted them to the time we received the report from them everything went so smoothly and professional. the problem is it’s too early to know if spending that much money on an expensive inspection company that i knew nothing about will have a positive impact on our supply chain.. we scheduled more inspections and we’ll see.. thanks, Joshua. your articles have been very useful for our company ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Carlos! That’s amazing. Thanks so much for sharing that. I’m glad that my blog has helped your company. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let us know how it goes over the next 1 to 2 years.


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