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Smart Blogger by Jon Morrow. Course Evaluation

Hi there! This is an evaluation of Jon Morrow’s Smart Blogger course. I’ve written it from the perspective as a blogger of 8+ years, and until just yesterday, was not aware of Jon’s course at all.

From this, you’ll be able to draw your own conclusions. There’s no affiliate link here. Just my straight forward facts. I created this blog for several reasons, but never lost sight of one thing: No sugar coating.

Let’s begin…

Thoughts on Jon Morrow

Firstly, this guy is a living legend. Absolutely. He can’t do anything but move his face, yet he’s traveled the world, started a business and made a million dollars. What’s your excuse again? Exactly.

You absolutely need to read his life lessons available here. Like, go away and read them now. In fact, don’t come back here. Purchase the course and get going with it. Now. I’m serious.

Smart Blogger review

So the rest of this blog post will be mere drudgery. Because you should have already purchased the course, as I told you. This dude makes a 6 figure MONTHLY income from his wheelchair, and you want to know if the course is any good? Please.

Smart Blogger Review

What’s on offer all works. They’re all packed with content, not much more to say. Some are cheaper with the basics, and some are more expensive for the intermediate or advanced blogger, like myself. Find your happy spot, and jump in.

There’s numerous courses on offer from Smart Blogger.

  • Content Marketing Certification
  • Freedom Machine (For beginners)
  • Guest Blogging Certification Program
  • Serious Bloggers Only (Like me)
  • Blog Traffic Blueprint (This one is good)

No doubt you’ll find the right course for your needs, either by yourself or through contacting the team right here. The main downside is the cost, as some of these aren’t cheap. But knowledge is power, and my large financial investments (tens of thousands of dollars) into my knowledge has yielded massive financial results for myself over the last 8 or so years.

Becoming a blogger today

I’ve seen some hype in the marketplace. I can’t do hype anymore. That’s probably representative of most bloggers – we’re introverts. Fancy videos and exotic cars don’t do it for us. Just give us the straight-forward facts.

There’s some fundamental truths about blogging that I have learned:

  • It isn’t easy. It’s a sustained & prolonged effort over a number of years
  • Blogging has been going for 25+ years now. Content and more content
  • Many people give up way too early before discovering blogging success
  • This opportunity is still ripe. In fact, I’m starting a NEW blog this month!

There you have it. Direct from someone who has been doing this for years. Sure – Vlogging is taking over, but there’s always a spot for written content. Without the jump-cuts and Hollywood styling. That is, content that is fundamentally real and accurate, and helps the reader address a problem, through a workable solution, and creates a tribe of raving fans.

Closing thoughts

Out of all the blogging ‘gurus’ I’ve found around the world, there isn’t that many I respect. Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse and Jon Morrow are 3 of the best. The former two don’t quite have a personal story, whilst Jon’s fight for a better life is beyond epic.

Sure, there’s some blogging scams out there. Smart Blogger is on the opposite end of that spectrum. This is one company I would absolutely endorse to provide fundamentally accurate training for beginner bloggers.

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