The Step by Step Blueprint to Become an Amazon Seller

I wanted to create this one today to give an overview towards the steps that happen in the journey towards becoming an Amazon seller. This is based on my experiences as an Australian selling on the Amazon US platform, paired with my use of numerous Amazon courses.

Perhaps you’ve read one of my reviews. You’re maybe scratching your head a little. You’d like something that gives you a bit of an idea, without the full investment of a course. I hope this is of you to use.

Amazon seller blueprint
Those who are ambitious can become Amazon sellers

I decided to break this one down into 10 steps. This is the core. Yes, there’s dozens, or even hundreds, of different steps involved in the process, and taking a course is highly recommended due to this. But let’s keep it simple.

Setting your goals

You need to clearly define why you’re starting the Amazon journey. You are creating a business from scratch. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky 1% and can buy an existing Amazon FBA business for 6 figures. Either way, you need to know why this is for you.

Defining your business

This is where you’ll define your business plan, create your business structure (using your own accountant for advice) and work out who your products will be bought by. I like to define the ideal customer here. You would also analyze competition. For example, if I were selling men’s safety razors, I would define the man’s age, what their needs are, at what price-point they’ll buy and their standards.

Sourcing online

This is everyone’s favourite step – jumping into the product research. It’s where you’ll find a solid list of suppliers using websites such as Alibaba, Made-In-China and Global Sources Direct. Collaborate a good list, and form connections. You’ll then get catalogues and pricing information.

Ordering samples

Honestly, one of the best feelings – when a product sample arrives from China at your doorstep. It’s starting to become real! I’ve had this experience multiple times now. Expect to pay upwards of $200 per sample (including freight) and really analyze the quality.

Production in full-swing

This is where you’ll have your legal documents in place with the factory, and their producing your product, with your logo, and your packaging for your target market. Expect to pay 30% deposit for a factory to start full production. This entire production process is likely to take weeks. Upon completion, you can have your product analyzed for quality through 3rd party assessment service providers such as V-Trust.

The ship sets sail

This is where you’ll have your product on the ship and on its way to Amazon’s warehouse(s) in the US. You can opt, especially if your product is lightweight, to send your product instead on the plane such as UPS. This will save a considerable amount of time and it’s much less complicated. Both Amazon courses and Amazon themselves have excellent training on this step.

Listing and optimization

Whilst your product is in transit, it’s an excellent idea to work on your listing. Get some great photos of your product, write excellent descriptions and bullet points. You really need to focus on maximizing this page, and it’s the thing that the customer will make a decision on. The photos need to be killer.

Your very first sale

The day has finally come! You know your product just went live a little earlier, and you check the App. Bang! Your first sale online, perhaps two or three. From nervous to excitement, to exhilaration. It’s a whirlwind of emotions. This is a fundamental step in the process, celebrating the journey. It wasn’t easy, but it’s these moments worth living for.

Customer service

This is a great chance to give some of your product away to social media influencers. Over time, reviews will start to pour in. Some customers may message you directly. Managing your customer service, feedback and expectations is fundamental. It’s not something I recommend outsourcing, at least for a little while.

The trip to China

Now that you’re a live Amazon seller, a trip to China is highly recommended. Go right ahead and visit that factory that helped you through the process. They’ll praise you, especially as they rarely get visitors. The Canton Fair, as well as other fairs, are perfect for beginner and intermediate Amazon sellers.

My thoughts

The journey towards becoming an Amazon seller for me personally was a challenge, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Best of all, since I had already did an Amazon course, I was learning from people who had gone through every step, challenge, hurdle and frustration that comes with starting an eCommerce business, particularly on Amazon.

I highly recommend Amazon courses, instead of learning by error

This is why I recommend Amazon courses. You’ll be learning from actual sellers. People who have been and still are in the trenches. Plus a community of like-minded people. Trust me, figuring out all of this on your own is a nightmare waiting to happen. I don’t say that lightly either.

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10 thoughts on “The Step by Step Blueprint to Become an Amazon Seller”

  1. Hi Joshua – First of all I want to thank you for taking your time to create this honest content. Its really valuable seeing honest content for someone who is starting out. I have been on several websites and viewed number of videos for Amazon courses from different providers and I really cannot make my mind up! In your experience and opinion for someone looking to go down the private label route, which course (or top 3) do you recommend?

  2. Hello Joshua – Thank you for your feedback and valuable guide. It helps a lot. I am from the UK btw.

    You guides look great – thanks again.


    • Hello Andres,

      Thanks so much for your feedback! As an Aussie, I’m often mistaken with my UK accent. I look forward to coming over next year, I have dozens of students now in the UK. I hope these guides have been of immense benefit for you. πŸ™‚ Thanks again! – Joshua

  3. Hi Joshua

    I’m not sure if you have this information posted elsewhere but can you clarify exactly what documentation is needed for an Australian to register to sell on Amazon USA FBA using a professional sellers account?

    My understanding is that you need to provide >

    1. proof of ID .. is an Australian drivers license adequate for this?

    2. Business name, address and ABN number .. my business officially uses my accountants address as the postal address and my residence as the physical address – so which of these addresses would i use as my official Amazon address given that my ID has my residential address on it?

    3. Does the phone number that i provide need to be mine? Can i use my partners mobile number as she will be doing all the customer support?

    4. For tax ID i presume that we use our ABN?

    5. I also understand that if you live in the USA you have to provide something called an EIN but we don’t have that here in Australia. What do we need to provide instead?

    6. I also understand that they physically call you to verify your identity. Is this usually immediately ie while you are filling out the seller information or is it at some random time?

    7. Can i add my partners details as a “virtual assistant” so that she can access the account each day from interstate without causing any issues with 2 people logging into the seller account. She lives interstate so i don’t want either myself or her to get “locked out” of the account due to two different ppl from different states logging in at possibly the same time.

    Just at the point where i am finally getting ready to act and hoping to get all my ducks in a row. I don’t want to get banned for not doing something correctly before i even start πŸ™

    Thank you. I greatly appreciate your help and advice.

    • Hi Skip, great questions again!

      1. Yes Australian drivers licence. I also submitted my passport but you can use an electricity bill.

      2. Use your home address. It’s what I use. I have the same structure as you with my accountant’s address listed as the postal address.

      3. I recommend using your phone number as Amazon has two-factor authentication. This is to stop people from getting into your account. Every time you log into Amazon, they’ll text you a code to enter in. Just like when you do internet banking transfers. It can be your partner’s mobile number, it’s just that she will text you the code every time you log in. Customers won’t be calling you, it’s only a phone number for Amazon seller support to call you if they ever need (they rarely if ever do).

      4. Yes Tax ID is the ABN number.

      5. I haven’t needed to provide an EIN for either of my Amazon seller accounts. Same with all Australian sellers that I know who sell in the US marketplace.

      6. Yes, their automated service calls you within a few seconds. I’ve never spoken over the phone with a real person at Amazon seller support.

      7. Yes your partner can definitely be added as a sub-user. Some sellers do this when they get too big and get an agency to manage some aspects.

  4. Thank you. I have just finished my course and will start serious product research next week. I will keep you updated. I have really appreciated your support and your willingness to share your huge depth of knowledge. In relation to product research, you mentioned once to take a walk down Bunnings. Can you elaborate on that in more detail please?

    Thank you

    • Great stuff! Which course did you do?

      I just walk down Bunnings and look at products. Then look up their sales data on Amazon on the fly. Avoid any oversized products i.e. larger than a shoebox.

  5. Thank you for that information again πŸ™‚

    I did a course called Search Find Buy. In fact, I only did the course on a whim because i received a unsolicited email about it and it was offered almost for free for a limited time to a limited group of people – USD $20 in total.

    Normally the course costs approx USD $2,000. It was a “one off” promotional scholarship for a limited number of people (i think i read somewhere that it was approx 25 students) that he did inspired by Robert F Smith who recently gave away USD $40 million to pay the entire college fees for all students at Morehouse College. I had to submit a resume outlining why i deserved to do the course for free and was fortunate to be accepted. I have suffered an unexpected & very large emotional and financial loss recently which will dramatically affect my retirement plans so whatever his motives for “giving away” this scholarship i am very grateful. It is a 6 week course. There are 120 videos in the course.

    I think it is well taught with a very logical sequence of modules, good quality videos, slides and handouts etc. I think that it covers the main points very well. There is an “upsell” to a coaching program at the end of SBF which is called “Fast Track” and costs USD $299/ month but it was not necessary to join this coaching as all the main points are in the 6 week course. It is not possible to join the coaching program without doing the SBF course first as it is assumed knowledge in the coaching program.

    The most important aspect for me about SFB was that it REALLY opened my eyes to the Amazon opportunity. Once i have completed my product search (my goal is to have identified 1 x product by end August 2019) I will use your affiliate link to do the Australian course that you recommend as i think the online life is a bit “isolated” and i think its nice to be part of a group.

    I hope that is informative. πŸ™‚



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