Tony Robbins Australia – An Honest Review

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Anthony speaks in Australia once or twice per year (at UPW/DWD) on such subjects as overcoming fears, enhancing relationships and enhancing our energy. He is the well known American life coach and larger than life motivational speaker that some of us have come to know through his infomercials and self-help books that can be found at most bookstores.

Where do I write this review from? Well, I’ve attended a total of 4 Tony Robbins events. Firstly, when he visited Australia in 2011 with Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Then I attended two ‘Unleash The Power Within’ events in Sydney and one ‘Date with Destiny’ event on the Gold Coast. It’s fair to say that I love his material!

What I love about him is his ability to create lasting change for individuals without years of therapy. He does this though teaching us how to control our emotional states through our mental representations, focus, facial expressions, breathing and body language. He also reminds us that we’re often held back from making changes since we associate more pleasure to an older pattern of behavior (and the pain of changing) rather than the rewards a new pattern could bring to our lives.

I’ve seen first hand the dozens of people that Tony has helped on stage. These people I’ve kept in touch with on Facebook and other social media channels and I’m monitoring their progress. The individuals you’ll come across at these events are typically very positive yet desire to take their lives to an entirely new level.

I have not done all of Tony’s events. His Wealth Mastery and Life Mastery in Fiji (held numerous times in 2014/2015) I feel weren’t necessary to my growth. I felt a bit shocked when I found out that Tony himself does not attend them, and instead he is just on a video screen. Sure, it’s facilitated by Scott Harris and Joe Williams, but it isn’t the same without Tony himself. It’s for this reason that I have not attended Leadership Academy in San Diego 2015 either.

Over all, I believe that Tony has an incredible gift for the world. Sure, there will be people calling him a scammer, a dreamer or a ra-ra guru until the cows come home. But for the people whose lives he has transformed, you’ll find the feedback to be extremely positive.

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