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The ACE Initiative Review: Is it something you should do?

There are a lot of schemes around, so it’s worthwhile investigating The ACE Initiative for those new to the industry.

I’ve been blogging here for almost a decade regarding these sort of things. Business opportunities if you will – the sort of stuff that can really impact your life.

Why You Should Trust Me

Hey - I'm Joshua. I started blogging here in 2011 before it was cool, and almost 10 years later I'm still here. In addition, I've built from scratch (and with a limited budget) a portfolio of niche and authority websites as well as 2 eCommerce brands.

I've bought numerous online courses and been to numerous conferences which have helped me immensely along the way, but doing so wasn't cheap. The trouble today, as it was back when I got started, is knowing who's really bringing solid value to the table.

Therefore, I do my best to outline what's offered within courses so you can make an informed decision. Just like you, I like to do my research before moving forward with a decision which could positively impact my life.

Let me guess – you’ve seen an advertisement on Instagram or Facebook referencing The ACE Initiative and want to do some research and read reviews.

If that’s you – you’re in the right place. Let’s begin.

There are many training courses out there but hereโ€™s one that Iโ€™ve found to finally have a proven method to finding profitable niches:

  • Learn how to build high quality white hat links to your site
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The ACE Initiative Review

There are ads about this all over social media now. It has you curious, yes?

What is The ACE Initiative? Well – it’s leading you into an MLM scheme.

The ACE Initiative pyramid scheme
The ACE Initiative is mislabelled as a pyramid scheme when it’s really an MLM

Like initially they lead you believing that they are affiliate marketers. ๐Ÿค”

And let me tell you – that’s just partially true. See – affiliate marketing is different.

I should know as I’ve been doing this for a long time. Almost a decade now.

With affiliate marketing, you build a niche or authority website. ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป

Example: let’s say you love tennis. You build a website talking all about tennis.

“Best tennis rackets” and “How to play tennis better.” That sort of quality stuff.

Like, I have affiliate links below where I may earn a commission if you buy.

If you’ve seen that type of stuff before, then that’s how it actually works.

That’s legit affiliate marketing. You’re building an asset that you own.

A website like that you can enjoy for cashflow or sell for a good profit.

Now with The Ace Initiative, unfortunately, it’s much different. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

How it works

How it works with The Ace Initiative is this:

  1. They create very compelling ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. You’re shown the lifestyle. Fun, freedom, travel and fulfilment.
  3. You’re lead to believe they are people with a real online business.
  4. The 1st sale is into the training ‘system’. It’s $99 per month…. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  5. And later you discover it’s really an MLM scheme (Enagic/Kangen)

And unfortunately, with the training system, the content is quite specific.

Like it talks about personal branding and such. Like recruiting others in.

Lots of recruits have captivating images like this shown on social media.

Of course, it should – it’s the best way to make money with this scheme.

But if you thought this was you building your own real business, it’s not.

Personal branding, not affiliate marketing

There ain’t much here about genuine affiliate marketing. Like SEO skills.

Most recruits really don’t know about DR50 backlinks and LSI keywords.

And some haven’t even logged into WordPress. It’s…disappointing.

Hence why I’m ranked high in Google, because I’m a practitioner.

Someone that has built high-income skills over a period of time.

Not someone who got rich in 5 minutes. That doesn’t happen.

This scheme isn’t being pitched in the proper way I’m afraid.

Not only that – they recently merged with Affiliate Institute.

That’s right – The ACE Initiative is with Affiliate Institute.

It’s essentially the same thing now. A community of people.

So they’re both working together to lead people into the MLM scheme.

And learning about personal branding and social media lifestyle shots.

Not affiliate marketing as it initially seems. Sorry to burst the bubble.

Update: There is a new club in town called The Freedom Era. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And Online Biz Masterclass / Online Business Mentorship are linked to The Ace Initiative.

In all honesty

For some people, it’s the perfect opportunity. A real chance at life.

And their water machines can literally be life-changing with benefits.

Like really – I have friends in this scheme and they love it. I’ll support ’em.

For others, it’s often not the best business choice. You could do better.

After all, they don’t say it’s an MLM.

They hide under the affiliate marketing umbrella.

Then later…you’re upsold to….wait for it… an MLM!

A network marketing scheme if you will. Education was Amway’s real business.

As their products were average. So this company today does the same thing.

And especially in a world of social media greatness and FOMO, it’s perfect.

Like the ideal way to market this scheme. And let me tell you – it’s working.

Otherwise, why would they run expensive PPC ads to get others on board?

(Oh and they also show you in their training how to do this too… ๐Ÿ˜‰)

But this takes a lot of work…to build someone else’s online business.

That part I don’t really understand at all. It’s still not your own biz.

When you could take the time to build your own business instead.

A real asset that you control. Start small and scale up over time.

I prefer building websites that generate lifestyle income.

‘Cause I ain’t got time to bug my own friends and family.

The #1 best training is this one. You can start learning for FREE.

Next steps

I would join The Ace Initiative if you’re committed towards a few things:

  1. Labelling yourself an ‘affiliate marketer’ which is only partly true. ๐Ÿ˜”
  2. Branding your social media accounts with ‘the perfect life today’
  3. Selling Kangen/Enagic water machines through MLM (optional)
  4. Recruiting friends and family. That’s how people are successful.
  5. Hard work. All businesses are hard work with many challenges.

Now you have the roadmap on how to get started with this thing.

As I’ve said, for some people it’s a good scheme.

So you should get started today with your upline.

Because you’ll learn some digital marketing skills.

And be connected with this warm community.

Plus the water machines are simply amazing.

And get your first taste of entrepreneurship.

(Their live events are very motivational by the way)

For others though, it might not be the right system.

After all, they say “We’re not MLM!!” when they actually are…. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Well, not initially at least: “Heyyyy!! We’re affiliate marketers” ๐Ÿ™„

When the only proper way to make money with this scheme is the upsell.

And that’s straight into an MLM scheme. This turns off so many people.

But if you’re committed, then it can work (and lots of hard work, that is)

For me though…I’ll stick to building my own real businesses.

The sort of stuff where I can call the shots.

That’s a real business. 100% ownership.

With genuine freedom and fulfilment

Without needing to recruit others in.

Now if you want to learn real affiliate marketing.

Without hassling your friends and family.

Then you can start the journey for FREE

And if you want to join an MLM scheme

Then I can recommend The Ace Initiative.

With so many great people on the inside

There is a sense of community and warmth.

Ambitious people providing lots of support.

As is often the case with personal development.

If only they could say it’s an MLM from Day 1.

The ACE Initiative
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