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The Wholesale Formula Review

57 Things You Should Know About Dylan and Dan's Reverse Wholesaling



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Welcome to the ultimate The Wholesale Formula review for 2021.

I’ve spent thousands of hours auditing and reviewing the content from many online courses, including the popular course by Dylan and Dan.

If you’re ready to enrol but need to know:

✅ How The Wholesale Formula compares to other popular FBA courses.

✅ What are the common criticisms of TWF.

✅ Who are Dylan and Dan and what is their experience.

✅ If you really can achieve results with this training.

✅ How to get some extra bonuses.

Then you’re in the right place, so let’s move forward.

The Wholesale Formula Overview

💡Core Concepts

The Wholesale Formula helps students source brand-name products to sell on Amazon FBA.

💰 Current Price

$2,497 USD or a 3-month payment plan costs $997.

🎓 Student Volume

More than 5,000 students enrolled globally.

👍 Common Praise

Course covers full A-Z. Includes a coach + support. You can be online and selling successfully faster than private label. Great for those with less capital available. Higher margins than traditional wholesaling. Hands off and better automation. Lower risk than private label.

Common Complaints

Only available for enrolments once per year. Payment plan costs considerably more. Takes some time to get through course materials.

🔥 The X-Factor

3-Day Free Workshop for Public Access. Such events are typically reserved for fully paid students only.

📈 Industry Trends

Amazon FBA is growing increadibly fast. In 2020, McKinsey reported 10 years of eCommerce growth in 3 months. TWF members are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this excellent growth.

👨‍💻 My Verdict

The ultimate course for getting started faster on Amazon FBA than sourcing from China.

Course Rating

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents


The Early Days of Dan and Dylan

Dan and Dylan each have 10 years experience with FBA.

In their early days, they turned to retail arbitrage through buying products from Walmart.

Only later did they realize how time-consuming this is due to lack of automation.

I’ve personally done retail arbitrage too and after reselling 3,000+ items, I found it exhausting though profitable too.

A Growing Student Base

5,000+ students are already enrolled into TWF.

The Wholesale Formula has been growing for several years with little competition.

After all, most course creators have gone down the path of private-label education.

5,000+ students have seen the merit in avoiding the competition and selling existing products.

TWF in 2021

February’s TWF 3-Day Workshop is FREE.

The Wholesale Formula have annouced a 3-Day Workshop for the public.

Unlike other courses that have pre-recorded webinars, this one is live and on-demand.

It’s expected to see thousands of people on the livestream paired with private Q&A.

If you haven’t already done so, register for the workshop or watch the replay. I’ll be on too. 🙂

Course Modules

1. Getting Started

In this induction module, students are prepped for the journey ahead.

This is very much an orientation stage with some big-picture thinking as you’d typically find in Amazon FBA courses.

2. Product Analysis

Dan and Dylan are right into products in this module.

This is where the meat and potatoes really begin. You’ll start to get into some of the nitty gritty of running a wholesale business.

3. Scouting

This module covers looking for good deals in the marketplace, as well as the deals to avoid.

A lot of the time you’ll be scouting for deals online.

4. Value Propositions

Curious how to make brands agree? It’s this module.

If you’re a little worried about reaching out to brands, then it’s all covered in value propositions.

5. Sourcing

This is the conversion and contract side of business.

This is where the value of The Wholesale Formula shines. I’d pay $2,497 for this module alone with the rest being a bonus.

Resource Vault

All the templates, worksheets and documentation is here.

I was quite surprised to see almost 20 different templates that Dylan and Dan have used in their own wholesale business.

Webinar Recordings

All TWF students have access to regular webinars.

If you miss a webinar, it’s always recorded. You can even view webinars from last year which cover new content every time.

The Business Owners Playbook

Think like a business owner, not an employee.

This module has nothing really about wholesale Amazon FBA but rather for developing a business culture, values and hiring.

VA Launchpad

Scale and automation requires a virtual assistant.

You can offload work to others remotely, especially the boring tasks. This is where the whole ‘hands off’ approach shines.

The Wholesale Formula Starter Series

Students registering for the 2021 workshop get access for free.

This starter series really introduces you to the concept of selling on Amazon through the wholesale approach.

Most Common TWF Questions

What Makes The Wholesale Method Faster?


Private label can not just be a slow journey but one that is expensive and complicated for a total beginner in business.

By going down the wholesale route, students have been able to avoid many of the pitfalls of sourcing in China.

Most people are looking to get up and running as quickly as possible, and thus, this approach is often better suited.

How Long Does It Take To Finish The Wholesale Formula?

6 weeks.

You’ll get lifetime access to the course which can be accessed 24/7. This includes all future updates/revisions.

However, their team has intentionally done a drip-feed on the content to help students learn at a reasonable rate.

It takes 6 weeks to finish The Wholesale Formula, however some students have started sourcing in Weeks 2 and 3.

Do I Get Any Support In This FBA Course?


In 2021, new students enrolling in The Wholesale Formula get:

  1. Assigned a personal coach for the journey ahead. This coach shares over-the-shoulder videos with Q&A fortnightly.
  2. Access to the Facebook group with 5,000+ existing students. I’ve seen Dan and Dylan in there quite frequently.
  3. Access to the coaching Facebook group. This is more private and a chance to connect directly with coaches.
  4. A full support team to deal with any course technical errors you may have. In my experience, they reply with 1 day.

Unlike other courses who leave students high and dry after enrolment, it’s a breath of fresh air to see genuine support given.

Can My Spouse or Business Partner Join With Me?


Unlike other courses who prohibit login-sharing, The Wholesale Formula welcomes individuals in different households.

Your business partner or spouse is also given access to the same supportive resources such as the Facebook groups.

In the case of a business partnership, it does need to be a true partnership as opposed to a virtual assistant.

How Can I Do This If I'm A Little Tech-Challenged?

Quite easily, actually.

It is unnecessary to be a tech-savvy individual to go down the wholesale route. This is more of a private-label challenge.

Dan and Dylan provide students with the tools necessary for success AND walk you through entirely how to use them.

The tech challenges are typically associated with setting up websites which isn’t really something necessary for success.

How Much Capital Do I Need For This Strategy?

Those doing wholesale on Amazon FBA need at least $2,000 USD.

For those going down the private label pathway, I recommend at least $10,000 for inventory, branding and freight.

Wholesale selling on the other hand requires much less to get started. Students have started with less but it isn’t typical.

The upside is that you’re able to get your products up and selling faster instead of waiting for goods to arrive from China.

Does The Wholesale Formula work in Canada, Australia and Europe?


The Wholesale Formula strategy works on any of Amazon’s non-USA marketplaces often with less competition.

Now – it can be a little challenging to do wholesaling in countries outside of your own, but not impossible.

I’ve seen some US-based students sourcing products from Australia and vice-versa, but I imagine it isn’t so easy.

Are The Profit Margins Smaller?


With wholesale, you’re typically running on a smaller profit margin than private label. However, you can get started easier.

You won’t have to deal with factory samples, international logistics, branding and product defects. Leave that for the rest.

The wholesale strategy margins might be smaller, sometimes down to 10% – 15%, but you can also re-invest faster.

As you’re not waiting for production slots in factories or shipping delays due to COVID. In most cases, you’ll source locally.

Are You Offering a Bonus Package?

Sure am! 🙂

Please get in touch with me for the details.

Course Praise

Fully Detailed Course

Having gone through the entire TWF course, I can say it’s fully detailed.

The course is very in-depth as I’ve previously outlined above, but Dylan and Dan haven’t made it sound technical.

There are many great handouts and scripts designed to help you onboard as many brands as possible during the journey.

Plus they share some key takeaways and mistakes they’ve made along the journey paired with student interviews.

Inclusive of a Coach

Each new member is assigned a coach.

There are several knowledgeable coaches in The Wholesale Formula who have been hand-picked by Dan and Dylan.

These coaches had come in the early days of The Wholesale Formula, found success, and today coach part-time.

Unlike most courses which make coaching an upsell, it’s refreshing to see this included in the enrollment for new students.

Students Get Results Faster

Unlike private label, students can see results within weeks.

I’ve been down the private-label pathway and it’s quite long and ardous journey dealing with international suppliers.

With wholesale, you’re reaching out to existing small to medium-sized brands to represent their products on Amazon FBA.

I believe this speed to market is a key reason why there are so many success stories with The Wholesale Formula.

Great For Low Budgets

You don’t need to be rich to get started.

If you’ve been holding back from private label for some time due to the capital required, then wholesale is different.

You’re more readily able to get out there and start contacting brands through Dan and Dylan’s own course scripts.

Better yet – through purchasing stock wholesale, you’re able to minimize potential losses by representing existing brands.

Better Margins Than Traditional Wholesale

Traditional wholesale is typically low margin. This is different.

Students are able to yield better margins by representing brands directly as opposed to purchasing stock through wholesalers.

Dan and Dylan go into quite some detail on how to find these existing brands that aren’t already represented by others.

This better margins and less competition than attempting to sell high-demand products like sneakers or kitchenware.

Potential to Scale Through Automation

You’ll never need to see or touch stock.

Retail arbitrage and private label may require storage of stock at home to avoid Amazon FBA storage fees. Not here.

Students typically have stock sent from a 3PL or vendor’s location to Amazon’s fulfillment centre’s directly for labelling.

This mean you’re able to scale faster with more brands as these large input costs are heavily reduced or eliminated.

Potentially Lower Risk than Private Label

You’ll be representing brands with lower capital input.

Not only will you need less capital to get started with Dan and Dylan’s wholesale method, but it’s lower risk too.

Since with private label, you’re hoping the quality is there AND the customer will trust your new no-name brand on Amazon.

With an established brand, customers know, like and trust the product already. Chances are it has high reviews elsewhere.

So you’re able to get started with eCommerce without necessary running an entire marathon. The last 10-yards is enough.

Course Criticisms

Once Per Year Enrolments

The Wholesale Formula only opens once per year.

If you miss enrolment, that’s potentially a year of revenue that you may miss out on. This is an unfortunate downside.

Most courses do keep their doors open year-round, but I understand that Dan and Dylan want to support students.

Having bought numerous Amazon FBA courses, I’ve noticed that courses open year-round can’t handle the new enrolments.

By keeping the door closed for the rest of the year, many will miss out but paid students can be supported properly.

Expensive Payment Plans

The payment plan adds $500 to the price.

The payment plan is more pricey, adding $500 to the otherwise $2,497 price-point for students. It’s a little expensive IMO.

The full-price of the cost is quite reasonable. After all, Amazing Selling Machine retails for $5,997 which is almost 2x more.

Not only is the payment plan more expensive with The Wholesale Formula, but you can’t get a refund on the initial amount.

Refunds only apply within a 30-day window if you pay in full, or decide to cancel the payment plan earlier than Month 2 or 3.

Course Content is Drip-Fed

Students can’t go at their own pace.

The Wholesale Formula is designed to run over 6 weeks to avoid overwhelm for students, with new lessons unlocked weekly.

I respectfully disagree with this strategy. As someone who has bought several courses, I’m not ‘new’ anymore to Amazon FBA.

You may be the same. You may have bought private label courses prior and can absorb information very quickly.

Fortunately, I enrolled into The Wholesale Formula last year before this drip-fed method came into play, but still…

If I enrolled now, I’d be asking support to have all the modules unlocked right away so I can get right into learning it all.

Final Verdict

Trending Industry

Amazon FBA continues to be the #1 strategy for beginners.

Consumers have become more and more comfortable with ordering physical products online from home.

Therefore, you need to be the one to ‘stock the shelves’ so to speak while earning revenue on every unit sold.

Reduced Competition

I’d say 80% of people choose to do private label instead.

The Wholesale Formula doesn’t have much competition in terms of other courses since just about everyone teaches P/L.

Therefore, you’re far less likely to come across a brand that already is being represented by an individual seller on the platform.

Also – people are apprehensive towards the lower profit margins and a key reason why they pass on FBA wholesale.

They want 30% and will have to do A LOT of work for it with private label, with a lot more time, energy and risk as well.

Fully Supported

Students are respectfully supported.

While the group isn’t for spoon-feeding per-se, I have seen Dan and Dylan respond to dozens of questions personally.

And as mentioned a couple of times, every new enrollment in February receives access to quality wholesale coaching.

This can help you find the right brands and suppliers to work with, and ultimately lead to success selling on FBA.

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