Terapeak Review and Alternatives: Test-driven for Amazon research

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I’ve been using the paid version of Terapeak since early 2018 as a tool to conduct research on eBay, but with this review, will test drive it for Amazon.

Product research and niche selecting is one critical step in the journey as a successful FBA seller. It separates yourself from those who ‘jump right in’ when compared to those who take the time to validate the potential of a product.

I’ve used a range of software packages in the past and still right now in the present. I’ll even to do Terapeak vs JungleScout comparison right here, as well as SaleHoo.

Not only that, but have 2 Amazon brands and (previously) a successful eBay account. As eBay wasn’t giving me the freedom I desired (though the income was excellent), it has recently been pushed to the side through liquidation.

Let’s unpack Terapeak and see what’s on offer

Terapeak review

In mid 2018 Terapeak was bought out by eBay, causing applause among many eBay sellers including myself. I had already been paying the $99/month cost for Terapeak, so this was an instant saving, especially as an Australian where the exchange rate coverts to roughly $135/month.

So now, Terapeak’s subscription management has moved across to eBay. This arrangement is a little frustrating, given that the Australian Terapeak/eBay website doesn’t load at the time of this review and product evaluation.

But let’s see what’s on offer when you jump inside…

Terapeak review

Very much no-frills. That is – nothing fancy compared to others such as JungleScout. This feels like a Google interface – clean lines and basic input/output.

eBay Australia terapeak

Since ‘yoga mat’ is one of the best known sample products, I’ll run with that. on eBay Australia, there appears to be 655 sellers but an average price of $19.02.

But what if I wanted to sell the real quality yoga mats? You know – those that WILL actually get used by my customers for more than 1 session. Many of these cheap mats wind up into landfill, which is terrible for the environment.

Luckily, some great news for me….

Product research

I set price contraints of $40 to $60 and the numbers look even less profitable. Clearly selling yoga mats on eBay could be an expensive exercise.

Now let’s look at some cool features that Terapeak has…

You can choose, at least from Australia, multiple options for both the buyer and seller country via Terapeak.

SEO with Terapeak

Our other tab is SEO. So let’s jump into that one…

Search engine analysis with Terapeak

Terapeak provides some excellent SEO keywords to add to a yoga mat listing. However, you could just as easily find these yourself directly on their marketplace when analyzing competitors.

So far, for eBay at least, this is pretty well basic.

Moving on now…

One thing I love is the seasonal trends. This is a metric that is often missing from Amazon FBA product research software that I use routinely.

Check this one out:

Sales velocity with Terapeak
This is a 12-month graph of revenue and sold listings of yoga mats on Terapeak

Clearly, whoever is selling yoga mats is enjoying an excellent Christmas bonus.

What’s interesting is that, as someone who does sell in this sports category, I would have assumed that January and February would produce greater sales throughput. My assumption is that people buy for themselves, not as a gift? That said, API data doesn’t lie. All the more reason to invest into some software, instead of guesswork.

Lastly, we can use Terapeak to see who the top competiting sellers are.

Yearly sales data

$10k/month isn’t that impressive, even for those selling on eBay Australia! Yet, even with eBay’s greater market share, and with their own API showing such low sales in one of the most competitive product niches, some people still think they will start on Amazon Australia, instead of the US marketplace. 🙄 Go figure!

But all in all, not a bad software but is lacking in some areas, since it’s catered for eBay.

Using Terapeak for Amazon FBA

At the time of creating this review, Terapeak no longer provides any support for Amazon FBA product research or metrics. Why? They were bought out by eBay, so clearly, they don’t want you utilizing their software to boost sales for their #1 competitor. 😅

Regardless, from what I hear among seller communities, its functions were always basic. Probably just as basic as the eBay niche discover and product search.

For that reason, I will recommend alternatives such as JungleScout. Not only that, I recommend starting on Amazon FBA full stop. Yes – the US platform, not Australia. Some local eBay sellers still use Terapeak till this day.

Amazon is a completely different marketplace too. The sellers are a different caliber, with many in the ‘buy-now’ mode instead of merely browsing. I own websites that send cold traffic to Amazon which still converts very high.

If you’re selling on Amazon FBA, then Terapeak isn’t a good option. You could simply do far better, without a huge capital outlay. Many options do give free trials.

Now, if you’re selling on eBay, then Terapeak is the best option available to find products, build superior listings and generate greater sales volume. There is nothing better in the market, plus those in the US with even an eBay basic store subscription now get complimentary access. But why do Terapeak Australia users miss out?

The best alternative

In my experience, there are far better research tools than Terapeak to conduct deep research into sales data. Even if you’re selling on eBay, using different tools can be more beneficial. Terapeak has very basic keyword suggetsions and competitor analysis.

If you’re looking at JungleScout vs Terapeak, then it’s JungleScout all the way! The price is higher, but it offers so much more for the end user. Look at the cost as an investment into your business.

Even finding a niche is easier with others than Terapeak. I would recommend the free trial to ‘test the waters’, especially as JungleScout requires a subscription upfront.

There are other alternatives still. These include:

  • ZonGuru which I have used immensely (beginner friendly)
  • Helium10 which I’m just starting to use now for research
  • JungleScout who is the most known in the marketplace

You can get a discount or promo code for each of these software packages. Simply reach out to me if I can be of assistance!

Conducting proper Amazon research

Spending the days or weeks to perform research for potential products is one key metric towards success as an Amazon seller. Gone are the days of “I hope it will sell” thinking. The competition is here, but most of the competition is lazy.

Start with a course first and foremost. Learning how to do Amazon product research effectively through outdated YouTube videos is a challenge. There are numerous courses out there that I can highly recommend for beginners.

3 potential options

You’ll need some basic criteria I use based on experience:

  1. Products with high demand but bad reviews. If the bulk of the sellers simply have a low quality product, then it’s a potentially the perfect opportunity.
  2. Strong vetted product sales, but poor listing optimization. Most sellers have no clue on how to properly setup their listings for success. If you’re a keyword nerd like myself, walking into a niche that has mostly beginner sellers can result in a home run.
  3. Very low competition niches or emerging markets. While I’m not a fan of product innovation, especially for beginners, I will look for emerging markets. This way that PPC spend is a lot lower.

Product size and pricing guidelines

Then you’ll need a guideline to stick with. This is basically mine:

  • Priced at $40 to $70 after discounting
  • Sells just 5 to 10 per day consistently
  • Generally is light enough to air freight
  • Has minimum 30% profit margin
  • Can do a 3-month turnover after meeting MOQ
  • Less than 100 reviews (actually, ideally less than 50)

Is that the perfect guideline? NO! Everyone has their own way of doing things.

This is my business model and this works for me. 🙂

Choosing what to sell

Then you will need product ideas. Perhaps the biggest question I get asked is “What do I sell on Amazon?” as my blog attracts a lot of beginners.

To that I say – go shopping. Jump online. Find products that are interesting or perculiar. Look at products you’ve purchased in the last 6 months. Head down to Bunnings. Even fire up Terapeak and have a look with many keywords.

It does take 2 to 3 years to ‘find your feet’ with Amazon product research. It’s tough at first, but becomes easier over time.

In summary

I don’t believe that Terapeak offers enough at all in my experience. For that reason, I’ve cancelled my monthly subscription. Their training materials are also very lacking.

I believe eBay simply wanted to provide a basic in-house solution for its sellers, so they can catch up on the race against Amazon. Especially as they are far behind!

To be fair, Terapeak is good, but there is far better options out there. If you take your online business seriously, then my best recommendation for beginners is ZonGuru, given the vast amount of features it packs in, paired with lots of training.

Remember that product and niche research is just one element on your journey to becoming a successful eCommerce seller. When done right, it can massively separate you from the pack of average sellers. To be done right, it’s going to require an investment into some tools or software.

Terapeak is a basic tool to get the ball rolling, with many sellers upgrading very soon afterwards.

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