Stuart Zadel Property Education: Is he any good?

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I attended Stuart Zadel’s Think and Grow Rich seminar in Adelaide recently and I felt that a review was necessary. This is my experience for first-timers.

Stuart Zadel’s Property Education

A lot of people in Australia are fighting to get ahead. This is especially true given the current economic climate and a looming recession.

Stuart comes along with a solution, but is he the right person for you?

While most people in Australia may reap financial rewards through Stuart Zadels programs, most people aren’t willing to take action to even make the dream a reality.

Always looking for the hack, shortcut or yet another shiny object. “How can I make money in the next few weeks?!”

It’s not a good place to be in. I should know – I used to be this very person! 😬

Stuart Zadel Property Education Australia
Stuart’s Think and Grow Rich conferences are held across Australia

For this reason, there are dozens who are happy to call Stuart Zadel dodgy or a scammer. It’s true that those who sign up to the gym and don’t take action will never achieve the results that they desire.

It’s not the fault of the gym, nor will this be the fault of Stuart himself, if you don’t take action with the tools that he’s providing.

The Think and Grow Rich conference

This was the original name for his conferences starting in circa 2012.

His business model revolved around holding seminars where numerous property and wealth creation strategies are offered. Sometimes things feel right and sometimes they don’t quite vibe. Ultimately, you’ll find a presenter the clicks with you and your direction in life.

You can feel this when they speak on their subject matter, with their primary focus towards selling their education based on results. That said, there’s some good material such as Cherie Barber’s course that can really assist a beginner renovator.

Edit: Cherie Barber is no longer with Stuart Zadel (she’s still a great choice!) and has been replaced by Naomi Findlay.

Today in 2020, Stuart mostly just has Matt and Liz Raad plus Aaron and Nicole Byrelee on his stages. My experiences with both have been very pleasant. 👍

Strategies that Stuart Zadel teaches

Some of these strategies that Zadel Property Education talks about at Think and Grow Rich could be perceived as getting rich fast. I feel that way because, while the strategies are valid, the strategies aren’t exactly as easy as they’re perceived to be.

The average everyday person only later realizes how much work is required to complete all the steps needed to see things through to completion, as well as having a long term view.

You’ll find the following topics, and likely more:

  • Wealth through property investing and renovations
  • Public speaking and personal development
  • Creating a passive or semi-passive income online
  • Protecting your wealth through strategic legal strategies

Stuart doesn’t talk as much about the risks and potential downsides of these strategies. This can undermine the credibility of Zadel Property Education and result in claims of a scam, though his company is today far from this.

(I mean really, Stuart has come along way since the earlier wild wild west days of TGR Education).

The responsibility does fall mostly on the student to do his or her own research. It’s good that you found your way to my blog!

I feel the sales techniques that Stuart uses, including artificial valuations and the need to purchase on the day, can certainly turn some people off. I mean – they did turn me off and as such, I was reluctant to purchase a course…but ultimately happy I did. The payoff has been immense. 🙂

And for the record, I’ve purchased an affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA course that Stuart has promoted where I’ve built solid and dependable income streams but this has been years in the making. 😐 It’s been a slowwww climb to the top but ultimately glad I took the plunge.

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of sales techniques in seminars through using a perception of scarcity and the fear of missing out arises. It’s wise to leave the credit card at home so you’re able to make a conscious and informed decision.

In my experience, whatever you choose requires work and commitment, and education is just one facet of the bigger piece. You see, buying the program is the easiest part and the what separates the winners from the stragglers is their personal commitment over the next 3 to 5 years and work ethic to get to the finish line.

Should you go to a Stuart Zadel seminar?

On a positive note, YES! I would encourage everyone to attend one of his weekend seminars. These are held regularly in capital cities across Australia as well as online webinars.

Avoid purchasing a course during the first seminar you attend, since he does these at least once a year and you won’t miss out. Instead take the free advice, books and CDs home with you or if you’re on the webinar, take notes.

Following this, discover the strategy that works for you and your personality. Ask yourself “Is this something I’m truly committed to sticking with for the long term?” because most people don’t stop and think in moments of euphoria.

If it feels right, then I’d recommend you jump on board with a program. If you don’t buy on the day then you can re-attend a seminar or webinar later and purchase one of his courses that bests fit the direction of your life. It’s not just the course but being apart of a community that will move the needle for you. 🙏

Today I’m apart of multiple communities and the friendships are as valuable as the home study education and boot camps themselves. Surround yourself with the progressive types as trust me, it really moves the needle!

In a nutshell

Is Stuart Zadel’s event still worth attending? Yes.

Does he have a better reputation in 2020? Definitely.

(Years ago when I first attended Stuart was just starting off and wasn’t so refined, but today it’s so much more authentic).

Can you learn some stuff for free at the event? Heaps.

Will you meet real entrepreneurs there? Nup, not really as it’s more a place for property investors and those struggling to find their life path to mingle.

Are his students rich and successful? Nup, most aren’t. They are simply trying to get ahead through alternative strategies. ✌️Well done for them for having a fair go.

Is there a shortcut to riches? Absolutely not. Everything is ultimately a grind in my experience.

(Yeah…I guess I’m a bit jaded after all these years in the trenches of business building…)

I encourage many to invest in their personal development and strive to get ahead. Stuart can be a very good choice. Through my journey, I’ve found that taking action and doing what’s hard as the secret to success.

Ultimately, we write our own chapter in life.

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Summary of Stuart Zadel's Property Weekend

This summarizes my thoughts here towards Stuart Zadel and his Zadel Property Conference

14 thoughts on “Stuart Zadel Property Education: Is he any good?”

  1. Yes I would have to agree, I just did the 2 day free course and I must admit I did source plenty of valuable notes, reading material and ideas to set me in the right direction. All of this at no cost except for my time.

    As so many reviews have wrote, leave your wallet at home, though bring 10 bucks for coffee and lunch, otherwise it will be an extra long day.

    Yes do go with an open mind, there is good information to absorb, but please don’t be the first to run to the back of the room with your credit card details, any strategy that sounds appealing, do go home and research it. Remember if you call up in a weeks time and say you want to part with you 5000 then, I’m sure they wont say no.

  2. Wise words from Joshua and the previous commenter. The golden rule of shopping for anything is to step back or go home if necessary, and think about it. Once you’ve slept on it and still think its a good idea then go for it. One thing that’s always a red flag to me is when the salesperson implies you have to jump in right now or lose the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hardly ever the case, and if so the opportunity wasn’t worth having anyway. I’ve learned the hard way to exercise caution, especially when large amounts of money are involved..
    That said, it sounds like this seminar could be beneficial to.those who can keep their cool. I’d say go with an open mind, but keep this excellent post in mind.

  3. Hi all,
    yes I too recently attended one of Stuart Zadel’s Ultimate Property Conferences and watched a re-enactment of Pamplona’s “running of the bulls”, as people rushed to sign up to respective programs like crazed kids in a candy store. Now I know how Charlie felt in the Chocolate Factory!

    Whilst I purchased one of the programs (Cherie Barber – Renovation for Profit) at the conference conclusion (Day 2), I did so HOWEVER at my own pace, as a result of previously attending an independent Renovation for Profit seminar a month earlier; having had time to go home absorb the information and do my research/sums to ensure it covered a number of elements for my upcoming property projects….. If nothing else the lifetime trade (discount) cards and access to renovator’s package deals (which otherwise wouldn’t have been readily accessible), will more than cover the cost of the program in the next 6-12months given my circumstances! The fact that you get additional 12 month mentoring, a hands-on 3 day boot camp, checklists, programs, how-to videos (on line & DVD) etc. and countless support materials, is a bonus!

    I’d have to agree with the previous comments – as I witnessed one person purchase every single program on offer and wondered if they’d wake up from their euphoric fog come Monday morning with a chronic case of buyers remorse. Yes there’s a 7 day cooling off period, but when you’ve bought the ‘gym membership’ as part of a New Year’s resolution, how soon before you realise you’ve bitten off more than you can chew – I’d guess not within the first week… but more like 6-12 weeks in, when the damage is done and it’s too late to back out – so you’ve blown your money.

    To Zadel’s (Willy Wonka’s) credit, he did recommend that if you were considering a program, that you perhaps tackle 1 per year and gain the experience/put the strategy in place (to see what results) before proceeding with another…. Clearly some people were intoxicated with the heady smell of money to be made on the horizon….To borrow a line from Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny – “Scientists say the universe is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons…. They forgot to mention MORONS!” Oh well live and learn.

    Who knows, one can only hope that once Zadels office realise someone’s signed up for every program (which any sane person would not opt to do), they’ll contact them and talk them into a more reasonable approach or ask to speak to their carer.

    You get so much free stuff (DVD’s, reading material) during the course of the Conference that you’ll be tied up for months just getting through it and if you’ve signed up for a program, you presumably won’t know what’s hit you when it all arrives, that you’ll be pressed to come up for air by the time you unpack it, read, watch and study the contents, plan a strategy and put it into practice – I’m sure 12months would have flown by before you know it. As with anything, buyer beware and as in life, cherry pick the best/most relevant bits to suit your needs/lifestyle. Happy travels!

    • Thanks Spizza, this has to be the best comment I’ve received on my entire blog so far, and the most accurate review of Stuart Zadel’s Property Conference – heck better than my own review! It’s great to see that you purchased Cherie’s program after careful consideration, which actually does provide value for your circumstances. I have heard great things about her program and its practicability.

  4. FYI apparently Cherie Barber is leaving the Zadel stable at the end of 2016 due to her growing TV/program commitments (here & in the US) – so if anyone’s interested in the program, head directly to her website for more information, rather than sitting through Zadel seminar (unless of course you’re interested in any of the other programs on offer).

    Should make for interesting times ahead for Zadel – big hole to fill, but we’re guessing the void will eventually be filled. There are others spruiking Property Investment opportunities in Oz apart from Zadel, which include renovation for profit/asset protection/wealth building/suburb hotspot/tax minimisation programs – Jane Slack-Smith’s Ultimate Guide to Renovation/Your Property Success; Peter Sun’s Real Estate for Profit; Bernadette Janson’s School of Renovating or Dymphna Boholt’s Investar to name a few…. just boils down to who you feel most comfortable and confident in learning from (oh and of course, what your budget allows). All have freebie taster seminars to hook you in, but if you do your research, and are still keen, you’ll do what works for you.

    • Hi, I have found it very beneficial. It’s important to take in the concept of having the right mindset for a successful business and lifestyle. The Think and Grow Rich book that he lives by is how he learnt and experienced his success. That’s the tool you trainfor first then apply it to your chosen field/program. Stuart does state this but surprisingly quite a few miss this important step. I attended Stuart’s Conference in Adelaide last year and spent the last year breaking down most of the self sabotaging patterns we carry that prevents us from believing in being wealthy. That’s the difference between the millionaires and the “surviving by wage to wage” people. I got clarification on career direction which is Art Therapy and I bought the Public Speaking program before realising these will work together as not enough people know the benefits of this service. Transformational experience for me. I’m going again this weekend in Adelaide.

  5. I went to my first Stuart Zadel seminar in 2012 (a few years before this post was written). I attended, literally, over a dozen of his seminars. My first was his Online Marketing Entrepreneurs Conference which I invested in a blogging course for $3000+ and a share trading course for $4000+. I also attended his Cashflow Conference and many of his Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference.

    First and foremost… Stuart provides the seminars FREE… PLUS he gives you a plethora of books, cd’s, gifts, tools, resources, freebies etc worth hundreds of dollars. Even if you don’t invest in a course the information provided for free CAN be acted upon and used to make money.

    I started a blog a long time ago and wrote a lot about Stuart Zadel. In fact, this very blogpost has the same title as one of the original posts I wrote at: … (almost like it was copied? –> what else is a swipe file for, am I right?)

    I attended quite literally dozens if not hundreds of seminars over a course of about 5 years and blogged heavily about these all, using the online internet SEO traffic to make money affiliate marketing. I made hundreds of thousands, and created a sizeable passive income. Quite frankly, it all started with me attending Stuart Zadel’s seminar and investing in myself.

    In response to comments above… Firstly, when I was attending Stuart Zadel’s seminars, Cheree was still married. And yes she moved on, creating such a strong personal brand for herself around Renovating for Profit.

    Secondly, although I never purchased any of Dominque Grubisa’s courses, I know many people who purchased Real Estate Rescue (the course to buy distressed properties etc) who successfully purchased real estate at huge discounts. Some renovated and rented, some flipped.

    I blogged about this a lot and I used to be a massive traffic source for Dominique Grubisa. In fact, my website still ranks top 10 in Google search results for the term ‘Dominique Grubisa Review’

    —> My oh my, is that same eye grabbing headline used again? It works so well actually…

    To my knowledge, she also has moved on as her personal brand is now so strong – similar to Cherie.

    I can honestly say that going to Stuart Zadels Seminars, and investing in some courses there, has returned me more than $100,000 without blinking an eye… plus I’ve become a better person, learned and grown, improved my mindset and created wealth in my life, which is really the key principles Stuart Zadel teaches.

    Stuart is a great guy. He is decent, trustworthy and honest. If everyone in the seminar industry acted and performed with the integrity Stuart Zadel does then I really believe the whole seminar industry would be a better place and have a fantastic reputation.

  6. Hi Joshua,

    Id say id have to disagree with Ravi to a point. AirBNB do tell you how to set things up on their site . Not everyone is going to find that easy and or practical. The main things i think, are the speakers concerned telling the truth about their own success with the strategy they sell and is their back story real or an exaggerated sales pitch.

    Are they still actively doing AIrbnb or whatever they are selling themselves. If they are not being straight with people about their experience then they are definitively scamming people. Much like Carly Crutchfield did an ex cleaner who sold herself off as an experienced developer.

    The facts about about her past experience was not even close to the truth, a true scammer and this is now public knowledge” But Public Defender can now reveal the Australian Securities and Investments Commission last year disqualified Ms Crutchfield from managing corporations after multiple businesses of hers had to be liquidated”. She set up an exact copy of Ccorp called Woohoo the scam continued. There have been plenty over the years Henry Kayes national investment institute etc etc . I wouldn’t put zadels courses in the same category.

    Its true they make the process seem much easier that in reality it will be to pull off , I dont think any reasonable person will think, oh this will be so easy , when they are doing something they have zero experience with. If they do then they will be disappointed. From that point i agree with Ravi they do make it seem like it will be a lot easier than it will be. That will be true for any course you buy from any spruikers. I accept that, that is reality.

    I have been doing airbnb myself for 12 months, have made money doing it , and can see the potential of it. The gaps and questions that i have been unable to satisfactorily answer, which by the way are not on the airbnb website, I think are covered in their course so am considering buying it and see how it goes. I expect it to be a lot of work in the early stages, not a gift handed to me on a silver platter. But i also expect the sellers to keep their promises about support and their own experience is factual not fantasy etc.

  7. I also attended the Air BnB seminar in Sydney recently. I do believe that the seminar has given me a lot of valuable information and I’ve actually made a short video to summarise the ideas from the seminar, give my review and opinion (if interested, it’s here:

    Obviously, the seminar is a sales pitch for the course they want you to sign up to there and then. The course is about AUD 4-5K. I have not signed up, because, of the following:
    1. I’m not a risk taker and I don’t feel comfortable spending 5K for a course I just hear of on the day;
    2. I spoke to attendees of this seminar and some of them have already been using air BnB as hosts without having to go through the course. I do believe that the course would fast track you on your way to creating your Air BnB business, however, I see no reason why anyone can’t start on their own, read up a few things, watch a few videos, see what works for them and what does not. Then, if you get stuck, I would seek professional support such as this course

    I do, however, encourage everyone to go to Zadel Property seminar and form your own opinion on it, but don’t test the waters with both feet as Warren Buffett said. Give yourself time to digest the info and assess if the course is what you really need right now.


    • Hey Alex, I checked out your YouTube channel. It’s really cool! Excellent video and review. Thanks for sharing your opinion here, for which I really do agree with.

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