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The Breakaway Movement Review: A Bad Idea?

So you’re curious about The Breakaway Movement and probably found out about this group on social media.

Things seem a little…perplexing. Let me give you some insights.

The Breakaway Movement Reviewed

This platform started booming on social media in early 2020.

One that sees many peeps talking about ‘freedom and ‘entrepreneurship’ today.

Essentially, influencers who suddenly found themselves with some new opportunity.

One which seemingly overnight….changed their life. But how?

And what is it exactly that their selling?

You know…how do the representatives make the moolah?

It’s two things: Education and Enagic/Kangen Water Machines.

They get you in on the education under the guise of ‘working for yourself’.

For you to become a commission-only sales rep with the Kangen machines.

Once you’re in, you’re encouraged to recruit others into the same scheme.

Some have called it a cult, a scam or a pyramid scheme.

I just call it Multi-Level Marketing in the Roaring 20’s.

One that is legit but is…well…quite challenging.

Much more challenging than first assumed.

They’re using social media to sell the ‘instant lifestyle today’.

(Because just about nobody wants to work hard nowadays 😞)

Now – there are some good and bad elements here.

Because you’re looking for a fair and balanced review.

One that is unbiased.

Let’s begin.

MLM and NOT Business

You’ll often see distributors talking about ‘their business’.

One that is being run on the beach with a laptop.

Unfortunately, isn’t their business.

It’s unpaid work….initially.

You’ll have two jobs.

Firstly, to find more members.

And to sell more water machines.

You won’t be owning ‘a business’.

Because that belongs to Enagic.

Real businesses are those with P&L statements.

Plus they have real-world value.

The type of businesses that can be sold for profits.

So I’ve been a little harsh here.

The point is: This is Network Marketering.

A.k.a. Selling to friends and family.

As opposed to owning your own online business.

That’s a totally sepearate gig.

If you’re looking to build an online business.

Then the Breakaway Movement isn’t it.

How You’ll Be Working

If you’re serious about joining this, then you gotta be the expert.

Start dressing up your social media profiles with cool stuff.

Like the places you’ve visited and the freedom you now have.

(Don’t fake it ’til you make it though…no one does that. 😉)

Also, call yourself an affiliate marketer.

But it isn’t true…you’re in network marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a totally different biz model.

By taking this approach, you’ll draw more people towards you.

Those that will be curious and keen to join your MLM downline.

You see, in the past MLM has earned a bad reputation for itself.

Even today, people just don’t like being pitched these things.

So by hiding under the guise of freedom, you too can have it all.

The trick is to NOT mention a word about Kangen.

Otherwise people will start researching online.

And eventually find blogs like me.

So yeah, keen it on the down low.

That’s how you’ll be working.

The Good Side

Let’s be fair, there is some good elements to The Breakaway Movement.

Things that make this worthy of joining.

Namely, it’s the people you meet.

Seriously good vibes. 😍

(But are struggling for $$$ …just like you.)

And quality training about personal branding.

As well as personal empowerment.

You know, like the Law of Attraction.

Personal development is so helpful.

An industry that literally changed my life.

Though my biggest influence was books, not videos.

And so, you can learn a lot more than just selling water machines.

Which will help empower you to live a better life.

The type of content that can really help you in the journey.

So the best part of The Breakaway Movement is the knowledge.

What you’ll learn through the membership.

As well as the friends you’ll make in the journey.

The water machines can be real pricey.

So park that for now, until the finances are better.

In A Nutshell

You’re looking at a modern-day MLM.

One that targets men and women 18 to 35 through socials.

Without divulging all the facts and figures about the biz.

If you’re looking at a business, this isn’t it.

The Breakaway Movement is great for the education.

Though the community can feel like overly positively.

As for the business model, I’d recommend you look elsewhere.

These days, there are many ways to build an online business.

One that you can own and control, without recruiting.

The type that you can start without the pressure.

Plenty of opportunities out there, including online jobs.

The type that pays you this week.

Consider Upwork and the like.

In this Pandemic, you need income today.

As opposed to taking a wildcard chance.

Ultimately, much of the world is already working online.