9 Sites Like CouponChief – Find Better Discounts and Deals

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You might be looking to use CouponChief, but did you know that there are literally dozens of other alternatives out there?

Because the internet is a big place. You might be totally unaware of the alternatives, where you can potentially get better discounts and deals today.

In this post, I’m going to expose the alternatives to CouponChief where you can find more retailers to work with. Because deep down inside you want more products to chose from, where the bargains are bigger.

CouponChief doesn’t have all the deals

It’s true! They don’t showcase everything. It’s really hard to keep tabs on what the hottest products of the weeks are, since products can vary by seasonality.

I should know – I’m an Amazon seller. I have real products with my own branding in Amazon’s warehouses right now. I’m in the sports and fitness category. 😉

Coupon Kid to the rescue!

While that’s impressive, I’ve helped also hundreds of people get started towards building their own little part-time business from home, selling products directly on Amazon.

But more on that later, because we’re looking for some great CouponChief alternatives. This list features some of the best available right now, so you can get the best deals possible.

Let’s begin…

1. Slickdeals

This is one of my best recommendations for deals and bargains, because Slickdeals has been operating for many years. They have millions on their website each month. For this reason, they are #1 on this list.

On their website you’ll also find their community forum. What I really like is that their community actively engages to find even more discounts on everday products and services, so you’ll be the 1st to know about any news.

2. Giving Assistant

I love to donate to good causes, which is why I also love Giving Assistant. This is one coupon and everyday shopping site where your dollars will make a difference.

Their own user portal has collectively raised millions for their database of charities. Further more, there are brands that offer exclusive discounts through their website.

3. Brad’s Deals

I love selling on Amazon, but I also love shopping on there too, especially when finding discounts on Brad’s Deals. For years this has been serving North American users with plenty of discounts.

The big brands are really those that are predominantly found on this directory. I also recommend being quick to snag a deal on here, because the site can move quickly.

4. Honey App

This is both a website and app which you can install on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even your own smartphone. If you love shopping through your mobile device, then you’re going to love this!

Once the Honey App program is installed, you’ll generally get the best prices that you’ll find anywhere. They don’t support charities much, but you’ll find some good discounts.

5. Deal News

As one of the biggest and one of the oldest websites around, DealNews continues to help everyday shoppers to snag a great discount. It’s a haven for overstocked Amazon items.

Millions of people literally use this website each and every month. It continues to grow, with some customers having used it for 10+ years now. You’ll find some excellent deals right here, as my #1 recommended deal site.

6. TechBargains

This is more centalized on computers and electronics, but nerds like myself will find some great savings right here. TechBargains, like many others, is well established.

It’s not just home users that use this site, but workplaces seeking to buy products in bulk to replace their aging equipment. TechBargains has some great liquidation deals currently.

7. Cashbackbase

This is most similar to CouponChief in that they change their deals quite frequently, but still offer lots of opportunities.

You’ll need to act fast since their best deals and significantly discounted Amazon products are generally taken quickly. Some products are even free, though you will need to pay for shipping of course.

8. Rakuten

I really love Rakuten! They have been around for many years and have built a high amount of trust among deal hunters from around the world.

You’ll find the big retailers on this website, because they care about quality. That said, it’s often last-season goods that need to be liquidated quite quickly too.

9. DealsPlus

Another great alternative to CouponChief is DealsPlus, because they have been in operation now for around 15 years. There are some really high end brands on their directory.

A really good aspect of this website is community engagement. You’ll be able to leave comments on whether or not a particular coupon does work, as I have.

But Coupon Chief is still great!

Now, let’s pause for a minute. There are some great alternatives and sites just like CouponChief as I’ve outlined here, but their own shopping portal is still great!

Yes – thousands of people continue to use them everyday. They are one of my best recommendations if you’re looking for reliable discounts on products.

You’ll find some excellent offers I’m sure, with more than 150,000 currently available. The best part: They claim that their own shoppers save an average $21 on each order. That’s several cups of coffee at Starbucks. 🙂

Now – you might be wondering how someone might become an Amazon seller. Well, it’s easier than you might expect, especially as almost 70% of products sold on Amazon are by 3rd party sellers like myself.

I built the business of my dreams by selling real products on Amazon. It wasn’t easy, it took work and capital. It wasn’t that fast either, but I persevered through the challenges.

I had some previous experience online, but I was looking for something new, fresh and exciting. Through this opportunity, my life has radically transformed over the last few years.

If you’re ready for the challenge, then get started today in the free training webinar with registrations currently open. With 4,500 students now learning, it’s one that I highly recommend, as the price is significantly discounted when compared to other courses.

Likewise, if I’ve missed any websites which are highly similar to CouponChief, then please drop a comment below. I always welcome positive feedback here!

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