199 Epic Tattoo Captions and Quotes for Instagram & Facebook (2023)

Just got a new tatt and ready to show it off on IG?

To help you click that publish button, here are 199 tattoo captions for your Instagram posts:

  1. Inked and proud.
  2. Tattoos tell stories of who we are and what we’ve been through.
  3. My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.
  4. Embracing the art on my skin.
  5. I wear my heart on my sleeve, quite literally.
  6. Tattoos: A permanent solution to a temporary feeling.
  7. My skin tells a story.
  8. Another chapter inked.
  9. Beauty is skin deep. My tattoos go deeper.
  10. Life’s short, get the tattoo.
  11. Every tattoo I have means something to me.
  12. Dressed in ink, but more than what meets the eye.
  13. Body art: Embracing pain to wear your heart on your skin.
  14. Not just another tattoo, it’s a work of art.
  15. Some call it rebellious, I call it self-expression.
  16. Let your tattoos define you, not confine you.
  17. My life, my ink.
  18. This one’s for the memories.
  19. In love with ink.
  20. Tattoos: Silent storytellers.
  21. I’d rather have my body covered in tattoos than scars.
  22. Marked for life.
  23. Wear your story on your skin.
  24. Pain today, pride forever.
  25. Let the ink speak.
  26. Every tattoo has a story waiting to be told.
  27. Tattoos: Forever reminders of fleeting moments.
  28. Artistic soul, inked skin.
  29. My ink, my life.
  30. Forever committed to my art.
  31. Behind every tattoo, there’s a story untold.
  32. With every heartbeat, my tattoo sings a story.
  33. Tattooed memories.
  34. My body is a canvas, and I intend to fill it.
  35. Express yourself, even if it’s in ink.
  36. Tattoos are the stories in your heart, written on your skin.
  37. For every dark night, there’s a brighter tattoo.
  38. Tattoos may fade, but their stories last forever.
  39. Making memories permanent.
  40. Skin deep, soul deep.
  41. Marked moments.
  42. Inking the unspoken.
  43. Tattoos aren’t just for the moment. They’re for a lifetime.
  44. A tattoo is an expression of a feeling too powerful to be confined by the boundaries of the body.
  45. Tattooed and committed.
  46. Eternal stories, inked.
  47. Passion expressed through ink.
  48. Beauty might be skin deep, but tattoos go to the bone.
  49. Living my story, one tattoo at a time.
  50. Wear your passions.
  51. Embrace every inked moment.
  52. Tattooed tales.
  53. Finding beauty in ink.
  54. Not just a tattoo, it’s an emotion.
  55. Commit to your ink.
  56. Forever marked, forever beautiful.
  57. Inking my journey.
  58. Tattoos are like milestones, marking significant moments in life.
  59. A tattoo isn’t just for the skin, it’s for the soul.
  60. Every drop of ink holds a piece of my soul.
  61. Tattoos: The journey of the soul.
  62. Tattoos aren’t about brandishing, they’re about cherishing every moment.
  63. Tattoos make memories tangible.
  64. Live by the sun, ink by the moon.
  65. Express in ink what words fail to say.
  66. Tattoos: Souvenirs of moments.
  67. Embellishing my journey with tattoos.
  68. Let the ink define you.
  69. A moment marked forever.
  70. Ink is thicker than blood.
  71. Tattoos are a mark of the soul.
  72. My body, my art, my story.
  73. Stories written in ink.
  74. Leaving a permanent mark.
  75. Tattoos: The brand of memorable moments.
  76. Permanent passion.
  77. Every ink has its own tale.
  78. Embrace your inked side.
  79. Tattoos are life’s little reminders.
  80. My body is my art.
  81. Making my memories permanent.
  82. Tattoos aren’t just designs, they’re expressions.
  83. Wear your story proudly.
  84. Making life colorful, one tattoo at a time.
  85. Tattoos: From pain to beauty.
  86. Memories etched forever.
  87. Tattoos are like love, beautiful and sometimes painful.
  88. Forever isn’t long enough for this art.
  89. A tattoo is for life, not just for a moment.
  90. Ink your dreams.
  91. Let your skin tell a story.
  92. Forever isn’t enough for this tattoo.
  93. Tattoos are like love: beautiful, eternal, and a little painful.
  94. Life’s too short for regrets. Even tattooed ones.
  95. Tattoos remind us of who we were, who we are, and who we want to be.
  96. Life, inked.
  97. Tattoos are the brand of passion, emotions, and life-defining moments.
  98. Cherishing my inked moments.
  99. Beauty in permanence.
  100. Tattoos: Reflecting souls since forever.
  101. More than just ink: a passion.
  102. Let your tattoos do the talking.
  103. Tattoos are like life, beautiful and unpredictable.
  104. My ink is my pride.
  105. Tattoos: Speaking the unspoken.
  106. Just another way of expressing the unsaid.
  107. Marking moments, one tattoo at a time.
  108. Tattoos are the marks of wild adventures.
  109. There’s always a wild side to an innocent face with tattoos.
  110. Tattoos: Transforming pain into art.
  111. Letting my tattoos tell my story.
  112. From pain, comes beauty. My tattoo’s proof.
  113. Tattoos: Emblems of life’s significant moments.
  114. Every tattoo has a story that’s more than skin deep.
  115. Artistic skin. Passionate soul.
  116. Making memories indelible.
  117. Inking my dreams.
  118. Tattoos: From life’s pains to art’s beauty.
  119. Tattoos reflect the road we’ve traveled.
  120. Painted from the heart.
  121. Tattoos are like love. Beautiful and scarring.
  122. My tattoos aren’t just ink, they’re my life’s story.
  123. Tattoos are love notes to oneself.
  124. Your body is a canvas, fill it with art.
  125. Making memories stick.
  126. My tattoos tell tales my mouth can’t.
  127. Tattoos are the only thing you take to the grave. So have fun!
  128. In life and ink, I believe.
  129. From every wound, there’s a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, “I survived.”
  130. Breathing art.
  131. Tattoos tell tales.
  132. Every mark has meaning.
  133. Tattoos: Permanent reminders of a fleeting moment.
  134. Pain is temporary, tattoos are forever.
  135. Marking the journey, one tattoo at a time.
  136. Life’s stories, inked.
  137. In life and ink, I trust.
  138. Inked memories.
  139. Cherish every inked moment.
  140. My tattoos, my pride.
  141. Tattoos: The legacy of legends.
  142. From scars to art.
  143. Turning pain into a masterpiece.
  144. Not just ink, it’s a passion.
  145. Stories inked for life.
  146. Tattoos: The essence of existence.
  147. Leaving a mark, forever.
  148. Tattoos: Marking milestones.
  149. Inking my passion.
  150. Life is short, get every tattoo.
  151. Tattoos are a badge of honor.
  152. Tattooed tales of a journey.
  153. The story’s in the ink.
  154. My tattoos are my treasure.
  155. Tattooed memories, etched forever.
  156. More than just ink. It’s a lifestyle.
  157. Tattoos: A journey of the soul.
  158. Expressing my inner self, with a bit of ink.
  159. Wear your life on your skin.
  160. Marked for a reason.
  161. Tattoos: A reflection of the soul.
  162. Embracing life, one tattoo at a time.
  163. Tattoos: Capturing moments in ink.
  164. Wear your heart on your skin.
  165. A little pain for a lifetime of beautiful memories.
  166. Tattoos are life’s footnotes.
  167. My tattoos are my storybook.
  168. From ink to art.
  169. Let your tattoos tell your tale.
  170. Living life in ink.
  171. Tattoos: Memories you can never erase.
  172. Ink is more than just a color; it’s an emotion.
  173. Life in color.
  174. Wear your story with pride.
  175. Every line tells a story.
  176. My body, my canvas.
  177. Tattoos: Celebrating life’s highs and lows.
  178. Marking memories.
  179. Beauty lies in the eyes of the tattooed.
  180. Tattoos: The diary of a free spirit.
  181. Every tattoo is a mark of passion.
  182. Tattoos: Expressions of the heart.
  183. My body is a museum of my experiences.
  184. Tattoos: Chronicling the journey of life.
  185. Life is too short for regrettable tattoos.
  186. Tattoos: A tribute to life.
  187. Celebrating life, one tattoo at a time.
  188. Pain with a purpose.
  189. Tattoos: The poetry of the body.
  190. Inking the soul’s desires.
  191. Permanent imprints of fleeting feelings.
  192. Tattoos: Soulful stories on skin.
  193. Tattoos: The colors of the soul.
  194. Stories that skin tells.
  195. Tattoos: Capturing the essence of moments.
  196. Wear your journey.
  197. Tattoos: A mark of experience.
  198. Life in ink.
  199. My tattoos are my freedom.

Feel free to mix, match, and modify these captions to best fit your tattoo, your post and and of course, your personal style!

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