The Freedom Era Review: Worth Joining This MLM Training?

Published: 5th of November 2020

Last updated: 5th of June 2024

Have you just been exposed to the Freedom Era?

No doubt you’ve found this on social media and are curious to research more.

The Freedom Era, a rebrand of The Freedom Movement, started their platform in 2020.

A crew of trendy influencers selling (ahem, recommending) products to friends & family.

They look like they’re having heaps of fun. 😃

Perhaps you’ve seen the big group on Facebook or your friends acting strangely.

You know…like they’ve started creating stories of struggle to success on socials.

Or suddenly there is a lot of cool photos.

Freedom, entrepreneurship, motivational quotes, and of course, plenty of travel photos!

And if you’re keen for some Instagram captions, I have plenty here!

So what happened to your friend?

Well, to start off with…

What Is The Freedom Era?

They can never answer this question in one sentence, but I can:

The Freedom Era is a discreet Enagic training community, designed to get financially stricken women enrolled as Enagic distributors and selling expensive water machines under the guise of entrepreneurship and high-ticket affiliate marketing.

At the top of the food chain, you’ll find Clint X Morgan and Kristie Ord.

In a few years, they went from broke to pretty well loaded through MLM.

With the leaders at the top, they’re inspiring this tribe to manifest wealth.

In addition comes hundreds of people also trying to have a shot.

Many of which have also branded their social media pages.

And with a little too much joy, passion and enthusiasm.

But will they make it? Let’s find out.

The Freedom Era Review

So firstly, outside of selling a lifestyle…

What does The Freedom Era actually sell?

Individuals are encouraged to buy the education.

Then as members, recommend others to do the same.

On the front end, the membership gives you access to tools and training.

So on the front end, it starts with the training.

So you start with the MLM education on the front

And you’re then sold the water machines on the back.

Then later, you too can sell the machines to others.

You’ll do to other women what has been done to you.

(They’ll show you secret tactics that worked on you)

To be successful, it’s best to buy the training first.

The machines are optional but highly recommended.

Understandibly, some people can’t afford neither.

Basic Principles

Like you, I was skeptical.

But seriously optimistic too.

So yep…I did it.

I grabbed my AMEX business card.

Paid the 99 buckaroos a month.

And got myself inside.

It’s the only way to see the real side.

I thought I’d be learning more about digital marketing.

But as it turns out…

They simply teach modern-day MLM principles. 😞

It’s ideal if you want to become an expert on social media.

All the while selling the Kangen water alkalizers.

If that vibes then you should join the community.

Now, that’s the easy part. Pay ‘n watch some videos.

The harder part is selling the opportunity ‘n product.

Because not everyone is cut out for this.

If you’re not into selling, you might struggle a lot.

But that’s why The Freedom Era exists.

Because it helps you upskill quickly.

To refine your salesmanship ability.

So you have a better chance at winning.

Now, some are wary & research online.

They assume it’s a ponzi/pyramid scheme

Which it certainly isn’t.

(The water machines make it a legal MLM)

Others think it’s so manipulative.

Then we have the others inside

They aren’t sure if they can do it.

You know, ethically sell to friends ‘n family

Through their own social media accounts.

Because ultimately, it’s the premise of the program.

You sell to others through ‘attraction marketing’.

Either running ads or creating profile content.

You just let others come to you.

A very wise choice.

That way, it’s just….easier.

You know, compared to old school methods.

But still not easy as such.

Especially when their only recommendation is Kangen.

After going through the training, I’d love to see this expand.

Because there are 100+ other ways to make it online today.

Especially with Facebook now banning MLM ads

Including anything that looks like an MLM ad.

It makes things tougher for those starting out.

Then again, FB expert Ben Simkin runs the ads training.

(He gave my blog a backlink last year before I joined)

So you’re in safe hands there.

But still, there’s something that’s often not disclosed.

That is…most successful members had experience prior.

They’ve been in other MLMs

The type that doesn’t pay that well.

Like pills, potions and lotions.

So they’ve just brought their existing teams over.

Without needing to pay as much for ads.

Essentially, it’s kinda easier to win.

If you have a rolling start.

Serious Growth

As I’ve noticed after joining, it’s booming.

Hundreds of people are joining The Freedom Era monthly.

And in January 2024, they’re doing a big enrolment drive.

So it’s not exactly a small incubator anymore.

It’s growing…like…seriously fast actually.

Now you’ve got peeps hoping to quit their jobs within months.

When in reality, it’s seriously hard to work to build an online business.

So you MUST keep that job for now while you work on the side hustle.

As most people take at least several years to hit full-time online.

This then makes people question: Is it worth it in the long run? 

They are encouraging you to buy a Kangen water machine for $7,000.

With the Quadzilla costing $20,000+.

Which is a tad expensive for some peeps.

Now – I’m certainly not against the machines.

They have some great benefits.

Heck, I have one! 

But…what’s my biggest gripe here?

It’s not the product

It’s not the people

Nor is it the membership.

It’s the business model.

It’s kinda like taking an old concept from 1993.

And using FB in 2024 to scale it.

Now I’m guessing you’re looking to build a business here.

Ideally, one that you own and control.

And if that’s you, then keep reading.

Critical Thinking

If you’ve spent enough time online, you’ll find two very opposing sides of the equation.

The haters and the lovers. It’s rare to find anyone striding the middle line well.

Some people call The Freedom Era, a cult, a scam, a Ponzi or some pyramid scheme.

It isn’t. 100% legal in most countries.

On the other hand, people claim this is the “best thing ever”

I’m bringing a level of critical thinking to the table.

One that respects both sides equally.

This way, you can actually gauge if this is worth pursing right now.

For those with cognitive bias, leave it aside for now.


You’ll appreciate my unique perspective here.

Let’s keep pushing forward.

Someone Else’s Business

After joining The Freedom Era, you’re encouraged to join Enagic.


Just a not-so-obvious problem.

Both aren’t your businesses.

Not one you own.

Not one you control.

If you don’t play by the rules, you can be dismissed at any time.

The Freedom Era reserves the right to terminate or suspend your account and bar access to the Service immediately, without prior notice or liability, under our sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever and without limitation, including but not limited to a breach of the Terms.

Source: The Freedom Era Terms of Use Agreement. Retrived October 19, 2020.

Read the Enagic Distributor Agreement.  A similar rule in there too. 🙃

Now, that isn’t something to be too worried about.

They don’t flick peeps.

Unless you’re a naysayer.

Then you’re out pretty quickly.

Play by the rules, follow the leaders, don’t quit 2 weeks in and you’ll be fine.

The point is: You’re building a business which isn’t yours. 😩

How It Works

At first, you’ll be an unpaid/volunteer sales rep.

That is – until you generate sales.

Once you make quota…then you’ll be a commission-only sales rep.

But you’ll get awarded the ‘entrepreneur’ hat….Woo! 

Even get one of those ‘Freedompreneur’ t-shirts…

I’ve seen members claim that they’re affiliate marketers.

And that has some mild truth to it

Since they refer people into the membership

(But The Freedom Era keeps 75% for themselves)

Now really, they’re undercover MLM reps. 

So….why have the different title?

And why do they need to hide? 

‘Cause MLM has developed a bad rap.

So if you want success today

You’ll need to hide under a different kind of umbrella.

Smart strategy…but….

They’re still not true affiliate marketers.

I’ve been at this game for almost 10 years now.

It’s fair to say that I’ve learned the craft well.

Affiliate marketing involves several things.

Like writing out lots of engaging content.

Building out a portfolio of high-quality websites.

And playing the long game with keywords.

SEO, WordPress and the like.

So much so, that you found me.

Right at the top of Google, right?

Where is everyone else? 

Almost nowhere to be found.

Even with 2,700 members.

Then add in 200-300 enrolments every month.

And you expect to see something.

Especially if they teach digital marketing.

So nup. Hardly anything…

That’s why this is Network Marketing.

And NOT true affiliate marketing.

Kinda making sense now? 🙂

Let’s move on.

An ‘Independent’ Business Owner?

Hopefully by now you have some idea of their approach.

You may see interviews of people with ‘their business’

But it’s much like Amway.

Remember that old company?

Yeah, they’re still around.

100k Australians apparently.

It’s real funny with Amway.

You’re called an ‘Independent Business Owner’

Yet those keywords are somewhat laughable.

Nothing is ‘independent’, ‘business’ or ‘owner’

At least, not for you in Amway.

Independent? Nope, they own your biz 100%.

Business? Well, it’s their business. You’re the rep.

Owner? They’re the beneficial owner. 

As a member of a scheme, you can sell to friends & family.

That’s the idea of dressing up your social pages.

Sadly, you’ve got no stake in the Enagic MLM business.

Remember: Their rules and their playing field.

You aren’t a business owner.

Instead, you pay to be a sales rep.

Let me give you an example:

Uber drivers are independent contractors.

Now, they don’t own any stake in Uber.

Yet they’ll have to put some resources upfront.

Like buying the car, the insurance, fuel & rego.

Should they not fit the standards, they get flicked.

That’s the life of a contractor, I’m afraid.

Likewise, you can’t really sell or scale your Uber ‘business’.

But at least these Uber drivers have something tangible.

Because they’re somewhat guaranteed an outcome.

With the next passenger a few minutes away.

Unlike The Freedom Era, where…..




Not so fast.

At least it’s a new take on MLM.

Plus they sell high-commission products.

In fairness, The Freedom Era sells training.

They show you how to sell your lifestyle

And how to sell the water machines.

Because Enagic/Kangen’s training is prehistoric.

I’ve looked through their materials

And it hasn’t been updated in like 15 years…

(Kinda weird really)

So one thing that Freedom Era has done very well.

The Freedom Era is also about the internal work.

Opening your mind.

(And some of your soul…)

To fulfill your true potential.

By removing some of these negative blockages.

So you don’t need to buy the water machines.

Or even sell them to friends or family.

There is good value in the training alone.

If you just want some basic training.

In the business and self-help space.

Then I’d certainly recommend getting started.

Your Energy. Their Asset.

In my experience, business is hard enough.

Like…really hard.

So for the committed peeps

It’s far better to build a real biz.

One that you can sell in the future.

Say 2x to 3x yearly earnings.

We’re talking 6-figure paydays here.

Businesses like blogging, building an agency, membership sites and the like.

It just so happens that I’m involved in all 3. Smart. 

Yep, I kinda figured out where real wealth is being made online.

Whenever I see an MLM scheme, I always question the 5-year plan.

Think about it: “Where is my asset base?” and “What will it be worth?”

You’ll put a lot of time, energy and effort you’ll put into building something.

So you’ll want to know that you’ve got something worth selling at the end.

Starting with something that actually belongs to you. Secured from Day 1.

Without the rug later being pulled out from beneath.

Just imagine… 

Now, it’s interesting

Because Clint and Kristie are taking this approach too

They’re actively building their own Cacao brand

That’s Freedom Cacao which is now sold globally.

(I bought some recently from Nurcha and it’s good stuff)

So it’s not just me out here building real businesses.

Unfortunately, most millenials are simply lazy. 

They just want something easy to setup

You know, like plug-and-play systems

And selling machines may appear easier

At least…to those new to online business models.

A Valid Argument

If you’re selling water machines, you have no asset base.

Now – a controversial statement, but a valid one too.

See, where are the reps selling their biz for $300k? Nowhere.

As their ‘businesses’ don’t have any tangible marketplace value.

(Outside of inspiration towards freedom, that is)

To be fair, money isn’t the only asset base.

Since time, experiences and personal influence are assets too.

You know, like spending time and having great experiences with the kids.

If you use this biz to quit your job

To spend more time with family

Then more power to you, my friend.

That’s what they’re all about.

Pure freedom. 🚀

As for the business dynamics

Well, it’s hard to find serious folks out there.

And it’s just so easy for enrolments to leave.

In business, we call that ‘churn’.

Or having friends/family block you on social media.

Sadly…that DOES happen. The Freedom Era covers this in their lessons.

Now, you’re tempted with the notion of making income in the short term.

With the prospectus of ultimately quitting your job to live the ‘good life’.

And luckily, for many it does happen. That’s worthy of praise.

The Freedom Era has helped dozens of people. 

Yet in the membership…

There isn’t much actual online business building.

You know, outside of life coaching, MLM mentoring and the like.

Their Upside

So where is the real upside? Well, I figured it out.

It’s actually….Genius. 

The asset is Enagic/Kangen.

It’s their business.

(Not Clint & Kristie’s though. A Japanese company…)

And they need more sales reps.

So that’s where you come in.

Oh, and you gotta be pretty committed.

They don’t need to pay a dime in comms until you sell.

No salaries. No office space.

Certainly no company cars, either.

And unlike any other sales role…

You pay for your own company training.

Is this starting to make sense now?

An epic business model, when looking at it from their perspective. 

Now that’s a business I’d LOVE to own.

Oh man! I mean, really.

Let’s think about this…

If I owned Enagic themselves.

Or better yet, built a new one

With Australian-made machines…

Then I can recruit others in.

They’ll volunteer their time to build my biz.

And I’ll only need to pay them based on $ generated.

The BEST business model right there. 

(I should REALLY do this!)

Oddly enough, most representatives won’t see it this way.

It only appears as an opportunity.

Seen from just one perspective.

As opposed to being seen holistically.

Like how I’ve laid things out.

(Let’s take a deep breathe in here)

Now…I’ve got an opportunity. 

Keen to volunteer your precious time for me?

Because I’ve got an offer for you.

And no cost for training. 

I’d love more helpers for my content publishing business.

Write me 30 well-written articles.

Once they rank on Google

Then I’ll pay you $3,000.

(That’ll be in 3 to 6 months time)

No upfront capital needed.

(Very serious offer by the way)

There’s just one problem:

It’s hard work.

And it takes a while.

First you gotta learn.

You really gotta focus.

And really grind it out.

Then later, you get a result.

Most of my generation just wants easy.

So very few will take me up on it. 

Quite unfortunate.

Anyway, back to The Freedom Era…

Social Selling

One of the biggest drawbacks is the nature of social selling.

The Freedom Era encourages Facebook & Instagram sales.

(Through dressing up your profiles)

Now, you’ll probably disagree here.

I just believe social media is toxic.

I’ve been a huge proponent of staying 100 yards away from social media.

Or else, life progress is often stalled.

How do you ever get anything done?

Unless you’re just playing around in life.

Scrolling for hours, yet not achieving anything.

Probably 96% of the population right there.

My Online Success

I’m a real person from Queensland.

One that is scaling real businesses online.

95% of time in the doing.

And 5% in the telling.

This isn’t my first rodeo, either.

I started in 2011.

Playing the long game.

With consistent action, I’m here.

Still grinding it out daily.

I’ve personally written 600+ blog posts in 8 months last year.

And these are NOT on here, but for 2 genuine brands.

Those brands I own 100%.

And, Yep. This. Was. A. Grind. 

This year I’m aiming for 2,500 blog posts.


Most people wouldn’t do a 1/10th of that in their lifetime.

The outcome is a real, tangible and sellable asset. More on that later.

How do I win? No social media and my phone permanently on silent.

Cal Newport’s book ‘Deep Work’ is a great recommendation.

As is the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’.

Which examines the toxic nature of social media.

Anyway, enough about me.

Back to the point: Social Selling.

The awkward and uncomfortable pursuit of selling to friends. 

Becoming the Expert

To sell with The Freedom Era, you’ll need to start dressing up your social media pages.

The holidays you take and the ‘freedom’ you now have.

Emphasize it all! And hit up those Facebook groups!

With #laptoplifestyle to boot.

Remember: call yourself an affiliate marketer. 

This way, no one spots you in an MLM scheme. 🤣

(Recall I mentioned that friends/family might block you?)

Play it low but fill your profile with inspiration.

Then hopefully, you’ll start attracting the right recruits that can go into your downline.

From here, conversations (sometimes a bit awkward) start with your friends/family.

“What have you been doing lately, hun?”

“Heeyyyyy  babeee, well I’ve got this opportunity you’ll love…!”

Some will love it and join the scheme.

You’ll make a few bucks. 

That first sale feelling will be the best.

200% belief in the business.

They’ll love you for the enrolment.

Now they’re in the coolest club in town.

And you’ll be proud of yourself for finally ‘making it’ online. 

(I mean seriously, it’s the best feeling in the world!)

Others will feel just a bit uncomfortable with all the good vibes.

A touch of overwhelm. Go easy on these people as they adjust. 

And then we have the small minority who might become super negative.

They’ll give you just about ever reason why you should quit.

From “You’re in a cult!” to “OMG are you serious about this?”

Your heart will sink the first time this happens.

Eventually, it will happen. 

Don’t let these people get to you. They’re just letting off steam.

Sometimes you attract the wrong people.

The Freedom Era encourages blocking these people out entirely. 😬

(Even if it’s your own family being negative.)

It’s true that you’ll run into these problems along the line.

Sadly, MLM schemes are notorious for lost friendships. 

Since people often give up 5 minutes into the journey.

So something to really keep in mind when you’re out there hunting.

It won’t always be a case of people supporting your journey.

Nor will everyone say ‘yes’ to the membership or the machines.

With some people really struggling to become successful.

And some will be so outright harsh, rude and negative.

But keep perservering, if you believe in the mission. 

The Brightside

Alright – enough with the tough talk.

Now we’re switching gears here towards the lighter side.

And that’s necessary as I’m generally quite positive here.

There are internet trolls aiming to take down a movement.

That isn’t me. 

Plus I generally get along with everyone on the inside.

I simply won’t call The Freedom Era a cult or a scam.

Seriously, those aren’t empowering words to live by.

Nor do I believe this scheme is really that bad.

Certainly not as bad as what they portray.

(*Cough* Reddit *Cough*)

Sure, The Freedom Era can improve.

Yet there are some bigger upsides too.

Like…real things that make The Freedom Era a great community.

Namely, it’s the people you meet.

Good vibes inside a good tribe. 

In life, it can be hard to find friends that share your same enthusiasm.

If that’s you, then this community is very much supportive of your dreams.

(But it’s hard to find real business owners. Mainly Kangen sales reps.)

In addition, you’ll learn some elements of personal branding and marketing.

There is some good to absorb from their conferences and paid courses. 

Pay the $99/month for just one month and cancel when ready. It’s that easy.

You’ll learn plenty about sales psychology, social and internet branding.

The Freedom Era has done a very good job of creating actionable video tutorials.

With the whole community based on personal development and positivity.

And yes, I’m inside too.

You get access as a paid member.

Not that I use FB all that much.

Anyway…head to Freedom Fest.

Just go. It’s epic. 

(if you fit their culture…)

Now the training is hugely valuable.

One that can really pay off well into the future.

If you make a start today.

Trust me – personal development is so underrated.

One that is seriously lifechanging if you delve deeper.

You see, I started my own personal journey 10 years back.

And have learned a lot (and are still learning! )

Mindvalley. Rich Dad. Seth Godin.

Tony Robbins seminars and the works.

You name it – I’ve probably done it.


Massive progress in business & life.

6-figure nomadic income.

Multiple businesses.

Genuine digital assets.

And all that jazz.


While the courses have been great…

My most influential resources have been books.

Yep….Plain. Old. Simple. Books.

And Tom Bilyeu interviews.

Can’t ever pass up one of those. 

The Right Individual

The Freedom Era has strong community vibes for the peeps who need it.

And most people are legendary.

Paired with heart-centered ambition.

Some of the key reasons I joined.

Now, they’re great at personal sales too.

Yet some recruits can believe a too much in ‘universal power’.

You know, like personal manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

A little bit lost with the fairies, if you will.

A lot of wonder, but a genuine lack of action.

Or the Australian term: “All show and no go….”

(Recall my clear element of critical thinking?)

Let’s be realistic here.

I’m not just here to make you think “What if…!”

I’m here to get you start taking action today.

In fact…Every. Single. Day. 🔥

#nodaysoff anyone?

Don’t just sit around here.

Don’t hope for the universe.

That’s lottery winner mentality.

You can’t really manifest a car.

Nor more money or freedom

…though positive thoughts do help.

Gotta love JP Sears and his parody’s. 

In reality, all businesses are tough to scale.

It takes a lot of hard and consistent work.

Day in, Day out.

Year in, Year out.

It’s tough, my friend.

So you may as well have others join you on the journey.

With a good tribe to help you through the tough times.

So you should be surrounding yourself by go-getters.

The believers.

The dreamers.

And the doers.

Instead of those who drag you down.

Leave the skeptics behind.

Joining for the good vibes?

Probably a wise choice.

I just wish there was more actual business content.

And hopefully soon, because of my blog…there will be.

The Reality of Business

Building anything online is tough work.

And entrepreneurship is a seriously lonely journey. 

Hence why surrounding yourself with their strong community spirit is smart.

As is learning the basic principles of online marketing, sales and personal branding.

And thus, The Freedom Era is one of the better MLM training platforms out there in 2021.

But as for building a business, it may not be the solution you were actually hoping for.

You could build the Kangen business for them, but why not build your own business.

Use their training to carve your own path through the forest…without the competition.

There are plenty of excellent opportunities today. The world really is a level playing field.

Most businesses don’t require dressing up your social media profiles with positivity.

Nor do they require awkwardly making videos or sales pitches to friends and family.

And certainly they don’t require you to join someone’s network marketing scheme.

But Enagic is a modern-day MLM.

So it’s what you gotta do for this biz model.

If it feels right to you, that is.

That is, doing to other people what was done to you.

Digital Marketing Skills

One thing good think you’ll get is the skills.

That is – digital marketing skills.

And it doesn’t cost you too much either.

Going through the membership, I found some great content.

And those who work in digital marketing jobs get paid well.

So your training empowers you with some real, tangible skills.

Like pitching to others, running ads and recruiting.

As well as storytelling and managing social media pages.

But….very little in there about Google or Pinterest. 

Nor about setting up proper sites and plugins.

Or even what SEO tools to use for online success.

(Yeah…you really do need to learn these skills too)

Now – digital marketers get paid well in jobs these days.

It’s not uncommon to crack the 6-figures in Australia.

That’s even without a degree.

The best part is that you can often work remotely.

Even from Bali or Thailand.

So with that in mind….

I propose that The Freedom Era builds a full suite.

Instead of just MLM-specific skills which it has today.

It has make a good start, but isn’t complete.

Maybe 50% of the way there

And I’m being generous too

Like…why box people into a corner?

Their only offer is $4k to $13k alkalizers.

And not everyone dreams of selling water machines.

So once they make their training fully inclusive….

Then it’ll be a truely holistic incubator for business growth.

Ultimately, I think people are searching for an income stream.

When…what they really need are the skills

The type which has utility for the future

‘Cause the world is changing real fast.

Final Thoughts

I took a genuine neutral position with this review.

As someone who paid the 99 bucks a month.

Coming in with a sense of skepticism

And obviously, some real optimism too.

The Freedom Era has pros and cons

As I’ve clearly and openly shared.

Same with the biz model itself.

Yet the community is a huge asset.

You’ll find great vibes & support.

2,700+ inspiring members now.

Lots of momentum in the group.

The current training is also great.

World-class for distributors.

Yet it could be so much more.

As for building an income stream with this….

Well, good vibes is just one part of your foundation.

You’ll need to get to work.

Serious work.

Day In, Day Out.

And deal with the challenges.

One that sees many quit early on.

Like…95% fail at MLM, you know.

(And yep, they know it too…)

So if you’re serious about it

Then stay committed my friend.

Don’t just follow instructions.

But actually do the work

If you’re truly committed

And get others on the inside.

Play the long game.

(Think in years, not months)

And push forward every day.

If that sounds like a plan.

Then you’ve found an opportunity.

Paired with a great community.

Then again, as they say…

This isn’t for everyone.

Nor can everyone afford it.

And so…

Hopefully by now you’ve seen it.

Whether this is a fit for you.

Sure, I’m in.

And I’ll stay in too.

But just for the basic education.

And the positive community.

Those people are cool.

Maybe I’ll see you on the inside too.


Let’s take a breather… 😄

That’s 17 hours of writing and editing

To create 5,000+ words.

And a few well-timed GIFs.

Even in our crazy world

With so many distractions

You still read this far.

Well done 

Now, how was it?

Let me know in the comments below.

I aimed for the middle line.

Yet “they” probably aren’t too happy with me.

Not positive enough or something.

I’m kinda waiting for the threats.

Worst case…a Cease and Desist Notice

But it’s likely to be something more chill.

You know like…

“Josh…don’t go telling ’em it’s actually hard”

Or something to that degree. 

Despite the fact that I’m actually promoting their own platform.

By taking the side of the reader

And directly addressing common objections.

With some humour and brutal honesty.

And ultimately, leading to enrolments

(Just without the rainbows and unicorns)

But anyway….

I still like The Freedom Era.

The platform and the people

And I really like what they stand for

Most importantly, I see potential for the platform

And eventually it’ll be holistic I’m sure.

For now, at least, it’s mostly just MLM training.

With some spiritual self-help thrown in.

Yet I think the right people will see merit in my review

Especially those that are quite serious

They’ll appreciate my two-sided perspective.

And follow through to enrolment.


Have some questions?

Are you joining too?

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Update August 2021: I noticed was removed from their FB group a while ago despite not posting anything. I figure they’re not a fan of me telling people publicly that the gig involves becoming a network marketing distributor on social media. They also threatened legal action for speaking out. 🤷🏻‍♂️ So if you join and don’t follow the defined narrative, be very careful!

Update November 2021: I published this a year ago and Enagic finally released an earnings disclosure statement for the US market. The holy grail rank to aim for is 6A but the average medium earnings is $5,710/year. That doesn’t include the initial $4,980 you’ll pay up for the most popular K8 machine. Based on this data, if you did push really hard and be a rare breed to reach 6A in your first year, then there is potential to make around $730 in your first year, and then pay taxes on that. 😕 The Freedom Era is definitely right when they say they’re not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Update January 2022: I’ve heard a rumour via YouTuber Anna’s Analysis that Enagic is prohibiting 3rd party training platforms from mentioning Enagic. This move included withholding distributor commissions and I imagine some representives are furious. In essence, Enagic wants all reps to pay for official Enagic Web System websites ($75/month) so distributors will have to be upfront from Day 1 that they’re an Enagic representive. Kinda spoils the secret…

Update August 2023: There is now a 2023 earnings disclosure that Enagic recently released:

Rank# Sellers% SellersMedian $ Earned

Note: The last row (6A2-6) includes higher ranks. This table isn’t a promise of earnings.

Even after 3 years, it isn’t much better for the 99.5% of people in this scheme. 😑

Update November 2023: New platforms have since risen as offshoots including The Rural Freedom Movement and The Freedom Sister Movement.

And I found a funny meme that describes most MLMs perfectly:

  • Course Content
  • Pricing
  • Business Model
  • Community
  • Refund Policy

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25 thoughts on “The Freedom Era Review: Worth Joining This MLM Training?”

  1. You know you were dead on. And I know you know that. Lot’s of wisdom and truth right there. They might not be happy with you, but for me that’s exactly what I needed to hear! Sounds like a Freedom Bible to me. lol. I found your words very insightful and entertaining. Yes this definitely is not for the lazy or faint of hearts. Determination and diligence is whats needed here. But very well said. In so many words that I couldn’t put together myself. I appreciate your broad perspective and hope I can take something away from this amazing form of higher learning.

    • Thanks Sandy! I know I’m right on the mark and was keen to hear from others. 😃 You know, a part of me is waiting for “them” to charge right into the comments section here.

      Also thanks for appreciating my perspective and be keen to hear how (and more specifically, if…) you like The Freedom Era platform.

    • Hi, I was told briefly about this & it sounded to good to be true & that is cos it is. As I was listening to Barbara speak in the video all I could think was Amway…& her over excitement & happiness was just too much for me, it spoke volumes…So am interested?! Well you can probably tell by my post that it’s… No thankyou…

      • Thanks for your feedback Elizabeth and yeah, TFE/Enagic isn’t for everyone. Sheer excitement and happiness are certainly pre-requisites (among other things) to find success with multi-level marketing. 🙂

  2. Hey Josh.

    Interesting read and cool to see your perspective. I’m in both Freedom Era and partnered with Enagic!

    SEO is doing well on this, popped up for me when I was searching up the platform.


    • Thanks, Felicia! Great to hear from someone already inside too. Would be great to see SEO training inside their platform this year, amongst other things.

  3. Damn straight the right people will see your point, I am an entrepreneur, not making enough out of any of my ventures to serious say that, making too much to walk away, wasted some time last year on MLM when I should have been building my own assets and found your review before I signed on the dotted line.

    I say all this because we started marketing online around the same time, you spent more on personal development than I did, I’m gonna keep building my empire, and maybe join the freedom seekers like you for the community and training.

    I just can’t find my niche!

    • Thanks Joy! There are so many ways to create an online income stream these days.

      It took me almost 10 years to figure out what appeals the most to me, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking some time. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this! I just watched the 2 day seminar and I was intrigued because of the high energy excitement and training. So of course I went looking online before investing. I used to be in tradeshow sales and know MLM‘s very well, I’m just not interested in trying to have a “business” with one. Instead, I enjoyed the idea of training videos and the cheerleading level support and encouragement which is even better than college because no one is rooting for you to succeed if there’s not the prospect of making money off of you, fair enough. Some people teach because they can’t succeed otherwise and the information can be updated. So a business that is actually successful, teaching their model, sounds like a good idea to me for $99 a month. I’m not personally interested in selling a water machine because I happen to live in a place with mineral water springs on tap everywhere, but I am interested in learning the platform to apply to my personal goals of being a writer and workshop coach.
    So your article was exactly what I needed to read after stopping by Reddit and reading all the complaints, conspiracy theories and then people defending it.
    We’re all selling something so I have no problem with them selling as well, I shop on Amazon for goodness sake. I’m very interested in selling my “product” which just happens to be me and learning how to brand myself and market myself on social and Internet platforms is a great tool.
    I think I’ll give this a try and see what I think, $99 money back in 30 days, I should know well within that time if I’m getting anything out of the training and if I am putting in the hard work that it takes educate myself to succeed, because like you wrote, it takes hard work to put yourself out there and create a real business.

    • You got it, Mia! MLMs traditionally have great support as they’re motivated to provide it while The Freedom Era has filled some of the gaps for training paired with a 30-day refund policy.

      Given your background, I’d be keen to hear what you think of the platform after a few weeks of trying it out.

  5. I too appreciate your review and noted that you popped right up when I searched for information about the Freedom Era. I currently do content marketing for a non-profit and also have my own niche in developing my own spiritually based side business. Question: Where can I find trustworthy training on content marketing for a non profit, including info on blogging, enough info to manage a WordPress site in terms of updating content and integration with other tools, that is not selling a product? It seems that every training that comes by my inbox is tied to their own marketing in one way or another. I am becoming jaded and do not even know where to look to get accurate information to stay current with trends and models etc. Thank you.

    • Hi Lani, content marketing IS marketing. 🙂 You wouldn’t find someone out there providing wonderfully articulated, updated and concise information for free…that isn’t eventually leading somewhere.

      If you just need the basics, then the YouTubers like Income School and Authority Hacker are great (I bought both their courses and they are amazing) as well as Pat Flynn. Myles Beckler is another great one. Each of us own spiritually-based websites.

      The big corporate experts are also worth learning from such as Neil Patel and the Content Marketing Institute.

  6. Hey Joshua….I just watched the 2 hours as part of the current recruitment drive…it was very inspirational but I did find myself thinking “so what are these women actually selling? What’s their actual business…that they’re talking about but never directly talk about” although by the end I was 70% sure it was all about Kangan. Because it wasn’t clear, I was researching “high ticket products” & by the end was wondering about signing up for the education to sell my own product – and perhaps some others that looked good online to sell. Happy to sell water as well, but don’t think I’ll necessarily buy a filter….and don’t feel right about glossifying my FB page….I saw it happened to a friend (& now I know why! She’s selling Kangan!) & my gut was telling me that there was something ‘pushy’ about it. I’d rather just create a FB business page or website…. Anyway, thanks for your wisdom, sounds like I could go ahead with the membership, eyes open, and do my own thing.

    • Thanks for the feedback Elizabeth! Yep if individuals join The Freedom Era after reading my insights then I’m very happy, as they have been able to make a decision based on seeing exactly what it is. 🙂

  7. Just curious as I’ve entered the platform and am meant to have my advisor call in 30mins. But I’m sitting exactly where you are at, some handy training inside the platform that I’ve seen so far but no interest in selling water machines.
    Curious if you can cancel after the 30 days? I was thinking of just using the training but not sure if I need to keep paying monthly for training I can get elsewhere….

    • Hi Mary, you can definitely cancel after 30 days anytime. Even if you cancel, you’ll still have access until the rebill date. I think they still give refunds within the first 30 days as well?

      And yes, some handy spiritual and mindset training, paired with the FB group and how to get around the social media restrictions on advertising MLMs. Ideal for those actively recruiting and selling water machines.

  8. Thanks Josh! This is exactly the kind of info and honest review I was looking for. Your style of writing is very engaging and honest and I really appreciate your balanced review. I have two friends encouraging me to join and I was smelling bs and not getting answers or rather I didnt know how to ask the right questions. Thank you for your insight and honest experience as a long term member. I like how you take what you like and leave what you dont like and make it work for you in the way that feels right for you. Wondering how did you get your article to appear as the top two listings? Thanks a million Emma 🙂

    • Thanks Emma! Really appreciate the feedback and yes, many Enagic distributors are purposely vague about it on social media.

      My article appears near the top as people want an honest review including pros and cons so they go looking for the right article. Google responds by noticing my article is what people actually are reading right until the end and thus rank me near the top. Google also gives preference to objective articles, not just some vague yet super positive testimonial.

  9. I just came across the freedom era first time today and listened to masterclass/presentation that was very confusing. The totally disguise the fact that their just recruiting you to sell kangen machines. It’s funny to me because I am totally into that water quality consciousness but why make it so mysterious? I have another friend selling kangen machines completely openly sharing all about her level and income commission and being part of her team does not require any membership subscription. I seriously considered buying the machine and starting to sell them too but then I went into building my own business because that’s truly where my passion is. 🙏🏽

    • Thanks for your feedback Ava! I really like those sharing Kangen openly as they’re being very upfront. Also, I imagine they would be proud to be a network marketer instead of using a mask on social media.

      Great to hear that you started your own passionate business too! ☺️ I checked out your website and it’s really well designed!

  10. Hello and thank you! As a rule I am highly suspicious of any advertising content on Fb, including things that are disguised as something else, but are really advertising. I become a thousand time more suspicious when I am asked to fork out money to join. In the past I have paid to join things that did teach me useful skills in training horses, but I subsequently discovered loads and loads of totally free content teaching the same skills on You Tube (just not organised as prettily). Now I just lost my job, so I suddenly have oodles of time. I am also very highly qualified and a prolific writer (and an Indy author), and right now I am extremely motivated to find a way to work for myself. Even so, I couldn’t press that button and give money to the Freedom Era – it just isn’t what I do. I’d rather take your very wise advice and buy an actual book (or two or three) for that same money, that teaches me about marketing skills I need. Because I have a business I want to promote, of my very own. I also hate sales and have had experience with Amway many years ago. What a load of shit that was. I am not the person to do sales, it isn’t up my alley. So I will be looking at promoting my art, my horsemanship skills etc, a different way than by joining someone else’s scheme and lining someone else’s pockets. Thank you again – and I will gladly write as many articles as you need, just tell me what the topic is!

    • Hey Dinka, thanks for your feedback. So many people are becoming suspicious of The Freedom Era with many coming to my blog now for straightforward answers.

      Content writing is the best opportunity to replace a full-time salary so you’re in the best position with your experience. I don’t have a need for content writers at this time, but many companies are hiring via Upwork, FB groups and the like. And you’re right – as much as I don’t like their recent changes, YouTube really is still a pot of gold as-is Skillshare and Udemy for education.

      If I were you, I would reach out to popular horse or art websites with a brief of your skillset as my first port-of-call.

  11. Super grateful for this honest review. It’s interesting how they lure you in with their cruisy lifestyle social media content and have you reaching out to them rather than vice versa. That’s clever.
    I just finished up on a video call with an ‘affiliate marketer’ who’s been in the game 4 years and is apparently super successful. Kudos to him. What was intersting though was that he wasn’t prepared to answer all my genuine questions and stated ‘I can’t give too much away, you’ll have to sign up to the academy’. Its only $99 (forgot to mention per month part). My question was ‘how do you make all this cash if not through direct sales’…(as I know it’s not just through his engaging posts as he made out). It was spun in such a way that I can post about any topic I’m passionate about and make money off it. I was told there are different avenues to earn including their big ticket item (water machine). I don’t think it’s as easy as they make it sound and as you’ve alluded to. I don’t want to be marketing to family and friends. Been there and done that.

    • You’re welcome Talinga! I’ve learned that people in these MLMs who appear to be super successful simply can’t provide any concrete statistics to support their claims…apart from pretty and often staged photos on social media. I would imagine that most are struggling financially, mentally and emotionally behind the scenes.

      And yes, they suggest there are different avenues to earn which they cover barely touch on. No one really does or recommends anything other than Enagic since they don’t want to distract these women from coughing up a $2,000+ commission to their uplines. 😑

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