The 6 factors that make an excellent Amazon course

In this blog post, I’m going to cover what really makes an excellent Amazon FBA course. Right now there’s plenty of outstanding options on the market. I hope this outline of my thought process helps you make a solid decision.

Some of you have read my reviews, and many have trusted my thoughts. Dozens of you have gone on to become live Amazon sellers. There’s no better satisfaction to me than having those who read my reviews, decide to take action and get results.

Thank you to those who appreciate my Amazon course viewpoints!

My rationale behind creating course reviews, course comparisons and delivering my thoughts here is simple. I look at the following 6 factors:

  • The course content
  • Live training events
  • The course teacher(s)
  • Success stories of actual course students
  • The general vibe students who have taken the course
  • The feedback and reputation on the course direct from students

So, let’s get into them into greater detail….

The Course Content

This is the #1 thing I focus on. I look at the modules, I look at the content. My days are spent watching the videos. I want to see how in-depth the training is. Does the course cover every step, every aspect and every consideration? Does it cover pitfalls? Are there interviews with other Amazon sellers? This is what I consider fundamental.

Live Training Events

I really enjoy live training events with established Amazon FBA sellers. I really get a kick out of meeting other sellers, and aspiring sellers like you too! Having an annual or bi-annual live conference or seminar really helps to make things real, to plant the seed that this is the best opportunity online to make genuine income, provided you’re willing to work.

The Teacher

The next factor is the teacher. Who are they? What is their past success prior to Amazon? What is their current success on Amazon? Do they teach their course with integrity? How do they present their lessons? I want to know what their vibe is too. Are they genuine and humble? Do they hype up their information? There’s people in this world that you can see straight through.

Success Stories

When you’re sitting on the sidelines, as you probably are right now, you likely want to know if people are genuinely having success. Does this course work? Does it get results? And so, I want to see at least 5 to 10 success stories of people using that course, and becoming live Amazon sellers. Some of you have done so, through the courses I evaluate here.

The Student Vibe

We generally want to hang out with people who are like us. There are some excellent courses with a strong community feel. With people who genuinely want to help each other out. In one course, which is Neil Asher’s Aussie Online Entrepreneurs program, has what I’ve so far seen, as the worst community of people I genuinely wouldn’t want to be around. The people just seem…dodgy. I need great vibes with great people.

Feedback and Reputation

Some courses have been out for years, and have built a solid reputation. Whilst others have launched recently. It’s hard to base your opinion on a course which is fresh to the marketplace. I’ll check the Facebook reviews, the Instagram engagement and generally get a feel for what others are actually saying about the course.

The Summary

Doing your own research is fundamental. Yes – my blog is an excellent resource (including the many comments I receive) but also consider the suggestions I gave above. These are going to help you make a firm decision to move forward.

I hope to see you out someday, at a live event, in China or even at home in Queensland on the beach. The opportunity to become an Amazon seller has provided me with immense freedom and flexibility, and it’s likely to do the same for you too.

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