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Spark by ClickBank Review: Expensive Training?

ClickBank just released their new training platform – Spark by ClickBank, and in this review, I’ll show you what you’ll get.

I’ve been in the internet marketing space for almost a decade now, with ClickBank being my first ever platform. In this guide, I’ll show you whether it’s worth getting started with their new training suite.

Spark by ClickBank Review

ClickBank isn’t new to the world of education. Previously, they ran a similar operation called ClickBank University which cost $97/month and was questionable in what it taught.

That is – there was very little information on effective SEO. With Spark, the courses are available for a one-time purchase of $78. Still, I didn’t find much on how to build out websites.

Why is Spark by ClickBank so cheap? Because CB needs more affiliates, and the previous high paywall probably wasn’t translating towards more revenue. For years the platform has been in a slow decline due to sketchy offers from odd marketers. Indeed, they need to fix their reputation.

The more of the right recruits they enrol, the more products they can sell. You only get paid based on performance, and thus, they don’t need to hire any employees in the sales team themselves.

The Course Catalog

The course catalog is quite indepth when it comes to Spark. You’ll be learning:

  • How to create optimised landing pages
  • Writing effective headlines and copy
  • Where to find profitable ClickBank products to promote
  • Creating your first ad to run traffic to
  • How to scale your systems and processes

Unlike just about all the products and courses you find on the ClickBank marketplace, this one has actually been built by their employees. That is – straight from the horse’s mouth.

What Could Improve

When it comes to reviewing courses, everyone wants to skip to the bad stuff. What are the negatives and downsides of enroling into their training? Well, that’s quite straight forward:

  1. There is minimal SEO content. ClickBank is well known for training their affiliates on how to run paid ads because the results come faster, albeit with fewer profit margins. You won’t find any information on how to use Ahrefs, building out content, acquiring backlinks or competitor analysis.
  2. The training is still generic. If you’re a total beginner who’s new to the world of online marketing, then you’ll do just fine here. Seasoned professionals won’t yield much in the way of new ideas or knowledge. The training is generic and is designed to cater for numerous niches.
  3. It sounds a little too easy. During the training, you do feel a sense that your first commission or even a solid income is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the vast majority of CB affiliates earn very little, despite putting in some work.

That said – there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Don’t like it? Ask for a refund from ClickBank. It’s really that simple.

In Short

I’m excited to see the development of Spark By ClickBank over these coming months. It’s a new product to rejuvenate a marketplace which has generated a sketchy reputation among whitehat marketers.

The course content is easy to understand and they’ve kept the modules short. You can finish the entire training series in one weekend despite it being a foundational series.

What you’ll learn is how to build out captivating landing pages and even your own products. Unfortunately, the main focus is on PPC advertising which can become quite expensive.

For me, I prefer harnessing the power of Google and Pinterest for free traffic.