The Rural Freedom Movement Review: It’s an MLM?

Have you seen your friend posting about The Rural Freedom Movement on social media?

Is she posting in the FB group too?

It’s blowing up here in Australia. 😲

Heaps of Queenslanders are in on this scheme…

And it’s mainly targetted towards rural women and ’empowering them’ to become ‘entrepreneurs’.

But how? And what is it all about?

And let me guess – you’re a bit skeptical.

In this article, I’ll spill the beans and cut right to the chase.

The Rural Freedom Movement Review

The Rural Freedom Movement is a large group started by Kylie Stevenson who makes the bulk of her income online.


Recruiting people to sell a high ticket product.

Here, I’ve figured it out…

The Rural Freedom Movement is a social media and MLM training company that discreetly partners with Enagic. This MLM company sells kitchen alkaline water machines for $7,000 up to $20,000 for the most expensive package.

That’s how they make their big money off each other… 🚩

Women signing up other women.

Or simply, making money off ya mates! πŸ™ƒ

They want you signed up as soon as possible! The commissions here are HUGE.

Your friend could make a few thousand just for signing you up! πŸ’°

(Did you know that? πŸ˜‰)

That’s why it seems a little pushy…

And if you don’t have the cash, then Enagic distributors often encourage each other to go into debt.

Yes, credit cards and personal loans *gulp*

To me, that isn’t freedom or empowerment at all. That can put any individual backwards financially, especially as most can’t recoup their initial investment.

But this group, my gosh they think differently. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Social Media Strategies

Notice above how I told you about what it is ALL about in the first 30 seconds… πŸ™‚

I bet your friend isn’t doing that.

They gotta stay hush hush!

It’s how they’re taught…

Kylie knows what she’s doing.

Members of The Rural Freedom Movement rarely talk about selling water machines on social media.

You see, there’s a big stigma around it.

So many have had bad experiences in the network marketing industry.

Instead, they talk about building a high profit income online and your own ‘business’

By using the term ‘affiliate marketing’…

This way, you’ll remain blissfully unaware.

Now, what they’re doing is network marketing, NOT affiliate marketing. They’re two very different things.

Remember Amway? Same same, but different.

Quite different in fact. But they make money with recruiting water machine sellers.

So yeah, they creatively disguise their direct involvement with these expensive water machines that cost pennies to make.

That’s why you see countless posts, videos and quotes about building ‘legacy income’ and all that.

Plus, pictures of horses.

Everyone loves horses! 😍

They don’t want you to know about the actual thing they’re selling (water machines) and what they’re doing (recruiting) because it’s all about the lifestyle.

Business class flights and all that jazz!

You gotta show off your luxury lifestyle and freedom, as well as your rags to riches story… 😎

(Hence the name ‘The Rural Freedom Movement’)

And social media is the perfect place to do it.

Flex as much as you can.

It’s a smart tactic actually!

Gotta give them credit here.

And way less embarassing than outright selling these expensive water machines to your friends and family in person.

So It’s…A Pyramid Scheme?


The Rural Freedom Movement isn’t a pyramid scheme at all.

It’s a network marketing training company that teaches women (and some men) about social media strategies on how to sell pricey water machines to their mates. This is because Enagic’s own marketing material is pretty average.

This video does a good breakdown on the differences between a pyramid scheme and an MLM:

With The Rural Freedom Movement, they focus on regional people and farmers who are struggling and vulnerable. Not the most moral way to sell people into this ‘business opportunity’. 😩

While that raises some eyebrows, it’s still legal.

Now, some people do claim that Enagic itself might be a pyramid scheme or scam.

Check out this video by highly respected YouTuber Scott Shafer:

Now, despite plenty of backlash about pyramid schemes and Mult-Level Marketing online, Kylie’s group continues to do well for itself.

(10,000+ active members and growing in their FB group the last time I was in there)

Kylie initially started as a normal member of The Freedom Era years back and in 2022, started her own training company and community.

Let’s say you actually get involved, then it’s best to pitch this to men and women who aren’t able to do 5 minutes of research online.

Those who are the most desperate to ‘make it’ online are the best prospects here. πŸ€‘ Critical thinking won’t be on their mind.

Even honest and hard working farmers (who typically see through any BS) have been roped in. 😲

Being involved could harm their respected family names, particularly in rural areas.

‘Cause news travels fast in small towns.

So by now, if you don’t feel 100% about getting involved at all, then congrats!

Deep down, you know that something doesn’t feel right about this business model and scheme.

Kinda feels like a regional online cult… πŸ€” (But a very happy one at that)

Censoring Critical Thinkers

Quick note: Thanks for staying on with me here…

I appreciate it! 😊

Now, don’t share my thoughts with those who are recruiting you. They’ll think I’m a negative hater, when I’m just being transparent about how they operate and what they ultimately sell. What you do from this point onwards is totally your choice. ✌️ No hate here.

Wanna join? That’s cool. πŸ˜ƒ

At least you’ll know what to expect and what you’re really being sold.

You’ll be a customer of an expensive water filter, not a business owner or anything like that.

To recoup a little of what you’ve spent, you’ll have to do to someone else what’s been done to you.

I just wish they could be open and honest about what they’re ultimately trying to do to you right now. You know, getting that money outta your pocket. 😬

And because I’ve chosen to be honest and show you the elephant in the room, I’ll be their public enemy #1.

They actively tell people not to research or read this review. They’d love to have this covered up!

And people speaking out like me have been threatened by Enagic distributors on numerous occasions. Yes, even legal threats…just for providing some simple constructive criticism. Argh!

‘Cause people in Enagic like free speech when it suits them, but like to censor anyone who questions things. πŸ˜”

And for real…

If you join, here’s what they don’t tell you: You won’t be allowed to say anything bad about it. Nor can you share this article around.

And if you do, they’ll probably kick you out of the group.

I’m waiting for the threats right now actually.

How Much Can You Make?

The Rural Freedom Movement won’t really disclose what you’ll make, but they often talk about reaching the rank of 6A within the company.

It’s the ‘holy grail’ but in reality, it isn’t that great.

Fortunately, Enagic does provide an annual earnings disclosure…and gee, it’s pretty ordinary. πŸ˜‚

Here is the 2020 US Earnings Disclosure Statement from Enagic:

Rank# Sellers% SellersMedian $ Earned
Note: The last row (6A2-6) includes higher ranks. This table isn’t a promise of earnings.

This is also from 2020 when people were stuck at home and were more desperate than ever before.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t include your initial outlay for the water machine.

Remember – $7k to $20k.

Crazy, hey?!

Then you get an appreciation award at 6A…when you’re still behind πŸ€”

Bloody hell!

Like…is that all?!

Update: There is now a 2023 earnings disclosure that Enagic recently released:

Rank# Sellers% SellersMedian $ Earned
Note: The last row (6A2-6) includes higher ranks. This table isn’t a promise of earnings.

Even after 3 years, it isn’t much better for the 99.5% of people in this scheme. πŸ˜‘

There’s no doubt that Kylie has risen to some serious high-earning ranks within Enagic in the past 5 years. She’s definitely milking it! I don’t doubt her for a minute.

However, as we can see from this table, very few others ever do. 😩

Tough gig this one.


Do your research. There’s plenty of information online about Enagic, both good and bad.

And take both with a grain of salt!

Your friend who’s trying to sign you up isn’t interested in sharing the bad stuff, especially when they’re so so close to making a big-ticket commission from getting you in. πŸ˜‰

(If I haven’t been vocal enough: That’s how the money is generally made – friends signing up friends to get water machines which have really juicy commissions)

Kylie didn’t make the big bucks overnight either. She started years ago in Enagic and played the long game to get to where she is today. It’s the same with many top earners selling Kangen water machines.

The coaches and trainers are almost all Enagic distributors who will most likely earn a commission if they get you signed up. Keep that in mind as you delve deep and try to ask more questions.

They are ultimately sales people.

I haven’t shared any real negativity here. Just the facts in a fun-loving way.

And a bit of taking the piss here and there… 🀣

I’ve chosen not to talk about the drama and gaslighting that goes on behind the scenes in MLM schemes. Nor have I talked about the big financial losses and torn friendships that people experience all the time.

Or even the narcissistic people that are typically involved in these things.

There are many reasons why MLMs are bad that I haven’t covered here.

Just giving you some things to think about in a light-hearted fashion.

Atleast I’ve taken the wool off your eyes. πŸ˜‡

‘Cause we both know they won’t.

I’ve kept a neutral view and if you want more of a negative view, then Tish from Echo Echo on TikTok/YouTube discusses The Rural Freedom Movement in detail:

Tish is very negative towards MLMs in general, so I think most people get turned off. Me included.

And she’s definitely savage, outright calling The Rural Freedom Movement a scam, claiming it’s all about the money.

I won’t do that, nor do I necessarily feel that way either – I just see them being hush hush about what they’re truly doing to rural women.

I feel that they just don’t want you to know some things.

Now, I think there’s true power in community and doing things differently…

And their mindset training is helpful.

So there’s some good stuff in there.

Anyway, like I said a few times, if you want to sign up, the choice is yours. πŸ‘ Go for it!

Now you know what you’ll be doing to other people.

See how that feels for you.

Play the long game as it takes several years to make the big bucks online. And there are plenty of online businesses or careers you can get started with that don’t require awkward stories and staged photos on social media.

But if have limited talent and enjoy selling to friends and family, then MLMs could work for you.

Anyway, thanks for staying with me all the way.

I’ll see you at a rodeo somewhere. πŸ™‚

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