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Usana review: While not a scam, what are they really selling?

This will expose Usana for what it really is through this review. Whilst this MLM company isn’t a scam, those in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand should pay attention. You’ll get accurate advice as to whether you should join them.

I’ve been blogging here since 2011. I’ve built 2 successful businesses of my own. That is – they’re mine, and I’m not an unpaid volunteer in a network marketing company just because my friends and family are involved.

You’ll find here a collection of resources that will be of immense benefit to your journey. I’ve written plenty of guides and there’s even free training available.

Let’s get into it…

Usana Review

I’ve done my research here. Plus, I’ve also got experience. Therefore, I can fundamentally give you the most accurate information to your answers and requested insights.

When looking at Usana, they happen to be one of the world’s most popular network marketing companies. There’s both good and bad reviews about Usana. They operate through the typical processes that MLM schemes operate in.

They’ve been in the business for a long time, with tens of thousands of distributors around the world. Clearly, you do have a chance to be successful.

Fundamentally there’s pros and cons when dealing with this company, or any type of company like this for that manner. Whilst you might be able to make an income eventually, you’ll start by earning $0…and actually pay to join!

The truth about MLM

Here’s some fundamental truths regarding Usana:

  1. Usana isn’t a scam, though some people claim it’s a pyramid scheme.
  2. They distribute around globally including USA, Canada, Australia & UK
  3. Their members are people mostly who aren’t making much money
  4. The live events are very motivating! But won’t at all guarantee success
  5. You’ll be selling their stuff to your own friends & family (awkward….)
  6. The products happen to be more expensive than similar on Amazon
  7. There is a sense of cult-like mentality within some MLM schemes
  8. Some people eventually quit, having made close to no income at all
  9. It’s not your own business if you can’t sell it or seek angel investors
  10. They make profit mainly through product sales, but the training too

I could actually go on for years. Fundamentally, it’s not the company. Usana is a great company with good quality products.

It’s the entire business model. Network marketing has a bad name for itself. Plus some people make it out to be easy, which it isn’t.

If you’re looking to get started if you’ve got an up-hill battle ahead. For some people, staying at their job would’ve been a better strategy instead of the constant rejections from potential recruits. You really need to be committed.

Usana rated - shocked distributor
People get SHOCKED at the truth about Usana

It’s my hope that gives you enough consideration to consider finding a better strategy. And best of all, there’s loads of better strategies out there.

Such strategies can help you build mostly passive income online, or even sell your own business for a large profit.

Usana’s Country Distribution

Upon formulating content for this review, I found that Usana is in a range of countries. These include:

  • United States of America & Canada
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • The United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Japan
  • Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines
  • Germany, France, Spain and Belgium

There are thousands of representatives in each country, and many calling it a scam. Certainly it isn’t, nor are they are pyramid scheme.

They’re one of the most trusted MLM schemes around. And if that’s what you want, then Usana might be ideal for you. I would recommend you join Usana if you feel that you’re a match.

They also run events, including Usana Live, Usana Global Convention and other smaller regional events. It’s a great chance to meet the people making the real money, not just the pocket money that the vast majority of members experience.

Personally, I’d rather build my own business. One that I own. One that gives me the laptop lifestyle. I’ve built 2 already! Best of all – I didn’t have to sell to friends or family. I also don’t sell my time for money. My income probably outperforms a lot of the Usana representatives globally.

Building my own business instead of someone else’s down-line? I know what I’d rather do. It takes the same amount of work to do both, it’s just that I want 100% of the income, not just a slice of the pie.

Building your OWN real business

I can understand there are people cynical about MLM schemes such as Usana. Understandably so, they fall into two categories:

  • People who have joined as representatives and made no money
  • People who haven’t joined, and are warning people of the cult

Now – I don’t think Usana is a cult, though it certainly this industry has cult-like characteristics, especially at the live events. I also am personally not a negative person either.

I do believe that people can be successful with such schemes. You’ll need to be happy to accept the very high drop-out rate at which such MLM schemes provide on average, due to the industry and business model.

This is why I recommend an alternative cash flow vehicle. One that you own, and can sell for profit. Potentially, a 7 figure profit. I know thousands of people who have QUIT network marketing schemes to do exactly this strategy.

Here are the 2 options that I use, both of which being complimentary. One is predominantly a cashflow strategy (day to day income) and the other a capital growth / equity strategy (sell the business for a 7 figure exit), and both I’ve hit a full time income with.

  1. I’ve built a range of informational and content websites online
  2. I’ve built a very successful Amazon business with a few products

The 2nd option, selling on Amazon, helped me reach a full time income in 2 years. The 1st strategy took 7 years. It shouldn’t take you 7 years, if you’re prepared to work. At least you’ll own the business, not be an underpaid representative.

Closing off

Joining Usana is going to be an uphill battle. But that is business globally as a whole. It’s just difficult to do anything, without a lot of hard work, courage, motivation and capital.

You shouldn’t join it if you’re not willing to put in the world. You should join it if you’re in love with the products and are motivated to work in teams.

In my opinion, it’s very challenging to make any real money in established MLM schemes since they’ve had their time in the market already. The train has left the station so to speak.

If you’re prepared to get involved, and make a full-time income eventually, then my hats off to you my friend! You would’ve achieved what very people ever will within Usana.

At the end of the day, all businesses and opportunities to grow your income are challenging. There’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme.

Everything requires work, capital, commitment, patience and persistence. You too should consider joining the tens of thousands who have become digital nomads like myself.

There’s always those who have questions. I most welcome them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you, and if you’re looking for alternative resources, then there’s plenty here!

Usana Rated
  • Company Reputation
  • Product Pricing
  • Compensation Plan
  • Live Events
  • Refund Policy
  • Company Experience

Summary of Usana

I’ve written this and rated it for both the person who’s on the inside, and the person on the outside. Therefore, you can get the fundamental information you need as to what to do next.

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