The Top 3 BEST Amazon FBA Courses in Australia

I’m Joshua, I live in Australia and sell on FBA. This post featuring Amazon FBA Courses in Australia is going to show you the top 3, based on my thoughts, opinions and experiences. I also sell on eBay, but I learned this only after starting my Amazon journey. The knowledge of these courses to eBay and other marketplaces such as Shopify very easily.

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Thoughts from an Aussie Amazon seller

I’ve been blogging here for many years. This has become a resource-base, a place where you can get help. A place featuring the tools, courses and strategies that have been influential in my journey. Today I own several eCommerce businesses, including 2 on Amazon FBA selling exclusively in USA. You can do this, as I have done. I believe in you.

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I’ve taken quite a number of Australian Amazon courses. Now, in 2019, there’s quite a few on the market. The trick is finding the right one for you, the person who resonates the most. The mentor, the friend, and the person with the experience to get you to the destination.

Best Amazon FBA courses in Australia
Yes, you can sell on Amazon USA from Australia. I’ve been at this game for a while!

The 3 Amazon FBA courses I would recommend for Australians

So let’s get into the list of the best Amazon courses in Australia, particularly if you want to sell on FBA. Note: I’ve listed this based on student volumes, plus student feedback and course reputation.

1. Reliable Education

Adam Hudson’s juggernaut. This course is HUGE. Intense. And most of all, fantastic for content. Over 7,000+ students have done this course, and most of these are Australians. Don’t join this course unless you’re prepared to work. Yes – it is for beginners, but only those who are motivated and ready. This course is the most expensive to keep the standards high.

You can read more here:

2. Blue Sky Amazon

Sophie Howard takes the 2nd spot. Her friendly personality and simple success system has helped her through the process. It can help you too. Her course content is excellent, and the women’s perspective is refreshing to see. She also travels to NZ frequently, so you’ll benefit from (future) local events as the student numbers grow if you happen to live across the ditch.

You can read more here:

3. Import Export Coaching

Alex Ryan takes the 3rd spot on the list. His course is good and there is some more personal support offered. He’s still starting out on his journey though has been selling on eBay for many years. His course is a little cheaper but I found some questionable things on his website as you can read about, though genuinely thing he’s a good teacher.

You can read more here:

4. A to Z Formula

I promised just 3, but no doubt some people will ask about Brendan Elias who ties in 3rd place with Alex. You’ll learn about wholesale, merch, arbitrage and a few other strategies. The content isn’t as in-depth, but it’s still excellent! Of all the teachers listed here, Brendan has been at this for 10 years now.

You can read more here:

Another one worth mentioning is Neil Asher. His course is just $77/month or after 24 months equals almost $2,000. He also runs workshops in Australia and is the most affordable option around.

eCommerce Inclusion

Recently I met Iain from Calbert & Co at my Co-Working space who runs Australian-focused eCommerce training at Boom eCommerce with a focus on SEO and email marketing. We met as strangers and got chatting…for hours and hours. Now, I haven’t taken his course but worth the mention for those who want to do Shopify as opposed to FBA.

What course should I pick?

The best you can afford. Seriously, it’s that simple. I’ve spent $40,000+ on personal development and courses since 2009. That has been my best investment I’ve ever made. It’s always a case of getting what you paid for.

Chances are, you’ve only got the funds for one course. The course costs between the three of these are minimal. Go for the best.

Can’t I learn this on YouTube?

No, you simply can’t. I’d challenge you to find me a FULL course that covers every step on how to sell on Amazon through YouTube. You won’t find one.

You’ll find videos on tips.

You’ll find videos on strategies.

But the full formula? You’ll need a course for that, from someone that has been in the trenches.

Many, many hours of video have gone into creating the courses you’re looking at above. Not scattered information from a questionable YouTuber, one who likely makes his living off videos, not from Amazon.

Besides, no one values free things. Well, unless you’ve found a free guide that I’ve offered here to my readers. πŸ™‚ I’ve had a lot of excellent praise for them. I create them as gifts to my readers.

The free videos on YouTube are actually a lead-in to the channel creator’s course anyway. Except it doesn’t come with student conferences or phone mentoring. I’ve noticed that Facebook groups from YouTuber courses are also ghost towns generally.

If you invest in one of the 3 courses listed, you’ll very likely want to go through to completion. Just like you have financially invested your current career or business.

The truth about Australian Amazon FBA courses

I earn a full time living on Amazon. It’s great. Some days I hardly believe that I’ve been able to achieve this lifestyle. I’m sure I’m the envy of many people. I don’t share that to impress you. I’m not one of those people. I just wanted you to know it wasn’t always this way.

I was a beginner like you. Selling on Amazon isn’t easy. It’s not hard. It’s just that, you need to be prepared to do 50 different steps to make it happen. From looking at products, to dealing with suppliers, freight forwarders, customs, Amazon, listings, photos, reviews, customers and the list goes on…

Experiences in my journey

I started with paying several thousand dollars for an Amazon course in 2015. I went live in 2017 and in 2018 reached a full time income. Again, not easy. But doable.

Here’s what I’ve learned….

  • Beginners can do this, but you need to be realistic and have work ethic
  • The full process takes some time (expect 2 years here to find your feet)
  • Some days you’ll hate Amazon FBA, because customers can be tough
  • Some days you’ll just want to quit this, and many people actually do
  • There are many steps involved in the process to get yourself live on FBA
  • Dealing with Chinese suppliers is actually easy, once you learn the ropes
  • A trip to the Canton Fair is recommended & essential (I’ve done a few!)
  • It’ll be a juggling act at times, so you need to be really quite organized
  • You’ll need capital to get started. $5,000 minimum. $10,000 ideally.

That’s what these courses don’t really cover that much. At least, only briefly in their marketing towards prospective students (you) with more focus on the upsides. At least with me as an Amazon seller, you’ll get an insiders viewpoint. A dude whose been in the game for a while. A person you can count on. I’ve got your back.

Almost every Amazon seller today is going to agree with me on those points too. And every seller started off as a beginner too. Best of all, it’s still early days for Amazon. This opportunity is even better than it was when I started! I don’t wish I started earlier, I wish I had started now.


The upsides that these courses teachers talk about is REAL.

  • YES – You can start learning Amazon FBA today
  • YES – You can build a real FBA business in time
  • YEP – You can eventually quit your current job
  • YES – Amazon is certainly growing year on year
  • YEP – The Chinese genuinely want to help you succeed
  • YES – There are hundreds of Aussies earning money on Amazon
  • YES – This is the best opportunity to generate online income in 2019

That’s what I genuinely believe, based on my experience. I’m in the trenches as a real Australian Amazon seller. What you choose to do now, is up to you. The door is open.

My final thoughts

I do hope you’ve found the right Australian Amazon course for you within this guide. Remember, the process to become an Amazon seller takes time, especially if you’ve got no eCommerce experience prior. Mine was minimal, and I certainly had never sold a physical product online before.

Top Amazon FBA courses in Australia
This fully resonates with me, and I have immense gratitude for the Amazon opportunity.

I’m just happy that I started. That today I get to enjoy this lifestyle that many would dream of. But it’s not a dream. It’s actually possible. Possible for you, and I believe that you can do it too. You’ve got this!

That’s not hype at all actually. I genuinely care about people finding success on Amazon. Whichever course you choose to do is up to you.

I look forward to crossing paths at the Canton Fair at some stage. Or perhaps at a Conference. Either way, I hope I’ve been of value to you here my friend.

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44 thoughts on “The Top 3 BEST Amazon FBA Courses in Australia”

  1. Thank you for your on going feedback Joshua!

    So as you may remember from our previous conversations I was looking joining Alez Ryan but have since changed my mind. I am after a solid Amazon FBA course for an absolute beginner & he didn’t quite stack up.

    I have done alot of research on AMSX and taken your feedback on board. They do look like the best course but EXPENSIVE which i am willing to pay but worried that as an Australian i would be better suited to choose an Australian course? or do you think this is still totally fine? Also on top of the course cost how much do you feel i need to have available to get up and running?

    I really appreciate your ongoing advice and input.


    • Hi Peta, ASMX is totally fine for both a beginner and Australians who are looking to build a real business on Amazon. I’ve just returned from their student conference in Vegas where there were dozens of Australians present. You can read about my experiences and conference notes right here about this trip.

      Whilst I agree that they are expensive, they have created more success stories than any other Amazon course worldwide, with frequent course updates and have a couple of hundred Australians. I’d consider this to be the Godfather of Amazon courses, and many people including Adam and Sophie have taken this course previously to build their own courses. Alex may have taken this course too.

      All Amazon courses are geared towards selling on the US marketplace. If you’re self-motivated and want the best possible experience then ASM is worth every dollar. $5,000 minimum above the cost of any Amazon course is ideal.

  2. Hi Joshua, loved reading the review. Do you still recommend this course as being the best for Australians considering your review was first posted in 2017?

    • Hi Sheetal, thanks for the feedback! Yes, RE was great back then when I started, and is even better now. More success stories and students than the other two combined, plus bigger events and networking opportunities. 8,000+ students and most of them are Australians, with the course going through a large content update right now.

  3. Thanks Joshua. Really helpful in making a decision. I had joined Sophie Howard but pulled out because I realised I had not done any research before joining. I will definitely join back again. I would have loved to join to join Adam Hudson – but may be too expensive for me at this stage. Thanks again!

    • Hi Anj! Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear that you had to get a refund on Sophie Howard’s course. Adam Hudson’s course is cheaper and offers a lot more. Hopefully you can get started again on the Amazon journey soon! ✌️

  4. Hi Joshua ..

    Any thoughts on Alex Ryans course. Its not on your list, so that’s a red flag to me immediately. I think its called “Import Export Coaching” or “Sponsored Products” (Maybe he has 2 different courses) It looks like he helps you find the products himself. He is an Aussie based up in the Gold Coast. Listening to his webinar as i type!

  5. Hi Joshua, thanks for the insight. Can you please review Jack Parrotta’s course or can you please provide your quick thoughts on ecomexcellence Thanks

  6. Hi Joshua, I am tossing up between Alex Ryan and Adam Hudson. From your information, Adam has the more superior course, and it looks like Alex has more one on one contact and direct assistance. I read somewhere joining Adam through you, I can access contact with you for any queries. Does that still stand?

    • Hi Lindy, thanks for the question. Yes, Adam has a much better course with many many more success stories. Alex does have more intimate contact with his students, though Adam does help students publicly in the Facebook group.

      Yes, my offer still stands for help along the way if you join through me. That said, if you’re a total beginner and haven’t done anything of this nature before, then Sophie Howard would be a good choice. You have 6 personal coaching calls that are quite helpful.

      • Thanks Joshua. I was originally tossing up between Sophie and Adam and have attended one of Sophie’s seminars. Now – totally confused as to which one, but I’ll decide this week. Dying to get my teeth into it. Cheers

        • Sounds good! Keep in mind that Sophie has her weekend student conference coming up next weekend in Melbourne. The last one for the year, at least for Australia. If you’re able to make it then it will be very helpful. Unfortunately I can’t make it this time around.

  7. Hey Joshua, thank you for the wonderful blog posts! Alex Ryan has rolled out a $77 per week course (for a year) where he also helps you list your first product on Amazon. Is it worth it, do you think? Investment is essential – like you said, you spent more than $40k on personal development.

    • Hi Stephanie, likewise thank you for your feedback.

      Alex Ryan has a good course and community. It’s more intimate than Adam and Sophie, though he’s not as experienced as say Brendan (10 years now).

      $77 x 52 = $4,004 roughly matches Sophie’s offering but is more expensive than Adam’s offering, especially as Adam has built multiple 7 figure businesses. That said, Alex is certainly the most affordable in Australia so you can save capital for inventory.

      It’s true that Alex helps people more intimately to get products listed but just get clarification on what that entails today, especially as Alex’s community is 5x bigger than it was a few months back. Helping through a pre-recorded online course is very different than physically sitting down with you 1 on 1. The later might be more challenging for Alex nowadays.

      At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with any one of these, as their knowledge offering is 1000% worth it. The cost of my education is surpassing $70,000 now. Time is limited and most expensive thing is waiting.

        • Haha well every single one of my comments get a personal reply. πŸ˜ƒ

          So it’s really dependent on you and your situation, and only you can best dictate what’s right for your situation going forward. Everyone has a different starting point and I simply share my 2 cents.

          If you’ve got deep pockets, what Alex is offering is great value. The personal coaching calls and more intimate workshops will be very beneficial.

          For less than half the price, Sophie offers a similar package but without her personal input. That is – you’ll get 6 coaching calls with one of her coaches. She’s mostly busy with her own FBA business, running her workshops and looking after her young children so I understand her position. Most people have more limited funds so they choose Adam or Sophie.

          All 3 options will teach you how to get a product on Amazon. It isn’t hard and most people can do this just fine. It’s good that Alex has a holding your hand approach because some people are lost after taking a course or having a coach. It’s the student motivation and applied knowledge (doing the work) that gets you through more than anything really.

          One thing you need to look at is time. Some people are in a rush to move on from their current situation and need things done for them, instead of the learning curve that comes with selling on Amazon. So Alex can get you going faster if the process of getting started sounds daunting. That does come at a higher cost, but there is opportunity-cost as well.

          A good way to look at that is: how much will taking extra few months to get yourself a product on Amazon by yourself cost you in lost revenue? Compare this to Alex’s higher-priced offer and it could certainly be worth it, but not only that, potentially pay for itself too from the product sales coming in sooner.

          I hope this makes sense.

          • Thanks, Joshua – it definitely does. I’d thought that if I make the investment now and make it back 3 times, it’s absolutely a great idea. In fact, I’d spent more than $10k on stuff which I never got to doing because there were so much info and I didn’t know what to do next. Or I got to doing it, but got so lost in the process. πŸ™ Gosh, countless money down the drain. I’m ashamed of myself.

            I’m even surprised you did an article on Click Start Digital. They seem more expensive as they are priced from $13,990 for the total newbie. I conversed with them a year ago, and haven’t really gotten back to them although I liked them.

            I think I mght start by reaching out to Alex’s team. I’ll be bookmarking your site!

  8. Thank You Joshua. I happened across your review in my confusion about which course to choose. Your top 3 were the 3 I was tossing between. I’m leaning towards Sophie since I already have a product and my own brand and not heavily interested in import (my product is Australian made and owned). Thanks again for sharing your experience and advice, Kind regards,

    • Excellent Mary! Glad to hear this article served you precisely. Sophie is a good person who has built 2 great brands so I think you’ll do well here.

      Also, congratulations on already having a product and brand since you’ve achieved what so few other people will. Maybe I’ll catch you at a Blue Sky student-only event next year. ✌️

      • Hi Joshua,

        I also wanted to say Thank you so much for this article. You have no idea how many people you have helped and saved from what could be very confusing. My two preferences were Alex and Sophie. I invested some time researching both of them and Sophie was more of my style in terms of what I wanted to do for my business. Alex is great and I really appreciate his dedication and hard work for his students too.

        Thank you again.

        • Thank you very much Bessie! It’s always humbling to get messages like this. This is especially so when I’m sometimes the target of online haters which is disappointing, as evidence that society still has such narcissistic individuals. It’s the welcoming comments like yours that make my day.

          Yes, everyone has a slightly different offering so looking at their unique delivery style and how you resonate with them is best. While Adam is excellent, the premium experience isn’t a fit for everyone. Each mentor on this list offers a great alternative.

  9. Hey Josh!

    Thank you for providing this resource. I’m currently a veterinary student (graduating late next year) and for the 10+ years of my life that I’ve spent on getting this certification I’ve been told to expect $50k in my first year (incl super) and $70k at the height of my degree, whilst paying off a $100k student debt. I’ve also been warned to find a second job that will allow me to work as a vet for max 3 days/week as it’s incredibly taxing, but that’s a whole other story. Point is, I’m not will to accept such a feeble return on my investment. I’ve heard about selling through Amazon a few times now and have always brushed it off, thinking it’s only for ‘those’ people – the smart, driven, logical, business-savvy people. I’ve only now just realised that’s me, minus the experience.

    I have two questions for you. Firstly, I hear a lot of the ‘product’ word being thrown around, which is a term that interests me but doesn’t excite me. Is setting up your business on amazon about logically picking any product (e.g. wooden spoons) based on facts and figures, or can you choose a product you’re interested in? I would love to be able to work with animal health related products. Is this feasible?
    Secondly, have you had any experience with MarketPlace SuperHeroes? I’ve heard it recommended a few times now and I feel more comfortable with the price (US$1k) as a uni student not yet in the amazon game.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hey Bronte, thanks so much for your feedback.

      Sorry to hear about your experiences with university and it’s awfully similar to the student loan crisis we often hear about in the United States. It seems the commercial student pilots are going to be in a similar situation too. And yep, you’ve got it! I’ve noticed that tertiary-educated people do quite well on Amazon.

      So there are two trains of thought it when it comes to launching a product on Amazon. One is brand and longevity, and the other is logical and quick profits. I’m in the former category as I’m sticking around for 10+ years.

      Brand = build a product range around things you like and enjoy that serves the customer for many years. Dinner sets, ergonomic office equipment or 4×4 accessories are all great examples. Doing this requires extra time to get a product to market but where you build something remarkable which can then be sold through offline distribution i.e. Myer, Officeworks, Bunnings and Woolworths.

      Logical = let’s find a cheap yet profitable product and sell it on Amazon to make quick dollars. This is where the bulk of competition lays and where most people cut corners hence the ‘cheap Chinese junk’ that has infiltrated Amazon and eBay. I know people doing well through that strategy but I don’t want to make $2 profit/sale on wooden spoons.

      Essentially you can sell what you’re interested in BUT like any business, the financial metrics need to add up too so you’ll still need to have a bit of a logical thinking cap on.

      Having just looked at animal health-related products on Amazon it appears to be dominated by big brands so unless you partner with someone who has a lot of starting capital, it may be too challenging. My search was done at the top-level and I would recommend that you niche-down on a little. I.e. Equestrian health instead of dogs or cats. To see sales movement in a category or sub-category without paying for software, look for 50 to 100 reviews on products on Page 1.

      Yes, I’ve done Marketplace Superheroes and think it’s probably better suited to the budget-conscious person. There are dozens of Australians who have chosen that course due to the lower cost. I haven’t added it to my list here as they don’t run local seminars and most of their students are based in the US and the UK but still pretty good as a low-competition strategy. It’s more logical rather than brand-centric though. My review is here:

      • Thanks so much! I think I will do the Marketplace Superheroes as I also read on of your posts that it was more relaxed and less intense than RE. I’d rather start off that way, build some capital and then reinvest in either RE or ASM to really get into it.

  10. Hi Joshua,

    hope you are doing well.

    Thank you for review on all three.
    My main interest is R/E with Adam. I have come across Adam multiple times through out the years, online and in person, seminar with himself, Grant X10 and Gary V but never taken action due to the cost upfront. I do have the capital now (around 7k) but am not sure if that would be right to spend 30/40% of that on a course and not on product or other cost with FBA.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    Also would it be right to start a business now, 2020 during covid 19? or is this the best time to start?
    Keep in mind i am in Australia.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Abraham, thanks for your comment. I was also at the Gary/Grant Summit which was good. Less sales-driven than the SR events typically are.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think it would be right to spend that much right now on training given your situation. To get a business off the ground, it’s best to have $10k USD but $5k at least as a starting point. Even then, I wouldn’t expect any actual income for the first few years as you compound your seed capital.

      Right now IS the best time to start a business while the world is in chaos. The keyword is start a business. Learn the ropes now so when the world returns to normal, you’ll have the knowledge and some experience behind you to start climbing the mountain and actual run the business on the side. Essentially, you’ll get a headstart and some runs on the board compared to those sitting on the sidelines waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting, yet be conservative with your inputs. Now Amazon FBA, being a capital-intensive business model, is just going to be challenging for you.

      My advice for anyone with limited capital is almost always digital assets:

      • Hey Josh,
        S/R are awesome in what they do and bring. i crew for their events and honestly meet some amazing people here. Especially at UPW.

        Thank you for your honesty, my plan was to study this course while i save more and I should have the requirement by the end of this year (in not sooner) would you still recommend not buying this course?

        I can understand when you say starting a business now and not waiting, waiting and waiting… like i have been doing. this i why i must take action now!

        Thanks again Josh.

        • That’s awesome! I’ve done 3x UPW and 1x DWD and have met some really incredible people as you have…many of which have gone on to do great things. Many of Adam’s students have attended Tony Robbin’s seminars and I know Tony was a big influence on Adam’s journey.

          I’d recommend the course if you’re committed to saving up the capital. It’s interesting as many people never actually end up building an FBA business but what they learned about entrepreneurship, importing, product branding, scalable systems and outsourcing more than made up for the cost of the course. In other words, buying and then taking the course is the easiest part. πŸ™ƒ

    • Hi Poon, Kevin David was good and got started with Amazon years ago but earned himself a reputation as someone primarily selling courses instead of building genuine businesses. While he still has good content and some success stories, he’s towards the bottom of my list of recommendations if you were looking for an educator with a good track record i.e. Adam and Sophie. I’d be going with Myles Dunphy if you were looking for a YouTuber course.

      • Thank you Joshua.

        He sells different packages and that includes
        – they do for you-product selection, product sourcing, product inspection, supplier logistics, product listing, product launch, mentorships, software and so on. Is that worth getting this service where expert do things for you especially for beginners and you leading along the way?
        – how come he has so much following on all social media FB, you to be, insta etc
        Thank you again!

        • Such Done-For-You packages are good for beginners provided the individual or company providing the service has a solid track record. Generally, those that offer such packages have been in the sourcing industry for 10+ years. Gary Huang, for instance, would be my go-to: He also created the 7 figure seller summit which was epic this year and you can buy the replays for a very generous amount.

          Also consider that Done-For-You doesn’t come cheap. You’d be looking at looking at $10k minimum + inventory cost for a reasonable result and this is why most people just in the trenches and do it themselves, even with a test batch of products.

          Kevin has a strong following but if you dig into his YouTube Analytics, his views per video today are very minimal. I think he’s had the peak a few years back before everyone else started doing YouTube tutorial videos. Now just about everyone else is doing a better job. Adam, for instance, provides more actionable content in his free training as does Myles. Yet if Kevin feels good for you, then I’d jump straight in.

  11. Hi josh
    I just read your useful review of Adam’s and Sophie’s course; I noticed that you also have a free course, what’s that?! do you recommend new beginners that have no background of online business start with yours then go to either of the three above?

    • Hi Sina! Yes, the free course is Freedom Ticket given that it comes with Helium10. Many new and established sellers need some sort of software anyways and this saves the cost and hassle. Often better as total beginners to take that course first to figure out if FBA is really for you before taking anything else. πŸ™‚


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